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5 reasons you might switch networks and join T-Mobile


I recently ended my personal wireless contract with Verizon so I could have the freedom to use the phone and network of my choice, without any long term commitments. Verizon offers the best nationwide 4G LTE network, but I rarely needed the kinds of speeds they provided and they didn’t support the unlocked phones that I wanted to use.

Over the years I have had service on all the major US carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. I have signed multiple contracts and paid thousands of dollars for wireless services, but I have never been loyal to any carrier. Each one has its own benefits, but none of them have really provided a service that I can’t get somewhere else, often for less cash.

For the last couple of months I have been using my Straight Talk SIM on AT&T’s HSPA+ network. Straight Talk gave me the freedom to choose AT&T’s or T-Mobile’s network, but I went with AT&T because they offered the HSPA+ bands used by most global phones. This allowed me to freely rotate devices between the global HTC One X, GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and LG Optimus 4X HD.

My favorite thing about pre-paid service is being able to change my network or device at any time with no early termination fees or penalties. AT&T has the best HSPA+ coverage in my home state of Texas, but if T-Mobile comes along and offers me 70% faster download speeds then I would definitely give them a shot at my business.

Starting this month, T-Mobile might actually have the most attractive network and wireless plans of any carrier in the US. Here are five reasons you might want to think about switching to T-Mobile next time your contract is up.

1. Support for unlocked AT&T and global phones

Starting this month, T-Mobile will introduce 4G HSPA+ service on their 1900 MHz spectrum. This means that unlocked AT&T and global smartphones will be able to achieve faster HSPA+ speeds on T-Mobile’s network. The new 1900 MHz HSPA+ has already been turned on in cities like Seattle, Las Vegas, Washington DC and the New York metro area. It should reach over 70% of T-Mobile’s HSPA+ footprint by the end of the year, but no coverage maps are available yet.

2. T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ can compete with AT&T’s 4G LTE

T-Mobile is the only major carrier without a 4G LTE network, but they plan to start their roll out next year. That might disappoint some who are already on 4G LTE, but recent tests have shown that T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network can compete with AT&T’s LTE network and it is much faster than their existing HSPA+ network.

AT&T only supports HSPA+ 14.4 Mbps, but T-Mobile uses the latest DC-HSPA+ 42 Mbps. T-Mobile’s internal tests of unlocked iPhone 4S devices running over 4G (HSPA+) on their 1900 network recorded on average 70% faster download speeds than iPhone 4S devices on AT&T’s network.

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray told GigaOm that “In many cases T-Mobile has enough free PCS spectrum to replicate its current dual-carrier HSPA+ configuration in its old 2G bands.” That means download speeds should increase with supported devices in select markets.

3. Pre-paid “unlimited” plans starting at $30

T-Mobile offers the most choices to wireless customers, including both post-paid and pre-paid plans. Their lowest price for Monthly 4G plans starts at only $30 per month. Cheaper plans include limited minutes, but you still get 4G HSPA+ speeds for the first 5 GB of data transfer. Other pre-paid options for T-Mobile’s network include Straight Talk SIM or Simple Mobile, which both offer unlimited voice, text, and data service for $45-50 per month.

4. Truly Unlimited Nationwide 4G HSPA+ data

If you are a data hog and you need a truly unlimited data plan with no limits or overage fees, then T-Mobile has you covered. Their new Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plans are more expensive, but it’s nice to know you have that option and you can still use any unlocked device.

5. Nexus support

We don’t know much about the next Nexus smartphone, but we assume it will be offered in an unlocked HSPA+ model like all the previous Nexus devices before it. There could still be carrier branded Nexus smartphones on Sprint or Verizon, but the best Nexus experience will be on the unlocked devices that receive faster software upgrades directly from Google. Like we said above, AT&T will only support theoretical download speeds of 14.4 Mbps, so T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42 Mbps network will be the obvious choice if you have proper coverage in your area.

Final Words

According to our stats, Verizon is easily the most preferred carrier among our users in the US. They are followed by T-Mobile and Sprint, with AT&T in a distant 4th place. T-Mobile is only the 4th largest carrier in terms of subscribers, but clearly their secret it out among our hardcore fans.

If your wireless contract is up for renewal soon, how many of you are going to re-up for another two years? Are 4G LTE speeds enough to keep you locked into a contract, or would you rather enjoy the freedom of an unlocked device on an open network?

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • Josh

    So Taylor, you’re using StraightTalk’ SIM pre-paid? Are you pleased with their service? I am planning on picking up an unlocked Galaxy Nexus and am debating between StraightTalk and T-Mobile.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I love Straight Talk on AT&T. Only downside is their murky data policy. They advertise it as “unlimited” but they don’t really define when you get a warning or throttled. I stream Pandora every day, watch movie clips, and consume around 2 GB of data each month and I have never been warned. Others report getting slow speeds after eating up a ton of data, but there is no pattern.

      T-Mobile Monthly 4G might be a better option now since they define you get 2-5 GB of data before being slowed down. I mainly went to Straight Talk on AT&T for the support of unlocked HSPA+ phones.

      • kinderdm

        Thanks for the comment as I had the same question, same plan in mind for myself. Until I can get a nexus though I will probably go with my out of contract iphone 4 on straight talk (if only t-mobile could support 3g for the iphone 4).

        • DJ Mixalot

          T-Mobile now supports iPhone with 3G/4G service. If you have the iPhone 4, 4S, or 5 (the newer, the faster), you will now be able to take advantage of the faster 4G like speeds of HSPA technology (basically, significantly upgraded 3G technology to yeild 4G like speeds). So you’ll get the 4G like speeds now that T-Mobile is adding support for AT&T 3G frequencies. I’d check with their customer service or stop by their retail store to see if they’ve added support in your area.

          By the beginning of 2013, they will have deployed the newer version of LTE (LTE Advanced, revision 10), while everyone one else will still be using the first generation of LTE (revision 8).

          Also make sure to check their coverage map before you switch to them, to ensure they cover your area.

        • Tim

          There working on makeing all iphone models work on there network. there 3g can pull in 10.00mbps..

      • dirk gently

        After reading your article on pre-paid, I followed suit and bought a GNEX from Google (31 days before they dropped the price to $350; fail) and got a T-Mobile card from Straight-Talk.

        I was coming from 15 months with my first smartphone (Optimus V) on Virgin Mobile. For a first smartphone, it was a more than satisfying experience, but in time fell far short for:

        1. no update, ever
        2. speeds were ok in the beginning (little over 1 Mbps) but then dropped and dropped to the point of daily speeds being < 25Kbps, i.e. basically unusable.
        3. phone had almost no internal memory. It did have a sd slot, but only so much onboard so I was constantly getting "phone full" messages and having to immediately start deleting apps, pictures, and text messages.

        So got Gnex and straighttalk sim and immediately speedtested over 5 Mbps. About 2 weeks after getting the phone and service, my internet at home went out one morning when I wanted to watch the Giro D'Italia so I streamed the last half hour from the phone's wifi hotspot feature, which showed something like 700 MB downloaded. That afternoon, I got a call from Straight Talk telling me that I couldn't use that much data. When I asked "how much"? as I signed up for "unlimited", they (rude, barely intelligible Indian operator) just told me their service was not to be used for "downloading" anything. I angrily replied that's the whole premise of mobile, choosing an "unlimited" plan, and told them never to call me again for such bs and hung up. 4 months later and I have not heard back from them, though I have taken the experience into account and try to never go over 2 GB, which is surprisingly easy to do. I don't watch youtube videos, nor do I stream radio, nor play online games. Just occasional browsing, and occasional tethering when I need it. I do use MyTracks pretty heavily to track bike rides but by data usage chart, it doesn't seem to draw that much. When I add up all the app usage stats, it still doesn't come close to what the phone says I'm using in total. I don't know of I have a lemon or there's a lot of header information that gets added to the final bill.

        Would love to see some comparison chart from different pre-paid carriers, their stated policies, and actual customer experiences. I've read that they beat the legal system to the punch and can't be sued for misusing the term "unlimited" so the more actual user experience information out there, the better with which to arm the American consumer. Thanks for the info, and the platform.

        • Richard Yarrell

          No question Tmobile has come a long way in these last 3yrs. This is a wonderful article I too have been on all the carriers these past 2yrs especially. I never would’ve thought I would be on Tmobile and boy what a great find Tmobile has become. They have great service in major metropolitan areas. Wonderful reception and excellent signal strength. It’s speedy gsm hspa plus 42MPS network simply shits all over Verizon and Sprint as well as At&t too. Battery life on this network is extremely wonderful and I am pleasantly surprised. I have a few friends with the current Galaxy Nexus which was brought from the Google play store and boy this device makes the Verizon Galaxy Nexus look like a total accident. I am very sorry I feel into that Verizon trap thinking bigger network would mean better. Thinking paying more would guarantee better service . thinking that Verizon coverage maps were the best thing ever boy what a asswipe I was. My Galaxy S3 on Tmobile has been the BEST android device I have ever had and it just works so lovely. Tmobile offers extreme options they have wonderful handsets Galaxy Note, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Htc One S, Htc Amaze 4g, the list goes on and on. And with the upcoming Galaxy Nexus 2 that can be brought from the Google play store as well as the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 and upcoming Htc One X + all with unlimited data how can anyone not want a shot to roll with Tmobile. It’s pre paid service has great devices that run on it’s 42MPS network which offers great speeds and excellent plans for customers. Even if I ever went prepaid it would be with Tmobile only especially since it will have LTE ADVANCED arriving soon in 2013. Looks like I will be on Tmobile for a very long time.

          • Sargon

            “…boy what a asswipe I was” What do you mean “was?” There is no past-tense.
            “Looks like I will be on Tmobile for a very long time.” Less than a year ago, you were saying “Sprint for life”.
            Of course, these are all just fantasies anyway. I live and work in New York and the usrrounding environs, Verizon does have great coverage – if they didn’t I wouldn’t use them. You’re just pissed off because you realized that you couldn’t afford verizon if you worked 168 hours a week.

          • ihatefanboys

            I may get flamed for this but i really dont get the concentrated hate directed at every post you make here. Youre not trolling or being derogatory or talking about how much you love the iphone so i really dont get it. Even if your posts arent accurate it still doesnt make any sense. As far as i can tell youre a mobile phone enthusiast, so like i said i dont get it.

          • squiddy20

            It’s ironic that you ask this and your username is what it is. Richard Yarrell is THE biggest fanboy ever. A year ago, it was alllll about HTC/Sprint. Then he jumped on the Verizon bandwagon when the Galaxy Nexus came out, and wouldn’t shut up about how “pimp slapping” his phone and LTE was, that is, up until 2 or 3 months ago when suddenly switched to “LTE is shitty”. Now he goes on and on about T-Mobile and the SGSIII. He is the epitome of the term “blind, delusional fanboy”.

            Not to mention, as you point out, his posts are rarely even remotely accurate, and they usually make very little sense. On top of that, his comments are usually written in what appears to be a 2nd grader’s mindset and (lack of) organization. Doesn’t know when/how to use “rather” or “you’re” in the correct spots but then berates others for being “uneducated simpleton’s” and somehow thought calling me personally a “college boy” was an insult. Why *wouldn’t* comments like that get down voted?

          • Snowbdr89

            Hmmm ill take my 20 + mbps on verizons lte over tmo any day!! Not to mention tmo’s coverage map is about as big as dick yarrells tiny wanky….

        • Duwan
      • Shorty

        I been using Tmobile for a couple months and they’re definitely the best choice for me. Reasonable rates, they dont treat me like a criminal (which is ironic cuz they pander to illegals), and I can bring in any phone I want & swap in the SIM. No hassle from them about unsupported devices. Also depending on where you get your statistics, they offer the fastest 3g and second fastest 4g closely behind Verizon. But thats obviously a YMMV situation.

        • Duwan

          Hey Shorty: Check this site out. I offer a service you may be interesting in.

      • Duwan

        Hey Taylor: Here is a great option for mobile phone carrier. A great price and coverage.

        Contact Duwan

      • Duwan

    • Wanda H

      Im watching the apple live blog presentation on engadget and i have to say the iphone 5 is a MIRACLE! BEST PHONE EVER! Im getting an iphone 5 for me and my family too

      • ari-free

        Wow you really are a cultist

      • ihatefanboys

        The only “miracle” would be if you werent able to reproduce, but sadly you said “family” so i fear its too late.

    • Duwan

      Hey Josh: I was wondering if you made a choice yet. I have a mobile service solution for you.

    • kenny

      T mobile sucks big time. i am so sorry I bought a Nexus 4. I can’t get area coverage where other carriers do well with no problems. I hate it with a passion.

  • Ross Winn

    SimpleMobile offers all of the advantages of T-Mobile with no long term contracts or other offal.

    Prepaid, $40 a month, and $50 for 4G. BRILLIANT.

    • Mikel

      Simple is REALLY slow. I tried them for a month, and their 3G speeds were below EDGE speeds, and their 2G speeds were practically unusable. Better to get the $30 Walmart T-Mobile plan.

  • Ryan

    Taylor, how good is the T-Mobile HSPA+ coverage in Austin? RootMetrics makes it look like it is basically a joke. It looks okay in Dallas and the other big Texas cities though.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It was ok when I lived in Austin. Feels better in Dallas from my limited testing. Have you searched on

      • disassembler

        Thank you for this! I’m downloading the app now! I’m in Bensalem, PA, and as I thought, TMo coverage is terrible! I’ve seen a slight increase since I got a Galaxy Nexus though, it’s not great, but then it’s not a hassle either.

      • Duwan
    • Nick Gray

      With the network refarming effort, T-Mobile’s data coverage should get better in nearly 90% of its markets. They will be working on new maps since their old 2G coverage will not be listed as 3G/4G/

  • Noven

    I recently made this exact switch, and I haven’t looked back. For those of you worried about the minutes; setup a Google Voice number, then download an application called SIPDroid. It will pair up with your GV account and number and it will allow you to use data for voice calls. The quality is amazing for what it is. (Sometimes the people you are talking to complain of a slight echo which can be fixed by turning down your earpiece volume.)

    Essentially I have unlimited everything, for just $30 a month.

    • Josh

      Noven, I was considering that, but I’m not sure how great the T-Mo coverage is in my area. All of the signal maps I’ve checked are incomplete, so I thought it’d be safer to go with SmartTalk, and I’d heard varying accounts on using GV. Do you know of others who are doing something similar and are satisfied?

      • Noven

        Hey Josh,

        Coverage is obviously a big concern. I live in SLC which is highly populated so I have great coverage at home. My last trip I drove down to Las Vegas, and the whole way I had decent coverage as well. In some place it dropped down to Edge but I never completely lost connection.

        Now with the Google Voice App it uses your carrier minutes for phone calls. With SIPDroid you create an account with a free SIP service (I use PBXes), and link you Google Voice account with the SIP account. This will re-route any calls to your Google number through a SIP server, then to your phone- all using a data connection. I know that sounds a bit complicated, but SIPDroid makes it easy to create this account and get you started quickly.

        The quality of SIPDroid is very surprising. There is no lag, and you can hear the person on the other line very clearly. Although there may be some tinkering with the settings to get everything working just right.

        I helped a friend transition to T-Mobile on the same plan and he is very happy with it. I can’t say it is for everyone since there are a lot more steps to go through. But if you are patient it is well worth it.

    • leganzish

      Noven, do you have any idea how many minutes give or take you can get out of 5GB with SIP/GV? I’ve been considering doing this, but wonder how quickly I’d hit that limit.

      • Noven

        I just checked under my data usage and over the past month and SIPDroid has only used 9.5 MB. That’s with it constantly running, very little battery usage also.

        If you have an Android phone now you can try it and see how you like it. Both services are free :)

        • leganzish

          Thanks for checking that!

      • Noven

        Also, it works over WiFi.

  • jmon

    Those are the exact reasons why I made the switch from Sprint a couple months ago. Now with T-Mobile I get 4g speeds up to 20mbps.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’m kind of shocked at how bad Sprint is on 3G and 4G Wimax. They really need their new LTE network expansion to speed up. Glad they are moving along, but it would suck to have a Sprint 3G phone right now.

      • uknowme

        I have Sprint and I do agree the 4G experiences have been bad. 3G isn’t that bad now that most of the ground work has been completed in my area. T-mobile would be great if I could get service in my house.

        • DaRibbit

          They have free signal booster available from Tmobile

          • Big Johnson

            Hi DaRibbit,
            I just got my new Nexus 4, but the connectivity/signal that I’m getting in Los Feliz and Highland Park, ca (North East parts of Los Angeles) is intermittent and not that good when I do get it. I’m assuming that I’m receiving HSPA+ even though I see simply “H” next to my signal bar on the top right corner of my screen. Whether or not it is 3G or optimized 3G with HSPA+, I’m interested in that signal booster by T-Mobile. Is this a service I need to request from T-Mobile, or something that is already part of my service?

            Thanks in advance.

      • R.S

        I left Verizon (was with them from the very beginning) for T-Mobile two years ago and haven’t regretted it one bit.

        Back then Verizon doesn’t have

        • R.S

          Grrrrr thanks to the annoying ad, I accidentally clicked submit. These ads are super annoying!

          Back to what I was trying to say…

          I left Verizon (after being with them from the very beginning) for T-Mobile two years ago. Back then Verizon didn’t have 4G, only Sprint did. Funny enough, my HSDPA speeds were pretty much always faster or equal to Sprint’s days speeds.

          My Verizon bill (single line) was half of what my T-Mobile (5 lines) is now.

        • Duwan
  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I have tmo and its awesome! Use g-nex on prepaid. Great service and speeds, they also gave me a free month.

  • seven2k

    In all honesty being with sprint i think im going to make the change to t-mobile. THe nexus experience is horrible with sprints network. its slow.

  • DroidSamurai

    I have a question regarding their data-throttling — what happens if I go beyond the limit. Do I get drop all the way down to 2G speed? Or, will I at least get their 3G (~7Mb/s, I think.)

    • Homncruse

      I believe you get dropped to 2G/EDGE.

  • D Saif

    I think most of the U.S. people don’t know about GSM.. Weird

  • KennyL

    I’d love to go with t-mobile but their coverage in Oregon is abysmal at best. I’m not even talking about data. I mean voice.

    • pdx

      I live in Oregon and have been with TMO for 10 yrs. I never have dropped calls and have always had great service. Granted, the coastline service could be better, but in Portland, I haven’t had any problems.

  • MitchRapp81

    This Carly chick is pretty damn cute, and I just found out she’s Canadian! what what!

    • Carly

      and she is a tranny!

  • Galen20K

    Some very good points, People only see T-Mobile as the nation’s 4th largest carrier and write them off. I have been with Voicestream/T-Mobile for 12 years since 2000 and I have for the most part been extremely satisfied. Sure if I go camping out in the sticks I may momentarily have a low signal but most places I go I always have a strong 4G signal. I Average 20 to 25mbps on HSPA+42 in my area and my connection is often faster than my friends who have Att/Verizon LTE(download of course not upload) and I couldn’t be happier. I can easily and contently wait until 2013 for our LTE Advance network knowing that I’ll also have HSPA+42 as a fall back and with HSPA now on PCS band, Magenta has never looked better for me. – )

  • Felix Estrada

    I just switched over to the $30/mo pre-paid on tmob from a post paid account and I haven’t noticed any difference in reception (rep said post paid gets priority and may cause one less bar in some cases). I’m waiting for my G Nexus to come in and am pretty confident I’m going to love cutting my bill in half!

  • LadyDI

    I’m usually not a magenta fan but T-Mo, for the most part, has been pretty reliable for my needs. I am just starting to take advantage of features/services I knew existed but never used. I get the occasional out in the boonies loss of signal and the occasional “I have no clue” service rep but my monthly payment option on some of the best phones (Current SGSII owner) is stellar for me. TO no have to put up 4, 5 6 hundred dollars for a phone AT ONCE is a price I pay for possibly not having service at the Choptank Bridge down on the edges of water (in Maryland).

    I’m looking forward to more years of excellent service and what T-Mo will bring to the future, Customer since 2009. 5 phones later…. still here!!

  • YMS123

    I AM switching to T Mobile as soon as I get a new phone, I am debating on waiting for a new Nexus or not

  • LadyDi

    I don’t know why I could not log-in to post that above post but there I am again. Love T-Mo!!

  • MyMilan

    Wow T-Mobile is kicking some ass. It’s good to see. Competition is good for the consumer as it drives down pricing.

  • Orion78

    Very good article Taylor. Right now I have the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint and finally happy to have Jelly Bean the last few days. The speeds I get are decent. With that being said, I think I’m still going to the prepaid route once the new Nexus comes this Fall/Winter. I want a Nexus that won’t be hampered by carriers. That truly unlimited plan is only for 2-year contracts right?

    • Homncruse

      IIRC, you can do truly unlimited without contract.

  • ProbablyDrew

    I’ve got a year left with Verizon, at which point I am considering switching to T-Mobile.

    (Advantage of staying with Verizon)
    very good coverage in my state (Arizona).
    High data speeds, though they are taking away my unlimited and putting me on a capped plan next time I touch the contract.

    (Advantages of switching to T-Mobile)
    I can use any GSM phone I want.
    I can use my phone overseas.
    They won’t try as hard to block me from using certain apps.
    T-Mobile allows wifi-calling, which is a big deal since my home has thick walls that block cell signal, and I could use it overseas.
    Better software update support. With a GSM GalaxyNexus I could right now download a JellyBean factory image from Google. GalaxyNexus JellyBean on Verizon is still missing and you have to use non-stock hacked together roms since Verizon can control the availability of radio files.
    T-Mobile is less expensive for the type of plan I would want, which is a bigger deal now that Verizon is axing unlimited data.

  • jamal adam

    I’m glad I’m on T-Mobile. They are doing a lot to entice customers and for the most part they have good coverage here in Minnesota.

  • Ardrid

    Great article. Exactly all the reasons I plan on going to T-Mobile when I purchase the next Nexus.

  • Fahad

    You can’t beat Tmobile Prices! for 5 people I pay $115 a month. 3 with 2gb’s of data and 2 without data.

  • carlisimo

    I’d like to point out that they sometimes make it difficult to sign up for the $30/mo plan. It’s luck of the draw; one friend got his phone activated on that plan in a T-Mobile store. I’ve been to four stores that told me they couldn’t touch that plan in-store, because it was a Walmart exclusive. I ordered a T-Mobile SIM card off and it worked.

    However, T-Mobile was completely unable to port my number from T-Mobile postpaid to T-Mobile prepaid. That seems to be a general problem they had, but being on that plan makes it harder. I ended up having to keep the new phone number on the Walmart SIM and porting my old number to Google Voice. That works well enough (it seems to lose some incoming texts), but it was a hassle. As in, 10+ hours on the phone with customer support, lots of people telling me, “Okay, we’ve done what you asked” then later finding out that it didn’t actually happen.

    The $50/mo plan only has 100MB of 3/4G data, so realistically you’re looking at the $60/mo plan unless you’re okay with a new phone number.

  • Bo

    What’s the overage charge per minute if you get the $30/plan? I’ll easily go over 100 minutes, but probably only need 200 or 300 a month. Probably be cheaper for me to use the $30 plan, get the extra GBs of data, and just pay for the extra minutes a la carte.

  • Ike

    I’m on T-Mobile and I’m jumping ship as soon as my contract is up. I’ve been on T-Mobile for what must be almost 10 years now and don’t have many complaints. The biggest problem is coverage. It sucks. My signal drops in and out every few minutes at my house, in a big city. Don’t get me started on coverage outside of a big city. Even if you have cell reception, your data is going to be super slow, if anything. Good luck if you switch….

    • Fiasko

      Not sure why you got downranked for sharing your experience. I have the same problem in the Bay Area with T-Mobile. ATT has the best coverage around here which is crazy. Not sure if it is enough for me to switch away from T-Mobile, but it still makes me think.

  • Max.Steel

    And you wasted hundreds or maybe a few thousands just to switch from T-Mobile to Verizon only to realize that the grass wasn’t greener on the other side like we told you.

  • Josh

    Just a shot in the dark here, but does anyone live in SW FL and use T-Mobile? Curious what the actual coverage is like.

    • Duwan

      Hey Josh visit my website. Check the coverage in your area.

      Excellent service, great price & a reward plan to shrink your bill to $0.

      Contact me, if your interested.

  • VS

    Made the switch last year when the $30 Wal-Mart / TMo Online exclusive plan was announced. Sprint subscriber prior to that with an EVO 4G phone (that has since been gifted to my sister since she’s still with Sprint).

    Let’s just say that I was ecstatic when I got my SIM card activated (TMo will make you jump thru some hoops to get started) and paired it with a HTC Amaze 4G (HSPA+ 42 capable device).

    The download / upload speeds were, and still are, excellent in the DFW area (usually around 6-8MB). I paid $5 for GooVe IP for easy integration with my existing Google Voice account and havent had to worry about mins again.

    Now, I’ll be waiting for Nexus announcements this holiday season to see if any move the barometer of interest or just hang on to my Amaze 4G a little longer.

    I’d recommend folks research and find out what works best for them. After crunching the numbers and paying a $200 ETF to Sprint, it saved me thousands in the long run switching for a much better service. Phone bills that rival Cable TV bills (that’s another form of robbery entirely but I digress) just shouldnt happen to consumers!

    Good luck to all who search!

    • Mikel

      The only downside with the Walmart T-Mobile plan is that international calls are crazy expensive. It’s not eligible for the international calling plan. (Read the fine print.)

      • RobBull75

        Google voice is a great alternative for international calls. It’s a good idea to have a GV account anyways. The GV visual voicemail tends to be a lot more accurate than T-Mobile’s and you can use the GV number when you don’t want to use your real number, like buying/selling stuff on Craigslist. You can also configure the app to make international calls automatically.

  • probbiethe1

    Sorry for the noob question but I have never done pre paid before but am seriously thinking about it.

    What phones can be used on a tmobile pre paid plan? Does it have to be a special phone or will any tmobile phone work?

    • VS

      Any GSM phone in their catalog. Prepaid doesn’t restrict you on just basic or feature phones. If you’re looking for what bands TMo supports, this should help, just look for phones that support these radio bands on their descriptions:

      As Taylor mentioned, depending on your area, TMo might have transitioned to the 1900 world GSM standard, opening up a lot of options.

      The Galaxy Nexus, ordered from Google directly works. There’s rumors of up to 5 possible Nexus devices this holiday season, from manufactures like Sony and LG, so you might want to wait until that information is available for a better selection.

      Hope this helps, good luck!

      • probbiethe1

        Thanks this did help.

  • Verizon Wireless


    UNLIMITED non-coverage EVERYWHERE.

    • revs


  • revs

    i went from t mobile sprint to t mobile to verizon to t mobile to sprint back to t mobile
    in nyc /long island

    they are the best ive had 4g(from nyc to the hamptons) like speeds(8mbps) with better coverage way before vzw even got to nyc (stil no eastern li)
    and t mos 3g is great to fall back on wayyyyyyy faster than cdma joke 3g speeds on sprint n vzw
    and hspa42 is just as fast as lte plus better on the battery

    plus they where the first with ANDROID G1 BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    • revs


  • Nathan D.

    I was with t-mobile for years now, and they been the best when I needed them. Although, the bill keeps rising because of data rates getting higher. It still one of the cheapest cellular companies out there.

  • Jedediah Sweetser

    You’ve been talking alot about alternative methods of contract signing, and I must say man, you’re convincing me more each time. I’m REALLY into that tmobil $30 plan. I use up about 15 minutes a month talk time, and Gvoice for text, and about 2 Gigs a month. I’m paying $84/mo which is the cheapest i can get around here for my Gnex.

    One thing is for sure. After the Verizon debacle in updating this phone, my next phone, for sure – will be a Nexus unlocked device – no questions asked. I will never buy another Nexus device from a carrier. Keep the information rolling in, I’ll have to make a decision early next year as to whom i’m going to take that device to.

  • Anthony Genovese

    Please note: TMobile does limit your roaming data to 50mb – 200mb per month. If you travel frequently and go through areas where you use roaming data, these plans may not be for you. They do not throttle once you get to the roaming limit. They simply turn off all data access. Unfortunately for me, the sales person did not tell me that after I told them I travel to remote places on business frequently. After talking to customer service, all they can do is change my plan and charge me more to go from 50mb to 200 mb.


    been with tmo since ’08. I’m trying to switch over to their prepaid but i keep finding creative ways to get new phones so i have to sign a new contract. Tmo is definitely fast enough. sometimes there are reception issues at times but there are ways around it.

  • RobBull75

    I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2006 and I’ve been pretty happy. I was with Verizon and Cingular beforehand and I can say that, although T-Mo’s customer services isn’t what it was a few years ago, it was much better than the carriers I had beforehand. Their plans are affordable and I get great service in Chicago. Now that I’m on the unlimited, not “unlimited”, plan the only knock I have on T-Mobile is the lack of service in rural areas. Since I live in a major city, it’s usually not a problem, but it’s nice to have service when I go fishing.

  • Connie Litrenta

    I had T-Mobile for a long time and their customer service was very good. I finally went away from them because coverage in my hometown was VERY spotty even though the coverage map indicated it was fully covered and it sits between two major cities (Milwaukee and Chicago). No way I could keep paying for service on that many phones and have that lousy of covererage even by the interstate for pete’s sake. I often times mentioned this to them over the years and they always said they would check it out but nothing changed. If you’re in a good T-Mobile area, they’re a great provider but for me, I just got tired of paying for so-so coverage.

  • Andrew Parker

    I am on the unlimited data / text / everything plan on T-Mobile. I live in Atlanta. I have had a terrible experience.

    It is especially slow and spotty during peak hours. And it’s not truly unlimited because it basically halts your internet usage after 2GB. (Which I would usually use up in the first 20 days of the month.)

  • TruFactz

    I’ve been with them for 6 yrs, and its been a great experience. The only thing I didn’t like was me getting my upgrade, they get my upgrade date confused, I have a headset upgrade this year and a contractual one next year. Me and my girl was just talking about this last night. She likes Verizon because if she had an issue with her phone she could go right in and get another one, I like T-Mobile because they have the best network in terms of reliability, in my area, they cheap, and family oriented.

  • David

    I have been with T-Mobile for 2 years and have been very happy with them. I really enjoy being able to buy the new phone out and just taking to T-Mobile and getting a SIM and it working. T-Mobile has good coverage where I am at and it says 4G even if it is 3.5G. I tether my phone a lot and like the ability to have 5GB of High speed bandwidth a month and being able to use it how I like. T-Mobile introduced the Unlimited everything and I may switch my plan to that. I think T-Mobile has good service without a huge price tag.

  • Tj

    I easily have used 8gb plus in a month on the 30 dollar a month 5gb 4g unlimited text and 100 min talk and I’ve never got a call from anyone. I download mad torrents never any issues with T-Mobile

  • Brent

    LMAO for anyone who is switching. What I can tell you of the four each have their ups and downs. ATT and Verizon will literally take every dollar from you. I will tell my experience with ATT. Coverage is fairly decent I have never had any problems traveling in between states and losing coverage so that part I did enjoy. Yet, that’s where the green grass ends. New phone comes and you want to keep your old contract? Oh we are sorry we don’t offer those services anymore you’ll have to change to a newer one. Remember that 2gb data plan you had for 25$ that made your bill a little cheaper? Oh we are sorry, we no longer offer that either but on the bright side you get another 1gb of data for 5$ more even though you never used it. Choose wisely folks…. I assure you if you pick a smartphone your bill will be at a minimum of $100 if you choose the 39.99 plan which offers like 300 mins… add unlimited text and data and goodbye… I rather deal with a few irregularities than a bill I know will increase 10$ every time I renew my contract.

  • consumer financing……….

    Hi!!!!!i have a android cell with 3G…but do not know the all work by the use of android…so let me know please with android cell….

  • steve thomas

    I live in Dos Palos Ca. right between Fresno and San Jose. My download speeds with tmobile are only .17Mbps ( thats less than 1/5 of 1Mbps ) and when I went over my 5GB plan for hot spot the dropped my speed to .08Mbps, When I called tmobile to complain they tried to sell me a larger plan. I NEVER GOT MY 5GB OF HI SPEED DATA. .17Mbps is not hi speed but according to tmobile it is.Tmobile is slower than pony express. Fastest nation wide 4G my ass.Bought phone and am stuck in contract paying for a hi speed data plan that they cant deliver. Said i was in there coverage area for hi speed 4G when i signed up.

  • Mark Stephens

    I have recently started using solavei phone service $49 all unlimited that is using the t-mobile network for there service.I have download speeds in eugene oregon of average 17mb down and 6 up !!! Pretty impressive for celluar


    • Yourtotalhookup

      Come see us in the Gateway mall we offer Solavei in store and can help you build

  • Josh

    So here’s my story for anyone that cares:

    Over the past 8 years I’ve had just about every post and pre paid carrier from Boost to Verizon. I’m a little angry and nervous with T-Mobile and here’s why…

    Farthest back I can remember in relation to this story I had Android on Verizon prepaid with TRULY unlimited data. I decided to switch to TMobile because they also offered what I thought was “unlimited” data.

    Keep in mind this was back at the very beginning of the “throttling” era that everyone seems to have just forgotten about. People act as if carriers have always throttled but we all know that isn’t the case.

    Anyway, I digress. My tmobile account stated unlimited 4G web. I hit the 5 gig mark and whoops, I was throttled.

    I had no idea what was going on so I called tmobile and they didn’t know what was going on either. I went into the store and the employees there had no clue either. It took a manager calling advanced tech support to find out what the deal was. Seemed as if no one at tmobile had any idea what throttling was. The manager explained what was going on and I demanded to be let out of my contract. He refused, I was pissed, he didn’t care, so I took to the Internet.

    Everyone online defended tmobile by saying tmo had to throttle to maintain its network etc etc…. now that unlimited is back why is everyone cheering and applauding tmobile?

    Shouldn’t we all be terrified????

    If tmobile originally throttled its “unlimited data” users to “maintain the quality of the network” why are we to think that all you can eat data will be acceptable now? Do we really feel tmobile has upgraded their network to the point of being able to support it’s customers on a truly unlimited level?

    Of course not.

    We are also told only 5% of its user go over 2gb per month. Well, if only 5% of a carrier’s customers are using more than the typical share of data, who really cares?

    40 gb family share plan.

    Sara uses 2gb per month.
    John uses 1gb per month.
    Lisa uses 1gb per month.
    Henry uses 25 gb per month.

    Are ANY of the users on this plan impacted my Henry? No.

    My point is tmobiles network was never in danger of being impacted by heavy data users. This was just the mainstream money hungry ploy all the carriers were doing at the time.

    We now see tmobile taking the 110% unlimited 4G road again and no one is asking any why, or more importantly how? and i certainly dont see anyonr screaming in fear tmo’s network is doomed for dial up speeds because of all the data hogs.

    So tell me, what’s the real deal here?
    I’m a consumer looking for answers.

    In the mean time I signed up a new 2 year agreement on tmobile.

    Here’s my phone/plan:

    ATT unlocked iPhone 5
    500 min + unl text + truly really for real this time no takesies backsies pinky promise cross my heart unlimited 4g data for $59.99 per month.

    Ive had the plan a week. Used 3.2 gigs of data, and I’m happy with the speeds so far. I’m pulling 12meg down and about 1 meg up. And no, I do not tether. I really use the data for JUST my phone. We shall see how it goes. I’m hopeful these next two years will be pleasant ones.

    Seriously though, if anyone does know the reasoning with the historic and mysterious moves by the carriers (especially tmobile) regarding data policies I really would be curious to learn some reasoning behind the seemingly irrational/greedy corporate moves of the carriers.

  • Yourtotalhookup

    I have just moved to Eugene a month ago and i am on Solavei which is a mvno for T-mobile and on my nexus 4 i get 17mbs all day and love it. You all should check it out or there is a store at the Gateway mall called Your Total Hookup which i run. Best part is $49 a month unlimited talk, text, and data.

  • Ross

    How fast is the tmobile prepaid on a unlocked iPhone 4S. What’s the download and upload speed? I’m in North Carolina

  • Vince Stagbaugh

    If you are looking for great value, I suggest people take a serious look at what Solavei offers.
    I used to be on AT&T and was paying over $100 per month and was getting pretty slow data as well as only about 1GB per month.
    Well – I decided to dump my iPhone and AT&T and am now on Solavei with an Android (HTC One S) and I absolutely love and can recommend it to anyone. I pay only $49 per month and get good reception and 4GB of data, which is incredible.
    I am not going to put my link up here because I would rather speak with you than just send a link.
    If you are serious about saving money and getting great service, shoot me an email at my g mail account. My full name at g mail.

  • Nancy

    It is my understanding that Att phones transferred to Tmobile don’t work with HSPA….I am confused….When I went to the Tmobile website, tmobile said my phone (att iphone 4s) is compatible on T-Mobile….but then in small font it says….that most iphones work on 2g speeds. I am getting contradictory explanations….