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Video reveals Modern Combat 4 coming to Android this fall

Modern Combat 3

Early this month Gameloft said they were working on Modern Combat 4 and now we have the first details of the upcoming first person shooter. Last week in Japan, Gameloft showed off a teaser trailer for Modern Combat 4 at the Tokyo Game Show and now the clip has made it to YouTube.

The latest chapter in the series is called Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and the story once again focuses on the K.P.R Alliacne (North Korean/Pakistani/ Russian). This time they have captured the President of the United States in Hawaii and it is your job to rescue him and return him home.

Gameloft says that MC4 is coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android this fall. Last year Modern Combat 3 launched for Android on December 3rd, so we might have to wait a couple more months. Modern Combat is my favorite first person shooter series for Android and Gameloft continues to raise the bar for what we expect from Android games, so we are really looking forward to more details.

Check out the clip below and let us know what you think.

Via: Pocket Gamer

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  • Chris Lewis

    This will be sick to play with a bluetooth controller!

  • Varemenos

    Ugh, my mind is trolling. I read Mortal Combat 4 instead of Modern Combat 4 :(

  • Alberto

    Awesome! Gameloft did a good job in MC3 and NOVA3! I hope MC4 is great too!

  • Nathan D.

    Dam, another awesome game is coming and I want to play I don’t know if I have enough memory left in my tablet :-(

    • Taylor Wimberly

      My guess is it retails for $6.99 based on previous Gameloft titles. Not too much to save up if you ask me.

    • CTown

      The only solution I can think of for you is to root your tablet and use Titanium Backup to backup your data at the very least to your “SD card” (you can also backup the entire app). Then you can transfer that to your computer and remove the application itself to recover room. If you buy Titanium Backup pro, it can automatically sync your data to Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Max.Steel

    MC3 still doesn’t run on the Galaxy Nexus and plays poorly on the Nexus 7. Both flagship Android devices.

    • -Dante-

      What version are you using? Im using v1.1.1 and runs pretty smoth on my Gnex with stock ROM.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      MC3 runs great on my Nexus 7. I prefer to play it on that device vs anything else I own.

      • TruFactz

        I second that! Nova 3 too, A7 needs a frame rate boost.

    • Silly tortoise

      Get an idevice

    • Silly tortoise

      Get an iphone or iPad or even an iPad mini, I’m sure the iPad mini will decimate the nexus series

  • BigCiX

    Modern Combat II and Modern Combat III were both non compatible with my One X. Im sure this one will be to. Another downfall for Android handsets. This game should work with any android phone that was capable of handling it.

    • killerbee000

      BigCiX, modern combat 3 is comaptible on the Htc one X!
      I play it on my One X! and i luv it :3

      Yeah it should be nice if Modern Combat 2 is compatible, but it is ofcourse a downgraded Modern Combat 3, so I dont bother.

      First look before you talk………

      Cant wait for Modern Combat 4 :D

      • BigCiX

        Killerbee, why is it that when I search for it in the play store it doesn’t even show up.

    • El Smoke

      I agree

  • Marcell Lévai

    I’m sure I won’t buy it. I paid a lot for MC3 and what did I get? It contains a bug, which causes the game to close if I select English as the game’s language while the main language of my phone is Hungarian. It contains other bugs too, like it starts to lag very badly when you’re near another player. Not to mention that the game fails to connect to servers far too many times. There hasn’t been an update for months. So I’m not willing to pay for crap, not again.

  • AntiDroidUser

    MC3 works wonder on my iPhone 4S. iPhone 5 is better phone than most Android phones.

    • BigCiX


    • Silly tortoise

      You are 100% right:) my 4S still runs awesome games

  • daniel

    This is….. this is the most …i mean the best game for android!!!! Man! i can not wait to play that cool game!!

  • Silly tortoise

    Games like these are way better on ios devices, my iphone and iPad never fail to run the most intensive apps available… There a lot more reliable and better quality, u get for what u pay for:)