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Samsung GT-i9260 camera samples don’t bode well for Galaxy Nexus II picture quality


We’re still not sure if the Samsung GT-i9260 is the model number tied to the Galaxy Premiere, Galaxy Nexus II or both, but pictures from the device have started to make their way onto Google’s photo sharing service, Picasa, giving us an idea of what kind of photo quality could be included in Samsung’s next Nexus device. It may be a little early to judge, but if you were hoping for a top of the line camera you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

By searching for i9260 on Picasa right now, you can find three pictures that according to the EXIF data, were taken by what could very well be the Galaxy Nexus II. Faking EXIF data is relatively simple, but there’s good reason to believe these photos are the real deal. By doing a simple Google search for the names of the photographers, two out of the three photographers are linked to social media profiles of Samsung employees. Of course this isn’t solid proof, but it’s good enough for us to take the legitimacy of these photos seriously.

Assuming the EXIF data is real, the GT-i9260 is equipped with an F/2.65 aperture and a 4mm focal length. The Galaxy S III’s camera features an aperture of F/2.6 and a focal length of 3.6mm, and the Galaxy S II has an aperture F/2.65 and a focal length of 3.97mm. Because of these numbers, GSM Arena speculates that the camera found in the i9260 may very well be the same camera that was in the Galaxy S II. That would make sense from a cost prospective, if Google and Samsung were looking for keep the device affordable, and does line up well with previous rumors on the i9260. It’s rumored to launch with an 8-megapixel camera, the same resolution found in the shooter on the Galaxy S II.

The camera on the Galaxy S II was never terrible, but there are much better options available now. The images supposedly taken from the i9260 speak for themselves. Even if they were accidentally taken, or just a couple quick snapshots, not planned at all, they’re merely okay in picture quality at best. The darker the picture, the more noise is present, the brighter the picture, the foggier details appear (especially in the corners). They look like they were taken by a smartphone. Which isn’t exactly a compliment.

Since these photos do come from an unfinished device (two of the pictures list the i9260 as running different firmware versions), that isn’t shooting at its full resolution, the final results may be better. We’ll just have to wait and see.

1348486203240 20120919_155305 i9260 sample

Via: GSM Arena

Source: Picasa

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  • skugern

    The implications of a “dumbed down” Nexus are troubling. To me, a Nexus is cream-of-the-crop and should be the standard that other phones are measured against. I hope that neither Google or the manufacturers skimp on build quality.

    • I couldn’t agree more with this, the nexus one had some of the best specs of it’s time and while I understand why Google went the way they did with Nexus 7, which is still an amazing tablet, I hope that for the next Nexus it has top specs.

      • moasdbb

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    • XXXX__Jonathan__XXXX

      Again, the new iPhone 5 camera absolutely smokes everything.
      Thank god, i preordered the iphone gem instead of waiting for an android phone to be a serious contender.

      iPhone 5 for me!

      • McKooter

        Wrong blog…

      • orly?

        Have you used the Samsung Galaxy S3? You might want to do yourself a favor and check it out before committing to the iPhone 5.

        • Raptor

          Stop shitting US tech you dumboid. Cellphone cameras are not a Hasselblad, they are all with problems. Still, they are OK in good light conditions and IPhone stands very well against the competition.

          • Raptor

            Downvote as you want, this site slowly turning into one of web shitholes full of unicellular dumboids who know nothing:

            “By DisplayMate’s lab measurements, the iPhone 5 has a “state-of-the-art-accurate” display, and is the best one they’ve ever seen, even if there’s room for improvement in some areas. Compared to the iPhone 4, the IPS LCD display of the iPhone has lower screen reflections and much higher image contrast. The color gamut is also significantly improved and more accurate than before. But what about the Galaxy S III?

            In a word – the OLED technology isn’t able to produce the same kind of accuracy that the iPhone 5 IPS LCD does. That’s because OLED is a relatively new technology that isn’t yet as refined as LCDs are. As a result, it doesn’t perform as well as the iPhone 5. However, DisplayMate promises a very bright future for OLEDs as they’ve been evolving and improving at a very rapid pace.

            The display brightness of the Galaxy S III is about half of the iPhone 5 due to OLED’s low power efficiency resulting in power constraints. The image contrast and screen readability of the Galaxy S III in high ambient lighting is also poorer than that of the iPhone 5.

            As far as the color gamut is concerned, Apple has made a noticeable effort in making the colors as accurate as possible, while Samsung hasn’t really done this in their OLED displays. As a result AMOLED displays have inaccurate color representation and over saturated colors.”

          • Raptor

            what discussion? no one has a clue here. this site is an “anandtech for regards” with the internet shop attached. and I’m just rattling the swamp and learning English on the way and sniff rumors. For example what i can discuss with you even despite you seems a nice guy after your comments about Nokia pureview from which i already know that you don’t know optics or physics a shit and hence don’t understand that pureview 41mp sensor in iphone body is simply impossible by laws of nature.

          • Raptor

            well good you are not arguing about 41mp pureview but still do about 920 pureview — an unavailable camera to test by serious sites. That camera could be most probably better or could be worse we do not know yet but still you clearly unaware that 920 is (by memory) a behemoth of 10.7mm or 40% thicker then iphone which allows Nokia to put OIS and larger sensor and “beat” Apple. What we have available is 41mp pureview 808 which makes of course better stills but NOT fittable into 7.6mm or so body of iphone which you as a photographer must know. So do you like shitty 41mp camera video in gsmarena? totfl

          • Raptor

            Will repeat my first sentence “Cellphone cameras are not a Hasselblad, they are all with problems”. There will be no definite winner with small sensor cameras, period. And if you are truly a photographer you know that, arguing here which is better and worse is useless waste of time – they will be all close. They all will be shit art low light.
            Will repeat again summarizing the bottom line: Nokia Pureview could be potentially a small bit better (920) or is truly better (808) but both are different beasts in different body typically 40% to several times (808) thicker then iPhone. It currently costs NOTHING to make them better, just put larger sensor into thicker body. Will people buy the phones with thicker body? Like 808 one has – very few, With one like 920 – will see.
            By the way I have no Apple products in my possession and do not plan to have ones

          • Raptor

            And hahahahaha, i coudn’t NOT comment, the skinhead who did the comparison of stabilization did NOT notice that Nokia has substantially smaller effective zoom, may be 1.5 times, probably due to wider angle lens (othewise we have to think he is total moron) which makes stabilization much easier. For fair comparison zoom level must be taken THE SAME !

    • rpras

      And this is the reason multiple Nexus phones rumor is important. Hopefully, the manufacturers of the Nexuses will compete to out-spec the others. I would like to have the option to pick the Nexus that I fancy the best.

      • Orion78

        I totally agree. While they will probably be keep the specs affordable, I want one of the phones to go all out on the hardware.

    • cb2000a

      Remember though that there will be more than one nexus phone and this one might be the low end one.

    • Da

      I would like there to be Nexus devices all over the price scale.

      The vanilla Android esperience should be affordable fpr everyone.

      A budget device for guys like me (bought my Galaxy Nexus recently for slightly less than 300 €) and then a top of the line device to compete with SIII, iPhone, HOX and those models (for at least 550+ €) for those who can afford it.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for samsung

    • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

      That’s exactly my reason why I have a problem with Google not spreading the Nexus love and sticking with Samsung as the sole Nexus phone maker. Samsung will never make a Nexus phone with better specs than the current Galaxy S line phone. This is troubling because the Nexus phone is announced at the end of the year with the next Galaxy S phone being announced a few months later. Don’t get me wrong I love my Galaxy Nexus but I preferred the way HTC handled the Nexus One, another device I still own. This is why I’m very much interested in seeing what the two rumored spec monsters, the HTC Nexus 5 and the LG Optimus G have to offer the Nexus brand. And that’s even considering how terrible of an experience I had with the G2x, most of which I attribute to software problems vs the hardware.

  • Nate B.

    To be honest the SGS II camera was pretty darn awesome. So was the recording. That can’t be the SGS II inside the Galaxy Nexus II. At least put the SGS III cam inside. I mean this can’t be the Galaxy Nexus II. I mean they’re going backwards. I’ll wait until things become more clear.

    • epps720

      In low light situations the camera on my Galaxy Nexus is pretty awful! Looks great w/perfect lighting but otherwise it’s really bad. How hard is it to implement a good camera. While I hate Apple my wife’s iPhone camera trumps mine.

      • epps720

        So I’m not all that shocked about this article…unfortunately. They need to give us better camera’s as this is pretty much the camera I use. I have a DSLR but it’s so much easier breaking out my phone

  • Ricardo Moura Rocha

    I hope the i9260 is not Samsung’s next nexus…
    If it is I’m happy we’ll have alternatives in LG, Sony and even HTC…
    I don’t understand why Samsung doesn’t put any inspiration on their nexus devices, hardware wise….
    I love my Galaxy Nexus, but it’s camera and screen could and should be much better. And if the next nexus is only a dual core with a 2 years old camera really looks like they don’t wanna build nexus devices anymore…

    • Orion78

      Because Samsung doesnt want the Nexus to outshine their Galaxy S line when it comes to specs. Which is why I hope there will be multiple Nexus devices this year.

  • I understand Google trying to cut costs to make Nexus devices more affordable but I hope that the device has a better camera than this. While I don’t take many pictures on my phone it is always nice to be able to show off that quick picture you took and have the picture quality be somewhat nice. I hope the next nexus has a jump in technology or at least has a top of the line version of the device if they make more than one.

  • MyMilan

    For what these phones cost they should have the best cameras around. Very, very, very disappointed to see that they are cutting corners.

  • fredpyo

    Hmm…. with the correct lightning conditions pictures taken with the S2 are incredible… in any case… pictures taken with indoors/fluorescent light don’t look good anyways, not to mention that the picture in the middle looks like if it was cropped (digitally zoomed).

  • Mark

    Google wants to get as close $200 price point as possible. What Don’t you guys understand about Google trying to avoid the blood sacking carriers. Google wants to sell its phones through its play store.

    • Dags -

      Yes, either a low-end Samsung device based on the Nexus design or Google doing an Apple and selling the last Nexus for cheap when the new Nexus is released. Either way, I don’t have a problem with it.

    • Adrien C.

      That might not be for all manufacturers. Maybe Google wants to have many devices available for Google Developers, so it can have a model for each budget.
      Optimus G is high end and would be more expensive, while Samsung already have SIII in the market and doesn’t need to put something out to compete with it.

    • iamXiV92a

      While a sub $200 Nexus sounds awesome, that’ll never happen

  • Kizipotamus

    Those photos aren’t taken at full resolution. One of them is 528×672 pixels. Don’t judge anything by those pictures.

  • aranea

    I’m still hoping that Samsung wouldn’t do this and screw nexus reputation by bringing something worse than already in sale. OK Nexus phones were never top of the line but they weren’t last year’s technology either. On the bright side rumored HTC nexus phone looks great.

  • Ardrid

    Assuming this is legitimate, this is just further proof as to why I want Google to keep Samsung far away from the next Nexus. They’ve proven that they only care about selling their own hardware. Every iteration of the Nexus under Samsung’s watch has been a bastardized version of a Galaxy device. No more I say!

  • LittleGreenDude

    I think someone is just trolling. Unless they really are going for a budget phone.

  • Kevin

    When the nexus one came out it was top of line.Since Samsung started the nexus it’s slipped down quit a bit.Samsung doesn’t really try on the nexus line,they save everything for their galaxy s line.The Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus are a bit of a disappointment,I hope HTC makes one of the next nexus phones.

    • Roundtree

      I agree with you. I have had the Nexus one and at the time it was a top of the line device and I have the Nexus S. I gave that one to my son. I have the Galaxy Nexus and I like it but it could be better especially for the price. I hope HTC makes the next Nexus.

  • Bryan Stoner

    What region are those outlets from? And what’s that blue wrapper on the ground.
    These are the hard questions of the day!

    Anyway, solid no. This is bs.
    They don’t even compare to the 3.2mp camera in the galaxy player yp-gb1.

    • Milind

      These photos have almost definitely been shot in In India. The tiles, the wood paneling,the “chappals” and the power supply are very typical. I would be very surprised if a new phone would be in India. I’d have expected it to be closer to manufacturing base – unless it’s being used to run some software being developed in India.

      The hardware of all the Samsung Nexuses have been generally underwhelming and if this is indeed the next Nexus, I sincerely hope that rumors about a number of Nexus devices is true. I don’t want to see yet another last year’s hardware on a Nexus.

  • wuwoze

    I don’t hope the next Nexus is not being made by Samsung. Because something different with style and design would be a good change. Samsung S1, S2, S3, and Nexus have similar styles.

    • wuwoze

      Damn. Typo. I meant, “I hope”. Not “I don’t hope”.

  • ChrisLH

    The camera on the GNex is terrible. Camera’s on phone’s have now reached the quality where they completely replace point and shoot cameras, making them wholly obsolete. There’s no reason for Google to release a Nexus device that is a step back at this point. Either the Nexus brand is the standard for Android or Google is letting manufacturer’s set the standard with their own devices. I’d hate to see Google acquiesce on this – its their OS, they need to set the standard and demand quality hardware or the manufacturers and carriers will run all over them and continue to demand more and more concessions to promote their own brands and products/services. That impacts all Android users and will result in Android as always being considered second to the iPhone/iOS.

  • rojo623

    With possible multiple Nexus devices coming this yr, I hope there are some options in terms of affordability and high end specs. Honestly, i’ll throw down big money for a nice camera. And a phone with a shoddy camera, is a dealbreaker for me. If this is the only deal to be had with Nexus… i dont know man… Sup Lumia920

  • Nathan D.

    Not all hope is lost hopefully the final product will have a better picture quality because of more software fixes.

  • hector

    One of the pictures is stored in an album named “AllShare Play.” That means Samsung, not Nexus (just hoping here).

  • Scoobie

    This is what I’m hoping: They take an okay processor, an okay camera, and a nice high-res screen, and they stuff it all into a nice-looking phone called the Nexus II and sell it for $200-$300 unlocked and unblocked. I’d buy one, and so would a lot of other peeps, I think. Google could sell a lot of “instant Android upgrade” phones if they went with mid-range specs and a killer price. Google doesn’t need to target the high-end; they need to target the midrange, because that’s where the sales are. Make the midrange happy and give them fast Android updates, and they’ll wipe the floor with everybody else.

  • kazahani

    That Optimus G is looking better and better every day.

  • n25philly

    Who care, it’s a cell phone camera. It’s going to look like crap no matter what, so why waste resources polishing up a turd. Focus on the important stuff and if the user wants a good picture they can go buy a real camera.

  • iamXiV92a

    Let’s ponder this a little bit…
    Scenario 1: Lower-end with specs that are just a higher than the original Galaxy Nexus to entice those that don’t want the possible 5″ Nexus?

    Scenario 2: Most complaints were that the CPU was a 1.2 GHz dual core (not 1.5GHz) and the 5MP camera sucked (being that all other phones were releasing with 8MP shooters). If the rumours of the i9260 are true, then Samsung has heard the complaints and presumably changed the 2 most complained about aspects.


    • iamXiV92a

      OR Scenario 3:
      Manufacturers of highly coveted devices have been known to make multiples (different looks [see ALL the Galaxy S III mockups] or multiple specs) this i9260 could be one of the multiples. They let a couple pictures leak and see how the masses respond (apparently with utter disdain) so they go back to the drawing board, or scrap it completely (i.e. Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD with the 4.65″ screen)

  • Derek

    Isn’t it obvious, Samsung doesn’t want to make a phone that directly competes with their flagship GS3. Google needs to ditch Samsung and go with someone that will give the nexus the treatment it deserves. Otherwise they will never be able to compete.

  • Petre

    Those pictures are clearly taken during development. Worked in the past at a firm that did work with cameras for mobile devices and I can tell you that in the process the developer experiments a lot with different settings and buffer data from the camera. This obviously make the picture to be low on quality or not even readable most of the times. Also, many times certain params are intentionally put to bad values so that another feature could be emphasized. Don’t judge the camera by the pictures it takes during dev.

  • Bpear96

    The Galaxy S II camera should have been in the first galaxy nexus, not the 2nd.
    Maybe Google/Samsung are trying to make a Low end/cost but still a decent phone Nexus. If they do that, they better release a High end nexus to go along with it (LG Optimus G, but nexus) Or maybe have 3 nexus’s .

    1 Low end
    1 Mid range
    1 High end
    1 Phablet
    1 Nexus 10 tablet

    5 nexus’s like the rumor :D

  • Poppy

    Im happy with my iphone 4, the picture quality is beyond amazing. Best phone for me and my friends.

    • Bpear96

      Thats cool.. But your posting on the wrong blog buddy. People on here don’t give a sh*t about your iPhone.

  • Mint

    These images aren’t full resolution – check the data on offer before you judge.

  • iamXiV92a

    and look at that.. the i9620 isn’t a Nexus: