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Gameloft wants your wishlist for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour


This weekend we got a sneak peek of Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4, and today the company posted an extended trailer online. The new 60 second clip show some extra gameplay sequences. It looks totally awesome if you view it in full screen 1080p resolution.

Gameloft also posted a blog that contained the first screen shots for MC4 and promised more details would be released soon.¬†Check out the full teaser and let us know what you think. Gameloft also says they¬†want your MC4 wishlists, so don’t hold back.

Screen3_GL Screen2_GL Screen1_GL

Via: Gameloft Blog

Source: Modern Combat 4

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  • Lox

    Mium. The graphics do look much better. Looking forward to it, despite the awful GameLoft support!

  • Racoon

    Better anti-cheat servers or stuff like that. I don’t think that someone is supposed to shoot me across the map, through a crane, a building, a rock…

  • Nathan D.

    I would like to see more game play footage, but so far so good.

  • roxor

    I want chat during play coe on support me its fun gameloft i want chat or else i wont buy this game :-(

  • Dave

    An arcade mode like of COD 4 would give the campaign so much more replay value, but of corse we want gameloft to put most of the work into the multiplayer.

  • Thomas Biard

    Bluetooth controller support? I say that not knowing if they already have that, but if they do, i’m def in.

  • Aliseena

    Please Gameloft, make a voice chat like you did with NOVA 3 and make killcams so after you die, it shows how that person killed you.

  • WeMeet

    Be able to talk with teammates like in nova 3
    Weapons with recoil plz
    No autoaim just keep setting default setting the way they were on modern combat
    In game dlc -survival mode better turrets and no RANDOM air strikes and if there going to be vehicles plz make them more effective (nova 3 mech)and don’t make the maps look. Like wastelands where stretched (empty) area hv no cover
    Maybe there should be a close quarters maps which no vehicles
    And most important of all more weapon and charachter customization I always wanted something like halo 3 where u unlock different armor parts for the looks or with buffs

  • Juan

    All I ask is that gameloft makes the same updates for android and not only iPod…and a kill cam :D

  • Lukas

    Anti hackers and voice chat on multiplayer

  • Ivan

    Wish for the best graphics n the story mode to be great!

  • Sean H

    Native Controller support.

  • Roboslvt

    -Ban all hackers!
    -Real names of weapons
    -Voice enabled chat
    -Maybe a tank that drives through the middle of the map attacking opposing players
    (Can only attack the tank with sticky grenades, kinda like ‘Saving Private Ryan’)
    -Better air strikes
    -More perks
    -Realistic fire
    -More weapons
    -Abilty to record activity (could help when posting feedback about hackers)
    -Fix the other series of Modern Combat and usual bug fixes
    -And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Improve your customer support!

  • Dominic

    Honestly MC3 was fun and all,but yes there are some holes to fix
    -better story,the story in 3 sucks,2 was the best
    -more interactive scenes,those are fun
    -more allies to participate in combat
    -stealth missions
    -missions whereby you are on land and can use a vehicle during the mission
    -more realistic gun placements,a KT-44 with a holo. And a foregrip in the middle of a wrecked building,really?
    As for multiplayer wise
    -more killstreaks,5 are not enough
    -controllable killstreaks,such as an AC-130
    -more creative perks and weapons
    -more snipers and launchers
    -MORE gamemodes
    -more creative kill signatures
    -assassinations would be cool
    -some semi-auto pistols like the G18
    -shotguns to be in the primary slot
    -a perk to carry two primary weapons
    -larger and more specific radar
    -enemy equipment should be detected when near
    -EXTRA explosives,maybe 2 C4s?
    -attachments dont have to be bought
    -gun camo
    -when holding down grenade button,the grenade needs to be deployed faster
    -helicopter support able to be provided through windows
    -better maps,probably an urbanised terrain or maybe an office building?
    Okay,these are my current wishes in MC4

  • bob

    I think you should add more missions with the sniper. I also believe you should increase the effectiveness of perks.

  • bob

    Oh and another thing you should possibly add is cooperative missions. Also some weapon selection in single player. Another thing you may want to make different types of melee.

  • Daniel Smedegaard Buus

    Let’s see… We had the perfect 1st person shooter setup: Mouse, keyboard, and PC. Then the consoles came and fucked up just about every 1st person game out there with their retarded controllers. Now, the no-controller-let’s-caress-a-glass-surface, era is upon us. My wish is: “Stop making this crap shit piss that fucks up our good games”.


  • Dave

    More modes like, Gun game, infected, one in the chamber, and wager matches (if there is a currency system). Controlable kill streaks, and an arcade mode after you finished the campaign like in COD4, (unless there is already a spec ops mode).

  • dom

    voice chat and I dont randomly wanna disconnect from the servers. And private match where people can watch you play some1 else like mw2 free for all

  • Abe

    Make a co-op campaign mode.And can u pls make a survivel mode like cod3.