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Top 12 Android game releases this week: Music Samurai, One Single Life, Judge Dredd, …


This week we are taking a break from our Android Gaming Weekly recap and just focusing on new releases. We still plan to cover upcoming games and games we are playing, but this new column is just dedicated to new games you can install and start playing right now. Check out our top picks and let us know if you have any suggestions for next week in the comments below.


Description: Highly addictive rhythm action game within Samurai style. Inspired by such TV series as “Afro Samurai” “Samurai Champloo” and other modern pearls – Music Samurai blends ancient Asian Katana by adding western sharpening to it.



Description: Stop reading this and ask yourself one simple question: “If everything was on the line, would I have what it takes?” Welcome to One Single Life. A game which poses that very same question and which only 4% of players in the world will be able to finish.



Description: You are the Prince of Persia on a daring rescue mission to save your Princess. Fulfill your destiny, play this game, and experience the thrills and adventures of this classic tale. Replay the adventure of the original Prince of Persia in a complete new skin as you battle your way through the dungeon to rescue the Princess.



Description: Backflip Madness is a fast-paced, parkour-flavored extreme sports game. Your goal is simple – make tons of spectacular tricks and stunts. Take it to the extreme!



Description: The Stunt Bunnies Circus is in town and the Ringmaster Fox, Claude Reynard, orders his Stunt Bunnies to perform increasingly dangerous routines, involving cannons, tight ropes, flaming torches, hungry lions and an extended side-cast of funny performing rabbits with different behaviours.



Description: Can the coolest penguin on earth escape the evil vulture? It all depends on you! Speed your penguin downhill and make it fly, simply by pressing the screen. Fly the world’s coolest penguin through remarkable game worlds such as Antarctica, Mars, Sahara, and New York.



Description: Welcome to Tiny Planet, a gorgeous steampunk inspired world sadly devastated by a recent asteroid strike. Your mission is to help rebuild this beautiful idyll and restore it to its former glory. To do so you’ll need to hunt hidden objects, solve puzzles and conquer devilish brain teasers.



Description: This most complete mobile science fiction arcade action game will have you hooked for hours on end! In the near distant future, space exploration has evolved into a much more sophisticated nature as planets are colonized by humans in a fierce battle for resources and influence. Immerse yourself in intergalactic diplomacy as you manage your bases and natural resources while waging war against enemies. Take full control of your territories as you upgrade bases and allocate production levels of mines. Then expand your horizons as you create alliances with friends and defend your stake in space against enemies.



Description: Get your kicks and jump down the highest and most dangerous cliffs all over the planet!



Description: Mega-City One is overrun with zombies. Judge Dredd is here to dispense justice! You must protect Mega-City One from a zombie invasion! Arm yourself with a Lawgiver pistol and three other devastating, upgradable weapons. Fight four deadly zombie archetypes in thirty levels of game play. Choose from seven special upgrades to give you an edge over your undead foe!



Description: As the newest Royal Dragon Keeper of Dragonia your job is to care for the Kingdom’s most captivating dragons! It’s your task to ensure that they’re happy and healthy. Accomplish this feat by feeding, petting, playing with their favorite toys or even dressing them up in numerous costumes! Earn Dragon Scales by performing tasks around the Kingdom then use these to expand your stable and adopt new dragons!



Description: Escape from a secret research facility in this stealth-based adventure game. Play as a test specimen and work your way through the corridors of Welk Tower, avoiding guards and collecting items. Intuitive controls and comical animations make Critter Escape a game that any player can enjoy.


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  • Taylor Wimberly

    I had one back in middle school I think. Couldn’t you battle against a friend?

    • Brandon Dean

      It wasn’t the tamagotchis that did that, it was a couple of other brands. Digimon was one, and I cant remember the name of the other. There were so many brands of digital pets during that fad, Gigapets, Digimon, Tamagotchi, Virtuapets. This almost makes me want to pick one up on amazon, lol.

  • jaxidian

    Love these posts helping me to find new apps! Keep up the great work!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      You will enjoy the new site feature that Clark is working on then…

      • Mix

        Ohhhhh snap, get excited!

      • Homncruse


  • Nate B.

    I hope more quality looking and playable games like this keep coming to Android.

  • DroidPower

    Great post! Just tried Critter Escape, and it’s amazing!

  • rsanchez1

    I’m getting my monster-raising fix with My Monster Rancher.

  • tmihai20

    I bought Music Samurai. I still have to get used to playing it, but it is really good :)

  • bambang

    I’ve play music samurai, it’s fun at first time then it’s start to boring afterward
    Games that i played now is Granny Smith, Punch hero & Major Mayhem ( it’s done but now on misson collecting all weapons ^^)

  • awundrin

    Thanks for this list – I become quickly bored with games so I’m always on the hunt for some new ones. Gonna give Critter Escape a try!