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Samsung, HTC to block US, EU sales of Apple iPhone 5 using LTE patents

android-apple Image via: laihiu with Creative Commons

Apple may have come out on top when a jury ruled that dozens of Samsung phones infringed on Apple patents and trade dress, but that doesn’t mean Samsung and other Android OEMs will simply let the new iPhone 5 hit the market without a bit or resistance. There are at least a dozen Android powered devices being prepped to battle the iPhone 5 in the marketplace, but HTC and Samsung may be holding trump cards that could give them a legal edge to block the iPhone 5 from ever hitting store shelves.

It turns out that the iPhone 5 will be using the LTE radio standard for high-speed data transfer – a standard based on hundreds of different patents, some of which are held by HTC and Samsung. According to an industry source, “Samsung Electronics has decided to take immediate legal action against the Cupertino-based Apple. Countries in Europe and even the United States ― Apple’s home-turf ― are our primary targets.” Samsung has not taken any legal action yet, but we expect a patent infringement lawsuit to be filed in the following weeks.

On the HTC side, the legal battle is already under way. HTC has presented its patent claims before a US International Trade Commission Judge. The legal battle is still playing out, but Judge Thomas Pender has let Apple know that “Clear and convincing means something to me; I have to be pretty darn certain a US patent is invalid,” when Apple lawyers disputed the validity of HTC’s LTE patents. HTC has been on the forefront of LTE since it launched the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon’s LTE network in 2011 and has supplied LTE-enabled devices for all major LTE networks across the globe.

We doubt that the courts will move fast enough to issue a preliminary injunction against Apple, which would hinder the initial launch of the iPhone 5, but it does look like Apple will be on the defensive this time around. Apple has 434 LTE patents of its own, but all Samsung and HTC need is for Apple to infringe on one of their patents to justify a court ordered injunction against the iPhone 5.

While many of you would be thrilled to see Apple suffer at the hands of Samsung and HTC, we hope the parties involved will use this as an opportunity to settle their legal differences once and for all and set up cross-licensing agreements, so they can all compete with their products rather than spend millions of dollars on lawyers. We can all agree that the patent wars within the mobile space have gotten completely out of hand.

What do you think will happen if iPhone 5 sales are banned from the US and Europe?

Looking for more Android vs Apple news? Did you know that last week it was announced that the Galaxy S III has beat out iPhone 4S as top selling device in US? You do now. Curious how the new iPhone 5 compares to Android? We’ve got that too.

Source: IGN

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Ha, apple have some your own medicine.

    • dcds

      Aren’t those FRAND parents or something like that? I don’t know, just asking. :-)

      • Bo Dang Ren

        No. These patents aren’t part of the pool and aren’t subject to FRAND.

        • dcds

          Thank you for your information. Now, people, was it so hard? Did it hurt?


        • Dags -

          Apple is countersuing HTC in Virginia claiming that they are. Until a court rules one way or the other, I’d say your conclusive statement is a bit premature. I personally hope that HTC win this one though. Samsung too.

          • Noyfb

            This is why apple is suing samsung (again) about the SG3 And Galaxy Nexus and other phones. They’re probably hoping samsung will give up some lte patents in exchange for apple to drop the suits on the newer phones that are still on sale and just came out.

    • Walter Simmons, CA

      scamsuck should be ashamed, first pearl harbor and now this. you cant trust these evil asians.

      • Walter Simmons

        WOW! You’re an idiot. You’re the the epitome of ignorance and a degenerate off-breed who can not distinguish which country Samsung belongs to. Have a great day! :D

        • alien

          Or expert troll?

          • ?A?A?

            is that the same person, replying to his own post?

          • Kobe


          • Ceejayevans

            There are no experts when it comes to trolls. No winners, only losers.

        • gregory

          stop calling names you must realize the iPhone is made in China as well what country are you from

          • gregory

            what is the argument about it’s all a part of Asia can you marry can’t do anything right anymore

        • hero

          Do u think Apple makes the phone in the us
          ? Because I dont know a single a single person WHO has assembold One here tard.

        • Manuel Rivera

          In case you didn’t know it was Japan that bombed Pearl Harbor, not South Korea!!!

      • Odama

        dude seriously.. u dnt even know ur damn history.. pearl habour was the japs. HTC is taiwan and samsung is korea. lol

        • _______49ers___________

          Asians are all of the same (criminal breed)

          • nj

            Its funny because the “criminal asians” you speak of makes the iPhone.

          • James B

            Look at any prison list for inmates, and asian is usually the least common race.

          • Glenn

            Except in Asia, James B. They’re mostly Asian in Asian prisons.

          • Timmay


            In Japan the prisons are mostly filled with Africans than Japanese…

          • Sam

            Leave it to a 49er fan to say something off the charts stupid.

          • Asian

            Mind your language, lest someone come and wash it with soap and vinegar.

          • Bay Area

            Get the fuck out of the Bay area.

          • Hawaiian

            Maybe it’s not too late to become a lawyer?
            They are pouring out so much money…

            At this point they are all truly stifling innovation by not simply taking the money out of the legal system and putting it into real hardware/software systems!

            At the very least maybe I can save them some money by referring them to Meh…

        • Big Mic

          And Apple products are from China!

        • dxr

          the japs… jesus fucking christ you people are dumb.

      • Sean

        Pull your pants up, your ignorance is showing.

      • ssj12

        You do realize Samsung is Korean right?

      • asdf

        You’re a scumbag.

      • ENlapanlima

        Don’t feed the troll people, don’t feed the troll.

      • Roy

        It only takes one sentence to review your stupidity and ignorance.

      • Andrew


      • Asians?

        Says the dude using a phone made in Asia.

      • len


      • caroline


    • mike

      An Apple a day keeps the lawyers getting paid.

    • Hirohito

      Yes. Samsung is always right. Samsung can do no wrong. Samsung innovates. Samsung is the greatest. Long life to Samsung and its patents.

    • ihater

      I hope apple loses it’s ass and is never able to sell another i anything

    • Richard Yarrell

      I hope Htc and Samsung shit all over apple and it’s useless iphone 5 gets banned. Rather it happens or not apple users are uneducated simpleton’s with no knowledge of technology. Apple sucks monkey balls and always will…Enjoy this priceless video…

      • Sargon

        Richard, Richard, Richard. What the hell is wrong with you? Seriously, everything is shitting and pissing on everything else. I believe 100% that you are actually mentally retarded. No one, NO ONE pushing 50 years old with an IQ over 65 talks like that. We know you don’t actually have a smartphone, or auto-correct would fix your ridiculous mistakes, but you should have someone look at your posts before you actually put them up.
        “Rather it happens or not apple users are uneducated simpleton’s with no knowledge of technology”
        1) The word is “whether”, not “rather”. Most people know that before starting kindergarten, and you’re almost half a century old.
        2) “uneducated simpleton’s” Are you fucking kidding me? What belongs to the ‘simpleton’? The simpleton is doing what? There is no apostrophe before the ‘s’ – you uneducated simpleton.
        3 “no knowledge of technology” No knowledge is still more than you have. You are so fucking stupid, you, Richard, are the anti-smart; a person so stupid, that you emanate a field of stupidity and make those who are near you become more and more stupid the closer they get.
        4) While I’m not a fan of Apple, I am a fan of money and playing with tech stocks. They’ve made me more money than you will ever see in your pathetic, scat-covered life. I bought 4,000 shares back in late 2001 for less than $8/share. I just checked the current price and, as of the time of this writing, Apple (AAPL) is currently $677.37/share. They can suck whatever they like.
        5) If the outreach program gave you an iPhone rather than(<- THAT is how you use 'rather', dipshit) an Evo, you'd be screaming randomly about iPhones.
        6) You know precisely nothing about Android.
        6a) You've never rooted any of your imaginary devices, despite "looking into it"
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        6c) You think that smartphones are status symbols. You try and tell people that you're a "high roller" and have owned "6 smartphones in the past two years" They're smartphones, not Italian sportscars, or Luxury Swiss watches. You can't even afford a televison from this century, and you claim to have 2 laptops *coughbullshit*. As I told you before, numbnuts, drawing keyboards on pizza boxes doesn't make a laptop. Finding old laptops in the trash don't count either.
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      • fokou

        Anyone that says “sucks monkey balls” is not allowed to insult anyone else’s intelligence.

    • Smirk

      Maybe hipster’s will break down and get real jobs and move out of their parents basements?

      • Smirk

        doh grammar fail. “hipsters”

    • lxgeorge

      If there is a ban on the iPhone 5 I am SO going to rub it in my friend’s ifanboy face haha. By the way Alexander, I upvoted you to your AAM rank. ;D

  • R.S

    What do you think will happen if iPhone 5 sales are banned from the US and Europe?

    Mass hysteria from the hipster population!

    • jaxidian

      Then you’ll see flocks of iSheep turning into iLemmings and jumping off of cliffs courtesy of years of subliminal messages in every song and movie downloaded from iTunes. Then Apple will hold the world hostage until we ban squares in Android and grant Apple a patent on the letter “i”.

      • komali2

        From what I understand , PGi has had the word “iMeet” reserved long before the creation of the first iPod.

    • ssj12

      We can hope. =D

    • David

      I thought the whole idea about hipsters is that they enjoy obscure and non mainstream things.

      I’m pretty sure iPhones are the most mainstream phones in the world, think about.

      • Baz

        Well Android phones are out-selling Apple so it would be mainstream to purchase an Android.

        • jg

          Android phones have more than 1 carrierr though? U_U

          • bob fisher

            Um… so does iphone dumbass. You can get iphone on verizon and att now.

          • Bpear96

            and sprint, virgin mobile and cricket

        • David

          Oh yeah totally but most people look at android phones as if they’re rubbish, “well it’s not an iPhone so lets just carry on being ignorant and getting screwed by apple” “What’s that Apple? You’ve added 44% more saturation!? ITS A MIRACLE”

          • me

            Down with Apple.

        • Sean

          I guess all the hipsters will have to get Windows Phones now…

          • jc

            Lumia 920, better camera for better selfies and obscure photo shoots at the beach and concerts!

        • Taylor

          LOL touche

        • Brian

          Hipsters should go for Windows Phone. Market share < 10%

        • JQ

          Really? From what I remember there’s not a single model that sold more than the iPhone.

        • Esoth

          What if they bought from an obscure Chinese company, like Oppo or Xiaomi? Most people in America probably haven’t ever heard of them before.

    • jamal adam

      They will call it iPocalypse

    • NXVAR

      All The Nerds will Jizz at the Same time, Alone , infront of the Computer, while masturbating over a Android Handset.

      • Nerds?


      • Tom

        Been there, done that.

        • Homncruse

          I’m doing it right now!

  • oddball

    The only reason I want to see Apple suffer in this case is that they have been given free rein to steal Android features and call them theirs and then suing the competition that they fell so far behind. It’s time for Apple to bring something NEW to the market.

    • Steve Heinrich

      Damn straight! They are playing catch up with these new “features”.

      • Shane Gatti

        4 inch screen and 4g for the iphone? “revolutionary”

        4.5 inch screen, NFC, and quad core processors a year ago? “meh, no one will use it”

    • Cwalden21

      Totally Agree!!

  • mmark27

    Is it just me, and I do own Android products and despise Apple greatly, or did all the features they just announce already come in Android phones? I mean larger screen, 5 rows of icons, Share Shot, Panorama, Smaller connector, 3D maps with turn by turn directions, improved Siri with sports scores? You have to expect more than just LTE patents to be slung here. Some of these new features already exist on the SGS3 that Samsung added.

    I know every year this can be said, but this year is glaringly bad IMO. It isn’t revolutionary to get raging boners for a screen that was the standard size a year ago. (yeah, I know resolution bump is great and all)

    • fsun

      But mmark27, the new iPhone is the most revolutionary phone ever!!


      I can’t believe you aren’t in line yet. It’s the galaxy s3 that has yet to catch up to the new 4 inch screen standard or dual core processors

      • Thatonedude

        You’re either being sarcastic or just a complete idiot. My 3 year old Samsung Vibrant has a 4” screen and the S II has a dual core…not just the S III.

        • Jumbojet


          / \
          | Your head|

        • thatonedudeisaretard

          I guess you were dropped on your head as a child one dude.

        • artykay


        • Taylor

          Many of the SIII’s have quad cores. just saying.

      • Hey Dumby

        Are you dumb?

        What is it exactly that Samsung should patent and sue for infringement? A “larger screen”? Siri? Do you want them to sue Apple for introducing a “smaller connector” even though it’s proprietary to Apple?

        The only thing they can possibly patent is Share Shot, and Apple is not stealing the Share Shot feature.

        My question above was rhetorical, of course.

        And even if you despise Apple, you can’t possibly agree that suing over LTE patents is reasonable, unless you expect Apple to create their own mobile spectrum and radio frequencies.

        • Bob

          Yes frivolous lawsuits hurt innovation, however Apple bought this on themselves by trying to patent ideas such as rollback (Really? that’s a proprietary feature? I’m pretty sure Samsung employed Ninjas just to break into your offices and come out with such amazing technical innovations) or pinch-zoom (I’m not even gonna try to be funny here Name another way to easily control zooming on a tough screen).

          Apple has gotten behind these lawsuits because of Steve Jobs nonsensical rambling about thermonuclear war because somebody made a phone with a touchscreen, And I an aware that many Apple devotees cant remember him without messianic golden light bathing his form and shooting from his many orifices. They wanted to protect their hero and his legacy and tried to find any way to do so regardless of the validity of their arguments.

          Apple bought a black suit then started suing whenever they saw anyone wearing so much as a dark blue, and in response Samsung has found some old patents lying around that seem to prohibit pockets or zippers in other clothing and are still irritated that apple wants them to pay over one billion dollars for daring to wear a navy blue suit

        • Maybe not so dumb

          In their recent successful litigation against Samsung, Apple claimed that “rounded corners on a rectangular device” and “black bezels of equal width” are part of their trade dress. It’s equally inane and one wouldn’t have thought they could possibly make such claims, but they did – and have been upheld in court.

        • athox

          “And even if you despise Apple, you can’t possibly agree that suing over LTE patents is reasonable, unless you expect Apple to create their own mobile spectrum and radio frequencies.”

          You mean just like Apple expects the competition to invent new geometric shapes in their products, just because Apple patented squares with rounded corners?

          • Beans

            What about rectangles with rounded corners? Who’s got the patent on that 1?

        • David B

          Don’t you think that them suing HTC over the ability to find and highlight phone numbers in Stock Android Browser and tap the number once to place a phone call is reasonable?
          That’s worse then this. You need to open your eyes and see what petty shi** Apple has sued Samsung and HTC over. It’s little things like that, absolutely pathetic.

        • Chris

          It is perfectly reasonable for apple to sue over a shape, that apple DIDNT invent, yet not ok for Samsung to sue over a technology they helped pioneer and develop? 3G is a reasonable alternative, just like a large bezel, not rectangular in shape, cluttered appearance, and non centered display was, according to apple, acceptable alternatives to their patented design. Get out iTroll.

  • jaxidian

    I bet a judge will overrule a product ban because it wouldn’t be in the consumers’ best interests due to the stunning innovations found in the iPhone 5.

    (haha, yeha, it took me 5 attempts to type that without busting up laughing!)

  • Clark Wimberly

    Apple has 434 LTE patents of its own, but all Samsung and HTC need is for Apple to infringe on one of their patents to justify a court ordered injunction against the iPhone 5.

    Oh ffs, what a silly system!

    • Homncruse

      How many ways can you patent a radio signal?

      At least 435…

  • HackNet


    I just saw the iPhone 5 and I will tell you…IT SUCKS. As usual, the same iCRAP.

    Now it is time to BLOCK sales of iPhone 5 using LTE patents. The scum in Cupertino deserve it!

    • alexmaco

      dude if you say apple one more time, i bet they will sue you!be careful!

      • HackNet

        lol sorry

        • Grainier

          You must be Canadian!

          • Homncruse

            Nah, he didn’t say “sorry, eh”.

          • Homncruse

            (Submitted too soon)
            So he’s obviously English.

  • kamkami

    I think it won’t be happened.

  • DroidRocka

    If the iphone 5 is banned here in the US I will buy the best box of wine money can buy and go all out lol

    • iamXiV92a

      YES! I knew I wasn’t the only wineaux here!
      I am curious about the number of LTE patents that HTC and Samsung hold…

      • MIke

        A lot more than 400.

      • Jeremy

        Samsung has roughly 580 and HTC has close to 800.

        • FIVEMEN

          Samsung has 819 LTE patents which consist of about 13% of all LTE patents. They hold the most. I believe HTC has around 600 or something. Apple is currently #10 in LTE patents.

  • theviper21

    Glad to see them fighting back against Apple on this one. I hate the current patent system, but would love to see Apple get some of its own medicine (especially since they act like all the other companies are the ones taking their ideas – they would NEVER take ideas from another company *rolls eyes*).

    I think with the unveiling of the iPhone 5, Apple has finally shown that they’re behind the technology curve and are no longer an innovator in tech, but a follower. There was literally nothing shown about the iPhone 5 that makes it better than the SIII, and that’s a phone that’s already been out for a couple months now?

    • lolwat

      I’m pretty sure if the iPhone came out before the SIII, it’d be the other way around.

      • Kyle

        Why yes. If it was the other way around, it WOULD in fact be the other way around……

        But regardless, the point still stands that Apple is falling behind. Android phones, even the CHEAPEST of them, cover most of the features in the iPhone 5. Personally, I have an HTC Rezound, and chuckled at the HUGE ADVANCEMENTS the new phone made..

        UNFORTUNATELY I’ll just never be cool enough to have a 4 inch display, with an HD camera, or LTE. Boooo.

        • Mark

          I’m going to go against the Apple-hate circlejerk here…

          The iPhone 5 is really nice. It’s aluminum and glass plated, so it feels nice in your hands. Not that samsung plastic. The Retina display is still the best phone screen out there, and the new improvements will really make watching movies and youtube videos great. Especially reading books, too.

          The App Store supplies most people with everything they need, and the camera quality is on par with SIII.

          You say some of the cheapest Android phones cover the iPhone’s features…
          Most Android phones have low resolution screens, flimsy plastic bodies, and mediocre processing speed.

          • Lauris

            Well, apple bought screen from samsung. On such size screen there is no need for such resolution as your eyes is not able to see the difference. And it wouldnt be way around since iPhone 5 is way slower. it is compared to 1 year old phone id say. except the screen they bought from their enemies :D

          • d9in

            Yeh but they don’t smash to smitherines when you sit on them.

          • screen you say

            The Retina display is a whopping 10ppi better than the GNex and 20ppi greater than the S3. You know what that means? That means the iphone has a whopping 3% more pixels in a single inch. Your eyes can’t tell the difference and videos and books will look the same.

      • obvious

        obvious comment is obvious

      • xorloser

        No…no it still wouldn’t. The iPhone 5, announced in all its glory today, is no match for the Galaxy S3 lol. If the S3 came out next week it would still be far more innovative and hold so many more benefits than the iPhone 5. This thing amounts to a slightly tweaked version of the Droid X2 which is more than a year old at this point. And that is just comparing hardware to hardware. Then compare iOS to Android – no not Gingerbread, I am talking about JellyBean. Maybe we’ll have a serious conversation when Apple creates a true multitasking environment. (They have a few limited multitasking features in iOS). With a Galaxy Note 2 begins the ability to run multiple apps side-by-side.

        @DroidRocka and @iamXiV92a – I’ll toast to that! Shall we have a parade as well?

    • Brayan

      If you think about it, people don’t buy macs because of their superiority, they do so for software. While I own an iPhone 4, I wouldn’t stand it if it wasn’t jailbroken. I prefer Samsung SIII for its easier transfer of data, and it’s usability, but I’ve spoken to some iPhone owners, and the idea of a 4″ screen doesn’t soothe most, they like the 3.5 and think its “big enough”. As everything apple its over priced, you can usually spend half as much and get something as good or better (computer wise) I don’t think they should ban the iPhone 5, it will throw things off a bit, and mopre ridiculous claims from apple will spark up. I don’t like htc much.. But Samsung?? Damn :D fav brand.

  • RX-78-7

    Would be nice if this resolves court war, but something tells me it wont.

    Either way , I can’t wait to see the optimus G.

  • virexed

    Final nail in the coffin for Apple.

    Haha, sorry had to do it. Where’s that dude anyway?

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for final nail in the coffin? not yet.

      • Homncruse

        …Okay, that one was good. I’ll give you a point for that one.

  • Adryan maldonado

    I have a question though. Does anyone know if samsung and htc would be investigated for abuse of the FRAND patents? Arent the 4g patents included in those? I do hope that ultimately these lawsuits will put a stopmto apples crapmwith these patents not so much that get but just learn a lesson as the article mentioned tomstart some kind of licensing agreements that put an end to these patents and so no one has to use that phrase again.

    • Jeremy

      HTC has already been investigated and found to not be in violation of FRAND. Samsung however has not been investigated and from what experts have seen at least some of their patents would be considered FRAND.

  • w00x

    HA HA HA!

  • BigCiX

    Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

    • Mix

      Me too!

      A little piece of me kind of hopes that Apple will get dinged on this.

  • JayB95

    There will be a lot of sad faces and face palms in Starbucks everywhere. Then the hipsters will unite over caramel macchiato’s and plan out the demise of Android. They can take our skinny jeans, they can even take our lattes, but they will NEVER take our iPhones!!!!!!

    • Christopher Wueste

      Maybe the hipsters will “discover” Android in the process of all of this. They will claim that they were the first to discover it and suddenly Android is the new hip thing. Yeah…didn’t think so…lol…

  • A


  • jamal adam

    The iPhone is playing catching on so many levels. They need to wake and do some serious innovating instead of crawling behind their patents and suing others, who are improve and innovate the smartphone industry.

  • dudeB

    Do all the people praising the galaxy phones realize that
    the product comes from a dirty piece of shit country called Korea?
    I’m guessing half the comments here are dirty koreans pretending to me something else.

    • lostsynd

      I think you have North and South Korea mixed up.

    • jamal adam

      Your ignorance and hate is not wanted on this site. If you want to contribute to the discussion and comments then do so in a manner that is befitting of this site. You need to go educate yourself and learn about Korea from Koreans or else just shut up and leave your racist comments to yourself. I have Korean friends and I will not tolerate you disrespecting them and calling them dirty.

  • gk

    When reading comments made by diciples of Android, it appears to me that this religion has become obsessed with hate towards Apple. It really reminds me of extreme islamists that hate everything about the western world. Scary!
    I hope Windows Phone 8 will bring some peace to the mobile world.

    • uknowme

      Unfortunately on one hand you are correct. I would say most android users do hate Apple. It really has less to do with their products as it does their business practices. Add to the fact that most iPhone users seem to be elitist hipsters who think everything Apple does and says is the be all end all, that’s where most Android users here draw the line.

      • inflatulated

        The iphone ilite wear their love for anything apple proudly on their sleeve, and anyone with opposing opinions are meant to be mocked.

        Example… My $500.00 iPhone is soooo superior to whatever it is you have there.

        BTW… I am taking the word “elite” and putting an i in front of it. Patent me!

        • pfb

          Who have you ever heard saying that? Just because you saw one douchebag with an iPhone doesn’t mean that everyone buying an iPhone is hipster. I would say iPhones are just as mainstream as any other smart phone nowadays.

          Doesn’t anyone get that all this hate eventually will hurt the technology world? You can say whatever you want about Apple (and I’m not saying they’re not doing anything wrong), but a lot of the technology we have today is thanks to Apple.

          • Lauris

            please enlight me of what they have created? ;] tablets? sorry, more then ten years ago MS and Toshiba has introduced it. Phone with touchscreen? well, mb, but htat was not their idea ;]

    • Bo Dang Ren

      I’ll rebut by way of analogy, using a quote I got from a comedian:
      “I’m not opposed to Veganism; I just hate the speech I’m required to listen to that comes along with it.”

    • Simon

      Woooh windows phone! I can’t wait for the 920.

  • skyflakes

    “…we hope the parties involved will use this as an opportunity to settle their legal differences once and for all and set up cross-licensing agreements, so they can all compete with their products rather than spend millions of dollars on lawyers.”

    Let’s talk after one of apple’s phones gets banned.

    • theviper21

      No kidding. It’s more like “Apple got theirs, now lets see if we can just settle this out.”

  • Jester25

    Seriously. Just grow up. Get a life. And enjoy your phones.

    IPhone owners love their phones. Android owners just hate. It’s really that simple..

    • Sean

      Steve Jobs – “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

      Steve Jobs – “I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion [£25bn] in the bank, to right this wrong.”

      Who’s the hater?

      • Maybe not so dumb

        Indeed! And remember this?

        “Good artists copy, great artists steal…. We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” – Steve Jobs, Triumph of the Nerds (1996)

  • Vyrlokar

    I seriously expected more. I’m not getting in Apple’s ecosystem, but competition is always good. I really expected them to go beyond HD screens (and not remail just under HD resolution). I really expected them to include NFC, to help kickstart the technology. I expected something out of the left field, something unexpected. Now we’re stuck with an ugly design for at least 2 years.

    I always though that all the stories about Jobs were exaggerations, but at least he had a vision. Sorry, Mr Cook, but you’ve got some big shoes to fill.

  • anthony

    I remember a time when every new android was compared to the I phone.
    The nexus one started changing that.
    We now compare androids to androids .I phone is dead.
    Galaxy s2 better than I phone 5
    The Galaxy S3 compared to the Iphone 5 unfair fight

    • Lauris

      Quite true, the only thing that is better in iphone 5 is the screen, that they bought from samsung :D

  • uknowme

    Awesome! That is all.

  • kwills88

    In all honesty, i just want a truce to be called so that iOS and Android can both coexist and compete in the market and not in the court room so customers can enjoy the best of both worlds..but apple needs to be put in their place for once because they’ve been abusing and bulling everyone else.

    • Homncruse

      Please rephrase this opinion in “I have a dream” format.

  • themost

    Finally glad these two are taking the reins and doing something about this madness. I’m just surprised this didn’t happen sooner considering the fact that Apple STOLE not only the notification bar, but now quick reply messages (GNex) and single motion panoramic (Gnex) with iOS 6. I am praying for some retribution.

  • romney a$$hole, wannabe president

    Samsuck to lose again? Samsuck losers better dont mess with the kings….

    • Anti-Retardation

      You do realise that they just won the US court, right?

      And lost every single other one that matters.

      Even then they only won the US court because it’s an American company, in an American court…. With a hint of buying the jury out.

      • bob

        no they won everywhere and just lost in korea…get your facts straight.

  • Ardrid

    Oops. Looks like Apple should’ve rethought that whole thermonuclear war idea. What goes around comes around…

    • Homncruse

      Because nuclear war always ends well for someone.


  • Jon

    let the hate flow…… seriously though, it’s just a piece of hardware. Everyone seems to forget about the operating system and the ecosystem which IMO makes Apple the better product.

  • Jon

    “What do you think will happen if iPhone 5 sales are banned from the US and Europe?”

    I will die happy.

  • Raptor

    Pity….disappointment…and i write the same message like a year ago: Apple became not the same even during last year of Steve Jobs. Its team without Jobs is not any smarter then average morons reading this site.

    it’s essentially the same phone, same width screen below 2″, with few more pixels longer ( 18% more pixels is NOTHING!!!) hence again ABSOLUTELY NOT SUITABLE for browsing or any serious work.

    But worst of all is the same mistake again this time which sometime will become lethal. THEY GAVE UP THE LARGE PHONE AND PHABLET MARKET TO COMPETITION which grew up like mushrooms and now even sue Apple back. The only differentiation with iPhone5 is boring (and unfair) 16, 32 and 64GB flash size like all 10 years they do with iPods and iPhones IPhone5 is a phone for simpletons, midgets, Asian women and kids.

    Eventually people will damage their eyes and sue them.

  • huckabuck1

    It would be nice for these companies to settle but I sure want Apple to pay for what it already has done to HTC and more recently Samsung. This has hurt Google somehow to, so yeah lets keep the lawsuits coming. Fight fire with fire and lets make Apple reap what they have sowed.

  • Tony

    Yes! Yes! do it Samsung!!! TeamGalaxy!!

  • Nathan D.

    Dam, this sounds like over kill but then again apple been a real jerk lately in the court room.

  • Ken Stox

    He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword!

  • Damn

    LOL… Apple has even more LTE patents. So what then, Samsung copiers?


    • >___>

      you do realize that samsung about twice the amount of LTE patents than apple, right?

  • alxxx

    Apple is really shameless. I think the most innovative company of them all is HTC. why? look at the history of their products, before they were ever accessible to the West and Europe. They really are thinking outside of the box, and are the only ballsy company when it comes to design. I’m so happy they teamed up with nVidia. In the end of this year, should that apocalypse never happen, they will come out a winner – OneX is the Odisey 2001, it is a renaissance of the phone design. IneX+ is being reviled on 19th, and it will have a 24core gpu alongside new QuadCore @ 32nm. The battery has been optimized so even with a 1800mAh, Tegra3 is chipping away and it doesn’t even decently warm up the device anymore, with new firmware. Htc needs to be protected and allowed to flourish, under the wing of Google I hope it does. Big SLAP for apple, for letting down their fanbase, embarrassing it. The best part of iPhone5 is the back!

    • Sammy D

      But…have you used the OneX? I have…and it sucked. I returned it week 1. Unresponsive screen, horrible hand feel (and I’m 6’3″ with fairly large hands), and laggy as all get out, considering the internals of that thing. Beautiful to look at, yes, but functional on par with a GSIII or a 4s…not even close.

  • Matt

    Lets think reasonably about this, even you people who love to see Apple fall. Apple are smart, they knew their patents would hold up against Samsung, they know that if a competitor held a patent for something they used they would be sued BIG TIME. They have 434 patents, I’m sure they only used those parts. The questioning of legitimacy is just the first step, because it can save time and money.

  • Leo Young

    It might teach Apple some manners but I doubt it. I can see Apples point and I think their legal win against Samsung was justified but Apple has picked on someone their own size this time and I don’t think they are going to like it.

    • Al

      They actually picked on someone 3 times their size.

  • Graham G

    Apple is using the LTE radio STANDARD. If it’s really standard then the patent holders will be held to mandatory licensing agreements. Apple wins again.

  • josh

    “hit the market without a bit or resistance. ”

    YOU HAD ONE DAMN JOB! hell, copy ann pace tit into microsoft word.

    • Keante

      “YOU HAD ONE DAMN JOB! hell, copy ann pace tit into microsoft word.”

      It’s ironic that you are attacking the writer over a typo.

  • Pheechad

    Apple needs a serious dose of humility. My friend works for Apple. It makes me like her a little less. That’s my story…. YAY.

  • James

    “What do you think will happen if iPhone 5 sales are banned from the US and Europe?”

    My parents will have to plan my funeral, because I will have died laughing.

  • DroidPower

    if an injunction is granted, (given how slow the courts move) it’ll probably be right around the time when Google introduces its own newer Nexus handsets!!! Perfect opportunity to take more of the market share.

    • Homncruse

      That would be brilliant.

  • Steven

    I would love to see apple stung. I am
    Currently and iPhone 4 user, but after the whole Samsung fiasco, I cannot wait to rid my hands of apple and switch over to Samsung. It seems to me that the apple has started to rot from its core.

  • Fronk

    I’m disappointed that the hipsters here in Canada will not be affected by this. An obvious victory, regardless of if they win law suits or not, for Samsung and HTC. Or, perhaps just an obvious defeat for Apple? Anyway, Apple is like a shitty hooker, over-priced, and always leaving you unsatisfied. GG no RE Samsung!

  • apuster

    I think this would be absolutely amazing if it goes through. I’m neither an Apple fan or a Samsung Fan, but I’m going to be cheering on Samsung on this. I thought that recent lawsuit was in such poor taste, and it would be great to see where this goes.

    But, in the end, you know who wins? Patent Lawyers.
    You know who loses? We do. The companies are going to be suing each other and trying to get around patents, without actually innovating,so we get newer technologies slower.

    • noah

      That’s not how the world should work. Samsung shouldn’t take revenge on Apple for a jury’s decision. The court’s job is to level the playing field. Samsung failed. They couldn’t prove their point so they lost. That’s not Apple’s fault.

  • nam

    fuck apple

  • King

    What happens if sales are banned in the US and EU? Mass shipping from Canada, of course!

    • Mint

      yea you can import a handset but you couldnt get a carrier to activate it for you and you couldnt get a data plan for it which is essential for using it since i dont think that it could fall back on standard 4G. what would you be left with? an overpriced ipod!

  • Dave Mandis

    Cross licensing between giants is the key to maintaining a complacent and moribund industry duopoly that effectively prevents any small or independent innovative third parties from introducing disruptive technological improvements.

  • Nathan

    This isn’t an issue if apple pays the owners of these patents. That’s the big difference. I know patent law isn’t the most talked about thing but at least do a little research.

  • iLisa

    Apple won’t allow flash, on any iPhone at least…why is this?
    I realize I’m uninformed…but please, enlighten me?! :/

  • dustin

    He said Asians.

    Are japs and Koreans and Thai people not Asian?

    I loved my iPhone, but decided to.try Samsung.

    Both are great products.

  • Brent Forder

    Apple is trash

  • Jon

    It would be an outstanding feat to see Apple served up a few slices of humble pie!

  • rhY

    Patents are a hindrance to human development. As are corporations for that matter. Ben Franklin wrote words 200 years ago that prove how ridiculous this whole story is. Disgusted by the fanbois relishing any of the corporations involved. Your slavery is in your perception. Your prison is your own mind. Wake the fuck up people!

  • 13primary

    “but HTC and Samsung may be holding trump cards that could give them a legal edge to block the iPhone 5 from ever hitting store shelves.”

    “but we expect a patent infringement lawsuit to be filed in the following weeks.”

    they better act faster than that! It’ll be on store shelves next week.

  • Vahne


  • Travis

    Either way… cases are available at

  • Bryan Stoner

    Awesome! Nice tag team effort.

    The only bad news we could hear now, on Samsung’s future legal action:
    And the judge is!!!…

    Judge Lucy Koh!!

  • noslack

    This is awesome! How you like them apples Apple? Ha ha.

  • joe

    What are some of the phones coming out that will contend with the iphone that was mentioned in the article?

  • MIkeSki

    Doesn’t help that Apple is also suing Polish grocery stores. Guys, next thing you know if you eat an apple you will be defacing Apple company property.

  • Jason

    By the way I own a droid phone FYI, but Wow so many angry anti-iphone fans. Seriously? Samsung and HTC are so professional. really? no.. Apple had every right to sue them for ripping apple off. Secondly suing apple over 4GLTE? REALLY NOW. omg apple got 8 billion from samsung? Samsung acts like that effected them deeply. No it did not. GROW A PAIR MAKE SOMETHING BETTER. I thought about getting a Galaxy S3 but after this shit, probably end up going to iphone. I have compared phones, my opinion the S3 is shit. Also if you look at it from a Judges perspective. I would say, hey? So please Samsung and HTC, please tell me. You knew Apple were in the works of using 4GLTE why didn’t you stop them or have them investigated for use of 4GLTE. So why should I just now ban it, when you had all the time in the world to come forth explain to me a year ago but you want to wait now. Your argument is invalid. Apple doesn’t have to do anything.

    • Lauris

      Well, isnt the same said about apple? btw, apple has never introduced nothing that they created (starting from iphone and ipad) MS and toshiba has introduced tablets somewhere around year 2000 (mb 2003) but about decade before apple, just that at that time it was too expensive and too big. so what these rotten apples have invented? sry, but nothing ;]

      • wow

        I’m no Apple fanboy, but you can innovate and invent without making something entirely new. Just sayin’. It’s ridiculous to say that Apple has invented *nothing*, especially since iOS exists and was pretty darn revolutionary for its time.

        It’s like saying that you can’t write a fantasy book and call it original because Lord of the Rings invented modern fantasy and everybody else is just copying it (sure, a lot of people do, but that’s beside the point).

  • Some guy

    How do you like them apples? *sees himself out*

  • Jose H

    I doubt that would happen. The government shouldn’t let a foreign company say if a us company can sell their devices on their turff. I think apple will win this one also! Or at least I hope so!!

    • Lauris

      WTF are you talking? apple can and no one else can? just start using your brains u ***

  • AndyM

    If they are successful, then we can say goodbye to common standards and protocols, which is quite different than what Apple was suing over.

  • Austin

    Doesn’t Qualcomm have a say? Apple is using Qualcomm’s chip so its a no go in my eyes.

  • jame king
  • Lauris

    Yey, id like them to ban iphone5, id like that apple would bancrupt :O ;..;
    those dam holes. Or atleast they they would start to offer something for the price they ask. cause now what they offer is low end peace of crap for maximum possible price :D (well, its quality is good, but not for such price)

  • jamal adam

    Can we take a moment and laugh at the fact that Apple is calling their new in-ear headphones, EarPods…..EarPods. Yup, you heard that right! I laughed so hard when I heard of it; what a terrible name.

  • fc1032

    How’d you like them APPLES?!

  • Your mom

    “we’re too lazy to create our own products so we’ll just copy everything Apple makes!
    To show them our appreciation we’ll sue them because we have a single LTE patent Apple might have used (but probably not). Anyways… Cool Passbook app… Wow what a suprise: We have made one ourself just about at the same time you made yours! Crazy small world, isn’t it? WOW!! So funny!”

    • Homncruse

      Cool notifications center bro.

  • Dan

    Im glad someone if taking the fight to Apple. While I do agree that the patent wars are totally out of proportions at this point, its nice to see someone tell apple that they can’t just bully everyone out of business. That being said, I like to compare this to an ugly divorce. There is a lot of pulling and tugging from each side. They all like to expose the wrongdoings of the other party, but never own up to their own errors. Mudslinging rarely amounts to anything else than having a whole bunch of people covered in sticky, smelly mud.

    In the end, the kids (the consumers) will be the ones paying the price. Regardless of who wins which patent dispute, do you really thing that these companies will just absorb the cost of these lengthy legal battles? I can assure you that they will not. They will find very clever ways to pass on their expenses down to us, the poor suckers who by all the wonderful-shit-we-don’t-need.

    Keep cheering for your favorite team. I’m a proud Android fan, myself. But keep in mind that when the dust settles, someone will have to pay the cleaners to get rid of all the sticky, smelly remnants of all the battles.

  • ibap

    You know the old joke about GM being a finance company that happened to make cars? Since Apple is apparently vying to be a patent holding company that also makes phones, this kind of thing is inevitable. When will they sue pharmaceutical companies, claiming the sole rights to the word “tablet”? Or they’ll insist fruit growers can’t use the word ” – oh wait, can I use it?

  • iThink

    The only thing that is going to happen is that Apple is going to pay a large fee to HTC to keep their mouths shut. Then HTC is going to back down and Apple is going to go on with what they’re doing. And even if HTC doesn’t want to take the money, Apple will remove the software used by HTC, pay the bill, and still make billions with the new Iphone 5.

    Everybody keeps hating Apple products saying they suck and they’re overpriced. They may be pricy, but they don’t suck! Otherwise, not all of those people would buy em and the Apple corp. wouldn’t be the mass company it is now.

    Apple has quality products which sell at a very high rate. I myself like Apple a lot appart from the mac software used to run your computer (i use Windows on my Mac).

    This battle between smartphones is easely compared between battle of other products and other brands. For example Apple= Coca-Cola, Samsung= Pepsi. 2 Big-shots. And then there is HTC… River cola!

  • Dana Sciandra

    “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal.” – Steve Jobs

    What goes around…



  • Stefano Angelo

    “What do you think will happen if iPhone 5 sales are banned from the US and Europe?”


    Just a big dream.

  • fbales

    Injunction against iPhone 5???? Sweet.

  • Vaughan

    Yes, I think that it is stupid to be spending a ton of money on suing, rather than using the money to make new products. Though I understand why Samsung wants to sue. After the recent loss of $1.05 Billion I think Samsung should try to give apple a taste of its own medicine.

    Conclusion: Apple deserves to lose money, after all they did start the whole thing. Though I think that all of us can agree that apple should stop acting like a group of three year olds.

  • LoCaLsOlJa

    How you like them apples!!!

  • heetskore

    Mmmmmm…Fresh baked apple pie.America’s favorite!

  • noah

    I personally think there’s a difference between cellular connectivity patents and device design patents. According to a US court of law, Samsung copied Apple’s design. There’s no room for debate there. The jury wouldn’t have sided with Apple unless Apple presented clear and substantial evidence against Samsung. I think there should be no patents on data connectivity.

    The patent system obviously needs change. Apple and Samsung are BOTH at fault in their stupid catfights.

    Wouldn’t Samsung be contradicting itself by filing against Apple? After the verdict earlier this year, didn’t Samsung say it was a loss for the American consumer because it limited competition in the market? That’s exactly what Samsung is doing now. Fucking hypocrites.

    There’s a reason the iPhone is so successful. There’s also a reason Apple is the most valuable company on the face of the planet. You can’t logically deny that. Any injunction Samsung magically attains can be and will mostly likely be appealed. Good luck, Samsung. You’ll need it if you’re going up against a company like Apple. Be prepared to get burned. Can’t wait to watch Samsung’s cheap iPhone knockoffs get banned from the US.

    Bring on the Fandroids.

  • arc

    People are supposed to comment not argue. I hope the iPhone 5 is stopped from shipping, if only for one reason. Patents need to come to an end, cross patent only means that there will be no new comers to the market. Apple have the cheek to say people should innovate! Not steal, yet Apple’s early success is based on Xerox’s OS complete with mouse that apple stole from them. An Even playing field would mean the best product all round including price will win, then the consumer wins.

  • Sammy D

    Has anyone that comments on this forum actually priced smartphones? I keep seeing comments speaking to how Apple is so overpriced. Are you buying on contract? If so, the majority of high end phones are the same freaking price. Maybe math isn’t your strong suit? If you’re buying a phone off contract at full price, in many cases, the phones, again, are the same price. GSIII is a great example.

    Hell the Razr Maxx is STILL requiring an additional “moto 4g LTE ” discount from Verizon to match the entry point price of the iPhone 5.

  • Sn16

    Hey Apple, how do you like them apples?

  • Pardeep

    this is very good new i hear from your site see mine blog also

  • apple suxx

    apple shall die and all apple products owners shall burn in hell