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Rumor: Next Nexus phone with new Android release coming in the “next 30 days”


Recently there’s been rumblings that Google will release up to five Nexus devices this holiday season, but some have openly wondered if Google will even release one. The number of Nexus rumors is surprisingly low for this time of year, so we reached out to several of our old friends to see if they could help us out. Read on for the latest rumors surrounding Google’s next Nexus.

The Rumor

Google will unveil their next Nexus phone within the “next 30 days”. The device has “already leaked” in blogs and it will include a new version of Android. However, the next version of Android will be a Jellybean point release and not the major upgrade to Android 5.0 that some had speculated.

The Sources

This rumor comes from three different industry sources that I spoke with over the last month. They have provided reliable information in the past and I find them to be trustworthy. As with most of these rumor reports, the sources wish to remain anonymous.

One Android Insider’s take on the rumor

WARNING: Before anyone has a cow, please keep in mind these are only rumors. Nothing is final until it is final. Sometimes the information given to me is correct and sometimes it is not. I get hundreds of rumors sent to me every month, but I only give the full rumor report treatment to the ones that I believe to be true.

Let the countdown begin. If you plan to buy a new Android phone before the end of the year, then you better hold onto your wallet for at least the next month. While we can’t confirm all of the product details, we are certain that Google will release a new version of Android this year and they will have a new flagship Nexus smartphone.

I find it interesting that our sources told us the big announcement was coming soon, so I am going to assume that Andy Rubin will reveal the next Nexus phone at AllThingsD: Dive Into Mobile on October 29-30. This is the same conference that he revealed Android 3.0 on the Xoom in 2010, and he always seems to have big news when he sits down to talk with Walt Mossberg.

Andy Rubin talking to Walt Mossberg at All Things D conference.

Even though Google could reveal the next Nexus smartphone in the month of October, it might not go on sale until November. We expect this next Nexus to be an unlocked GSM device, so it should go on sale sooner rather than later. Last year the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was launched several months after Google had hoped for, but we won’t have to worry about carrier delays this time around.

It is also pretty noteworthy that our sources said the identity and manufacturer of the next Nexus smartphone had already leaked out. There has been a lot of chatter over who would make the next Nexus, but most of the signals are still pointing at LG. We were already told that the LG Optimus G would be the base of a Nexus device, and other reports are slowly starting to come in.

The LG Optimus G with stock Android photoshopped in.

We really thought that the next Android release would be 5.0, so I was a little surprised to hear that the next Nexus will feature a point release. Google did this before when they announced Honeycomb Android 3.1 at Google IO 2011, so it wouldn’t be the first time it has happened. We have already spotted Android 4.2 in our recent server logs, so it’s possible that is the version of Android that we will see on this next Nexus device.

Someone is testing Android 4.2.

Even though this will be a point release, we still expect there will be several new exclusive features. We are working on a big post to detail all the possible new features, but recent rumors suggest we will see multi-user logins, enhanced Maps, enhanced dialer, enhanced camera features, and native support for wireless display standards like Miracast.

Finally to wrap things up, we have not heard any credible information about other new Nexus devices. We definitely believe there will be a flagship Nexus smartphone for this new Android point release, but there could be additional devices on the way. Possible Nexus devices that have been rumored include a refreshed-entry-level Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 with 3G modem, and Nexus 10 tablet.

If we dig up any additional details, we will surely update this post. Please contact us if you have something to share.

Update: We have received new information about the LG Optimus G Nexus that you can find here.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • redraider133

    Well we have a bunch of rumors with multiple devices so hopefully a few of them turn out to be true. Can’t wait to see what Google shows off with their next nexus and next update.

    • *Penelope*89

      It seems like i made the right decision with purchasing the new iPhone 5 on Verizon. These Google phones look outdated. Im surprised they cant stick together a good phone to compete with the iPhone 5 launch.

      • Guest

        youre CLUELESS

        • *Penelope*89

          Why that? Look at the picture. The icons arent squared and evenly aligned. Its so confusing, kind of amateurish designs. And a friend of mine told me each android smartphone is different! Each interface looks different, can you believe that? I dont want this at all.

          • jaxidian

            Read the article. The picture was photoshopped in an attempt to guess at what the next Nexus might look like. And stop being an idiot, please.

          • *Penelope*89

            you better get off your high horse. Not everyone is a rocket scientist or a geek who spends more time on thinking about smartphones than thinking about women and partying. Not cool.

          • mkstvns

            Ah… I’m not sure one needs to be a rocket scientist to pay proper attention to something before sharing a (hilariously trollish) opinion about it.

          • IPHONE 4EVA

            Richard Yarrell chose Android. Nuff said.

          • Greeny

            You do realise that this is just stock Android Photoshopped on a LG Optimus G right ?
            Tell me that you don’t believe that THAT was the rumoured next Nexus ?
            If you do so, then, you’re just some stupid troll…

          • Ray

            just stop typing. you are wasting bandwidth. -_-

      • Nate B.

        You own an iPhone and your talking about other devices being outdated? And nothing of specs were mentioned in this article and your talking about outdated? The iPhone always comes out with specs that other phone already have and your talking about outdated? Phones with next level specs are coming and your talking about outdated?

        To not be bothered I have to remember that people like you come here to just start stuff. To bad we all don’t think like you.

      • Jim

        This.. is a joke, right? I mean, the iPhone 5 is the outdated phone. No NFC. Finally has NFC. Still a small screen, but at least not pathetically small a la the 4S and below. The iPhone 5 barely competes with the Galaxy Nexus on features, a phone that has been out for nearly a year – let alone the One X and S3.

        • Noobs

          Hate to break it to you but the iPhone 5 has smashed the performance of every phone ever created. The iPhone 4S has the second fastest GPU, still, of any phone in America, only behind the iPhone 5, despite being a year old. Ouch.

          • Greyhame

            All that power and still no multi-tasking. What a shame.

          • Able Lawrence

            iPhone 5 barely goes above Galaxy S3 and Nexus 7 (1601, 1599 and 1583 are the scores)
            Wait till Jelly Beans comes on Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 will be shot out of the water. The iPhone running iOS6 should be compared with jelly beans

          • nexus

            You troll. This is an android website. Go back home to your fruits!

          • Somebody

            Different operating system means that different SOFTWARE is being used to come up with those benchmarks, which…. have a DIFFERENT SCALE!!!!

            You can’t compare one to another in this manner. You can compare Android phones to Android phones, you can compare iTrash to iTrash. You cannot compare Android to iTrash.

            The technical specifications of the latest iTrash device are *NOT THAT SPECIAL*. Its a dual-core A9 with a couple of A15 features added in. Android phones are running up to QUAD-core A9′s or dual core FULL A15′s. Both will literally run CIRCLES around apple’s latest chip. There is no contest here.

            On top of that, the apple phones are crippled by powervr’s substandard GPUs. There are some Android phones that contain the same junky powervr GPUs, but more are getting vastly superior MALI or ADRENO circuits. Adreno shares common roots with AMD RADEON, which is THE top GPU.

      • Ardrid

        Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? Have you even seen the stat sheet on the LG Optimus G? Let me help you out:

        Snapdragon S4 Pro (1.5GHz Quad-core Krait + LTE + Adreno 320)
        4.7″ TrueHD IPS In-Cell Display @ 1280×768 pixels (317 ppi)
        2GB RAM
        32GB Storage
        13MP Rear Camera

        In a word: beast. That device would smack the hell out of the iPhone 5 and wouldn’t even break a sweat. Next time do some research before you try to troll.

      • walker

        Have you even used an Android phone before? What do you mean by “Im surprised they cant stick together a good phone…” Can or can’t?

        • cb2000a

          Kind of foolish to go on this site and try to trash Android. In any case above comments are true and Apple’s best days are behind it. The innovation is now in Google’s court.

          • NotRelevent

            Ha apple’s “best days” were wasted trying to litigate Android out of the market, instead coming up with something exciting.

      • anon

        Fuck your gayphone kindly and gently.

      • rovex

        Funnily enough ‘they’ already did stick together a phone to compete with the ip5, but it was released about 18 months ago. The iP5 is so old and creaky its criminal that they think they can charge a premium for it.

      • CactusCat

        Yep, that iFhoney 5 looks so much different from the previous one, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that. Yep, all those Androids look exactly the same don’t they? Troll… Your maps apps got you lost while you were looking for Apple sites and you ended up here. Get a real phone and that won’t happen again. BTW, Tim is calling you again. Best go see what he wants this time.

      • golfpedaler

        Someone PLEASE slaughter this lamb…I’m tired of the “Apple” sheep wandering away from their flock!!!

        • Ajit Kumar Singh

          damm !! where in world did you came up with this line
          “Apple” sheep wandering away from their flock!!! ???
          I was laughing so hard my stomach started to ache :D :D

      • sgtguthrie


      • E

        i know better than to feed the trolls but i just could not resist this one buddy all you done is bye an outdated android phone we had all dose features two years ago and still had more and to make it more hilarious IOS6 is the same boring look since 2007 -_- and is the worst yet whit its fake wanna be google maps that makes things look like your in inception the movie when you are ready to remove the apple stuck you know where then you will understand true innovation i got older blackberries more advance than the iphone 5

      • 010101

        just wanted to say
        look who is talking.
        difference between your iphone5 and 2 years old iphone4 is 1 additional row.
        best wishes
        technology lover :)

      • yankeesusa

        Really? Let me guess, the iphone was your first phone and all you do on it is watch videos and text? Maybe if you could actually use the iphone for business and not just play you could say what you said but until then there are plenty of phones out there that can run laps around the iphone, example, I was purchasing a home and was using real estate apps on my android and my wife on her iphone. Lets just say that throughout the whole process my android was the one that got the work done. Even she got frustrated with the iphones lack of options within an app. Although its a nice phone and works smoothly, to me its just a toy wanting to be a tool.

      • crazymonkey

        really? who are you trying to fool? yourself?


      RYDER CUP GOLF 2012


      • CactusCat

        And this has to do with what? You’re on the wrong website golf boy.

    • Scott

      Wil this be Nexus be sold on U.S carriers or just throughout google Play????

  • kwills88

    I really hope the next android release is a just a rumor and nothing more, developers are just now barely updating most of their apps to support JB and ICS still hasnt even account for 40% of users..i think a release for a new version of android would be more welcomed next year around the time they released JB..But i really do hope to see what the upcoming nexus phone(s) will be.

    • Arthur

      It makes sense that the next Android release will be refining ICS/JB even further while adding more native and distinctive features so 4.2 makes sense. Full Android releases usually don’t happen more then once a year and even though ICS was introduced last year exactly with Galaxy Nexus, JB was released less then 6 months ago which in some ways did more for Android in putting them on par with iOS in terms of UI refinement then ICS did over Gingerbread.

    • nerdshowandtell

      had all these android phones been just Nexus phones, the’re would be a lot more with JB on them :P – so use that to make your next purchase.. Purchase nexus or nothing.

    • orangestrat

      Google shouldn’t sit on code just because Samsung and HTC can’t keep up. They need to stay ahead of Microsoft and apple. Waiting won’t speed up ICS adoption, it’ll take eight months to get out there no matter when they start, so they should start the wait as soon as they can.

      • kwills88

        I agree on the first half of that, i just dont think they should release another update name change for the year, maybe android version 4.1.2 or something around those lines and just add some enhancements to JB since it was already just a small update to begin with..add some more features to Google now and Google search, tweak the Market a bit and we have our self a pretty good update for the end of the year.


      I could not live with this constant fragmentation, its annoying.
      My iPhone does not have this.
      Thank god for Apple.
      Thank god we can avoid this.

      • NotRelevent

        Hows that iPhone 3GS with iOS6 working for ya. Oh wait…

        • kennyo112

          And that is the obvious fragmentation, how about when they hide fragmentation by upgrading the device to the newest OS but leave out key features. i.e. leaving out Siri on the iphone 4

      • redraider133

        so you are happy with a watered down version of the update? I mean only the 4s and up got turn by turn navigation, at least with android when you get an update you get all the features not just ones they pick and choose to include. Apple is just as fragmented as android.

        • Noobs

          On Android hardly any devices get any upgrade at all. Ever. Even new devices come with outdated software.

          At least with Apple even the 3GS gets supported 3 years on.

          It may miss features like ‘Siri’ but basically every voice control app available on Android is also available on iOS – and at least the updates come with the rest of features.

          Also – features like Siri / Panorama have nothing whatsoever to do with fragmentation. They can all run the same app API’s and they all have similar screen resolutions / dimensions. Android – not so much.

          • Able Lawrence

            On Android people who buy flagship devices tend to get updates for a few years. It is the cheaper phones that dont get updated. Buyers should bettter have been aware of it while saving money

          • Glitch

            Except they can. Google’s published frameworks to add most new functionality to older versions.

            There’s very, very few apps that won’t run on a 2 year old phone running Gingerbread

      • rovex

        Thank god you dont have to think and can let apple do it for you. Its clearly not your strong point.

      • CactusCat

        The people that buy Volkswagons say exactly the same thing as you. No change, parts interchangeable. Each years version is slightly different than the previous one, but accoladed as a new revolution. Sheesh, go drink some more koolaid. Pathetic post troll.

      • LAmDroid

        …because you use 3 or more android devices everyday? .. because you’re a developer for the android platform? because you use multiple generations of the iphone everyday? iOS5 is fragmented, iOS6 is fragmented. it’s the nature of new technology vs old technology. Just because you call it the same name, doesnt make it the same.

        if “regular” people dont care about specs and dont care about having the next bleeding edge hardware..
        for regular ppl, fragmentation doesn’t exist.

        fragmentation is an issue for those who are aware of the latest Android release, who are developing for multiple devices, who dont want to be left behind next to their neighbors’ devices.
        with the iphone, you’re already left behind before it’s even released.

        wake up or shut up.

        • Noobs

          Fragmentation is not what you think it is.

          Fragmentation is a problem for DEVELOPERS, having to adapt to a multitude of different screen sizes, ratios, API’s and performance.

          With Apple and iOS – all of these problems are very much reduced, partially because they support older devices far better and partly because the hardware is more closely aligned.

          • Greyhame

            You can’t be serious. The iphone, iphone 3/3g, 4/4s, and 5 all have different resolutions. That’s four different resolutions right there, and I haven’t even mentioned the ipads. What’s worse, ios does not automatically scale to different resolutions like android does. Hence the letter boxing on the ip5. You live up to your name.

      • walker

        Why are you here just to troll around in foreign territory? If you’re not going coming up with a valid argument in defense of your little iphone… Save your prayers and stop your ridiculous, baseless complaints.

      • domi1

        Sure and why we don’t all drive the same car, live in the same house and wear the same clothes..

        You are an idiot, the type Apple makes a fortune of.

      • Somebody

        Hi there.
        Do you know that ‘fragmentation’ is just a word that apple made up to downplay something that Android does BETTER than they do?

        That’s right, “fragmentation” is a GOOD thing.

        Basically, it works like this;
        You are not me, and I am not you, therefore what each of us needs out of a phone is NOT THE SAME. “Fragmentation” means that somebody makes a phone that does what YOU need it to do, and somebody (maybe somebody else) makes a phone that does what ***I*** need it to do — we are both satisfied.

        The ‘apple way’ is to treat ALL of their customers like they are all teenage girls trying desperately to get pregnant and catch syphilis. That might be an adequate solution for you, if that is what you happen to be, but from my perspective, it is absolutely USELESS. Good thing Android has ‘fragmentation’.

        Android’s strength, apple’s weakness.

        Guess you never figured out why apple’s market share tends to settle at or below 10% in the long run. This is why. They don’t have the fragmentation they need to dominate.

  • Arthur

    I am really hoping for the Optimus G to be the next flagship Nexus device. Not only does LG need this even if traditionally Nexus devices haven’t sold in huge numbers but also the hardware of the Optimus G is something I would put in the league of the Lumia 920 in terms of actual innovation. The display is using in-cell technology, similar to the iPhone 5 and Lumia 920, first device to feature the S4 Pro CPU which is set to be the highest performing SoC in the Android world for the time being. 4.7″ display which for me personally is perfect, was thinking of getting a GSM Unlocked Galaxy Nexus being a 720p 4.65″ display. Also the Optimus G features new battery technology that ensure’s more recharges throughout the life of the battery. Is it too obvious that I am wanting this phone? Bad? lol

    • Nate B.

      I wouldn’t mind those specs, but I certainly would like to keep the native shape of the Nexus phone. That simple slate look is boring to me. I would like premium material but the same Nexus curve design.

      • JayB95

        Exactly what I’m thinking. Love the specs but the design not so much. These flat lg designs look like drinking flasks. I love the design of the GNex. I hope the next version is just an updated GNex design. Like the way they went from the Nexus S to the GNex. It’s a totally new design but they still kept that oval sleek Nexus look.

  • Roland

    I hope the next nexus is not just the Lg and we get the 5.0

  • TheBatman

    That would make for a really sweet device. Bring on the Next Nexus!

  • kwills88

    I am kinda worried these are just exclusive to the Korean Model, if so, it would be a silly move by Samsung to pull something like that, hoping this will be a global thing and not an exclusive.

    • kwills88

      ugh, sorry i posted in the wrong section :(

  • roland

    I’ll just be happy to see the next nexus

  • frettfreak

    i love android and google for real but this release schedule HAS GOT TO SLOW DOWN!!! we barely have 10% of android devices running ICS (which is ALREADY outdated) and now another in the same year they released jellybean?? its getting beyond ridiculous. they need to fix whatever they can to get the damn updates out to THEIR CURRENT CUSTOMERS before moving on. I know its not google pushing the updates, but they need to spearhead SOMEHTHING to get more updates to more people in MUUUUUUUUUCH less time.


    • Taylor Wimberly

      I think comments like yours are the reason why this next release will not be called 5.0.

      • Arthur

        I agree that the release cycle is moving too fast but it is not Google’s fault that OEM’s are not upgrading at the pace of the Nexus devices. Google has done everything they could to spoon feed these OEM’s on how to get updates on their phones. If it wasn’t for the carriers in most cases and OEM skins that are overlayed on their phones then upgrading would be faster and smoother process. My only skinned device was my first HTC Android device and that was my last, have owned a Nexus device ever since and never worried about having the latest Android version on my phone. I don’t see any incentive to gain a few unique in most cases gimmicky OS features be it from Samsung, HTC or Motorola and give up timely Google Android releases.

      • frettfreak

        and there is the greatness and the crux of android…. choice. if we all ever only bought nexus devices we would have iphones… thats not the point. Its so that people can have a large eco system and LOTS of devices to choose from. Is it Googles fault? NO, its by design. HOWEVER, they have HARDLY “spoon fed” anyone. MOST manufactures get to start working with the latest and greatest android version when google releases it to everyone else. they JUST released the early access with Jelly bean to SOME manufactures and it OBVIOUSLY wasnt enough.

        Like it or not its IS up to google. ultimately, android is THEIR product.

        and WHO CARES what its called. 5.0 4.5 6.9… doesnt matter. its another version of android out faster than most can get the latest to their current phones. ask verizon customer how their jellybean updated nexus has been… oh yeah… for the last week…. like it or not, that WAS and IS supposed to be a nexus device and they couldnt even get the update to them on a timely matter. was it googles fault…?? not hardly!! However, in most consumers eyes (READ: not android enthusiasts.. REGULAR people and users) “google cant update their phones”. Like it or not, thats just how it is. People see this and compare it to Apples crap ass marketing bullshit and think “wow, apple brought the newest OS to even their old devices” which WE all know isnt entirely true, but we are not the masses. this is just how it is.

        • noneabove

          Well the releasing early is actually starting with the next version of android iirc

      • Ardrid

        It would make absolutely no sense for Google to release Android 5.0 (KLP) this soon after JB. What purpose would that serve other than to increase fragmentation and aggravate developers? JB is currently available on less than 2% of Android devices. I suspect that has a lot more to do with why Google isn’t releasing Android 5.0…

      • Sapphire3g

        Remember Eclair (2.0, 2.0.1, 2.1), Froyo (2.2, 2.2.1, 2.2.2), and Gingerbread (2.3, up to 2.3.7)? The major releases were not huge incremental jumps in version numbers. This is the same pattern Google has followed with versions. Google threw a curve ball when they released the N7 with the new version number when in the pattern it was just an OS update in the past. Froyo was released in the summer like Jelly Bean was. Then Google announced the Nexus S a few months later.

    • nerdshowandtell

      Stop blaming Google / Android for this – blame the manufacturers and carriers.. thats why you don’t have the latest version of android.. Buy nexus, and stop giving them reasons to make anything BUT pure android devices.

      • frettfreak

        a lot of people happen to like some of the skinned devices. I think HTC did an awesome job with sense 4.0+ and if every android was the same, vanilla android, android just wouldnt be where it is today and thats a FACT.

        • paul

          but then take your skinned device and be happy with it. you bought it, heck you could have bought symbian, the only difference that is makes is that yours can run android apps. but then why complaining about updates? enjoy your touchwiz, enjoy sense – you’ll still be able to run anything in the market. why is it so important for you anyway, even if your manufacturer updates, what you get is not jellybean and certainly not key lime pie. you get sense 4 or touchwiz 8 based on the android dalvik framework 4.1 or whatever – who fucking cares.

          i made my choice aswell, i buy nexus only and i wouldnt even consider a non nexus device. for all i care they can release a new update every week.

      • Noobs

        If you hold the logic that the manufacturer and Android are distinct entities, then you also can’t attribute the success of Android to screen size, performance, SD card readers, replaceable batteries, microUSB, etc

        It’s the success of the hardware, not the OS.

    • skeeterflea

      I don’t understand this type of logic. Why should Android slow down to the carriers speed? Android leapfrogging the carriers is a sign of the carriers inability to deliver and innvate. Why would any tech orientated person ever ask for developers to “slow down” and stop innovating? Especially in a Nexus thread…

      • frettfreak

        wow… everyone really needs to put their tech geek hats down for a bit and look at the situation from an average consumer… and no one said stop innovating. why not put out fewer OS upgrades yearly, but have more innovation and better thing per update?? innovation doesnt slow down based on release cycle.. just releases.

    • Nate B.

      If you own a Nexus then you won’t have to worry about this, but we’ve all seen what a carrier branded Nexus can do. Also, not everyone wants a Nexus phone, so they need to BOSS up and come out with some solution to update carrier branded skin phones all in the same month something new is announced. They need to show something off and have it in customers hands a week later (OS and Phone)

      • paul

        what can they do, not make you install yourself via googles own installing service? a friend of mine on nex verizon had jb running mere hours after the jb. verizon couldnt do shit about that. (-;

    • Foxy

      The sooner you realize that Nexus is the real Android phone, the better it is for you.

    • Somebody


  • mimstyle

    LG make thé first nexus in the world not updated lol

  • seven2k

    Oh man I needed some rumors. Looks like its bye bye Sprint. I’m done with locked phones.

  • TheTruthSquad

    I would like to see them bring out a new Android release because my Motorola Bionic would then be three releases out of date. Would Google bring out a new Android before they release ICS for the Bionic? Verizon would have no problem with that but I am not sure Google would.

    By the way, maps on the Bionic are perfect. How is Apple doing with their map system?

    • Nate B.

      Google has nothing to do with your Bionic. Ask Moto.

      • NotRelevent

        Actually google has everything to do with the bionic, and every other Moto device…since Motorola and Google are the same thing now :P

        • rovex

          NOW, yes, not when released.

    • Noobs

      ‘How is Apple doing with their map system?’

      Given that any Apple user can use, or any of tens of free navigation apps such as Waze – combined with the fact that Apple maps itself works perfectly for most people, and now has Turn by Turn which Google refused to license to Apple – I’d say they’re doing better than they were before.

  • elooie

    I mentioned this on phandroid and android police but no believed/listened to me.

    I saw one of the new nexus devices on my way to work thursday morning. I was on the sutter bus (2 line) towards the FiDi here in SF and a guy was sitting in front of where I was standing and was playing with what looked like a GS3 but with software buttons on the front. I asked him what it was and he said “Uhh… Nexus” and then he immediately put it away. He was having a great time messing with it until I freaked him out. It looked like it was running JB but maybe 4.2 is small change in build like 4.1. He was also running what looked like swiftkey in the standard keyboard.

    the new nexus is for real but I didnt see any branding so I couldnt tell you if it was LG or Samsung.

    • bob

      Can u tell us more what was the color,screen size etc

      • elooie

        yeah, It was slightly bigger than my GNexus and had a silver metal looking ring around the sides similar to the GS3 and it was all black and about as thin as a GS3.

        To be honest I thought it was a GS3 running a custom JB Mod until I realized it had 3 software buttons and no hardware buttons on it. He was sitting on a chair facing the middle of the bus and I was standing in front of him because there werent any seats left. The front was all black with no labeling and the back was all black but similar shape on the sides to a GS3 but he put it in his pocket the minute he realized I had outed him.

        My office is about 2 blocks from the google office in SF. He was probably playing with his new phone on his way to work.

        • Bob

          Interesting let’s hope what u said is the next nexus

      • elooie

        I’ll also mention he was app switching really quickly and looks like it was a powerful little device. I’m pretty sure it will be my next phone. I was pretty impressed.

    • Ray


  • Al

    Yes please. Need a new phone desperately, still rocking the Nexus One and have run out of internal memory. Galaxy Nexus wasn’t really my cup of tea sadly

  • Mark Mywords

    ohoh those fragmentation issues are going to kill android….ask the few remaining developers

    • ericl5112

      As one of the however many tens of thousands of developers on android, you are wrong. You can write an app that will run on 1.6 and takes advantage of Jellybean features with little to no difficulty. It might even be down to 1.5, but I don’t believe so.

      • Saif

        It’s very easy to support another Version. Just change the Build SDK to the newest version & Minimum to 8 (I support till Android 2.2).

        • ericl5112

          True, but the reason I stated 1.6 was I think that’s the earliest version the compatibility library supports.

  • Ardrid

    The rumor certainly supports the running theory that Google will not be releasing another version of Android this year, which makes perfect sense considering that JB is available on less than 2% of devices.

    With that out of the way, I’m praying this rumor is true. I’ve been waiting a long time to grab a Nexus. I’m praying it’s HTC, LG, or Sony. Google: Time to bring the Nexus back to the top of the mountain!

  • Jeff

    Google software with LG hardware seems like a great combination and making the next Nexus a variant of the LG Optimus G is certain to make the hardware enthusiasts feel like Christmas has come early.

  • Kyle

    Can’t wait to see the next Nexus devices, been waiting to hear some more news on what Google is cooking in the kitchen. @Taylor, I understand Google not wanting to come out with a full version release, wouldn’t make much sense if you look at past OS releases.

  • fc1032

    Just really hope the build quality is good.

  • Thomas “P-nut” Pierson

    I just hate that we at verizon will have to suffer and not get it, guess after this year I will do the gsm and breakup with verizon,sorry bigred – your gonna have to bite the unlockable bootloader bullet or your gonna lose those certain percentiles that want a unlockable device….

  • Gsizzle84

    Honestly inspite of other rumours giving LG rights to make the next Nexus flagship is bogus. I hope its not the ONLY device thats revealed as the part of Nexus ecosystem. But If it is I will be sticking with my GNex.

  • jamal adam

    O My Lord!! This is some exciting stuff. I can’t wait to see what Google has in store for the next Nexus.

  • HiyaBuddy

    Android manufacturers should take the galaxy s 3 approach screw the variations except for the obvious different radios. Also too many low end phones are causing fragmentation. Instead each manufacturer should have phones focused on two contract subsidy price points. A $99 and a $199 that way the lesser phone should still have the hardware to handle a major upgrade. Also, come on manufacturers the custom skin and ui days are over at least give the option to have a stock rom or the factory rom on the phone just like htc did with the evo 4g. Android users want a choice yes, but we also would like timely updates and not have our phones left behind 2 or 3 software versions because of a lack of support.

  • Nathan D.

    Can’t wait to see the new nexus phone and what new fixes / features Google made in 4.2

  • renyo

    I want Cortex-ARM 15!

    • NotRelevent

      No such thing unless you mean Cortex-A15.

      • renyo

        My bad! I meant A15…

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    If you click the “next nexus” link you will see it all adds up. Rumor is its coming in November, and there are many LG Nexus rumors. I’ve said before but I’d prefer the HTC nexus, that is unless the lg nexus has a 1080p screen and 5″ screen. I’ll be buying it regardless, I do hope this new jelly bean has group messaging and/or better emoji support.

  • Noel

    HTC all the way for me…i hope the rumor that popped up a few days ago saying the rumored HTC X5 (Nexus 5) will be the next Nexus with an improved Android Jelly Bean pans out. But I also think the Samsung GT-i9260 will be a good candidate for a Nexus device and so too is a variant of the Optimus G. Looking more and more like there will be more than one Nexus device with probably one of the OEMs going first with Android 4.1.2/4.2 and will still be called JB. I think there must be a reason why HTC did not out any of their rumored Android devices on their last event on 9/19. Either way a Nexus from HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony or even Moto, will be welcomed…or maybe some of the OEMs will just release flagship devices with pure Android JB. Probably too soon for KLP, may be wrong.

  • orangestrat

    When I was begging for more nexus rumors, I didn’t want you to crush my heart with LG :’( I’m tired of Samsung, but I don’t want Sammy’s dumber uglier brother. I want a nexus with a great design, not something even more dull. I could care less about the internals, they already made the galaxy nexus into a star performer with sub par hardware. Why can’t all those whisperings of Sony and HTC pan out?

  • Remo1

    Damn you rumors!! I got about 1\3 the way article and started to think..”I learned nothing” .. Screw the iPhone. BTW, should have waited for the Acer Iconia Tab…

  • Usman

    I thought that HTC was rumored to be releasing a 5″ Nexus device….

  • vforvortex

    Android is based on Linux. Nexus is a pure Android version. All others are Android-based devices. Yes its true that jb is only on 2% , but thats 2% of all types of android. how many nexus devices run JB? :)

    my main point though is: I understand the mentality of people wanting google to slow down their updates because jb is not fully widespread and most are in ics. i dont care either if they call it 4.2 or 5.0 but the main concern to me is when people say slow down innovation so others can keep up. This is not how technology evolves. You keep up or someone else will find a way to keep up and/or take your place.

  • Scott

    Are we really gullible enough to believe they’re going to release another device that’s “Rectangular shaped with rounded edges”?? Wake up everyone, we all remember how many goofy looking blurry Galaxy S3′s we saw before they blind sided everyone with the final product. And a 13MP Camera? Apple didn’t really set the bar too high with the iPhone 5, so why should everyone else come out with a crazy “Quad Core-2GBs of RAM-13MP Camera-Godzilla Phone” when all they have to do is “one-up” Apple? Don’t mean to crush anyone’s dreams, but I’ll wait for a final announcement before I get over hyped like I did when everyone was buzzing about the “Nexus Prime”…

  • Alex

    I just hope it has a camera that’s up to snuff with what’s out there today. The Galaxy Nexus’ speed and fluidity is already good enough for me. Not sure if I’d like LG to make it though. I think HTC should give it another go. Agree?

  • Victor

    I hope the new nexus won’t be the LG, but the rumored HTC One x5 (phablet).

    • Raptor


  • Jason B

    The next Nexus needs to be available from Google directly UNLESS carriers give full control of that device to Google. I bought a Nexus S through Sprint and the updates have been dreadfully slow in arriving. I know Verizon users have had to wait longer. (No I didn’t buy my Nexus to root and flash other modded OS’s on it – I actually like pure stock Android – but I think it is awesome that the community can have this option to customize their phone … something an Apple phone will NEVER do).

    A Nexus device needs to be totally under Mountain View’s control so their geniuses can be as creative as possible.

  • lilmoe

    Give me a Nexus with the following specs and I’ll easily ditch my SGS3 in an instant.

    - HD screen, 4.5″-4.7″ MAX (please no 5 mega inches)
    - Snapdragon S4 Pro (with Adreno 320) processor
    - 2GB of RAM.
    - 2000mah battery at least (preferrebly removable, but if you must make a uni-body design, please make it 2500mah at least)
    - 16/32GB storage AND SD card slot
    - 1.3mp ffc, and a 8mp back camera is good for me (though a good quality sensor/lense would be great, at least matching the SGS2)
    - A good design with Samsung, HTC, Sony, or Motorola branding (not interested in LG, sorry)

    I’m not asking for the impossible, right? The Droid Razr HD is already there except for the S4 Pro processor, the a sleeker design like the Galaxy Nexus would be much more preferable.

    • iamXiV92a

      Your spec list sounds great to me, but the SD slot won’t happen on a Nexus, sorry (looking at past versions all without SD slots)

      • vforvortex

        I concur.

  • Abel

    I’m quite sure the next nexus is the HTC Nexus 5
    There have been rumors of htc 5 inch device with ON SCREEN BUTTONS
    Today sharp said they are starting to manufacture 5inch 1080p screens(nexus 5 screen)

    The nexus 5 tip also said it would be running point release of jelly bean(which is same as the rumor in this article)

    If htc nexus 5 has little bezel, it could still be less than a phablet.

    • Raptor

      1080p phablet (441ppi 5″ or larger) is the only i’m looking for. Let midgets play with their 720p shit

  • Orion78

    I would love the ”Nexus 5” from HTC. Hopefully if there’s multiple devices, all the phones have that sexy curved design.

  • Max.Steel


  • Michael

    *** NOTE ***

    If it is a rumor from android and me and no other source has reported on it it then it is a blatant lie to get drum up traffic to their site.

    ** END NOTE ***

  • Mix

    Hrmm to wait for this or to buy a used SG3 for $350.

    • Ardrid

      Wait. A new Nexus will be $350-450, likely $400.

      • Mix

        Well that sounds awesome, done and done!

    • vforvortex

      Wait. No reason to buy a sg3 and having the feeling of having an outdated device in 30 days.

  • jason

    that would suck for me as i recently got the nexus but luckily i didnt sign a contract (although a Tmobile value plan of $60 for unlimited data is very tempting but not for a 2 year deal)

    There are many problems with the phone that are disappointing and I wish it would have been HSPA+42 compatible at a minimum instead of the +21 which is mainly 3G

    The biggest issue that seems unfixable is the huge volume problems. Forums all over the net are commenting on how low the volume is. I dont know if this is only affecting some handsets, but on mine the high setting is about the same as the lowest setting on my old phone. Honestly, its a deal breaker. I dont know if its hardware, software or what. (Theres an app that is supposed to help with these issues but its not JB compatible so its of no use)..Its hard to hear ringtones and notifications…especially in public – even in a quiet store…and at home, if IM in another room, I can no longer hear anything. Many game sounds cannot be heard at all…and streaming Google Music is a waste. Ive only had the phone for a month but its been out a year now so the problem shoudve been addressed by now – especially from a company as large as Google. It is really a bummer as volume is a deal breaker for me on a (smart) phone so if it doesnt get fixed within the next 2 or so months, Im gonna have to sell it – and if the iphone5 issues get resolved, may finally switch to ios because every Android Ive had always has problems…that arent ever resolved…with poor support

  • Tom Peterson

    The date is perfect. Just after Windows 8 and WP8 release dates, which means it will immediately kill some of the buzz for those. Hopefully the devices will be available for review as well.

  • RonWeez

    The name of the device isn’t a big deal to me but I think Google should make nexus the prominent part of their devices name. Like nexus one nexus s nexus 7. I think galaxy nexus reminds the casual consumer of the galaxy s series. So I hope the next nexus isnt the”optimus nexus” for example

  • Scoobie

    The more I read, the more I think that the next Nexus phone will be the Sammy 9260. Why would the current Nexus be the 9250, and then the 9260 would be the SGS2+? That doesn’t make much sense.

    Google doesn’t want to crush Samsung and their GS3 by releasing a Super-Nexus – that would be really stupid since Sammy sells a ton of S3s with Google’s OS. As with the Nexus 7, I think Google will release a “good enough” Nexus 2 at a reasonable price. The Nexus 7 at 199 is a damn steal compared to iPad prices, and it is priced in line with Amazon’s cheap-but-good Fire HD devices.

    Google obviously wants to sell some Nexus devices, and they’d be shooting themselves in the foot by targeting the high-end segment. They also know from the 9250 that more people will just buy the SGS3 if the price of the Nexus 2 isn’t lower.

    Or, I may be talking out of my arse.

  • some internet dude

    That’s one good looking handset. Bring it on Google.

    Android rules.

  • Bryan

    Seeing that the next iteration of Android will be 4.2 I don’t see Google releasing a powerful new Nexus. I do however see them taking the Galaxy Nexus and upgrading its specs. I’m hoping I’m wrong and that they will be releasing some quad core beast of a Nexus because I would surely jump on that as soon as it was released. I have been a Nexus owner for a year now and this is the first phone that I have never loomed back with.

    • Orion78

      If that’s the case then it doesnt make any sense to get this phone. I’ll just wait to till 2013.

  • itsteetimechaps

    i want a new nexus with the optimus G specs but not so much everything else about the optimus g

  • h0ruza

    …And counting! :)

  • yankeesusa

    Just give me the note 2 with 5.0 and I’m good. Can’t wait to get mine this year.

  • d

    Is it certain it won’t be on Sprint or Verizon?

  • mudexo

    Hopefully the rumors are true. Galaxy Nexus is fine, but needs some more oomph.

  • Nick

    So……. Whatever happened to all the HTC and Nexus 5 hubub? Has that one fallen apart now or something?

  • runekey

    Oh god my sides. *Penelope*89 got everyone good! Obvious troll is obvious.
    Way to go *Penelope*89! “a friend of mine told me each android smartphone is different! Each interface looks different, can you believe that? I dont want this at all.” I fucking laughed so hard

  • MoSDeeb

    Can’t wait for the Nexus to be announced. This really has been a quite lead up to the reveal with no real concrete leaks as of yet.

  • fc1032

    (/o_o)/ Why don’t we take all the internal specs of an Optimus G

    \(o_o\) And put it into a nicely designed HTC body.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Lseries design from LG looks nice. But I still think (externally) a Lumia or OneX is better looking.

  • Android 20

    want an android phone. :-)

  • Android 20

    give me an android phone. :-)

  • Android 20

    hope they create a Blackberry with an Android OS.

    • brandnew234

      Like the rumored BB Aristo, but with KLP?

  • brandnew234

    The rumors I’d guess, the least to greatest:

    (by Samsung) Galaxy Nexus 2: 1.5GHz, duel core Exyons 4212 chipset with Mali 4212 GPU, 1GB RAM, 5mp camera, 8/16GB flash storage (non-expandable), 2100mAh battery(ish), 4.65″ 720p (316 ppi) AMOLED screen Pentile matrix, 200/250 USD off-contract.

    (by LG) Nexus Optimus: 1.5GHz quad core S4 Pro chipset with Adreno 320 GPU, 1-2GB RAM, 8mp camera, 8/16GB flash storage (non-expandable), 2200mAh battery(ish), 4.7″ 720p (318 ppi) LCD IPS, 300/350 USD off-contract.

    (by HTC) Nexus 5: 1.5GHz quad core S4 Pro chipset with Adreno 320 GPU, 2GB RAM, 8mp camera, 64GB flash storage (non-expandable), 2500mAh battery(ish), 5″ 1080p (443 ppi) LCD TFT, 400-450 USD off contract

    (by Asus) Nexus 10: 1.7GHz Tegra 3+ with 12 core Nvidia GPU, 2GB RAM, 2mp front-facing camera, 16/32GB flash storage (non expandable), 25Wh, 10″ 1200×1920 (224ppi) Super IPS+ LCD, 300/350 USD off contract (+50 for LTE variant?)

    Before you down-rank this, this is NOT factual, but it’s also not THAT far-fetched and mainly based in rumors which have already surfaced.

    • brandnew234

      Oops, the Nexus 5 is rumored to have a 12mp camera, not 8.


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