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Samsung Galaxy Note II comes to the US by mid-November with Exynos quad-core processor


Samsung just announced they would be launching their Galaxy Note II in the US by mid-November and we were surprised to learn that the device will include Samsung’s own 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos processor. Previously, Samsung had used Qualcomm’s 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus for their US devices, but all the specs appear to be the same with the global and US versions of the Note II.

The Galaxy Note II will launch on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and US Cellular. No exact pricing or availability was revealed by Samsung, who said we should expect the carriers to announce that information at a later date. We imagine that the carriers will be eager to tell us more after the iPhone 5 goes on sale this week.

We know a lot of you love large displays, so let us know if you plan on picking up the Galaxy Note II when it comes out.

Source: Samsung

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  • Dirge

    FINALLY. A quad-core LTE enabled EXYNOS. :D

  • LittleGreenDude

    Hah! I love the idea of an eraser pen! (Not that the S Pen wasn’t cool enough already)

  • Fulaman

    Is this an Exynos 5 based processor or exynos 4 based processor?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Exynos 4 Quad. The first Exynos 5 (Cortex-A15) chips will be dual-core.

      • Galen20K

        And just like that I’ll be waiting for the Exynos 5! I already have a 32GB GS3, so I think I can wait. ; ) Still, this Galaxy Note 2 launch is Exciting and the right moves Samsung should be making. I’m very happy about this Announcement! – D

  • kazahani

    Yes! So glad they’re making a CDMA/LTE version of this.

  • Thomas Biard

    So so so happy. Knowing its coming to Verizon (guaranteed) is the greatest thing I’ve heard in a while. So stinking awesome! And reading all the features and Note-specific functionality is really exciting. This thing is going to take the non-existent PHABLET market by storm.

  • ajonrichards

    I’m glad to see carriers start to stock the same phones across the board. It’s a little frustrating to see phone makers make slightly different versions of the same phone for each carrier, with different names, but it looks like Samsung is trying to correct this, especially for their flagship phones.

    • Dan13

      So am I. Doing this helps keep phone envy towards other countries to a minimum. Also, I sense faster updates for all. Has someone been peaking at my Christmas list?

  • ajonrichards


  • R.S

    Looking forward to checking out this phone on T-Mobile!

    Hopefully, it won’t be priced higher than the on the other carriers like the Galaxy S III was/is.

    • Gem

      Pay a little more for the phone, way less on the bill and it works in your favor. Especially with throttling gone.

      • dj

        How does T-Mobile’s speed compare with at&t?

  • Jorge Vieira

    Hell yes I’m so happy it goning to be on Verizon. Defense going to give any phone a run for it money, phablet or not.

  • Dan13

    Must… Resist… Urge… To.. Sign… Away… Soul… For…. Phone.

  • Dave Clary

    I wonder if we get the physical home button this time.

  • kwills88

    development is going to be amazing for this phone.

  • Tony

    I’m not entirely sure I’d want an Exynos over a Qualcomm. Mainly due to the fact of how well the new Qualcomm chipsets are playing with CDMA/LTE on the GS3. Graphical advantages might be nice, but an adreno 320 paired with a quad-core S4 might be even better for battery life.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Quadcore with Tmobile’s hspa plus 42MPS network optimized with jellybean sounds great to me. It might not be Exynos 5 cortex A-15 but this is still great enough an exceptional device to be coming to market. Day one purchase for me regardless of price on Tmobile…

    • Richard

      _,-””-._ THIS IS THE STORY OF
      / ,-, ,”\ WHO, AS IT TURNS OUT,
      ” / \ | o| COULDN’T
      \ `-o-” `-’,
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      / / \
      (_)))_ _,”

  • Mike P

    Hell yea I am copping this are you kidding me!?!??! this phone is crack!!!!!!!

  • Shorty

    OK, first off this is a great looking phone and I will probably be getting it assuming the reviews are even halfway decent. Having said that, it appears most of the new features they are pushing seem to be cute and fun but not really necessary or practical. Also, this seems more like a minor bump in software functionality and I didnt see a lot of improvement on the hardware side other than a bigger, better screen. Am I wrong?

  • dj

    I am eagerly and somewhat patiently waiting for this phone. I’ve had the Galaxy Note since February on At&t and I love the big screen. I can never see myself getting anything smaller. I just can’t decide if I’m going to stick with At&t or get the unlocked version and go the no contract route with a sim card.