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Customize your own 3D-printed Android figurine with Cubify


Android fans have been able to customize their own virtual Bugdroid character with apps like Androidify, but now they can take things one step further and create a 3D-printed toy. Cubify just launched an online tool that lets you customize an Android character with great detail, and then place an order to ship it to you front door. Prices range from $29-39 and users are allowed to tweak accessories, costumes, gadgets, symbols, and even pose their character.

“We’re thrilled to bring Bugdroid figurines to life in full color on Cubify,” said Cathy Lewis vice president marketing, 3D Systems. “Cubify Bugdroids underscores 3D Systems commitment to democratize creativity. We invite passionate Android fans to experience the power of 3D printing with personalized and individualized themed collectibles and amazing accessories.”

Head over to the source link and let your imagination run wild.

Source: Cubify

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  • skugern

    This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen all day. I’ll take two.

  • LittleGreenDude

    Hah! That’s awesome. Next they should make an android apple slicer ;)

    • WlfHart

      Hahaha, I could see it now. One of those rings with the blades in the middle that cut the apple into slices and removes the core as a cylinder.

      • inviolable

        Yes, an apple slicer.

  • herbivore83

    I will be doing this all day. Fanboygasm.

  • Dustin Earley

    Is it too soon to start making a Christmas wish-list?

  • Noven

    Aaaaand there goes a couple of hours of potenital work time

    • Noven


  • Nathan D.

    This is one of the most amazing thing I seen, I’m so making one.

  • Homncruse

    Seriously? I better not click the link if I want to get ANYTHING else done today.

  • Simon Salt

    Shame that it wouldn’t work on my Android powered Xoom :-)

  • Chaoz

    Woot kool :) I so have to make one that I can have at work.

  • ibap

    One of the better Android chochkies.