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Samsung: Android 4.1 update for Galaxy S III to be available starting in October


There have been a few rumors, a few leaks, and a lot of speculation as to when Samsung would release the Android 4.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung has disclosed that it will have the update available for the European version of the handset some time in October. Specifics about the rollout were not given, but the assumption is that unlocked devices will be the first to receive the update with carrier branded devices following several weeks later due to time restraints and additional testing.

the Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system will be available on the Galaxy S3 from October.Samsung

For now, Samsung has not released any information regarding the Jelly Bean update for carrier branded versions of the Samsung Galaxy S III in the US market. In the past, US customers have had to wait an additional 4-6 months from the time the first updates were released in Europe. We’re hoping things will be a bit different this time around. A November time frame would be nice, but don’t be surprised if Samsung delivers the Android 4.1 update for your Galaxy S III just in time for the holidays.

Source: CNET

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  • h0ruza

    That’s actually impressive.

    Plus essentially that will be millions of android phones becoming Jelly Bean within five months of the OS release.

    Go Sammy!


      Another round of fragmentation????

  • jay

    i need my flashplayer for ppv streaming so i’ll pass!

    • huckabuck1

      i think you can still simply download flash at the Playstore on any device.

  • SGB101

    problem with sammys touch wiz, is you cant tell whats underneath. my wife had sgs1 and now sgs3 and they are almost identical in use.

    personally i love JB, ICS (for me) was full of bugs, Gingerbread was much more stable. Google seemed to break a lot, when they merged tablet and phone OS, JB now is what ICS should of been.

    im running CM10 a11, and the alpha is more stable and less buggie than HTCs ICS with Sense 4.5. on my HOX.

    • Nick Gray

      Not trying to troll, but what type of stability issues were you having with ICS on the One X? I’ve been using the One S since launch and rarely have any issues. There are app crashes here and there, but nothing compelling enough for me to root my device and install a custom ROM. This is actually the first time I’d used a device this long without rooting it.

      • SGB101

        there was a few issues, the blutooth volume controller in my car, wouldnt adjust the volume when listening. was fine on every device since g1, its fine now in on JB.

        network dropouts alot, thou an update did make it sightly better. wifi would drop alot also.

        when playing intensive games, it would over heat quite quick, that seems to be solved now

        issues with alarm, it would only go off 90% of the time.

        there was a few others, just cant think now, it was nothing major just lots of minor annoyances that added up.

        then i sideloaded Google now on, and knew it was time for jelly bean.

        i root’d within 2 weeks of purchase as i wanted stock ICS (CM9) dont like sense, even tho i seem to only buy HTC for myself, however i just couldnt find a stable ics rom, then JB came out and i think all the devs shifted to JB, so i never got a stable CM9.

        • kenna

          There’s probably something wrong with the device itself. I’m using HOX and the latest stock ROM and never had any issues, had it a week after its launch. I tried CM10 and can never get it to work properly for more than 30 mins. It just crashes. So no rom for now, plus I love Sense camera. Now if only HTC will release or at least provide a date regarding the Sense x Jb 4.1 it will be nice.. and keep me still…

          • SGB101

            Cm10 for me is rock solid,everything works how it should. I’m using alpha11, not crashed once in the week I’ve been running it.

            I’ll have to agree the sense camera is better.

  • BigCiX

    Europe first so stateside should see it in December timeframe.

  • dardata

    I guess Samsung it trying to keep the S3 momentum going…! Im sure its motivated by the iphone 5 release. Are they attempting to thwart any psuedo advantages IOS6 may market. Who cares as long as we get timely updates!

    Now if they would eliminate that touchwiz molestation and use AOSP as it was intended then we could truly bask in Android’s glory.

  • HackNet

    I rather wait until June of 2013 for an update to my GS3 than switch to “The New” iDevice.

    My Galaxy S3 is lag free, so I’m not worried.


    stock, no rom, no root

  • OpenIntro

    Currently testing JB on a Verizon Galaxy SIII right now!

  • huckabuck1

    I was about to say, thinking about getting the new Motorola phones that are coming out..but just because I am rocking the bad ass S2 maybe I should just get the S3, or not. Love ICS btw.

  • Nathan D.

    Well this is nice to see.

  • jame king