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Pictures reveal mysterious black HTC phone


There are a fair number of rumored HTC devices making headlines these days and now we have a couple pictures to add to all the confusion. The two blurry images depict a black HTC device with red accents along the side, a red ring around the camera lens, a Beats Audio logo and sticker on the back which leads us to believe that we’re looking at a uni-body design with no removable battery – similar to the HTC One X.

Unfortunately, the two images are not accompanied by any details. No name, no specs or any other useful information which would allow us to tie this device to any known rumors. We could assume that the red accents tie this device to the rumored HTC 6435LVW which posted some astonishing benchmark scores in early August. The HTC 6435LVW is a Verizon-bound phablet-like device with a 5-inch 1794 x 1080 pixel display and Qualcomm’s MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 SoC paired with an Adreno 320 GPU and it is expected to hit store shelves sometime this fall.

Unfortunately, the red accents really don’t mean anything these days since the black HTC One S sports a splash of red and the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE does as well. The pictured device could be the new HTC One X+, but there’s really no way of telling.

What are your thoughts? Is the design of the mystery HTC phone appealing to you? If you could fill out the spec sheet for this phone, what would you include?

Via: HTC Source

Source: Phone Forum HK

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  • Nate B.

    I’m pretty sure it’s Verizon’s upcoming whatever. Or they could slap it on every carrier to compete with the Note II. That would be smart. Curious to know what kind of Phablet like features it will have if it is such a device. I don’t see myself getting it either way because I no longer like sense. I started with a HTC Hero back in the day and never went back with them. Nothing was wrong just went another direction.

    • Erul

      Given the mediocre HTC build quality, i guess its HTCs own version of the
      famous red ring of death?!

      • ihatefanboys

        Must be another SAMSUCK fan. You guys are the ONLY ones to complain against HTC, given that theyre your direct competition in the stores. HTCs build is worlds ahead of Samsung and LG and Motorolla.

        • matt

          Considering they’re sales have fallen among other things its safe to say more then Samsung fans aren’t buying them.

          It sounds more like you’re just a HTC fanboy who can’t accept that Samsung is simply putting out better phones with more options. Like being able to replace the battery etc.

          • matt

            Considering their sales have fallen among other things its safe to say more then Samsung fans aren’t buying them.

            It sounds more like you’re just a HTC fanboy who can’t accept that Samsung is simply putting out better phones with more options. Like being able to replace the battery etc.

  • RX-78-7

    Could be the Beats phone.

    • Nate B.

      So soon? I doubt. And since HTC will son part with them I think they won’t be the maker of the phone.

      • RX-78-7

        Completely forgot about the no HTC markings (even if it’s being made by them) on the Beats phone.

        Anyhow, I think it looks quite stylish, but I’m going Nexus for the next phone(hopefully the rumor about multiple nexus is true as I would love to see what HTC does.

  • Saul

    I Really Want Yo Believe That It Is The HTC One X+ Because If I Do Recall, In The Rumors They Did Mention This Model Was Going To Get A New Paint job

  • Steve

    Galaxy note 2 vs iPhone 4S!

    • Nate B.

      Not even a comparison really. iOS has been so far behind and all it really is just not in the same bracket anymore. And why is this video relevant?

    • Richard Yarrell

      iPHONE 4S LOOKS so SAD and pitiful in comparison. It’s ashame that a 3.5 inch device is still on the market. When will apple take a moment to innovate???

      • squiddy20

        And “it’s ashame” that 1. you don’t know that there’s a space in between what should be 2 words “a shame”, despite having autocorrect on the SGSIII that you supposedly claim to own, and that 2. you fail to realize that there are even smaller than 3.5 inch Android phones available that are selling well. They’re called the “low end” smartphones. When will you ever be a little smarter than the average idiot?

        • thel0nerang3r

          You do know, that someone created the above account to just troll people. Don’t feed the trolls.

  • redraider133

    Looks like this could be a really nice phone. Hope to see it in action and hopefully it makes its way to verizon.

  • vforvortex

    From frist impression, it looks like the next verizon evo phone. Speaking of rumors though, any news on the rumored motorola android phone with edge to edge screen?

  • Raptor

    - If this will be 5-inch 1794 x 1080 we will get wow#1 – great PPI 419. It exceeds what we get from those expensive professional 30″ 2560×1600 monitors at optimal viewing SMPTE distance (400ppi) not even mentioning twice the red & blue subpixel PPI density of Galaxy Note 1 & 2.

    - If it will have the same type of screens as HTC OneX we will get wow#2 – 500 nits brightness (twice the Glalaxy Note 2) and wow#3 1400 contrast ratio

    - If it will get S4 this would be wow#4

    Now let’s hope it will get
    - 3-4 Ah battery
    - 2GB RAM
    - good build quality wow#8 and
    - will also go on TMo and other carriers

    Now after salivating on all these great rumored specs — one sour grape: its 1794 x 1080 screen has 1661111 aspect ratio which gives the whole rumor bad smell. The closest reasonable one is 1.6666667 or 15:9 (1800×1080 )

    • Raptor


      After digging through millions of dumbosites with their retards “reviewing” Galaxy Note2 claiming that it has HD SuperAMOLED screen without the + sign i found finally really good news that :

      1) Galaxy Note2 has RGB not pentile screen
      2) It has larger brightness then SGNote 1 and much larger then mediocre SGNexus and SGS3

      So some things i wrote above are not correct

      • Amanda

        Wow! Can you say NERD?

  • Steve

    iphone 5 white LEAKED at IFA! ( EXlusive )

    • Raptor

      Minimalism will kill Apple. If Apple will not make also 4.5″ version at the same time, it’s dead in 1-2 years

      • Plz kill da evil Romney baztard

        No, Apple could buy the world asian rice world just with their cash. Scamsunk & Co are pizzporr compared to the world leaders! Apple makes more profit with their stores alone than traitor Scamsuck with its plastic phones and unreliable TVs…..
        Slamdunk is dead

        • clocinnorcal

          Hilarious! XD

    • CactusCat

      Wow! Look at that little bitty white phone !

    • Richard Yarrell

      Just plain USELESS…

      • snowbdr89

        Just like you

        • thel0nerang3r

          Stop feeding the trolls


    So, how many phones has HTC released this year? Anyway, just rush that ONE X+ to T mobile please, thanks

  • Alex Belko

    HTC Mysterious is a pretty cool name btw)

  • thel0nerang3r

    It looks similar to the Sprint EvoX, minus the kickstand and removable back cover.. so maybe not that similar.

  • samuel kwarteng

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