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Motorola offering $100 credit to handset owners not expecting Android 4.1 update


Do you own a 2011 Motorola phone? Will your Motorola phone receive the Jelly Bean update? If not, Motorola has a $100 credit with your name on it… if you buy any of the new Motorola RAZR phones announced today. It appears as if Motorola is the first company to realize that users should always be using the latest version of Android. Most OEMs have done a great job of pushing out updates to their massive array of Android powered phones, but it’s nearly impossible to get updates out to every device. Rather than become frustrated and badmouth Motorola for not updating all its phones, Motorola is hoping customers will embrace the $100 credit and give the company another chance to prove itself.

It’s hard to say how many customers will take Motorola up on this offer, but we’re sure it’ll be enough for the company to retain a good number of its customers who might have been let down by not receiving the latest Android update.

We know that keeping current on the latest operating system is important to all of our users. We will update most of our devices which were launched since 2011 to Jelly Bean very soon. But there are a small number of devices which can't be upgraded without degrading the phone performance. for those owners, we'll offer a $100 credit with the purchase of any device we unveil today.Dennis WoodsideMotorola
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  • thekaz

    I am confused. 2011 phones that will not receive JB get $100 credit, or any moto phone that will not receive JB?

    My wife may be rockin’ a free new RAZR M soon…

    • zerosix

      I wish I were your wife :)

      • Matt


      • pax

        You are such a hooker.

  • alexanderharri3

    So these 2011 phone owners who still have at least a couple months before 20 months when they can first upgrade can get $100 when they upgrade and turn in old phone…….which they can’t yet upgrade subsidized….hmm….

    Well….offer doesn’t stand for my ‘ol kickstand wielding Thunderbolt…moving on

  • Mix

    I was pumped until I read 2011.

    I thought I could use my old school flip Moto for trade in but still, it’s not a horrible deal.

    • Mix

      forgot to add the old “lol” to that comment as of course I didn’t expect to get $100 for having an old ass phone.

  • spazby

    I like this initiative

  • Nathan D.

    That nice, at least they are trying right.

  • Vamporace

    That’s the most shitty excuses I’ve ever seen !!!
    If you by a Samsung phone, or Asus tablets, you get the F****** Updates to Android 4.1
    But if you buy a Motorola phone not running Anrdoid 4.0 (I’m still waiting ICS on my Razr), then you’ll have to buy a new phone ???
    Am I the only one who sees they are trying to raise their sellings but not updating their devices like the other manufacturers ?

    I’m shocked

    • infnityhombre

      I’ve owned several Samsung devices, while they are quality Samsung seems to abandon hardware and push off updates to force customers into purchasing their newest device. For example my old Galaxy Tab or the Galaxy S devices. Samsung claimed those devices could not run ICS however XDA was able to get the devices running ICS and JB just fine. It seems me now that Motorola is a Google product they are working on the fragmentation issue by offering a credit toward the purchase of a device that will be upgradeable in the future. I would like to see other manufacturers step up and offer credits toward the purchase of a newer device.

  • Balaji Iyer

    Why can’t exchange MOTOBLUR MB 501 with updated one?

  • Bishops_move

    That’s all great for the average Moto user but I just don’t find happiness in this announcement. I have a lapdock, standard dock and a car dock. I noticed when the Atrix 2 came out that they had swapped the placement of the micro-USB and HDMI ports so that the accessories couldn’t be retasked with newer hardware. “No problem,” says I, “I’ll just wait for ICS and get 4.0 goodness a little later…” So they come up with this junk and expect me to eat it for $100? Bull-crap!