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HTC releases Desire S, Rhyme Android 4.0 update via RUU


HTC had promised that its remaining Android 4.0 updates would be released before the end of August. The weeks passed by, and August 31 came and went, but no updates were released. Last Friday, HTC’s team answered people’s comments on Facebook, letting DROID Incredible 2 and Thunderbolt owners know that they had missed the self-imposed deadline, but reassuring them that they were still working with Verizon on the update. But what about the HTC Desire S and HTC Rhyme?

It turns out that HTC released the Android 4.0 update for the HTC Desire S and HTC Rhyme (international GSM variant) on in RUU format right before the August 31 deadline. We’re not sure why HTC didn’t announce the update on Facebook or Twitter, but we are sure they’re not happy about the inability to release the update over the air.

If you own the HTC Desire S or a GSM HTC Rhyme, you can download the Android 4.0 update for your device from the downloads section on Once you are on the page, select the “Other” filter and click “Find Files” to display the HTC Desire S and HTC Rhyme Android 4.0 updates files. Since the update for both phones has been delivered in RUU format, we’d like to stress that it will completely erase all system information once installed. Pictures, music and video should be safe, but you will need to re-download all your applications once the Android 4.0 update has been installed.

Like most of the Android 4.0 updates HTC have been rolling out, the new build for the Desire S and Rhyme includes HTC Sense 3.6, re-sizeable widgets, Face Unlock, a new Quick Settings tab in the notification panel and improvements to Android’s multi-tasking capabilities. So what are you waiting for? Download the Android 4.0 update for your HTC Desire S or HTC Rhyme, and let us know what you think of all the new features.

Via: HTC Source

Source: HTC Dev

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  • 183.amir

    can you put a link of downloads section of htcdev :D

    • Nick Gray

      It’s linked at the bottom of the posts as the source link.

    • 183.amir
    • ardit hasanaj

      hi ! who can help me because i forget my passuord of android m2 version 4.0.4 ?????
      with email requests but i do not remember??

  • jayant25

    Hey Nick u have written Desire C instead of Desire S in one of ur paragraphs :)

  • LuckyHermit

    Anybody know when the Verizon Ryhme is scheduled to get 4.0? My wife has been jealous ever since my razr got ICS.

  • hisham

    i have HTC incredible 2 with android 2.2 i want to upgrade to 2.3 until ics avilable
    how to update after download the update file from

  • Sandeep

    If I install HTC Rhyme RUU, will it affect my warrenty…?
    any chance that OTA update will be realesed for Rhyme…?

    • parth

      no it vl not I have updated my rhyme works great

  • IanM

    Found the v4 download for the Desire S but it says the carrier is HTC and the region is WWE. Will this work with Vodafone UK?

    • sanjeev

      It should work if you’re bootloader isn’t locked to vodafone. I had the same doubt I use vodafone from India but my phone is not locked to vodafone. It worked flawlessly for me. Good luck.

      • Rahul Sinha

        the 404 mb file is not on the site now, so what to do?

  • ty

    Hi, I’ve already updated my desire s to ICS and it works great. But, how do i change the size of my widgets? and also, I heard that there is a new panaroma feature for the camera in ICS, can’t find it when I’m taking pictures though. Help anyone???

  • Matkaoppaat

    Tutustu matkakohteisiin ympäri maailman! Matka- ja lomakuvia, nähtävyyksiä, matkavinkit, lomakohteen reaaliaikainen sää ja sääennuste.

  • supermario8190

    can i put the rhyme ruu umpdate on my rhyme for verizon? and if so how do i do it?

  • skg5.

    That’s the 2.3 update on the website for the rhyme

  • pal206

    does anyone know this v4 desire s ruu wwe supports Hungarian language?
    and is this the official update ? and no more OTA?
    What do u think i have to wait for the OTA, or i must update with this RUU?
    And doesnt matter if my carrier is Vodafon HU?

  • arjun aggarwal

    im having a htc desire s vadafone uk using in india. is this update of ics rhyme work with my phone

  • Tom

    My Desire S was locked to vodafone and the update worked perfectly, took 5 mins and it has removed ALL of the vodafone bloatware. New OS is much better to use.

  • Gagan


    Whenever I am trying to update I am getting error 170 which says USB is not connected,.Can anyone help pls


    • Laura

      same here… same error.

    • Laura

      same here… same error…

    • dorian

      switch usb cord and or usb port… i had the same problem, i did both at the same time for some reason so im not sure what fixed it but it DID fix it.

  • Laczkó Pál

    Does Anybody KNows whos already try this update that which language include this update? i mean Hungarian language. thanks.

    • Tessarion

      No, there isn’t Hungarian language, only the usual, international languages.

      • Laczkó Pál

        I ‘ve found the answer. just turn off the in the settings, inn runniing application. and go to setup wizard , and we can see all the languages. chosse one and after that we must turn on the ‘customize settings provider’. thats all

        • jtx

          so did you switc on Hungarian language? how exactly?

  • m2

    Can anyone plz explain the complete step by step process of updating the android os on desire s. i m currently on android 2.3.5 and sense 3.0. I have downloaded the update file from Also plz explian what does ruu mean????

    • Sagar

      1.backup all ur data which u want 2 have later,dont expect apps,if ur phone is rooted u will be lucky to get .apk+data of apps if backed up.
      2.install all ur phone drivers on ur system of htc sync & any other if its ask.
      3.connect ur phone to ur system in sync mode via data cable & Get ready to dance.
      run the .ruu file proceed with care n to look every dialog it appears during updating ur phone.fill every details it asks for processing.
      after completing installation which would take less than 10 mins.u will be having Fresh ICS on-board v 4.0 n sense 3.6 UI.
      after ICS update restore all ur files via following apps.
      #things to back-up/restore n tweaks
      1.My back-up Pro for apps backup/data/contacts/msgs/….for rooted/non rooted.
      2.titanium back-up for rooted phones only….literally back-ups everything.

      What does RUU means?
      ROM-Update Utility_R-U-U.

      • Gee

        What abt the battery. can i go thru with the process wen my batt is less than 20%

      • barry

        Plz dear sagar helps me I am using htc rhyme in pakistan v2.3 and i want to update 4.0 but my friend told me that if you update your phone to v4.0 thn your mobile have problem in camera flash and camera result. plz you guide me and i want arabic language also in mobile plz help me i am w8ing ur reply.

  • Ammar Saleem

    when will the ics RUU for incredible s released?

  • Candice

    Question: will this RUU update also be available for US Verizon HTC Rhyme? If so any idea when or can either of the other two downloads work? There is Asia WWE and another for Europe.

  • hamed


  • bifter

    Found a bug on Desire S. The headset button will not allow me to take calls when plugged in and the ringtone is played through the phone as well as the earbuds. Pretty major glitch! I often take the bus to work and this may be a deal-killer for me.

  • welee

    Do the Update Change the sense Interface of my rhyme?

  • sean

    Same question as Candice. I have a Verizon HTC rhyme, and want to upgrade to ics. Help please.

    • nadim

      I also want to upgrade my HTC rhyem to ics (4.0.3) …if you have any information about upgrade give me reply as soon as possible..please..I’m from India gujarat

  • Shaun Hendriks

    Why does the site redirect me to the original HTC website when I click on the green download arrow!!!!!!! I want to download the Sense 4.0 update for HTC Desire S.

    • Shaun Hendriks

      Dont worry I found a way… Right click an click save link as…

  • Rheece Beard

    I have a HTC Desire S to which have had to download the Android 4 update from the site, but it has saved the file but I can’t find it, can someone help please

  • o.o lalala

    Can we update the HTC rhyme from the phone or do we have to download it through a computer?

  • rohit

    can anybody help..i have htc desire s and i am from india, and i want to upgrade my android version from 2.3.5 to 4.0.4

    • tejnath

      hey rohit i m also 4m india and using htc desise s can u help me to update it to ICS..i m using aircel in my phone it that anyprob..

    • tejnath

      hey rohit i m also 4m india and using htc desise s can u help me to update it to ICS..i m using aircel in my phone it that anyprob..plz help me

    • tejnath

      hey rohit i m also 4m india and using htc desise s can u help me to update it to ICS..i m using aircel in my phone is that anyprob..plz help me

  • stevekenzie

    i have htc rhyme android version 2.3.4 can someone help me find wich download will update me to android 4.0 or higher i am in the usa.

  • LyssaMeow

    Why wont it let me update it…

  • LyssaMeow


  • Greencindy

    I downloaded the RUU Europe 4.0 version and tried to installed it in my Rhyme. However it didn’t work. Any hint?

  • YT


  • tej

    help me plz…i m frm india using aircel in htc desire s, can sum1 help me to update 2.3.5 version to 4.0 ics…plz help

  • barry

    Plz any body helps me
    I am using htc rhyme in pakistan v2.3 and i want to update 4.0 but my friend told me that if you update your phone to v4.0 thn your mobile have problem in camera flash plz any body guide me

  • Naseem

    i ,ve htc desire s and i want to update ics. i ,ve download it from htcdev but when i run the ruu setup i faced the error 155. plz anybody can help me.
    thanx advance

  • Xtremzzzzz

    i want to back my previous original version on htc ryhme… how to back?????????

  • Hassaan

    Hey I Have To Update My Rhyme to 4.0 what i have to do after the file downloaded from htcdev and i have chosen usa wwe will this work in pakistan

  • Tariq

    I’ve upgraded the HTC rhyme to 4.0.1 & now it shows the upgrade of 4.0.4 OTA but after downloading it says, you’re using the modified version so it doesn’t allow to upgrade because of safety issues, any clue ?

  • zia

    plz someone tell me that which is the latest software update available for HTC Rhyme ICS or Jellybean ? and how can i upgrade my cell phone software because i heard that software in HTC Rhyme could be upgraded but when i check software update in my cell, it shows nil :-(

    • Faisal

      You can download it from

      as per the mobile update it will always show the v2 update not the the v4 update.. you have to update it manually.. by downloading the file

  • Hamza

    Hey,any one to give me a link to download update my htc Rhyme to ICS

  • Tuva

    Thank you so much, this was really helpful :)

  • Kennedy

    please I have HTC rhyme with 2.3 can someone pls send me a link on how to download version 4.0…my mail is [email protected]

  • tife

    How can I upgrade my HTC rhyme pls help me for the upgrade

  • salisu

    am using HTC desire s software is old I want to upgrade my software from 2.2.3 to4.0.4 what should I do to get it please I need help tanks!!!

  • nouman

    i have downloaded the copy of ruu for my htc rhyme but i dont know how to install it on my mobile,,plz give me some idea..

  • neel

    Can any one tell me about the Software updates of HTC desire S.???

  • Bhavik

    my htc desire s mobile phone is working very very slow please anybody help me please

  • Vanda

    My brother has this phone (htc rhyme) for a long time and he is very pleased with it, so I decided to buy it as well.
    His phone updated to 4.0 without any problems, but when I try to do the same it says – there is no available software for your device (on my phone it’s still 2.3.5)
    So I do not understand why and what’s the problem.
    Can anyone explain? What can I do?
    Sorry for any spelling mistakes I do hope you understood what I meant.

    Thank you for your time. ;)

  • bab_raf01

    when I try to download update v4.0 for my HTC rhyme an error papers please any one can help me with it

  • samiullah naqvi

    I have downloaded the version but on pc how can i store it to my htc desire s

  • samiullah naqvi

    It’s giving me usb error
    pls help although my pc is connected with my desire s but still giving error of same type
    i need help please