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Google adds enhanced aerial and satellite imagery to Google Maps, while Apple tells iOS users how to view them

3D Google Earth maps

Google is bolstering their position as one of the most comprehensive mapping services in the world today by adding new high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery to dozens of cities from around the globe, along with new 45-degree imagery as well. Meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook released a statement on telling users how to find and use alternative solutions to their own iOS 6 Maps.

Announced on the Google Lat-Long Blog, 51 cities have new 45-degree photography shots available to view in Google Maps, 37 US and 14 international locations. The new pictures added to Maps show off things like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and The Forks in Winnipeg.

Also added were new high-resolution aerial photography for 17 cities, including everywhere from France to Texas, and new satellite imagery for 112 countries and regions.

Google already has the leading edge when it comes to mapping data and virtual mapping solutions. The constant improvements Google makes and additions like this only help push them further ahead of the competition.

On the other end of the spectrum, Apple CEO Tim Cook has written and posted a letter on Apple’s website that offers a quick explanation on how iOS users can use the App Store or web browser to find alternatives to the highly criticized iOS 6 Maps app.

Apple has gone so far as to add a map app hub in the App Store to make it easier on consumers. By not having a bonafide native app ready in time, Google is really missing out on some potentially massive traffic to their service. Nonetheless, in Cook’s letter, he mentions that you can pin a link to Google Maps on your iPhone’s homescreen by visiting Google online.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Apple had over one year left in its contract with Google to use their mapping services, but the two couldn’t come an agreement on how the future of Google Maps on iOS would work out. So Apple implemented their own solution, only to have to offer up a public apology for how poorly it turned out.

Source: Lat-Long Blog

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  • Ardrid

    So, Tim, how does that crow taste? Maybe Apple should’ve thought a little harder about ditching Google out of spite. Oh well, at least us Android users continue to have the best mapping application available.

    • kazahani

      Serves them right. I’ve been hearing a lot of negative feedback about the new iPhone from my customers. I think Apple might have caught Microsoft Syndrome.

    • zerosix

      There is an awful mistake in your last sentence. It shouls like this: “Oh well, at least us Android users continue to have the best”.

  • Phil H

    Im using mapquest on my iphone since forever, it was always the best. I wont return to google craps because i dont want an inferior android phone that locks up or crashes all useful apps. ios is much superior and i only want the best. i dont care if android phones have a bigger screen, their usability is atrocious.

    • iamXiV92a

      Android usability is atrocious, huh? Clearly you’ve no idea what you’re talking about.

    • derek k


      You clearly haven’t used Androids latest iteration of their OS, Jelly Bean. I had an iPad 2, and I now own a Nexus 7 tablet and a Samsung GS3 which allows me to have a solid understanding of both platforms.. I have to say…when I got the iPad I was blown away at how smooth it was. That was before I got my Nexus 7 tablet running Jelly Bean. It blows away the iPad with just the shear usability and options that I have to customize the interface and functions of the device. It was roughly 30mins into my experience when I noticed that Apple’s OS is very closed minded and doesn’t allow you to a lot of the functions that Android will allow. Maybe it would be wise to actually use an android product that directly competes with the iOS software before making such outlandish remarks to the world. To me, it sounds as if you are an Apple fan who believes that your product the end all be all of the smart phone world. When in reality, your operating system is tired, old, and out dated. The latest iteration of iOS is good if you’re an old man, old woman or someone who isn’t tech savvy in the least. Do me a favor and try to change your home screen with something different than a stagnant icon. I feel that Android wasn’t up to snuff a few years ago but now it has grown leaps and bounds over any other operating system that is offered. I’m not calling you an idiot. Just sayin…..

      • Vboom

        Hey Derek

        As a big fan of the iPhone I do thank you for replying a reasonable manner.
        Both OS have their ups and downs, clearly Phil is either being a troll or is some kind of truly deranged Apple fan.
        I have the new iPhone 5 and have to say that the major let down is the OS.
        I agree that it is stagnant and more suited to those who are less than tech savvy.
        Losing google maps was a huge blow to the OS and I hope Apple can fix their maps quickly but until then at least Apple has kind of acknowledged its mistake.
        As an original iPad owner in the market for a new tablet I enjoyed reading that you moved to the Nexus 7 and found it a great experience, do you have any other suggestions from within the android tablet market for a first time android device?

    • theviper21

      I don’t think I can count how many times Mapquest has given me wrong directions. Mapquest’s data has been seriously outdated for a while compared to what Google has.

    • vforvortex

      Most of my family uses apple products. So why is it that if “it just works” there are so many people at the apple store getting stuff fixed at the “genius” bar? My answer, most iphone users only keep phones for 1 year before they upgrade anyway so they dont really have to deal with the problems that arise.

    • R.S

      I had forgotten all about Mapquest. I don’t think I’ve used then since 2005.

    • Homncruse

      Mapquest? What’s that? Is it a new World of Warcraft expansion?

      • Homncruse

        Hm. Searching on Altavista tells me it’s some kind of “maps” tool…

        Sure would be nice if someone could invent something superior to Mapquest and Altavista.

        • kazahani

          This is brilliant.

          • republican pride (white)

            are you black?????

      • Alpha74

        I dont know what you are smoking, but Mapquest is a great app and a great company founded by guys who are ex-MIT students (hint very smart). Instead of bad mouthing others you better dont make yourself look like a fool.

        • Fiona79

          They dont know better. Most of the android users are high school drop-outs anyways…

          • Esoth

            …Did you just reply to your own comment with a different guest login name?

        • clocinnorcal

          And Netscape is your favorite web browser to, right?

          • kazahani

            Please apply water to burnt area.

      • clocinnorcal

        Yeah! Its the new one I see on T.V. with the Panda, right?!

    • ric s

      How would you know what android offers if you have never used one? Oh by the iPhone’s have never had issues and that’s why isheep have spent over 6 billion dollars in the past 5 years trying to keep their phones working.

      Ever wonder what the real reason is behind having to make an appointment to have Apple device fixed? Because without those appointments you would see lines that are 3 times longer of people trying to get there devices fixed.

    • Sean

      And you probably thing Compuserve and AOL are shizzle……

    • Hollandia

      Study shows that IOS crash more than Android, but because Android shows a notification when it happens, it looks the other way. On the other hand IOS apps looks like it never had opened and you just press on the app icon again.

      Btw, stop going to Android fan sites and News site if you like IOS, come again when you decide to switch to android. Thanks

    • golfpedaler

      Yeah, Mapquest is sooo good…it shows my business address almost 10 blocks from where is should…Google Maps is spot on…I love being misled!!! Go back to your flock and follow instead of lead little lamb!!!

    • jamal adam

      Mapquest? Haven’t heard that in ages. Google Maps is the standard, pure and simple.

    • CactusCat

      You sir, are an arse.

    • Tangent

      Android is the one that locks up and crashes? Interesting opinion, but one that’s unfortunately not backed up by facts.

  • jacks

    Its google earth, not google maps. You people need to actualy check this stuff before you publish it.

    • kazahani

      Is that so?

      Gee then I wonder what happens if you go to

  • Sofus Gaasedal

    Just continue to use your iPhone without the best maps, meanwhile I will use my best phone with the best Google maps on the planet:-)

  • Mix


    I find it funny that a few places online have been writing about how Apple messed up and how it is “Google’s turn to step up to the plate” trying to make Google sound like the bad guy or that it is up to Google to correct Apples bad decision.

  • Maximus

    Google Smells Blood…..

  • Raptor

    Salespeople in the heart and soul know how to buy el cheapo Christian steeple on freebies and discounts which being mostly dumb (because of. …well. .. because of being Christians, the religion adopted and modified by Romans from one of numerous cults of death exactly for the goal of enslavement ) have no clue that el Goog meantime building its monopoly for effing them forever.

    • clocinnorcal

      Nice conspiracy theory! Take some of the tin foil off your head.

      • Raptor

        R u brainwashed or just unicellular?

    • Tangent

      Mr. Raptor, what you’ve just said … is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • derek

    Google has known since at least June that Apple was ditching them. They should have had an app ready now. They could be cleaning house with it.

    • guest

      why would google want to help the iphone anymore?

      you want a map?

      come on over to an operating system that is easier to use, and way more flexible.

      apple started it, but have definitely dropped the ball with their phone…
      they are no longer on the cutting edge or anywhere near.

      it’s sad, but true.

  • Daniel Smedegaard Buus


  • Martin (candroid hater)

    Google must be desperate, maps is all they have. Apple is 30x more richer and better. Android is for the bums that cant afford a real phone. Android is a bad copycat system, ios is much better. Lol, you meandroids have to wait for apps while we ios users enjoy everything for month earlier.You dont have developers….. You will always be second best

    Android = Chicago Cubs

    • CactusCat

      Actually, you have it backwards. Google isn’t desperate. Google doesn’t make $$ by selling phones or OS’s. They’re an advertising company that gives away a great OS to get more advertising revenue. Apple is the one that is desperate. They can see the end coming, thus they’re flinging BS in the courts to delay the inevitable. Even with that, Android is about 70% market share world wide. Apple is somewhere around 20-25% and the rest is left to the others. The end is coming. It really was curtains once before in the 90s for Apple, but MS bailed their sorry asses out. Should have just let them go under. That way we wouldn’t be having to listen to drivel from an iSheep trolling an Android site. Go back and give Tim another rim job.

      • Fiona79

        Market share doesnt earn you anything..Googles profits are millions, while Apples are billions (per quarter).
        Windows got a whopping 90% market share and MacOS X got a lousy 4% – and now tell me which company is more successful and got more assets.

        • clocinnorcal

          Actually Google pulled in about 3 billion their last quarterly earnings report, with around 22% year over year growth.

          Although, I could just make up numbers like you did. 6 + 6 = eleventeen

    • clocinnorcal

      “Apple is 30x more richer and better.”
      I cringed when I read that line. You Sir are definitely a cut above the rest! :\

    • kazahani

      You can be a subborn iPhone loving fascist asshole if you want, but HOW DARE YOU compare us to the FUCKING CHICAGO CUBS?!?!??!?!


  • roland

    Apple has lost her step

  • TruFactz

    Lol wow, reading you guys comments is a show all in itself. lol Mapquest I thought that died with the StarTac, and Motorola Talkabouts.

  • docsparks

    Why doesn’t crapple just publicly apologize for the iphone, and get it over with?
    No ones going to notice or care anyway, but at least they can publicly acknowledge it.

    Thats alright if not, I mean, really, the iPhone vs Android is just as good as Tubed TV’s from the mid 80s vs the LCD 1080p, old people love it, but for the audience that matters.. its just a bad joke

  • Daniel

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