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HTC teases tomorrow’s event with picture of new device


HTC is holding a big press event tomorrow in New York and we are eagerly waiting to see what gets revealed. Today HTC tweeted out a picture of an unnamed device with the text “When beautiful hardware meets stunning software.” While we expect Windows Phone 8 will be the focus of the event, there should be some new Android devices on display as well.

The mysterious device pictured in the tweet looks like the Windows Phone HTC 8X. This device has leaked several times under the codename Accord, and it appears to be the Windows version of the HTC One X.

Possible Android devices that could make an appearance include the 5-inch HTC One X 5 (Verizon DIX), One X+, Flyer 2, or that 10-inch tablet we know little about. We don’t know of any US carriers that are joining HTC’s event, so we wouldn’t expect any release dates or pricing if new Android devices are shown.

What do you hope HTC has in store?

Source: @HTC

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  • Hinds2009

    Hoping it’s android but most likely Wp8.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • Galen20K

    Can’t wait to see what they unveil. – ) is there a live stream? probably not.

  • ZR0ExX

    Flyer 2!!

  • Nate B.

    W8. Just look at the text.

    • Nate B.


      • TheJungle

        I would laugh at HTC if it was WP8

  • Mix

    Probably a windows 8 phone (tablet?) because they wouldn’t introduce, or speak, of “stunning software” if they were not introducing change.

  • Jackie Chan

    Clearly, it’s not android as they state “Stunning Software” not, “Stuttering Software” It can’t be iOS as Apple is the only hardware manufacturer, so of course it’s WP8.

    • TheJungle


    • Adam

      Yea you should come on an android website and bash android. Makes sense

  • Tarwin

    To me personally, the image makes me think of the leaked 10 inch tablet (though it could also be a seven incher).

    The reason I say this is the size of the text (HTC tends to go big on the time on lock screens and the like), the orientation (it seems to be landscape) and if it is landscape then the size of the bezels would fit in with the proportions in the pics you guys showed before (thin on the sides, thick on the bottom for handling and the cam).

    As for “stunning software”, they did have really good pen integration on the Flyer and Jetstream before the Note(s) came out. Also as Samsung and LG are jumping on the multi-tasking bandwagon (or at least that’s how it seems from today’s Optimus G event and the recent Notes), it’s not that difficult to imaginee HTC doing the same thing and maybe putting their own spin on it. Either way, I can’t wait till tomorrow. If the DO announce a tablet, there’s a good chance I won’t go for the Note 10.1.

  • Raptor

    My experience with HTC: no matter what it will be and how godlike will be the spec, there will be something which eventually turn you off and disappoint.

    • cb2000a


  • tN0

    The font used is Segoe WP, the system font for Windows Phone. And the clock is from the Start Screen of Windows Phone.

    • Raptor

      good catch

  • SGB101

    I so want a HTC nexus