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Android 4.1 update for Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S now available


It may be a bit late to the party, but the Android 4.1 updates for the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus on Sprint are finally available. The Android 4.1 update includes Google Now, Project Butter, offline voice dictation, improved camera and Enhanced Notifications. Be sure to check out our Andoid 4.1 overview for more details.

Keep in mind that installing Android 4.1 on your Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S means you will officially lose support for Adobe Flash. The update will not uninstall Flash from your device, but you may experience some performance issues.

If you have not yet received an update notification on your Sprint Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S, you can try to manually ping the servers by going to Applications > Settings > About Phone > System updates > Check. Let us know how the update goes and which new features you enjoy the most.

Via: Engadget

Source: Sprint

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  • Filip

    Any day now, Verizon…Any day…

    • SparkyXI

      ^^ This.

    • RX-78-7

      If it makes you feel any better, it’s going to take longer for me to receive JB on my S2. :(

      • Bpear96

        Considering, it is suppose to be a nexus device (the galaxy nexus on verizon), that its in the AOSP, and that stable JB roms where on XDA, pretty much the day it was announced at Google IO (Google IO galaxy nexus port, before the source code was even out) There is no good reason, why the verizon gnexus should not have an update(official) to JB yet.

    • LukeT32

      XDA Devolepers…..

      Hell I just installed the new VZW radios from the leaked VZW update.

      Why get a devoleper device and not install a custom rom?

    • E-man

      Verizon needs to do this, like yesterday!

    • E-man

      Hurry up verizon!

    • mike miller

      I’m not holding my breath. By now I don’t really care, in a few months, I’m done with htc for good & most likely verizon. They have both shown what they think of their customers after the sell

    • cindy

      My iphone is at version 5 already

  • AvatarZ

    Its a sad day when Sprint is beating Verizon in customer service – the bar keeps dropping lower

  • txbluesman

    I am soon to be a happy man. Nothing better than having all your devices running the same version os.

  • Nate B.

    This is why I think the 5 Nexus rumored devices will be held back if they are carrier branded. Unless they have both carrier and GSM versions and sold from Google directly.

    You can always side load Flash. That’s what I’ve been doing for the longest with all these JB ROMS I’ve been going through.You just lose the native support of it from the Market.


      I’m starting to wonder about that rumor of 5 nexus devices. Since that article, we haven’t heard 1 supporting rumor. Also, the nexus is usually released or announced in November which is 2 months away and still no rumors no blurry cam pics…nothing. :(

  • alxrock

    I was surprised to see Sprint roll out the update so soon. I wasn’t expecting it to roll out until November/December. Good show, ol boy!

  • Eugenev414

    LOL… UMMMM and yet no one has gotten the update ….WTF

  • Jacob

    Wow guess its GSM nexus from now on screw Verizon

  • E

    Is BS I no update yet .I have a sprint gnex I’ve hit that update button like a billion times and nothing yea.

    • E


  • rpras

    The checkin trick seems to have worked for me–173.8MB download.

    • rpras

      Loving the buttery smoothness on my Galaxy Nexus. Thanks Sprint and Google!

  • Androidawg

    I down vote everyone on Verizon who comes over here to whine on a post that is clearly marked as being about Sprint. I want to see which Sprint users (if any) are seeing this update but I have to filter through all these crybabies on EVERY FORUM. Give it a rest folks, your complaints about your provider are of no interest here.

    • Mihavitmalakai10

      well buddy the nexus line is almost like a support group for those who is suffering from a lack of update from carriers. instead of acking like douchebag u should just relax and support ur android community. no matter what carrier or platform he/she is on. yes we can see clearly that this is about sprint. so what… u call us crybabies but still u have no update on ur sprint samsung galaxy nexus so u are on the same boat as verizon customers. i bet my last dollar if sprint pull the update today u and a thread about verizon nexus phone getting the update u will be one of the 1st ppl to post under that thread crying about ur carrier lack of and update.

      • Androidawg

        It’s called an unlocked bootloader, allows you to root and install custom ROMS when you aren’t satisfied with whatever crud your carrier jams down your throat. That’s why you get a Nexus branded phone. If you wait around for the carriers to provide for you then yer doin it wrong!!

    • mike miller

      Then stop reading them. Pretty simple

  • Bill

    Bell carrier in Canada – Galaxy Nexus – just got 4.02, guess I will get 4.1 end of next years at this rate!

    • Mihavitmalakai10

      i hope ur device gets the update soon i know what it feels like to be left out of the new software. good luck

    • pjamies

      I’m with Telus and we just got the upgrade last week to 4.02. Wow, Canada is always 6months behind the US in updates … It’s so sad!
      I’m not sure if it is the Canadian Carriers or Google Canada/FCC that hold up our updates but it is sad to say the least.
      I am just hoping that this update fixes all of my frigg’n problems (random reboots!, battery usage etc ..etc)
      Bill, we will probably get 4.2 or 4.3 by the time the update rolls out to us .. lol

    • pjamies

      Holly crap .. I just realized that we did not even get 4.04!! as an upgrade!
      What the Duce! My Sam Note is at 4.04
      Wow, we had to wait 6 months for a crappy .01 upgrade! ,, that blows!

      As much as I hate Apple iphones, I am jealous of the way they get upgrades (even if they f’k up sometimes..), my son has 1 and seems to have no issues getting updates to the point that he does not even do the updates!! AAAhhhhhhh ….

  • Nathan D.

    Well at least it got the update after a couple months. But for everyone else, still don’t have any idea when they’ll receive it which sucks!

  • SoSo

    I just got my update I had to force the update to come through my phone :)

    • Mihavitmalakai10

      enjoy jellybean dude.

      • SoSo

        i will i love it already

        • flo

          How do you force the upgrade.

          • E

            YouTube it that’s how I got it lol.

          • DROID Sam

            I think he’s referring to the *#*#2432546#*#* dialer trick to ping the update servers. It doesn’t always work, but you can give it a try. Only works with unrooted stock phones.

  • flo

    Soso how did you force it through.

    • Jamie

      Hey Flo, here’s the steps that I found that worked to get the update. Go to Settings/Apps/All and then find Google Services Framework, force stop it and clear cache/data. Then go to Settings/About Phone/ and check for the system update, I had to do these steps twice on my Nexus, on my friends it worked the first time.

      • jeff

        This worked for me on the second try. Except it was clear data, not cache.

  • SGB101

    Been running CW10a11 (jellybeen) for a ew days now on my OneX, and it’s rock solid.

    All I can say is jelly been is the bomb, it’s everything ics should of been. Loving it!

  • Fiasko

    Still don’t get why this wasn’t pushed much sooner. What is the point of buying a Nexus device if it isn’t updated quickly. Might as well buy a One X and throw a JB rom on it. Better build quality and still get updated faster…..

    • 666

      Fully working ROMs come MUCH faster. If you root, any Nexus will be better than a popular OEM phone.

  • Max.Steel

    Stop buying these contract devices…

  • thegiftedone

    Wow. I have the verizon Galaxy…..and bigger company more money, more towers, more devices, but less the latest update on the device that was designed to get the update first. Makes you think.

    • DROID Sam

      I’ve been saying this for over a year now. Buying a Nexus does not guarantee quick updates. Didn’t HTC roll out Android 4.0 to the Sensation before Google got it running on the Nexus S?

  • frankwhite44

    Jelly Beans taste so much better than Ice Cream Sandwiches!

    • Flock8

      c0ck tastes better than wieners

  • iamXiV92a

    Welcome to Jelly Bean Verizon!

  • Harpo

    My Nexus S 4G got the update last night. HOLY CRAP, my phone is fast again. I bought it a year ago when Amazon Wireless was doing a sale for 99 cents, and since then it’s received ICS and now Jellybean. Not a bad little investment!

  • txbluesman

    Finally getting my update as I type. Can’t wait for it to finish. SWEET!!!!!

  • Adam Snyder

    was able to ‘force’ the update OTA. Went settings>apps>all (scroll across top)> Google frame work services . force stop and clear data. (do it twice) and then reboot phone. as soon as the phone turns on and is running go to settings>about phone> system update it started downloading right away.

    I have a Nexus S 4G

  • jont

    my phone updated and i hate it. there is no more ! or ? button readily available whilst texting. also my phone does not include the area code when i find someone in contacts. their name shows up with their icon which is nice. but, like an idiot, it completely disregards the area code. the text recog is much improved.

    i almost want a different phone now. this nexus s sucks now.