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Top 17 Android game releases this week: Sky Gamblers, Iron Jack 2, Price is Right,…


This week we are taking another break from our Android Gaming Weekly recap and just focusing on new releases. We still plan to cover upcoming releases and games we are playing, but this new column is just dedicated to new games you can install and start playing right now. Check out our top picks and let us know if you have any suggestions for next week in the comments below.

Note: Some of these titles were released last week, but we missed them and still wanted to share. Sky Gamblers was an Xperia Play exclusive that just expanded to more devices, and Montopia was already available in Japan before Zynga launched it globally.


Description: Earn your wings as a World War I Flying Ace in Sky Gamblers: Rise Of Glory! Immerse yourself in WWI combat and the dawn of aerial warfare as you pilot revolutionary flying machines. Take-off solo in mission-based Campaign Mode, or take to the skies online with up to 8 players in real-time multiplayer.



Description: Accidents happen to the very best, and today is your “lucky” day. You are Iron Jack, a space-faring, cargo-carrying robot, and you have just lost your entire shipment of fuel due to a simple glitch in the system. Now, your mission is far more… complicated. Recover it all from the strange robots that guard these dangerous, maze-like sectors, and make it out of there alive. Sound simple? The devil is in the details.



Description: Come On Down! Take A Trip Back To Memory Lane! The Price Is Right Decades retains all of the treasured game play elements found in previous The Price Is Right games, including classics such as ‘Plinko,’ ‘The Big Wheel’ and the popular ‘Showcases,’ but also features never-seen before pricing games! Additionally, a new twist awaits all players: you will have to guess the non-adjusted pricing of randomly selected items from different decades!



Description: Stores, houses, mansions–towers! The sky’s the limit as you fashion your humble burg into the world’s most powerful fiscal force! Place compatible structures near each other to craft specialty districts or “combos,” adding flavor to your town while reaping big bonuses and boosting Land Price!

5. TO-FU 2

Description: Introducing To-Fu 2, the sequel to the blockbuster hit, To-Fu: The Trials of Chi. Reunite with To-Fu and harness the power of Chi! Get ready to smash through objects with the all-new Super Ping move and be prepared for many new obstacles and challenges. Ping around corners with 45 degree blocks & ricochet off rebound blocks across 115 all-new, brain-bending levels.



Description: Zynga is proud to introduce Montopia, the definitive monster battle RPG. For a limited time only, start your adventure now and receive 1,000 coins free! Combines the best features of classic battle role-playing games with monster fusing and evolving!



Description: Puzzle Man is a puzzle simulator. You’ll find a variety of puzzles with different difficulty levels: easy with 24 pieces to advanced ones with 384. A challenge! You can enjoy high quality images that, for sure, will provide you many hours of entertainment.



Description: Welcome to the wonderful world of Monster Warlord. Here, your guide Mika will help you as you embark on your journey in this strange new world. Along the way, you’ll have to complete quests as mysterious monsters appear before you. Your objective is to capture the strongest and rarest monsters. But watch out! Around every corner lurk other players who want to challenge the strength of you and your monster!



Description: Throw away your stereotype on slow and scary zombies! Please rescue the world’s fastest and cutest zombie. In Zombie Runaway UP, the world’s last zombie is trying to run away from angry people. Use just right, left and jump button to run like mad! Feel the excitement with simple controls and various booster items. You are invincible with booster item! Have fun destroying the obstacles blocking you way!



Description: The Madagascar troupe is performing center ring as they travel the world on their journey back home. Build up and decorate your wild Big Top attractions and clown around with Madagascar-style mini-games featuring Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the Hippo, and all their new and old friends. Keep fans coming to your circus on the way back to New York!



Description: What’s My IQ? is a whole new puzzle game with a series of creative puzzles, and absurd solutions that you will never ever thought of! Each puzzle is unique and pushes your creative thinking to the limit. Think out-of-box, don’t think straight!



Description: Play the #1 online Bingo franchise. Fast-paced action, power-ups & more! The Original, Award-Winning Bingo Game that started it all is now available for Android smartphones! We’re working hard to add in additional rooms, gifting, tournaments, teammates and much more. In the meantime, please enjoy the authentic game that over 14 Million people have already enjoyed on Facebook.



Description: How long can you travel inside the mine? Find out, by downloading Rail Rush NOW! Get ready for this epic adventure! Step into your cart and begin this mine exploring frenzy! Accelerate through these insanely fast rails while tilting and swiping to avoid the obstacles.



Description: Xerxes, the king of Persia has amassed his darkness forces against Greece! Your solemn duty is to defend Greece at all costs! We will make our stand at Thermopylae, where we will engrave in eternity the bravery and name of SPARTA! Features combination of strategy and defense, over 100 levels, and RPG style level-up system.



Description: Become an NFL Kicker! Choose your favorite team and get ready for the ultimate kicking game from the makers of hit games Flick Golf, Flick Soccer and the award winning NFL Flick Quarterback. Play to unlock classic and alternate team uniforms, cheerleaders and official Nike football equipment. Upgrade your stadium from a limited capacity starter stadium to a high tech temple to football!



Description: Draw Mania is a fast & furious draw-and-guess multiplayer game that guarantees you’ll be drawn in. Your goal is to draw a given word, and other players have to guess that word. Sounds simple, but it’s unbelievable how amazingly fun and addictive this process is!



Description: Partake in the crazy Turbo Kids tournament and win the ultimate prizes! An amazing journey full of fantasy and excitement! Turbo Kids are competing outdoors to win ultimate prize. Join in the tournament to see what Turbo Kids can bring you!


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  • DroidRoca

    lol look at those amazing graphics, I need that price is right game is my life

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It’s a pretty simple game, but really awesome if you are a fan of the TV show.

  • TJ Mir

    Some pretty interesting games here. Thanks for the heads up!


    Top 17. That sounds weird, lol.

    Taylor, Do you play games on your phone or your tablet?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I game on my phone and tablet. Recently I lean more towards the Nexus 7.


        After gamimg on a 10in screen, i find it hard to game on my phone. Now my phone is just a phone, lol.

  • rsanchez1

    I can’t wait to play pokemon… wait, that’s not pokemon? Zynga wtf…

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The reviews say if you like Pokemon then you will enjoy Montopia. I’m tempted to try it out.

      • rsanchez1

        That’s for obvious reasons. See Gabe’s comment: Pokemon lawsuit.

  • Gabe

    Montopia? More like Pokemon lawsuit

  • rsanchez1

    I’ve tried a few of these, and I have to say Sky Gamblers is a really fun game! It’s a good aerial combat simulation. The controls are easy enough. It’s a little cumbersome tilting your phone in all directions but the tilt controls are sensitive enough not to make it annoying. The fun of flying your plane and shooting down bad guys makes up for it though.

    The only downside is that the version linked to here is the trial version, and the full version will cost you $4.99, a little steep for mobile games, but I think it’s worth it.

  • johnfarrell

    Which one is the best for 4 yrs old boy? I want to give it to my kid.

    • rsanchez1

      Turbo Kids seems like the obvious choice. Draw Mania also seems good for kids.

      Out of the ones I tried, I think Rail Rush seems great for kids. It’s sorta like Temple Run, but on a rail cart in a mine. Madagascar would be great for kids, but to me it seems like a ‘ville derivative, so it might be a little too complicated for kids. Sky Gamblers is my favorite, and 4 year old boys love planes, but the controls might also be a little too complicated. Worth a try though.

  • Nate

    Does anyone know when wwe wrestlfest is coming to android???

    • Taylor Wimberly


  • Exequiel

    Hi, I’m the developer of this free indie game, Chubby Bird.
    Taylor, would you like someday to put my game on these tops :D?
    Thank you!

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