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Madfinger Games teases free to play online shooter Deadzone


Madfinger Games is one of our favorite Android game developers, having already produced Samurai II, Shadowgun and Dead Trigger. Last year they promised to release a free to play online shooter called Deadzone, but it never appeared. We actually got to play the game back in January at CES, but I think the game was put on hold so the team could focus their efforts on Dead Trigger.

Now it appears that Deadzone is coming soon as Madfinger Games just posted a teaser image on their Facebook page. We don’t know how the game has changed, but I expect it will have some all new features and maps with the added time that Madfinger had. Check out the teaser video that was released back in January, and let us know what features you would like to see in Deadzone.

Source: Facebook

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  • Adryan maldonado

    OH MAN!!!! I bet its gonna swwweeeettt!!. Especially since its going to be free to play. Madfinger+FPS+Free+Multiplayer= WINNING!!!

  • Nathan D.

    Game looks sweet! Can’t wait to test this one out. Looks like the one I already have, you know the first shadow gun.

    • R.S

      It does look like a lot of fun and pretty much identical to Shadowgun.

      Only thing that worries me is people cheating. Seems like now a days, you can’t play any multiplayer without cheaters. I’ll of course still give it a try, especially since it’ll be free.

  • cbgbs69

    FREE 2 PLAY= Epicness.

  • Co1e

    Looks awesome. Reminds me of GoW.

  • thechad