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Galaxy S III beats out iPhone 4S as top selling device in US


The overwhelming success of Apple’s iPhone 4S has finally hit a lull. Since its launch last October, the device has managed to hold on to the title of top selling device in the United States for 10 months before finally being dethroned by the Samsung Galaxy S III last month.

According to analyst Michael Walkley of Canaccord Genuity, monthly channel checks have confirmed that the Galaxy S III is the top selling device at T-Mobile (who doesn’t carry the iPhone 4S), Sprint and Verizon. The iPhone remained the number one device at AT&T, but the S III’s success at the other three largest carriers in the nation is enough to secure the number one spot.

The S III wasn’t the only Android device to do well, it’s worth noting that the number two top selling device at Verizon was the Droid RAZR MAXX, and every carrier that sells an HTC One series device has it in their top three.

Now that the Galaxy S III has become the top selling device in the nation, can it hold on? Apple, Motorola, HTC, LG, Nokia and even Samsung have new devices slated to hit the market before the end of the year. Still, I’d venture to guess the S III is more than capable of keeping up with whatever hits shelves by the holiday season.

Source: BGR

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  • YMS123

    Sue that Apple

  • skugern

    No wonder Apple wanted to add the SIII to the ban list.

    • robinthoms2

      I have them both Samsung S3 and iPhone 4 to test them out and compare
      them, and I must say Samsung is better for its larger screen and its
      quad core.Before choosing between them I must say check their current
      value at

  • KzD

    LOL. Apple must be sheeting their pants right about now. They are about to meet their maker (seeing as Samsung provide parts for iPhone..)

    • ari-free

      It’s interesting that on Verizon, iphone is #3 behind Motorola Razr Maxx.

      I was once worried that once iPhone was on verizon, that would put an end to Android growth and now we have 2 androids beating Apple.

      • Jason Shin

        the joys of the free markets

      • Austin Russell

        I recently just got the Droid Razr Maxx. Just as thin as the iPhone and at least twice battery life. I don’t need any comments on how your iPhone lasts forever. I’ve got a friend with the 4S and uses it on average level throughout the day and it requires a charge every night. I can be streaming Pandora and Texting all day and I would be at 30%. I personally go for convenience and this phone has blown me away. P.S. Motorola dominates.

    • 666

      Yeah, right.

      The iPhone is being refreshed in less than a month. Everyone is waiting on that. And you can bet that the iPhone 5′s launch numbers will eclipse the S3′s total sales to date.

      • thel0nerang3r

        How is it that “everyone” is waiting, since the are selling quite a few millions?

        • anna

          Actually 666 is correct; iphone sales skyrocket after launching a new model. Everyone knows or expects them to launch a new model annually, so people will hold onto their existing phones for a couple extra months in anticipation that they either a) get the new model or b) take advantage of lower prices on the older one once the new one is announced. The few million that they are selling are probably to new customers since carriers are pushing them out, or people that live under a rock and don’t know that this is how apple moves their product.

          • Patrick

            I know exactly how Apple releases their products. But why wait to buy a severely outdated 4S that isn’t 4G capable on Verizon once the 5 comes out when you could buy the Galaxy S III. Your comment just proves that a majority of Apple product users aren’t interested in better hardware or a better software (ICS is a near perfect OS and Jelly Bean won’t be disappointing either) rather they’re interested in the “status level” that comes with an iPhone. Seriously, just look at every Apple product:they’re hardware isn’t worth the ridiculous price.

    • CarolDD

      The “parts” division of Samsung… is *NOT* the same as the unit that makes the S3.

      Samsung has already publicly stated that 1 division will NOT affect the other.

    • SurgeonOfDeath

      It doesn’t matter that they provide parts for Apple because that is such a huge part of Apple’s business, not to mention Samsung who makes billions off of it that neither one will risk putting it in jeopardy. Even with the recent lawsuits the executives at both those companies in that particular division came together to make sure that these dealings would be unaffected by everything else.

      With that said the iPhone 4S sales may have hit decline but only after 10 months, the new one comes out at the end of september and I can guarantee you that every other phone company is shitting themselves. They may have their own successful phones, but whether you hate Apple or not theres no denying how popular their phones are and how much they will sell.

    • Richard Yarrell

      I applaud Samsung for allowing the consumer to experience such a wonderful product. The Galaxy S3 is simply the best smartphone on the market period nothing beats this device. Yeah iphone heads will preach the new iphone but reality is many people I know have kicked there iphone to the curb for the Galaxy S3 on all carriers. I personally doubt the sales will be all that great for the new iphone regardless of the same uneducated simpleton’s gathering for the new iphone. If your rolling with Samsung Galaxy S3 then your simply owning the best from the best.

      • squiddy20

        You talk of “uneducated simpleton’s” and yet you demonstrate your lack of spelling/comprehension on a daily basis. You still can’t even spell the correct form of “you’re” in the right context, even with autocorrect on the SGSIII you claim to own.
        Oh, and by the way, “the best” is a completely subjective term. There’s quite a few people who think the SGSIII is “the worst” and “wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole” (your words).

        • Toby

          the grammar nazi is right!

        • dahvyd

          There *ARE* quite a few people…


        • Bpear96

          Squiddy you and Richard are either the same person, or you really need to stop commentting on all of his comments. I really think you Richard and snowbdr are the same person.

          • squiddy20

            1. I can assure you that I am not Richard. Richard can’t even spell half the words he uses correctly while I spell (mostly) all of them the right way, and in the right context.
            2. I’m not stupid enough to make sweeping claims like “x device will be out by x date”, when not even rumors have confirmed this. Not to mention that if I don’t know something, I look it up while Richard will go right ahead and make an obviously erroneous statement of “fact”.
            3. If you thought about it for just one second, you’d know none of us are the same person simply for the fact that we have completely different writing styles. Richard writes things in big chunks of unorganized text, indicating that he doesn’t even know where the “enter/return” key is and that he has no idea what he’s going to say next. Snowbdr’s comments are usually short, nasty insults, and my comments are usually organized in this 1,2,3 form. Tell me how any of that is similar.
            4. I don’t respond to “all” of Richard’s comments. In fact, I leave quite a few of them alone because I either don’t care or his comment is too stupid for me to respond to.

      • Scat Covered Yarrell

        How would you know, shit eater? You don’t own a smartphone. You’re a broke ass jigaboo who works in a soup kitchen in lower Manhattan. I saw your tv in that video .It looks like the one I threw out in 1985. No one, NO ONE who actually owns a smartphone would have so many typos. Keep lying spook. No one believes your lies except you. You fool no one, spook.

    • Jordan

      When they release the new iPhone next week they’ll be on top again without a doubt. People quit buying the 4S months ago in anticipation of the new iPhone.

    • Tro L.L.

      the reason people aren’t buying iPhones right now is because the iPhone 5 is about to come out. you should get one when they come out! it’ll be a huge upgrade for you

    • Greg

      How is this considered a big deal at all? The S3 just started selling more than the 4S a month before the new iPhone comes out. I don’t see it keeping up

  • inviolable

    Be careful of those sales patents, Samsung.

    • Hector L Lopez

      Yes be carefull apple has filled a patent for be the number 1 on the top sale list. Lol

  • Ivan

    you guys a retarded… Everyone and their mother knows the new iphone is coming out in 2 weeks. Why would anyone buy a 4S now?

    • jason

      You’re retarded

    • Steve Barry

      I don’t know all the details, but from my understanding, this means the SIII has sold more in the one month or whatever it’s been out that’s the iPhone 4s did in 10 months. So while your statement is half true, the new iPhone is coming out, I don’t think this is comparing the sales over the past month as that would be a pretty bad comparison and hopefully not the basis of this article.

      • James

        The included chart shows that this is simply month over month, not in total for the last 10 months.

      • Alex

        Nope, the article is talking month by month.

    • ari-free

      So they are buying SGS3 instead

    • Ivan

      My comment was directed towards the person who made this article and not anyone who commented. They are clearly uneducated when it comes to sales vs new product releases.

    • thel0nerang3r

      Please stop trolling and kindly GTFO. Have a good day.

    • c1liu

      As an owner of an S2, the S3 is no doubt way more beast than the 4S, but I have to agree with our Russian friend here. No one would buy the 4S right before the 5 comes out. And seeing as how it is a month to month comparison, this isn’t much of a “triumph” considering that the 4S has been out for like a year now.

    • Seriously?

      I love when classy people like you throw out the word “retarded” like it’s supposed to be some sort of insult. How about you remove your fat ass from your moms basement and go help someone with down syndrome instead of belittling them?

      • Seriously what?

        So wait… do those with down syndrome have exclusivity rights on the word “retard”? Is there a factory somewhere that makes everyone with down syndrome and there is a trademark on the word? I don’t get where you went from “retard” immediately to “down syndrome”.

      • Seriously?

        I love when classy people like you throw out the word “fat ass” like it’s supposed to be some sort of insult. How about you remove your retard from your moms basement and go help someone with obesity instead of belittling them?

    • Athox

      And just how much money do you think go INTO the US from other companies every year?

      I would bet that people buy US products by several orders of magnitude compared to US people buying foreign products.

      • Raptor

        Wanna bet ?

    • wowsa

      Yeah, ’cause every 100k earned by every American company immediately translates into a new job. Apple (for example) must employ ~5 million people.

      Are you also suggesting Samsung doesn’t pay any US taxes on those billions leaving the US?

  • Mix

    People are waiting and selling their old phones as there has been a HUGE influx of iPhone 4′s and 4S’s for sale on my local classifieds.

    I couldn’t imagine upgrading my phone every year or less.

    • anna

      To be fair most people I know with iphones don’t upgrade every year, they usually upgrade every 2nd model, so about 2 years. I’ve had my Galaxy S for just under 2 years now and will probably upgrade very soon as it’s getting to the end of its life. I think the expected life of the Galaxy and iPhone are pretty much identical for the majority of users.

      I also know people that have upgraded from the Galaxy S to the SII and will upgrade to the SIII, so there will always be people that want the newest model, regardless of what maker it is

      • Mix

        I guess that is true!

        I have 3 friends that have iPhone’s and they get the latest and greatest when it comes out but then again that is a really bad sample to go off, lol.

  • Miguel

    Hey here is a good one, WHY GOOGLE don’t demand apple for getting the notification bar UHHH!!!.

  • Ardrid

    I don’t think this is as impressive as it appears. If you look at Apple’s number over the life of the iPhone, you’ll notice a very sharp decline in the months preceding the release of their latest product. While there’s no doubt that the GS3 is an impressive device, I suspect the impending launch of the iPhone 5 has a lot more to do with the iPhone 4S’ numbers than the GS3 does.

    • thel0nerang3r

      Every ecosystem has a core of people that will stick with it. There is a small group that will go to another OS. I believe that a large portion of Android users would not buy an iPhone, and a large group of iPhone users would not buy an Adroid phone. Personally, I don’t think there is as much cross shopping as some claim. Currently, I have a 4.7″ screen, I could not go to 3.5″ screen. Heck, 4″ feels small now.

  • Ichigo

    To be fair, and I’m certainly not defending Apple here, its normal because of the iphone 5 anticipation. People don’t want to buy the 4s cause the new iphone is around the corner.

  • cb2000a

    This month the iphone will take back the lead as the Apple fans eagerly grab up Apple’s latest outdated phone (but wrapped in a shiny new skin). In the meantime Samsung lawyers have their fingers on the sue button if the new iphone has LTE.

  • redraider133

    Well the sgs3 is the best iPhone yet according to apple lol so it makes sense. Good to see android continuing to do well and new iPhone around the corner or not its still a feat to sell more than the iPhone anytime.

    • redraider133

      Guess the 4 that downvoted me didn’t sense the sarcasm or did not see that ad. I love my sgs3 btw

  • G-Thang

    Take that iphony! I wonder if it will still have 3G speeds lol

  • MartinSven

    Great news ! Go Samsung! Lets celebrate it by releasing Jelly Bean for SIII ;) .

  • Jason

    The iphone 4s is an end of life product that is getting refreshed next month. Comparing sales of it to a relatively fresh device does not seem like something I would want to puff up like this.

    • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

      Actually it does. Comparing sales to a device that’s been out longef is not really fair. Guess what though, gs3 surpasses that.

    • theviper21

      The iPhone has led the mobile market for a while now, I would say this is significant. What will be interesting to see is if people get duped into upgrading to the iPhone 5.

      • james

        It’s not significant because a brand new (and hotly anticipated) phone will sell better than a model that people know will be outdated within a month. I have a galaxy S and love it, but I find no reason to hate on people that own and prefer an iphone, and I find it kind of hilarious how people with androids have this inferiority complex about it.

        And people upgrading to the new iPhone are as ‘duped’ as me, upgrading from my S to the SIII: I need a new phone, I like what I have, so I’m upgrading to the new model. Yeah I feel so cheated

        • theviper21

          It’s not as if new, anticipated phones have not been coming out since the iPhone 4′s debut! (hello, RAZR MAXX, HTC One X) It is, however, the first time another smartphone has surpassed the iPhone 4S since its release. This, along with the fact that people buying the SIII now will most likely cut into the iPhone 5′s sales is significant.

          • costel

            There’s no way the SIII is going to dent iPhone 5 sales. Anyone that wants an iPhone will wait, Android people will have already got the SIII. If Apple waited for another year before the 5 were to come out I’d agree but it has taken all this time just for Samsung to edge ahead.

  • theviper21

    It’s no surprise that Apple’s hold on the mobile market is starting to slip. They haven’t really made any breakthrough innovations in their iPhone since its first release. Each iteration has had slight changes, but hardly enough for people to justify paying for a brand new iPhone when it’s really not that different from their iPhone 3GS (aside from Apple fanatics).

    The Galaxy, on the other hand, is a phone that has had substantial upgrades and improvements with each release. The SIII makes upgrading your phone worth it.

  • spazby

    Loving it

  • william guerrero

    If everybody is waiting for the iPhone 5. Then why is everyone buying the s3 a month before the iPhone comes out. Wouldn’t they just wait?

  • Frawndoo

    lol, sorry but I dont believe it, not for a second.

  • k

    you also have to keep in mind that iphone 4s is phasing out, since the Iphone 5 release is just around the corner. I am not sure if the study takes that into account. It could be the Galaxy SIII sales was constant and the iphone 4s sales dropped due to the afore mentioned reason. In which case it would be inaccurate to assume that Galaxy SIII had better sales than Iphone..

  • Del

    we should look towards more important things such as processors speed. you know what bothers me, is that how these phones slow down after a few months

  • iamXiV92a

    Hey Apple… Shove it!

  • Guru_Goru

    Comparing sales of the Galaxy SIII to the iPhone 4S is like comparing sales of the PS3 to sales of the first gen Xbox…wait until September 12th.

  • John Baran

    NOT everyone is waiting for the iPhone 5… cuz if they were, people wouldn’t be buying the S3. It’s that simple. What’s the iPhone 5 going to copy from Android this time? Last time was notifications among other things.. what’s next?

  • Connor

    But… why?! Why the Samsung Galaxy SIII? That thing is huge to the point that it is unwieldy.

  • smeghead68

    Seems like the two are just going to leap frog each other. At one time Apple will sell more until Samsung brings out something new and then back to Apple when they have new offering. And round-and-round she goes.

  • Berry

    This article fails to mention the press release for Apple on the 12th which will most likely announce another iPhone, and that the reason why Sales are down this month is from all the people knowing that the next iPhone comes out super soon.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t fit Samsung phones in my pocket.

    Bigger is not better.

  • Thomas

    This is skewed data. This would only be a win for Google if Apple’s iPhone 5 was already released.

    The iPhone 5 will definately outsell Samsung.

    Sorry Google, your attempt to build hype didn’t work.

  • Yesir

    The numbers are true. People have been holding onto their IOS devices waiting for the new iPhone to come out. I know this because i’m one of them. I could have bought a 4S months ago, but why? i have a 4. I’m not spending 300 smackers just to get Siri. If i’m gonna spend another 300 and get locked into another 18 months, i’m getting the new package.

    Some users are waiting for lower prices on 4S, some are waiting for iPhone 5. but as you will see in the coming weeks, month, year, the sales of iPhone will increase and reclaim that spot atop the charts. <– this isn't fanboy speak either, it's statistical fact less Apple screws up the new iphone and renders it unusable or something disaterous.

    • Will

      I agree completely. Once the iPhone 5 comes out sales are going to spike…. right after the lack of supply that is.

    • why wait?

      Why keep on waiting for the next iPhone when you can buy better hardware than the current iPhone right now for less money? Fanboy is as fanboy does.

  • Joe M

    Probably because a new iPhone comes out next week? Common sense.

  • Rob K.

    Amazing that a newly made phone could edge out a phone nearly a year old. Yay!

  • Bryce

    Well that’s great to see that the S3 can beat out a year old phone.

  • Jordan

    This article is only telling half the truth, but then again it is a site called “aindroidandme”. Yes, S III is beating the iPhone 4s THIS month…. But iPhone users always stop buying this time of year. History shows the iPhone 5 launch is happening this September.

  • Matthew Harrison

    Skewed stats guys. Of course 4s sales are going to be slow in the last four months. Everybody knows the new iphone 5 is coming out soon.

    • Johnathan Prochaska

      iPhone users always slow down buying before a launch of a new phone but this is significant because it slowed down enough this year for another phone to surpass it in sales. Every other year, the iPhone kept selling well enough to remain the top selling device. This year there was another phone that could take advantage of the slow period before a new device.

      That’s the main reason this is relevant.

    • theviper21

      The stats aren’t skewed, the stats are what they are. The opinion as to whether Samsung can hold onto their lead is up for debate, but that’s what the article states, isn’t it?

  • josh

    or maybe its because the iPhone 5 is coming out and no one want to buy a iPhone 4s #justsaying

  • mike

    haha, its JUST for august, and only on verizon and sprint. oh androidandme… you so sad…

    If i was samsung or any android phone, I would be very angry with android, what a joke of an operating system! It’s so frustrating! Thats the only reason I hate all other phones: because they’re buggy every 5 minutes. Whats the point of the newest space rocket with the most hardware if the software will make it crash or veer off course? I don’t care who makes it work, just do it.

  • Zeruz

    Apple should not disappoint their potential customers offering a new iPhone with just hardware upgrades and the same look & feel for its software. Maybe their fans and hardcore users will be happy, but for the rest of the people it will look like an expensive upgrade with no major software features.

    The trend here is Better hardware + New software features using that hardware potential at its best. This is a reason why SGS3 has sold very well.

  • theviper21

    Seems like a lot of Apple fanboys are getting butt-hurt over this based on all of the guest comments and negative ratings being thrown around. Why are you complaining about the article or its contents? It clearly states at the end that they wonder if Samsung can hold on to this lead with the new phones getting announced and released later this year.

    If you’re comparing sales of one company vs. Apple, how else can you do it? The 4GS is Apple’s latest phone and therefore the best one to compare it to. It’s not an unfair comparison if you have nothing newer to compare it to, especially when the article itself states that new phones are slated to be released soon.

    My guess is that Apple fans are starting to get worried about Apple no longer being the leading innovator in handheld technology; it may have started that way, but when have they released an iPhone that really made big leaps in features since the first one? Each iteration of the iPhone has had small enhancements, but who was the first one to incorporate NFC into a handset? Can you customize multiple screens on your iPhone and add widgets like you can with a Droid? How about the notification center that Apple stole from Android? How long did it take for the iPhone to support even rich text e-mails?

    Lets face it – Android phones are now the ones leading the way in innovation and hopefully more phone users will start to realize it. Apple is still doing great now, but their days of dominating the industry will be coming to a close.

  • yeah

    How about overall sales numbers? Oh wait you wouldn’t have a story. I-Phone 5 is out very soon. I’m GUESSING that most are waiting for that release,

  • what

    People still buy iPhones? I don’t get it, premium price,dinky screens,clunky os and hardware that is dated before the phone even launches. So many suckers.

  • Hawaiian

    Very ready to see how the SIII does stack up when all the new phones launched for the holidays this year. The iPhone 5 will be a great device, but this is first time Android has some powerhouse phones that have the possibility of matching or besting it!

  • Eric

    Of corse iPhone sales drop; the next model is coming out soon. How many people do you know that are waiting to upgrade to the iPhone 5? Wait and see where the numbers sit after Christmas. Enjoy you brief stay at #1 Samsung.

  • JolyJane
  • JuraMagazin
  • paul

    S3 can’t compare to 4S. S3 needs to be matched with the 5 coming up.

    Other than that. The hell with Apple.

  • Crook3d

    Everyone gets all excited for android, and seems to completely forget that they are talking about beating a phone who’s replacement will arrive within weeks.. Good on them either way, but don’t forget to look at the achievement with a bit of perspective.

  • bob

    i love what a pissing contest this has become. iphone users trying to justify the extra money spent, android users being hyper defensive about their phones.

    forums like these are in no way helpful. where are the facts?

    i am an iphone guy. i have owned the 3gs and the 4g. most evenings are spent with my friends all of whom are android people. one by one they have fallen before me whether due to inferior battery life, insanely bad speaker quality or general freezing. we have races (all on at and t) which i have NEVER lost. it is ALWAYS up to me to play the music or continue showing funny videos long after their gargantuan travesties have died.

    for me the proof is in the paint. also… didn’t apple invent this interface you are all using? have some respect for the innovator.. quit sucking the teats of the imitators!

    • dillybar

      No apple didnt invent this interface. You could say the same about notifications which Apple NEVER had until last year.Its a bald face rip off of Android’s notification. And in case you havent noticed, your idevice is the same one with the same ui as the original. Apple stopped innovating a long time ago. They’re in the litigation business now. Apples didnt invent shit. They just patented everything under the sun. Thats not innovation. The iphone 5 is already inferior to the full featured Android devices. You may go now.

  • JMF

    The interesting thing about this story to me is that the S3 beat the iphone in sales even though the S3 has to complete against dozens of other Android devices at the same time.

    Android fans are not generally locked into one manufacturer and will go with whoever has the hot hardware at the moment. At this moment in time there are numerous Android phone that are extremely similar in capability.

    The iphone 4S has much more limited competition (ie the 4, and 3G) in that regard. It doesn’t have dozens of “apple compatible” devices to compete with.

    The overall sales of Android phones are over double that of iphone right now. All in all I’d say that Apple is slowly losing its grip on the smartphone market (just like it did in the computer market).

  • Vzw rep

    I’m a huge Android fan, and I’m typing this on an S3 right now. I have to agree that iPhone sales have probably lulled because of the release of the 5. No hardcore fanboy is going to buy a 4s this close to announcement time. They are waiting. The S3 is a way better phone, no question, but these sales numbers don’t mean anything.

  • d

    Doesn’t Apple have a patent on “top selling device”? More lawsuits coming…

  • Matt

    The only reason this happened is because the iPhone 5 is about to be released. Apple is essentially competing with its own product and that is the cause of the lull.

  • Captain America

    Consumers are wising up and getting tired of apples business model. For example, why the fuck did the 1st gen I pad not have a camera on it? Bc apple releases with a minimalistic approach.

    Android simply offers more. If apple doesn’t remodel its business structure, it’s going to start looking a lot like the RIAA.

  • sere83

    Don’t own any apple products, never have, probably never will. The fact is though figures don’t lie. Android fans like to think apple are in decline and people are ‘wising up’ but the actual truth is they are getting more and more popular, joe public are still buying their crap up like it’s going out of fashion. They’re Obliterating every tech company in every quarter when it comes to sales and are the most valuable company in the world period. Sad but true.

  • chaz33

    People like IPhones because they think its cool to own one. if anyone used an android phone for an hour they would realize that they’re being ripped off. And as far as Iphone 5 goes its not gonna much better then the 4s. wow a 4 inch screen and siri wow amazing innovation.

  • Ryan Snell

    I believe that this is probably due to the fact that a new iPhone is expected to be announced in the following weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I love Android and the SIII will be my next phone, but still I don’t believe that the SIII release month sales will be able to match the iPhone release month sales.

  • Matt John Canty

    I finally got my Galaxy SIII last month as I need to replace my galaxy S. It’s far better than the iphone 4S. Well let’s just see when the iphone 5 is launched.

  • Hayden

    Holy shit guys! iPhone sales slow as it nears the end of its product cycle! How shocking!

  • njcoutinho

    The S3 is more a competitor of the upcoming iPhone 5 . A lot of iPhone 4 users are not upgrading to the 4s in anticipation of the iPhone 5 .This needs to be check after the new iPhone launch .

  • Daniel

    I Think the point every one is missing here, this is a tottally unfair comparison, the I phone 4s really is the same as the 4 apart from a few minor upgrades, however the Galaxy S3 is the newest model, on a hardware level it can only be compared to the upcoming I phone 5, as yes it has better technology than the I phone 4s because its newer, the equivalent apple product will our power and class the S3 like apple has done every single release before.

    On top of that , regardless of the hardware Apples IOS is a much better written OS and performs alot better for the common public.

    I dont even like apple, I am very much a windows person. However There are no phones that match up against an I phone as annoying as that is.

  • Kate McNamara

    Do I buy iPhone, galaxy? Will there be a new Blackberry? I can wait if a new version is looming
    Thanks for any input

  • charlie88

    Let’s not get too blinded by very temporary success. It’s been researched already and a lot of people are holding out for the iPhone5. I love that Samsung has beaten Apple. But 1 week before the new iPhone comes out? That’s a bit silly. Kinda like saying the Nexus S is being beaten by *insert model here* one week before the Galaxy Nexus came out. Uhm, duh?

    This is no cause dor celebration, but cause for thinking about how to further that gap so that next year we’re on top even when the new iPhone geta launched.

  • XXXxxxxxx

    People people people. Honestly i will not be buying the iphone 5 for many reasons once the new iphone comes out my iphone 4s will be getting ios6 right. The only thing that the new iphone will have is a bigger screen but not near the 720p screen of many phones out there. Probably will have a slightly improved 8mp camera and the rest whatever the iphone 5 can do my iphone 4s will do. I personally use my galaxy s3 as my main device and my iphone 4s as my last resort phone. Personally the phones im really looking foward is xiaomi m-2 and nokia lumia 920.
    I personally think the iphone 5 should’ve been the iphone 4s and i will not spend a phone that will cost twice or maybe three times the price of the xiaomi m-2 phone, which has awesome specs. 4’3 720p 342 ppi. 8 megapixel camera [email protected], 720p @ 60fps and 30fps. 2 megapixel front facing camera and it can record videos in 1080p @30fps. Snapdragon quad-core pro processor and the new adeno 320 gpu.

  • lrq

    S3 to be No.1 means S3 is good.

    IP4S grabing the throne of “selling most” means IP4S is also okay

    both great, and no controversy

    I wonder why some people are arguing endlessly.

  • TruFactz

    Yeah, there’s an old saying Apple, it goes a lil like this: NEVER BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU.

  • Tyler

    Sorry, but what is the excitement here? I’m not on one side or the other, but the simple truth is that that chart does not show Samsung beating the iPhone. Of the four months on the chart, Samsung only “won” in the final month, and OF COURSE they did, they just realeased a new model. The iPhone 4S has been out for nearly a year now, most people that would choose to own one, already do by now so their sales are slowing… Use some common sense. Samsung has not outsold the iPhone by any means, many millions more iPhones have been sold, one month’s outselling does not equate to “top-selling.” And Samsung’s victory is even less impressive when you consider that this chart also includes sales to a carrier that Apple does not supply to. Again, not taking any sides, I’m even considering switching to the SIII and that’s how I stumbled on to this, but this is very poorly thought out article.

  • TS2000

    Does anyone even care that the iPod and iPhone have some of the WORST audio hardware and software ever? The tinniest, weakest, most raspy and disgusting sound ever. Moto absolutely blows them out of the water. And with my phone docked as my car radio nearly 100% of the time I drive this is a huge deal..