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Miss Motorola’s “On Display” event? Watch the entire thing on YouTube


“The new Motorola starts today,” the phone maker’s chief executive, Dennis Woodside, said Wednesday at a press event with Google and Verizon. “If you want the best Android device available, you should be looking at a Motorola device.”

By now you have probably read about Motorola’s new devices that were announced today, but I bet most of you were not able to watch the live stream of the event. Thankfully the Google-owned Motorola has placed the entire show on YouTube for all to see. The video is just under an hour long, but you can skip the first 20 minutes as they are just music.

After you watch the event let us know what you think. Do you like what the new Motorola had to say?

Source: YouTube

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  • clocinnorcal

    I think that Motorola has improved their products a lot in the last year. Bigger batteries, less motoblur, and thin!

    My biggest complaint is all of their flagship devices seem to only land on Verizon. Sorry Moto, but I can’t do Verizon. Please spread the love on all carriers.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      All of the new RAZRs are coming in Droid-free GSM version. These should work on any unlocked carrier in the US. I’d love to have the RAZR MAXX dev edition on AT&T.

  • cb2000a

    When they are the company that put out the original Droid…then and only then I might consider going back. They need to get innovative again….

    • ChrisLH

      If I understand your comment, I partially agree. They definitely need to get more innovative. Motorola’s Droid campaign almost single-handedly launched Android into the mainstream. Google wasn’t really doing any advertising for Android, but Motorola’s Droid campaign really made Android a household name (albeit with some Droid vs. Android confusion which still exists even today).

      That whole campaign really gave Android a shot in the arm as it was struggling to gain market share against the iPhone. But…

      Motorola lost focus and the Droid branding became more important than putting out a quality product. Incorporating the over the top Droid custom skins on their phones really turned into a negative branding image. As Android continued to improve, Motorola’s hardware became un-inspired and Motoblur/Droid customizations negatively impacted the user experience. Add to that the CEO blaming app developers for performance problems (when Motorola’s own customizations were destroying performance and usability) and they really began to spiral downhill quickly.

      It’s unfortunate because I had an Original Droid and loved it. But the Droid X ruined Motorola for me. I still love the hardware and love the fact that they are now back, pushing boundaries with the battery life and edge-to-edge screens. Sure, they specs aren’t top of the line in this most recent release, but with Jelly Bean, that isn’t going to be nearly as big of an issue. Android phones have been caught up in a hardware spec-battle when the issue with slow/sluggish phones was in large part due to the OS. Apple has shown how good the user experience can be with less than stellar specs. I think we’ll begin to see that with Android now that Jelly Bean has really optimized Android. Then the manufacturers can focus on important things like improving battery life.

  • Dan

    Who is “Miss Motorola”? Can someone post a picture of her?

    • Thomas Biard

      Shirley you can’t miss her…

      • dutrak


  • mac08wrx

    I like their phone lineup. I still have my old motoX around even if I’m currently using a Nexus. I would consider rocking a moto again

  • amugofjava

    I’ve always like the Motorola hardware but never been that keen on the look of Motoblur. How do there phones fare UI wise – is it still Motoblur?