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Galaxy S III and Optimus G first Android devices certified for Miracast wireless display


Android devices got one step closer to interoperable wireless display sharing as the Wi-Fi Alliance announced today the launch of the Wi-Fi Certified Miracast certification program. The first consumer products certified since testing opened to vendors include the LG Optimus G and Samsung Galaxy S III, and we expect many more to follow.

Miracast make use of a Wi-Fi Direct connection to deliver audio and video content from one device to another, without cables or a connection to an existing Wi-Fi network. Pretty much any of the current crop of Android devices could potentially see Miracast support, but they will need to receive a software update to enable it after they are certified.

“Wi-Fi users around the world want to experience multimedia on the device of their choice – no matter what brand – and Miracast is the breakthrough they have been waiting for,” said Edgar Figueroa, CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance. “We have been delighted with the level of enthusiasm and support among our member companies for this new offering.”

Industry analysts predict annual shipments of Miracast-certified devices to exceed one billion units within the next four years. The new Samsung Echo-P Series TVs are also Miracast certified, so they should work out of the box without any additional accessories.

Current HDTVs and other displays will be able to directly connect to Miracast devices with the addition of small dongle that plugs into a HDMI port. We expect most of these dongles will retail for $80-100, but prices should dip to as low as $50 once the Miracast standard gains popularity.

Google has not announced native Android support for Miracast, but I expect it will be included in the next release of Android (Key Lime Pie). Android 4.x already has support for Wi-Fi Direct, which Miracast builds on.

Check out the demo videos below to see Miracast in action.

Via: PR Newswire

Source: Wi-Fi Certified Miracast

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  • Mix

    This is pretty damn cool and I am glad to see that you don’t need a smart TV to utilize it!

    I am just curious how the TV signal will transmit back to the tablet as you would essentially be watching 2 channels at once which is more related to your TV provider than your TV. Well, that and HDMI inputs receive signals rather than send them….

    Just curious on that but this is a nice feature for devices that don’t offer HDMI out.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The dongle would do all the transmitting and send the video signal to the TV via HDMI. This would require you to change the input on your TV. The ideal solution would be a Google TV box with HDMI passthrough, so the shared video would just be overlayed on top of whatever you are watching.

      • Mix

        Makes sense for the tablet to the TV but the TV back to the tablet via the same HDMI input has me stumped but maybe I am just over thinking it or overlooking it.

        -The cartoon shows the guys cable box menu with him watching soccer.
        -His little girl comes in to watch a a music video.
        -He then he uses his tablet to watch soccer showing the same cable menu as his girl used to watch the video.

        it seems to me that he is using his tablet and watching 2 channels at the same time wih one on his TV and the other on his Tablet all through his cable box/TV provider which to me would mean that on the cable receiver would need a wifi dongle in an output HDMI in order to get the signal back to the tablet as the TV HDMI input could not send a signal as it is in input rather than output.

        I dunno, I could be crazy, lol.

  • DasErdbeer

    Will Miracast transfer sound too, or is it picture only?

    • Tangent

      Since it’s marketed as being good for watching movies I sure hope it transfers the sound too…

  • $hitt Romney ‘the next big thing’

    I couldnt care less about miracast displays.
    Additionly, i also dont care about 47% of all american people.

  • Haji S Sillah

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  • Abe C

    That looks really sweet. It looks like everything DLNA promised but never delivered.

  • Alex Pena

    This is awesome! I know my current phone probably wouldn’t support this.

  • disassembler

    Quite possibly the best thing to happen to technology since the smartphone itself.

  • Anon

    lol you android fanboys are so typical! If apple has been falling behind with the iPhone 5 then why has this feature been available on apple products for over a year or two! All u need is an apple tv box! The fans and even this site are blinded by all the useless features android throws at u! Who wants to share a photo with everyone in the room lol..

    • Esoth

      “all you need is an apple tv box” – that’s…. kind of the point. You need to buy an apple tv, but hopefully miracast will be cheaper, more portable and less restrictive to use.

      • HAHA you have to buy an Apple TV. Hence its not the same thing. Of course you can do that with Android already via DLNA and wifi, you don’t even need something like Apple TV. Miracast is something totally different. Apple users really are that stupid. I guess thats why they keep buying an Iphone hahah

    • sandycough

      Douche…You can do that with Android as well through any media server, I have been able to do this for 5 years already. This feature will allow you to do this without buying something as crappy as AppleTV which only works on crappy iSheep products.

    • clocinnorcal

      “All you need is an apple tv box!”
      Some for someone to do this on iOS you would need to buy something else? And you call us blind, LOL.

    • bob saget

      “Who wants to share a photo with everyone in the room lol”

      How is this laughable? Seems like pretty useful feature to me…

      And this definitely trumps airplay being as it is a universal standard that works across multiple devices not just apple devices that you have to purchase an apple tv box in order to use with a tv. You are obviously the one who is blind since you can’t see why this is better on every level.

      I enjoy apple devices and they do make some really nice stuff but their proprietary standards are getting ridiculous. If they made a greater effort to play nice with other hardware/software configurations I would be more inclined to purchase their overpriced/overhyped devices. I do really love the design and build quality of the macbooks.

    • Incognito

      The thing is that you SHARE a PHOTO via WiFi using AirPlay. Thats possible since nearly 10 years. It’s named DLNA and implented in android since quite a long time in many Android Apps.
      With Miracast you’re SHARING the WHOLE SCREEN. So it’s even possible to share a GAME, a PRESENTATION, a CODING-APP (like AIDE) or a WORDDOCUMENT (Apple freaks call that pages). So it’s possible to replace a copmuter -in combination with a bluetooth keybord and mouse (Oh sorry apple iphones won’t even display a cursor when you connect it to a bluetothmouse).

  • Nathan D.

    Can’t wait to test this out on my brother phone

    • bob saget

      Brother phone? Is that a phone just for black people?

  • Burnd

    This is actually nothing new. I’ve been using the HTC Media Link HD to share the screen of my One X (with only One swipe of three fingers) with my HD TV screen. It’s lovely and very useful. It was funny to see Apple announce it as of they invented something new.

  • amgala

    Does anyone know if the Galaxy Nexus will be able to use Miracast?