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LG invites press to experience the new era of mobile computing


LG has been teasing their Optimus G smartphone for the last couple of weeks and now they are ready to reveal the US version of the device. Today LG and Qualcomm sent out invites to members of the press for a special event in New York on September 19th. The invite says, “Live without boundaries” which matches up with the previous messaging “Everything that was impossible will be possible.”

We already listed our 5 reasons to get excited about the LG Optimus G, so we can’t wait to see which carriers it comes to. Rumors suggest the Optimus G might launch on AT&T and Sprint as the Eclipse 4G LTE, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see more versions on other carriers.

This upcoming LG phone really has my attention, so I recently switched to the LG Optimus 4X HD as my daily phone. It is now one of my favorite Android devices and LG has addressed the previous concerns about software upgrades by sending out monthly over the air updates.

Previous comments have told us there are a lot of Android fans still angry about the botched T-Mobile LG G2x launch and poor software support, so LG will have to really impress us with the Optimus G to win back some fans.

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  • Bpear96

    I know a lot of people hate LG because of there failed G2X and lack of updates in the US, but I think they deserve a second chance, and IMO someone needs to take some thunder away from Samsung (Come on HTC and Sony im rooting for you as well, and even you Huawei) I hope someone besides Samsung builds the next nexus. Or the 5 Nexus rumor is true.

    • ari-free

      I remember how everyone hated Samsung because of the Behold 2 and all the gps issues with the original SGS and now everyone is all happy and wonderful. Hoping that LG learned from past mistakes.

      • Bpear96

        Great point!

    • SeanPG1983

      Agreed! This phone would make a great addition to the Nexus line.

    • ari-free

      Another thing to remember is that if you get a phone that’s only on one carrier (especially a small one like t-mobile) you’re less likely to get updates than a phone that’s released to the entire world. When you pick a phone, make sure it is not an exclusive.

      • Bpear96

        Yes exactly, thats why i said in the US, LG has actually been pretty decent about updating there international models. LG Optimus lte got ICS for example.

    • MyMilan

      I agree. I’m not against samsung BUT I know other companies can do much better and they won’t gouge so much on the price.

      • Fulaman

        They won’t hold back on using new processors either cough exynos 5250 cough

    • Richard Yarrell

      Lg will never be Samsung nor will they ever be no more than what they are. Pushing innovation to it’s limits is very important for android so I applaud that. Otherwise the Gx2, Lg Revolution, and current Lg Vu is more than enough to prove why they suck

      • Orion78

        First of all, you are in no position to say any phone sucks. Have you looked in the mirror? Now all of a sudden you worship Samsung. Not too long ago you called that company “Samsuck”. I bet you if LG becomes the next big thing, you’ll say they’ll “pimp smack” the whole industry. Just shut up.

    • Richard Yarrell
    • melbsurfer

      I was ready to throw my G2x out of the window until I rooted it and put the Hellfire Phoenix ROM on here. Since then my issues with this phone (severe lag, random reboots, crappy battery life) have disappeared.

      Their hardware is pretty solid. Their stock firmware was suspect. Hopefully they have worked that out with this new phone…most users would have chucked it and never looked back at another LG.

      I would be willing…

  • Mix

    I am kind of pumped to hear more about this phone as the features and specs sound delicious, like sizzling bacon on a lazy Sunday. When the sun beams in through your window and warms your body while you sip your coffee and the scent mixes with the bacon….that kind of deliciousness.

    Can’t wait to buy an Android phone outright and then leave Bell….they are getting to big.

  • 46nd


  • Nathan D.

    I already know almost everything about the optimus G, I just want to know the price of the phone and when it will ship in the U.S.

    • domK

      something that is not clear is the ex microsd. Up to now i NEVER counted LG as a posible brand for me.
      i already have a 64 gigs microsd.
      If they realease it as a nexus with an ex microsd i’ll buy 2!! : O

  • DroidPower

    definitely excited to see this

  • LittleGreenDude

    I know someone who just got the LG Lucid as her first smartphone, and I helped her set it up an taught her the basics of android. Whilst doing that, i discovered that LGs skin isn’t that bad, and they have some nice hardware. So I eagerly await to see what they do with the Optimus G

  • Dr.Carpy

    The Samsung comparison is very apt. At some point one has to embrace forgiveness. LG has to be aware that it’s struggles are tied to poor servicing of their devices. I’m sure they are also cognisant that they don’t have much more lives left, hence the chalking full of specs into the Optimus G. If this device is subsidized by a carrier(s), why wouldn’t some take a flyer on this phone?

  • RX-78-7

    Really excited to see it in action.

    • 8-3=6

      thats what she said

  • EmeryLee

    If LG wants to retain some of their G2x users that got burned, how about they offer some sort of buy back program or an exclusive discount for those users who initially bought that buggy phone within three months after the release date. This might help them retain some of those customers. I think Samsung has a program like this. Also, it’s socially responsible because they can recycle some of the materials used to produce the phone. And allow those G2x users to apply that credit or discount towards this new phone only. That might help. Me personally, everytime I pick up my G2x and it stalls I just more and more look forward to February 13, 2013 to change this phone. And at this juncture Samsung is in the running for getting my business next.

    • Homncruse

      I would likely take advantage of that offer, and forgive some of LG’s history.

  • jamal adam

    I think LG has deserved a second chance and hopefully they will impress us and show that they have opened a new chapter as they square off in the mobile industry.

    • MyMilan

      Let’s hope so.

  • Raptor

    No thanks. Waiting for HTC 5″. From day one i say here: science tells 1920×1080 and large screen, period.

  • RX-78-7

    I get the feeling that carriers are going to alter it too much.

    Googs needs to pick this as the nexus device, or better yet et HTC, Sammy, Sony and LG make a nexus device.

    • Raptor

      Oh Gods,
      Please make these dumbos 10 different Nexus pnones, Nexus underpants, Nexus pumpers, Nexus pacifiers. Change name Gerber Food to Nexus Food. Rename their elementary schools to Nexus Elementary. Make for some overaged eternal 12-years old morons also rubber doll Nexie.

      • Jon

        Obvious troll is obvious

        • Raptor

          Obvious unicellular

  • kilmas

    i hope they make this phone to a nexus phone.i will love to have specs like that on a nexus device.
    i have heard that LG is horrible at update’ng there phone to the lastest software,is that true?
    how is the skin on LG phone compare with stock android?

  • droilfade

    I hope this phone is a good. I`m looking for an upgrade from S2 and if this turns out to be good, I`ll make the jump !

  • Jorge Vieira

    Idk if I can trust LG maybe this phone will change my mind it just feels as if all there US phones are garbage. I still have nightmares of the LG thrill while the 3d was cool, everything else was poo poo

  • Thamer

    If they make it the new nexus device, I can bet LG will have a bright future.

  • Dre

    I continue to throw my credit card at my screen with no success

  • KCbluesmann

    LG needs to stop jacking around update the G2x. As for T-MO, the G series was suppose to be your Flagship phone!! It’s a damn poor showing from both parties.