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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note II heading to AT&T on October 21st


When the Samsung Galaxy S II was unveiled in late August, Samsung announced that the phone would make its way to European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets in October with US availability coming “later in 2012.” Today we’re hearing that “later in 2012″ may actually be a little sooner than we originally expected. According to the latest rumor, AT&T will start selling the Samsung Galaxy Note II on October 21st.

AT&T has yet to make the date official and we’re still hoping the Samsung Galaxy S II will also be making an appearance on Verizon and other US carriers. Since the original Note was such a huge success, we expect the Note II will be one of the most popular Android devices during this year’s holiday season. The only real complaint we’ve heard about the device is that it may be a tad too large.

How many of you are tempted to trade in your phone and tablet for a single 5.5-inch device?

Source: BGR

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  • Bryan Stoner

    Tempted to the max.

    • Michelle

      No thanks, i already got my new iPhone 5 in September. Maybe next time Samsung.

      • cb2000a

        Your loss…the Note and now the Note 2 are fantastic phones that are much more innovative than what the iphone has become.

        • Sudanese zionist

          The note 2 is too big, you cant hold it right. Apple got it right

      • yankeesusa

        Iphone 5? Great, it looks like you’ll finally have features that android has had for several months and for at least a year or 2 on others. I understand the iphone 5 is a good looking phone with ok features but I hope your only reason for getting it is not just ” because its apple”. I was really close to getting it to if the features that were introduced were groundbreaking but I will stick with galaxy s note 2 or sgs3 since they several features that should have been on the iphone 5 but apple decided not to include it so that people get iphone 6. Oh well, keep paying high money for 2010 updates. good for you.

    • WlfHart

      That would mean I’d be less likely to get impatient and nab the international version…

  • Reuben

    I will be trading in my E4GTouch for this beautiful beast… better specs, bigger screen for me means just a better overall experience for multimedia, internet, games and pics as well as the novelty of the “S” Pen….woooo! Hurry to Sprint!

  • Michael Sanborn

    I too will trade my e4gt and beg Sprint for an upgrade to grab this gorgeous device. Failing that, might be doing some shopping on eBay

  • BigCiX


    • yankeesusa

      The new nexus sounds enticing but I myself like the different ui overlays especially htc sense. But ever since the gs3 samsung has won me over and I’m still using the evo3d. I’m just waiting to see what other phones sammy will have before end of year. If its just the sgs3 and galaxy note 2 then I will most likely be getting one of those. I guess I will see if the 5″ note 2 is too big for my taste.

  • R.S

    Minor typo in the first sentence of both the first and the second paragraph. Samsung Galaxy S II was written instead of Samsung Galaxy S Note II.

    I hope that Samsung doesn’t grant (more like sell) timed exclusivity to AT&T. If they release it on all four major US carriers, it’s bound to sell a heck of a lot more than it’s predecessor.

  • Nathan D.

    Sooner the better for them and us :-)

  • Raptor

    Hurry Sams to sell somethuing at all before Apple legally ban it or HTC superphablet make it obsolete


    is anybody knows if is coming for sprint? …..
    or is just AT&T and Verizon?

    • cb2000a

      All four networks will get one this time around.

    • Reuben

      RICHO…….yes the Galaxy Note 2 will be coming to Sprint as it has already been spotted in the manifest for future phones coming soon.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I am awaiting mines on Tmobile on the first day of launch. This bitch slaps any silly iphone that’s for sure. The perfect total entertainment device

    • Martin III (Richard Yarrell fanboy & worshipper)

      We love you Mr Yarrell, you are the main reason i returned to this blog.
      Your insights are ingenious, a wise man with a plan.
      Plz continue to post here, it always puts a smile on my face and do NOT listen to your enemy-bashers, you are the true star.

      Do you have a fan club?

      Kind regards.

  • Sargon

    T-Mobile doesn’t sell mines, IEDs, or other explosive devices, dumbass. They’re a telecom company, not a weapons manufacturer. My God, you’re fucking stupid.

  • JAMman

    My challenge is…do I drop my unlimited Verizon plan to nab the Note II on AT&T, wait for it to reach Verizon and switch to their Share Everything plan but cap my data, or pay probably $800 or more for the Note II at Verizon and keep my unlimited plan. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

    • yankeesusa

      That is a tough choice. Keep unlimited data and pay and arm and leg and have the best lte on the market with verizon or get the subsidized pricing and loose unlimited. All i know is that att should not be an option. I would rather choose sprint over att.

  • yankeesusa

    This phone looks amazing. I just don’t know if I want something this big but the size makes it really versatile. I hope it comes to sprint before the end of the year. I’m due up for upgrade now.

  • ╦5├B┌○◘0

    scamsung gaylax

  • JanDroid

    I want this baby! But… If Samsung release a GS3 with Quad-Core + LTE + At&t = My perfect phone! :D

  • dd

    I will go for the Note 2 as I am an ATT customer due for an upgrade

  • Andres

    For all the idiots out there. its called a SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2! THERE HAS NEVER BEEN AN “S” AFTER THE WORD “GALAXY” IDIOTS! >,<