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Rumor: HTC working on HTC Flyer 2 to compete with Nexus 7, new Kindle Fire


The mysterious 10-inch HTC tablet we saw last week got quite a bit of attention, but the latest rumor going around on the web is that HTC is working on a 7-inch successor to the HTC Flyer. The HTC Flyer 2 is said to feature a 28nm Snapdragon S4 chip, Android 4.1, 3 megapixel camera on the back, 1 megapixel front-facing camera and a 7.1mm thin anodized aluminum body similar to the HTC One S. The 7-inch display is expected to feature a resolution of 1280×768 pixels, giving the HTC Flyer 2 a 213.25 ppi – much higher than the 170 ppi of the original Flyer.

There’s no word as to when the HTC Flyer 2 will be unveiled, but the general consensus is that HTC will position this device to compete on price with the new Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7. If that’s the case, we doubt HTC will include its Scribe active pen technology, but that’s pure speculation on our part.

Do you think HTC can deliver a 7-inch tablet at the right price to compete with Google and Amazon?

Source: Phone Arena

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Darkseider

    Unless it is the quad core S4 Pro then I see nothing special at all. HTC has to produce a competitive high end device at a similar price point. Here’s hoping they do just that otherwise it will be just as big a flop as the original Flyer was.

    • Mix

      I would have to agree with you.

      Unless they release a low end device at a very cheap price point they need to pull a Nexus 7! I hope that it is just like the Nexus 7 but with expandable memory as an option.

      I have cash in hand for a 7″ tablet like the Nexus7 with more than 16gb of storage.

      • Nick Gray

        I’d agree that 16GB of storage is not enough for a tablet, but do you really need expandable storage? I have taken over 1,000 pictures with my 8 megapixel camera on my One S and have a few dozen 1080p videos that I’ve recorded in the past 4 months and I still have about 35% of my storage left.

        All my pictures get backed up to Google Plus and DropBox, so I can delete them from my device at any time if I need more space. I have a little over 2GB of music on my phone, but I use Google Music, Pandora and Netflix for 95% of my media consumption.

        More storage would be nice, but I don’t think it’s a necessity.

        • Darkseider

          Expandable storage isn’t a must if the device has 32 Gig on board. If it is a 8 or 16 gig device than I think it has to have it only because it can be used far too quickly. Especially if you are a power user which is why the GS3 is so popular. Not that the One X or One S is a bad device but having that option is nice.

        • Mix

          On a recent vacation I was on airplanes for, roughly, 10 hours in total. I watched 5 movies on my iPod that has 32g of storage there are also many games and songs on that iPod…16gb is too small for comfort especially when cloud features are of little use in the air.

          On a cell phone 16gb is totally fine but on a tablet that is more media centric (for me) I would like more options and expandable memory is the best option for me.

  • ZR0ExX

    I do think they can. The HTC Flyer was good but way over priced. I bought one anyway. I liked it except it after awhile the os became quite laggy so i ended up selling it. Im curious to see how this one differs from the first gen.

  • Ryan

    HTC is dead to me. Yes that sounds overy dramatic but they are the WORST when it comes to updating their phones. For example…my HTC Thunderbolt was supposed to get ICS by the end of August.

    I don’t have ICS. (And yes I know I can get the leaked ROM but that isn’t the point).

    They drop support for older models too soon and I’m not spending another penny with a company like that.

    FYI…I LOVE my Nexus 7.

    • Darkseider

      Wow if you think HTC is bad NEVER get a Motorola. EVER.

      • Nick Gray

        Correction, if you think HTC is bad, you should never get another Android device. HTC is THE best OEM at updating their devices . They have a better track record that Samsung, Motorola, LG and Sony. The Thunderbolt is still on the list and has already received one major Android update (2.2 – 2.3).

        Keep in mind that even Google abandoned the Nexus One before it was two years old.

        • Rick

          Sorry, but HTC’s track record on supporting tablets couldn’t possibly be worse. The View is only a year old and has already been abandoned by HTC. They won’t even push out updates to fix their extremely broken version of Honeycomb. ICS and Jellybean will never happen for the View or Flyer. So this $600 tablet of mine got 6 months of support from HTC. You can defend them if you want, but that kind of support is pathetic. I’ll never buy anything from them again.

          • Nick Gray

            As an owner of the HTC Flyer, I agree that HTC really dropped the ball on its support for its tablets. But that has more to do with how many of the devices they sold and not a reflection on HTC’s update track record.

            I think we all forget that these companies are out to make money. If you were an executive at HTC and had to choose to invest a couple $100K to update a tablet that sold less than 200k units, you would cut your losses and move on.

          • Tarwin

            True, tablet support hasn’t been the best and though honeycomb brought some nice features the general OS is slower. But Nick is right, it’s a question of economics and manpower (the number of phones they have now makes it harder to update all of them for years at a time, while before they even supported phones through multiple OS updates and for up to 2 years).

            But even so, I personally have to give them props for pushing the Flyer update to honeycomb even after it was obvious the device was never going to be a success. Some manufacturers would just have given it up as a lost cause but they kept their word.

            And that’s part of my point, they definitely try to keep their word. When they don’t they give a reason (like when an update would require repartitioning the device thereby erasing all user data and the fact that most normal users would be quite upset with the hassle that could cause). They sometimes keep their word as best they could (like providing an update but only as a download for those truly interested). And sometimes they keep their word but late (the ICS update for the Sensation 4G was because of T-Mobile sending it back to be tweaked, meaning a greater delay, and while the ICS update for the Thunderbolt is not out yet they HAVE said that they are still working on it.

            Now that said, if the rumored device weren’t a success if it came to market, then the best we could hope for is one major OS upgrade. But that is one reason many reviewers say to buy a device for what it can do today, not what it MIGHT be able to do in some possible future. NO device is guaranteed an upgrade (except for the Nexus, but as Nick pointed out, they won’t be receiving upgrades forever as the Nexus One demonstrates).

    • ricstaycalm

      HTC is bad at updating offering support? What hole do you live in? HTC has already updated most every devices to ICS and still supports every device. Samsung is still trying to get updates out for their top devices. I still don’t see a stable ICS update for the gs2.

      After reading that samsung pays bloggers to only write positive reviews or else. I’m now starting think that they are out right pay people to out right lie about their competition.


    I would absolutely hold out on an N7 if HTC can build a top notch Tab at a blue collar price! ESPECIALLY if it has expandable memory! I have the Flyer, running JB and I still love it! Only thing holding me back from upgrading to the N7 (until this rumor) was the lack of expandable memory…

    • Nick Gray

      The only reason I didn’t get the Nexus 7 was the lack of pen support. I really hope HTC Scribe is included in this tablet.

      • WlfHart

        Agreed on that pen support. As decent as Samsung’s s-pen items are, 7″ is the sweet spot for me, and I really want a stylus! Though I’m thinking of settling for a Note II unless this Flyer 2 thing is true and out before year’s end.

  • Vance

    I think if HTC wants to compete in the $200 7″ tablet space, they’re going to have to significantly differentiate their offering from Amazon’s and Google’s. Figure out a way to get the pen technology in the device and keep it under $250 and I believe they’ll have done it.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I was super excited for the Flyer. I bought an EVO View 4g for Sprint (think flyer with WiMax) when they went on sale for ~$250. I loved it, but updates were lacking it did get honeycomb but that’s all I expect to get out of that tablet. My son loves it though.

    HTC has got a hard battle if they are going to try to compete with the Nexus 7. Tha is how a 7 inch, no any, Android tablet should be. They might try to compete on the spec front but IMO software is what will make a device. Why bother with something that may or maynot run up-to-date software a year from now.

    For now Nexus is the ONLY way to go.

  • shadhussain

    I think there is huge potential for innovation a 7″ tablet with a scribe pen. Content creation is still not where it should be on a tablet and HTC can do something great here. Although Samsung has the S-pen on the Note, their Touchwiz skin and awful looking applications are a big barrier for me. HTC had some neat features on the original Flyer, let’s hope they throw something similar for $250!

  • Juicy Goose

    I would personally be hesitant to buy on to HTC again, despite having really loved them in the past. I currently own a Flyer and a Vivid, both are great quality on the hardware and the sense design catches on to you after a while. The Flyer is an amazingly solid feeling device with good features. But, both of my HTC devices basically received one update each before having their support discontinued only months after release. The Vivid at least has an awesome build of Ice Cream Sandwich, but HTC left owners of the Flyer + Jetstream with a bogged down Honeycomb + Sense molasses mush. While it was never the fastest device, this combo really gives the Flyer a serious pre-aged feel. Spending $500 on a “high end” tablet only to have its support discontinued shortly after and being left with a laggy dog is not a good consumer experience. Ultimately, I understand that perhaps it wasn’t the greatest selling tablet – but you can’t give your current consumer base a poop bath and expect that they’ll want others to jump in. Also, I can’t find nibs for those pens :(

  • iamXiV92a

    You want to compete with the Nexus 7… Updates. We’ll all want the latest and greatest updates, in a timely manner – Not 6, 7, 8 months later if you can help it. (unlock the bootloader while you’re at it).
    I love my Nexus

  • DroidSamurai

    Once the carrier factor is taken out from the consideration, there’s little chance HTC can compete with the Nexus 7 — just thinking about how much incentive they would have to upgrade the tablet is enough a reason for me to avoid it.

  • nportelli

    I love my HTC View, digitizers are the next step in tablets, even though the tech has been there for over a decade. I don’t type notes, I write them, I doodle diagrams, that’s best done with a pen. Disappointed on the screen res, would always love to see higher.

  • Nathan D.

    This tablet needs to be on it A game if it wants to compete with the nexus 7 not so much the Kindle fire since it already an old device with old specs that are easily out done by the SIII.

  • tarwin

    I would love this to be true. I am planning to get the note 10.1 (I actually expected to have it right now but there was a slight hiccup). I am going to wait for their event on the 17th on the off chance they announce a ten inch tablet with wacom digitizer (I love my flyer but it’s getting very long in tooth and there’s the fact that it literally can’t draw a straight line, even with a ruler but still beats capacitive styli). But I seriously prefer HTC build, design and software. I also think that ten inchers and seven inchers have very different uses and both fit in with my lifestyle (both at the work and personal level, actually making it a justifiable choice to get both).

    But it would have to have 2 gigs of ram, either 32 gigs of storage or an expansion slot, and preferably a quad-Core S4. Oh, and I’d be willing to pay 250 – 300 depending on the features. But no way in hell am I gonna pay what I paid for the original 32gig WiFi+3G Flyer… (I don’t regret it as it has served me quite well for work and school, but not enough time has passed to justify it, especially with most other tablets being so much cheaper)

  • Lawrence

    Juicy Goose is spot on.

    I got a HTC Flyer and an Desire HD – two devices that will not be upated to ICS.

    As you can imagine I’m not happy. I got the Flyer last September and it wasn’t cheap.

    As much as I can understand the commercial imperatives the decisions they took they’ve lost me as a customer because I will never be able to trust them to fully support a device as long as I – and most people – would expect them to.