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New HTC One X+ details revealed by XDA Developer tweet


Details about the HTC One X+ have been somewhat elusive, but that all changed when XDA Developer @Football4PDA revealed new details about the upcoming flagship Android 4.1 device. If the information is to be believed, the HTC One X+ will measure 134.36 x 69.9 x 9.3 and weigh in at 129g. Specs on the HTC One X+ will include 32GB of internal storage, 1GB of RAM and an NVIDIA AP37 1.6GHz quad-core processor paired with a single-core 1.7GHz, which makes up the Tegra 3′s 4PLUS-1 architecture. Match the new details up with the HTC One X+ NenaMark2 scores and specs that showed up in early August, and HTC’s got itself quite an impressive device.

While many of us were hoping for a stock Android device, the HTC One X+ will be running Android 4.1 with HTC Sense 4.5. We’re not sure what changes will be included in the new version of Sense, but we’re hoping HTC will continue to strip it down to enhance the user experience.

There’s no guarantee that the HTC One X+ will make an appearance at the September 19 press event HTC already has on the calendar, but we expect this device will make its official debut within the next few weeks.

Via: Engadget


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  • RX-78-7

    They made it bigger(dimensions) and still put in that measly 1,800 battery. Very disappointed if they don’t make any changes before the event.

    • Nick Gray

      The original HTC One X measured is at 134.36 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm. The added .4mm in thickness is probably due to a design change, not really enough to add extra battery capacity.

      • RX-78-7

        Dunno if it isn’t enough to add a bigger battery, but the Razr maxx is a packing a 3,300 battery and it’s 8.9, heck even the S3 which is thinner( 8.6) has a bigger battery.

        They have no excuse, heck they’ve said it on their blogs, they’re favoring thinner phones over bigger battery( because it would affect the design), yet their competitors are putting out thinner devices with better batteries, it really is a joke. What makes it worse is all the lies they’ve been posting on their blog.

        It’s a shame, the OneX has just about everything covered, but whats the point if you have to charge it about 2-3 times with moderate use.

        • Nick Gray

          the main difference in thickness between those devices is the display. The HTC One X features a Super LDC2 display which is much thicker than the Super AMOLED display in the Motorola and Samsung devices. It’s a trade-off to use Super LDC2, but every tech blog in the world now uses the screen on the One X as the standard of excellence that all other displays get compared to.

          Not sure where you’re getting the 2-3 charges per day for moderate use number from. I’ve used the Tegra 3 powered One X and managed to get a good 12 hours of up time under heavy use and even a full five hours of constant netflix streaming over 3G.

        • Raptor

          Agree! I do not care about +1 mm added at the price of battery.

          READ OUR LIPS, HTC: 3000mAh or GO BANKRUPT

    • Richard Yarrell

      This must be Tmobile’s baby set for the September 26th launch date. Another quadcore beast for Tmobile who will also have the quadcore Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with jellybean straight out the box. The Galaxy S3 will be receiving it’s jellybean update by September 30th on Tmobile…

    • ayocuz

      i used be a htc fan but i have to admit the gs3 is the top dog now unless they can do something like bring a groundbreaking screen or an untouchable list of exclusive features to a top notch phone they may never recapture their socalled glory days

  • ionorov

    Still no microSD, right? Argh!

    Really want to buy the OneX … alas but for that missing mSD :(

    • ric s

      What’s the obsession with SD cards? If it’s got 32gb on it, I don’t need a SD card. What if someone stole your phone or you lost it.. etc. All the SD cards in the world won’t bring stuff back. Now if you tell me that you have your stuff backed up, they even a better reason not to have a SD card….get with the Times and change, get out your SD caves and come to the light.

      Unless your paid by Samsung to right negative stuff, well then hey you gotta make money.

      • ari-free

        Some people want to put lots of movies and music on their phones. If you bought a 64 gig sd card, you wouldn’t be able to use it.

        • Nick Gray

          Isn’t that what all these cloud services are for and the whole reason why we have 4G?

          • ionorov

            Can you guarantee super-fast, super-reliable and always-available Internet access where ever you go?

            Do you trust all cloud services with all your precious data?

            Now, maybe you and rics may live in a city with so much wireless coverage that you can microwave a TV dinner just by putting it by your window… but spare a thought for us who don’t. :D

          • Nick Gray

            OK, so you’re not a fan of cloud storage, but lets not forget that 32GB storage cards were only introduced a little over a year ago with 64GB cards coming out this year.

            I had a 32GB card in my G2 for over 8 months and never even came close to using half of it even when I had multiple full system backups of different ROMs. 32GB of stage will give 5 HD movies or 20+ HD TV shows with enough room to space for about 500 MP3s. That’s enough entertainment to keep me busy for a week.

          • tottyrice

            why would you want to pay for a service where they should of built the phone to take SD cards right from the start??? so again, why would i want to pay for a monthly/yearly fee for storage where i can just use my SD card that i already have and put into the phone (where the phone should have it built in)?!?!

          • ionorov

            Actually, I am a big fan of cloud storage and use Dropbox and GDrive constantly.

            Problem is, none of these services provide enough space. Even if they do, I’d have to fork over extra cash on a _yearly_ subscription. As tottyrice pointed out, why do I want to pay extra _every freaking year_ when its simple enough to add an mSD?

            An even bigger problem is connectivity. In my area, 3G is barely ok. Take a simple train ride and reception becomes erratic. Go into a tunnel and it’s gone. Some suburbs have very bad reception. Plus, telcos charge a pretty penny for bandwidth. Affordable LTE is 2-3 years away.

            Visiting your parents? What? You want to show your dad a HD video of your son colouring the dog’s butt? Tough luck hombre! Wait to see if you have a signal. Now wait as it slowly downloads… now rage as you go over your limit and have to pay $$$ per MB.


            It’s great that you, rics and ihatefanboys never come close to filling up your 32GB. Seriously, I’m happy for you guys…. but there are people who need more and an mSD is a cheap, efficient solution.

        • ihatefanboys

          You will never come close to filling a 32GB SD card, unless youre filling it with stuff just to store it. The amount of music and movies it would take to actually fill it is so much that a normal person would have no need to carry that much. I always laugh at people that scoff at “no SD card”. I have a ONE S and I have tons of apps and games, some high powered like “dead trigger” and have no lag, and havent even come close to filling the card, and i think the ONE S only has 16GB storage. The cloud is the way, hes right, most major cities have 4G, if you live in the middle of nowhere thats your problem. But even for those “out of the way” areas, eventually will get full wireless access, so patience is a virtue.

          • masterpfa

            Although the cloud services won’t suit all, I do agree that not having SD expandability is by no means a deal breaker.

            I always hankered after SD expandability and was annoyed when the Nexus S was introduced without an SD card. However finding the Galaxy Nexus to hard to resist I have found myself living quite easily within my 16GB limit, so would have to concur it is more than possible with a 32gb One X+ (if it exists)

            A solution for some might be using an OTG cable (not sure if the One X supports these, so don’t flame me people) and using a SD card/USB adapter.

            Not ideal I know, but by no means the end of the world.

        • M0nk

          Its even worse than that for the people that already bought it and want to change the phone, like me…

      • ionorov

        ric’s logic:
        I don’t need mSD cards, therefore no one else needs mSD cards. Anyone who needs mSD cards are infidels paid by evil Samsung.


        I think your post just gave everyone here cancer.

      • revs

        i switch phones 3 times a year ive had the ame 32gb sd card from my mt3gs,mt4g,mt4gs,droid2,sensation,evo3d,evolte
        and now its sitting on the desk while ive yet to upload all the data (takes hours) to my one s

        sd cards make it easier for transitions thats ab all lol

        • LilSmurf2009

          I agree , i have also switch from a mt3g,G2,MT4G,MT4GS, and every single time i switch i didn’t have to worry about losing my stuff. It has nothing to do with do we love Samsung or are they paying us it just that for some of us its just better to have an SD card. I’m a fan of Htc i have always been since there windows phone era. I Just think they will drop the ball on this one if they forget to add an sd card slot or rather deiced not to.

  • MoSDeeb

    Specs sounds great. I’m hoping for cyanogen support

  • Alex s

    How competitive is it compared to iphone

    • ric s

      IPhone is about 2 years behind when compared to the onex..

  • Vance

    In reference to the “no removable battery” concern regarding the new HTC offerings, I, personally, am a fan. I have the One S and got a handy little 1900 mAh external battery from t-mobile (free when I got the device, regularly $30). It’s small and fits nicely in the cell phone pocket on my bag, so when I am not using my phone, I can plug it into that for a little extra juice. The benefit to this, over swapping out the dead battery with a charged one is that I’m not killing my phone and rebooting every time I need more power. It also gives manufacturers the ability to shave these devices down even thinner while allowing consumers the option to exchange girth for longer battery by buying a battery pack case for their device, thus giving end users more of an option. The no SD card issue, however, still baffles me. The bottom line is, there isn’t enough inboard memory for all of the digital content we own, and due to data plans or available coverage, streaming from the cloud isn’t always an option (says the guy who spends a great deal of time 30,000 feet above the ground en route from one meeting to another).
    I do, however, love my One S and am even growing fonder of the stripped down HTC Sense.. I’d miss the live weather unlock screen if I went back to stock Android :)

    • luvmyGloml

      The problem I see with what you are saying is two fold:

      1 – If you travel as much as you are saying, and as I have, you know what a pain it is to carry additional devices. I also don’t want to have to sit in my meetings with my phone sitting on the table attached to a second battery. It is distracting and leads to questions which distract from the focus of the business I need to get done. It also is one more thing to carry around that I don’t really want/need.

      2 – As someone else has already pointed out, at least two other manufacturers are putting much “heftier” batteries in phones that are thinner than this thing is. So stating that it “gives manufacturers the ability to shave these devices down even thinner while allowing consumers the option to exchange girth for longer battery…” is an incorrect statement or uninformed at best.

      So you see, end users DO have more of an option – get a _thicker_ device with less battery life and carry around another device (extra battery) or get a phone that is _thinner_ that provides more than enough battery life that doesn’t require the extra device AND takes up less room in my pocket.

      Not a tough choice in my opinion… just my $0.02

      • Vance

        I appreciate you taking the time to respond, however, you were arguing a point completely separate from my point.
        I wasn’t arguing that HTC shouldn’t put bigger batteries in their devices, I was arguing that not having a REMOVABLE battery is not a flaw in design (please re-read my post again, from the beginning).
        So, in reference in to your first “point” I have no idea why you think an external battery has to be laid out on the table in a meeting. I had pointed out the convenience of keeping it plugged into the device whilst in my bag. If distractions in a meeting are truly your concern, then you’d have your phone turned off, or at least in airplane mode, so battery consumption wouldn’t really be a concern during that time anyway. And your point about “one more thing to carry around” is, again, flawed, because I was arguing the benefit of an external battery versus a removable battery (both of which require “one more thing to carry around”)
        Your second point is dismissed completely on grounds that you failed to read and comprehend the crux of my initial argument. I’m never said they are shaving phones thinner by putting smaller batteries in them, I said they are shaving phones thinner by not putting REMOVABLE batteries in them. A simple distinction, but critical to my entire post.

        • Raptor

          OK, i will tell you that integrated battery ACTUALLY IS THE WORST FLAW OF THIS PHONE.

          The trick is that batteries do not last more then 500 charges, the best and latest ones 750. If you charge ones and sometimes twice a day, that means in a maximum one and half years you will be charging 2-3 times a day, then 3-4 and — and you will think about upgrading your phone heavily.

          The new HTC phones then will go with the logo “This time customers prefer battery life not thinness” LOL

    • SGB101

      CM10 has live weather on the lock screen. Running it on my One X atm

      the batteries need to be larger capacity on the X as i need to charge mine AT LEAST once a day.

    • darkjuan

      Here’s my only problem with the lack of a removable battery.

      When this gets a custom ROM, be it CM10 or whatever, there will almost always be a time where you have to do a “Battery Pull” to reboot your phone when your screen freezes. It doesn’t happen a whole lot, but I’ve read too many forum posts where they say the had to “pull the battery” because of a locked screen or some other reason.

      What will happen now that we can no longer remove the battery? I’m currently running CM10 on my Sensation, so that’s my only experience. I know there are ROM’s out there for the OneX phones.
      What do they do when the screen freezes? How do they reset their phones?

      • Lawak

        I ever trapped on bootloop in my one x. I was panicked at that time and then realized from xda that we only have to press and hold the power button + volume down, and the phone will go to fastboot mode. Problem solved. :-)

        • Nick Gray

          I was going to say this exact thing. All devices have a hardware reset feature built in.

  • h0ruza

    I’m not sure why they are doing this when they said they were releasing less phones.
    There’s nothing wrong with the One X as it is.

    I look forward to seeing it but I just don’t see this as good for a company who’s not seen increases in this years profits.

    Work on next years phone and make it blow our minds instead.

    • ric s

      How phones has HTC released? Onex, ones, evo 4G LTE, Droid incl 4G… Hmmmm that’s only 4 phones this so far. One on each us carrier.

      • Nick Gray

        they have also released the HTC Desire X, HTC Desire C, HTC One V. If you add up all the HTC rumors, we’re looking at another 4-5 phones plus two tablets before the end of the year.

        I think HTC wanted to do fewer phones, but didn’t get the right support from carriers. As soon as the Samsung Galaxy S III was released, all major carriers forgot about their HTC phones. If the carriers will not push their current phones, they need to get something on the market that they will sell.

    • ionorov

      It’s probably a reaction to the coming glut of announcements. You’ve got everyone and their cats releasing something for the holidays… HTC needs to stay in the conversation.

      From the specs, it doesn’t look like there are major changes. They’re probably doing a minor revision to keep the One series competitive with the galaxies and the iphones and the lumias, etc.

  • clocinnorcal

    Why only 1 gig of ram?

    • dreamdoggy22

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Donald Williams

    Is this the next big Tmobile HTC phone? If so I just may have to wait out for another HTC. Been all HTC in the house hold since the first MT3G when that was the bomb. Looks like they are slacking in some areas. I do like the sexiness of the phone but I would like an SD card slot and defiantly a way bigger battery. I am currently charging my Amaze half way through my 12 hour shift with it on Airplane mode while listening to music. WIsh I was able to get my hands on that Verizon phablet for Tmo

  • Grand

    I’ve bought my HOX for 500€ and if they’ll realease the X+ this will be my last HTC.
    There’s nothing wrong witch the HOX.

  • Dee

    I vote with my wallet — small battery No Thank you…

    • DROID Sam

      with that logic, the only device you will ever buy is the SGSIII or the RAZR MAXX. Have fun.

  • revs

    love htc
    but they just dont get the battery thing atleast on my mt4g, senation , i could buy an extended anker batt for 12$ online
    but with my ones and evo lte the batts suck and i cant do anything about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DROID Sam

      EVO LTE battery sucks? It’s the longest lasting HTC phone around and comes in at number three behind the RAZR MAXX and SGSIII.

  • Nathan D.

    Sweet, I hope this phone does get revealed on that date Nick mentioned. Hopefully it is coming to T-Mobile. Also I always wanted to ask, what formats does android support in terms of movies because I try to put a movie on my phone but couldn’t play it, thanks.

  • DROID Sam

    Good specs. People need to stop bitching about removable batteries and extended storage. 95% of smartphone users never buy an extended battery and I wager that 99% of all Android users have never removed the 4GB microSD card that came with their device.

    I’m actually waiting to see what the HTC phablet turn into. They were the first with active pen technology on Android and I wound’t mind getting a 5-inch device.

    • Ryan

      You’re missing the point. It’s not about replacing the battery (even though it’s a nice option in the event you need one), but it’s more about pulling the battery for resetting for the dev community. It really sucks not having that option… just ask the current One owners.

  • Haji Sillah

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  • vforvortex

    For me, If the internal memory has 32gb, no sweat if there is no external sd card slot. But the deal breaker for me is the sealed battery. Like the Google Ceo – Page does, its easier to carry a back up battery rather than looking to recharge phone.

  • SGB101

    32gb is a bit misleading my X only shows as 25gb usable. God know what happened to the rest!

  • get at me banana

    So the quad core would be clocked at 1.6 ghz and the companion core would be clocked at 1.7 ghz would that be fast or what.

  • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal .P

    Of all the phones released recently I like the one s best because it really is a new piece of technology (krait,imagesense), but the s3 and one x disappointed at this front (the s3 is just an improved s2 imo) and this phone doesn’t fix it. I am looking forward to the release of optimus g(quad s4 ,13mp cam )
    Hey, but it get some money tomorrow I will buy an s3.