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Samsung not backing down on anti-iPhone advertising


Apple may have won their court case, but Samsung is as determined as ever to win in the court of public opinion.

Their latest ad which started appearing in newspapers today literally pits the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III head to head with a specs list illustrating the S IIIs dominance. Now Samsung stacks the deck in their favor with a bevy of software features tacked on at the end, but even if you scrap those additions the S III can claim a pretty decisive hardware victory.

Screen size (4.8″ vs. 4″), battery life (11.4 hours v. 8 hours talk time), and RAM (2GB v. 1GB) are probably the biggest differentiators. NFC and a removable battery are features that would be shaken off by ardent Apple fans, but when is having fewer features really something to crow about? Oh and well played to Samsung on “totally different plug,” that made me chuckle.

There’s no doubt that the iPhone 5 will sell like crazy through the holidays, but the Galaxy S III has stamped out it’s place in the market already by unseating the 4S as the top device in the U.S. and will surely continue to sell well and the Galaxy Note II will arrive in the coming months to bolster Samsung’s lineup.

I’m going to assume that most if not all here would agree with Samsung’s side of things, but do you think their decision to continue advertising directly at the iPhone is the right move?

Via: The Verge

Source: Business Insider

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Yes! All android OEMS should be doing this with their highest end device.

    • Adryan maldonado

      Personally i disagree to a certain extent. I mean its good for a while but after too long it starts to seem a little petty and desperate. For example the original droid had a great campaign with the whole droid does thing but now most of their commercials if not all of them just talk about what the phone can do or how it improves my life. So i prefer that type of advertising versus mudslinging the other opponents phone.

      • DroidPower

        the challenge with the droid scenario you just mentioned is that most people will just say “hmm, the iphone can probably do that too.” The iphone has a huge popularity, to the point where some people don’t really care what it does or does not have (remember those funny youtube videos w/ the animated bears?). I’ll even go further and raise the (controversial) point that when a smartphone does not directly compare itself to the iphone, it’s admitting that it may not be good enough. Based on sales, iPhone is the phone to beat. So if you don’t go head to head, how can a consumer know that yours is better?

        i think this direct comparison idea is really good because now you can see visually how many features the iphone does not have compared to the gsIII. Even at a first glance, the longer list of the GSIII provides a simple visual message to the average consumer that it has more features than the iPhone and is worthwhile looking into. I think the average consumer will love the android smartphones, but they just dont know how it can be better than the iphone. So, i also wish that more android OEMs would take up these direct comparisons.

        • Ted

          This is not in any way a direct comparison. This is a ridiculously self-serving ad that is blatantly dishonest to anyone who reads it. Let’s not call it something it isn’t.

          • Ardrid

            Self-serving? Yes. Blatantly dishonest? Absolutely not. Please tell us how this ad is, in anyway, blatantly dishonest. All I see is an objective comparison between stats. On paper, it’s pretty clear that the SGS3 is a superior device. The only area where that superiority is subjectivity is screen size, because not everyone believes that a bigger screen is better (my wife being one such person).

            You, honestly, sound like a fanboy.

        • R.S

          No type of advertisement will work in convincing iSheep to give any other phone a chance. However, I do believe that these comparison ads might help.

          iSheep always claim “my iPhone can do this, it can do that”, which may impress those who aren’t familiar with smart phones. By having Samsung compare or show off it’s stats as well as “Well our phone has this”, it might make people ask “Does the iPhone do it have that?”

          Essentially, what I’m saying is that comparison ads can make people ask “What’s so special about the iPhone?”, which in my opinion, is exactly what Apple doesn’t want.

          BTW, anyone else see this funny Jimmy Kimmel iPhone segment?

          • CactusCat

            That Jimmy Kimmel video simply shows you real iSheep and what they’re all about. I’d tend to guess that literally 90% of the iPhoney users would be just like those in the video. I can forgive the lack of knowledge since all iPhones look the same (IOS) but they couldn’t even tell that size and weight were the same as their current phones. Baa-aaa-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh….

          • Ben

            Logic would tell anyone if you put someone on the spot in the street to compare something they don’t know about or own that they won’t tell the difference. Do the same thing with the s3 and you would get the exact same answers. The only difference is people would say what the hell is an s3.

          • Ben

            Also, to cactuscat. Look at the people they stopped in the street. Do you really think these people are on tech forums comparing features. These are the people who didn’t know a new iPhone was coming until the day it came. These are your average consumers. With all those android activations every day, do you think all those people are tech savy and comparing features and watching rumors. Hell no. People like us who are reading forums and paying attention to rumors make up less than 1% of the market I bet. So you can’t hate on the average consumer for not know the ins an outs of every smartphone on the market.
            I pay just as much attention to automotive news and rumors. I’m sure I could put half of this and any other tech forum infront of a new car and do that same test and most wouldn’t have any idea what they are talking about.

            I’m being blunt but don’t be so ignorant to think that everyone else in the world has the same interests as you or gives a crap about the new features of the newest smartphone.

          • Olo

            “my phone can do this and that” was the old mantra od iSheep, the updated version is “what would I want that for?” you know, NFC properly working maps, FM radio and so…

          • Joe

            not all Apple lovers are iSheep… Being on verizon, we received the iPhone later than AT&T. My first smartphone was a MOTO Droid 2. I had the option of getting an iPhone by this time, but I said “No, I want to try Android! the set up looks so much more.. well more!” and for the first month, maybe a few, I LOVED my DROID 2! but by the time I upgraded a few days ago (to iPhone 5) i wanted to simply whip my phone at a wall and burn it to ash. The problem isn’t another OS its the phone manufacturer. before the iPhone, I feel Samsung was the absolute top of the market. Their phones work, and last. Now that Android is out and about many versions into the system, samsung is the leader of Android, hands down. But I still find it comparable to apple. I switched to iPhone because I was sick of Android not working, and didn’t want to screw with it anymore, root with this, flash this, DONT BRICK YOUR PHONE just to get it to work, kind of. At least I know that with an Apple iDevice, it will always work. Yes, I’m quite aware that Samsung phones (like many others) have things like removable batters, bigger screens, better specs, hell Samsung MAKES apple’s A# Processors!! But for now, I think even after knowing Android, I’m only going to use Android phones for development purposes, and not to actually use as my main phone. the point: it’s all relative

        • ionorov

          I’m all for pointing out how Androids can match and even best the iPhone.

          But putting out a list of “features”, which no average person has heard of, reeks of desperation. That long feature section just feels forced and comes off as padding.

          Worse still, the arguably better/useful stuff like NFC, S-Beam and removable battery just gets lost in that list.

          But I guess you are right, people just look at the list size. The longer the better eh?
          (incoming twss posts)

      • Bento

        I have both.
        Hardware side : both are powerful enough for as developer to work, play, etc
        Software side : I like apple appstore that secure apps since beginning and not easy install apps, android still easy and insecure for children
        Lifestyle side : I prefer iPhone, that leverage my style :)
        Pakcaging side : I like iPhone, or HTC product if Android compare to gs3, just because casing is not luxury design for premium cost. For this, its all about my taste.
        Education side : apple vs samsung have different advertising and marketing model.
        Customer side : iphone user more loyalty than android user :)

    • meandroid islamist, terrorists

      samsunk is done

    • Richard Yarrell

      Oh brother here come the iphone fan boys ready to defend it’s little iphone 5. The sad part is Samsung has BLOWN AWAY apple years ago. There is no comparison between the Galaxy S3 and iphone 5 or should I say retread iphone 4s. Software has always been key and features have always been most important as well. In this area manufacturers including apple are years behind Samsung in this space. Bottom line here the iphone is for people who are not interested in technology. They are uneducated simpleton’s who are simply clueless joe’s. Oh I expect the normal troll to arrive here after I post this comment @ squiddy20 he loves to kiss iphone butt piss on you and your iphone…

      • squiddy20

        “@ squiddy20 he loves to kiss iphone butt piss on you and your iphone” Hahaha! What the fuck kind of crap logic/reasoning is that!? I’ve defended Apple and/or the iPhone in the past so that MUST mean I own an iPhone? Hahahahaha! Coming from the “uneducated simpleton” who not even 3 days ago *told me* I own a “bloatware filled Sprint Galaxy Nexus”, that’s hilarious! Then a day after that pitiful little insult, you proceeded to tell me how you thought I didn’t own a Galaxy Nexus, but instead a “useless Samsung Moment on Metro PCS”. But the even funnier thing is, if you took even 10 seconds to do a Google search for “Samsung Moment”, you’d find that it was ONLY sold on Sprint! What a fucking joke! Seriously, I read that last line and burst out laughing because it was soooo stupid! Try keeping your story straight for once.

    • NeoJesus
    • USS Arizona

      This ad proofs evil koreans are our enemies, we should send in more aircraf tcarriers imho

  • TheTruthSquad

    No ad is going to change the mind of the mindless but any new Apple customer may be swayed away from the Crap Phone 5. The biggest ripoff in tech history is Apple selling their converter for $29.00 which probably cost them $2.00.. It is estimated they will make a billion off that and that doesn’t include what they will get for licensing fees.
    There is no innovation in this phone what-so-ever. In the past, they usually had something new to offer, but not this time. Who is copying whom now?

    • Jaz

      Most of the features that were introduced on the iphone4 are already on android and yes the iphone is a good looking device and I would not mind having aphone that looks as good as the iphone but I don’t buy my phones to show it off to people based on looks. I want to be able to use it for work and play and then once in a while show people look at this software and what I can do, isn’t that awesome, picture in picture and nfc.

      • Souhaieb Besbes

        you’re absolutely right man
        i have a galaxy note and i can assure you it has more wow factor than any other phone including iphones
        especially with the latest update and the resizable popup video player all my iphone friends retract from conversation whenever i take the example of my phone

        for me the only drawback of android is relative complexity and some ui inconsistecy, other than that i can’t think of myself owning an iphone. it’s my worst nightmare :)

    • kazahani

      Apple has a captive audience. Release the same crap every year, update the version number, and tell people it’s better. I don’t know why it’s working, but it is.

  • ZR0ExX

    it doesn’t even show all the things the iPhone can do. So this ad is misleading. I’m not biased to android or apple because I have both. And also some of those things the s3 has is not something someone would use like palm swipe capture. “Oh I need to take a screenshot, let me swipe my friggin palm across the screen to do it.” Sorry I speak the truth because im not blinded by a OS.

    • Ardrid

      That’s not the point of the ad. The point is to simply show, at a glance, the specs of each device and why, based on those specs, the SGS3 is superior. Obviously, anyone seriously considering a new phone (and by seriously I mean not just buying it because of the brand) knows that there’s more to a device than specs or hyped features.

      • ionorov

        Yeah but they didn’t need to pad out those “features”. I mean, stuff like NFC is great to point out. And so is the removable battery.

        But Smart Stay? What’s that? Shake To Update? Shake the phone to update to JB?

        And which marketing genius came up with “Palm Touch Mute Pause”? What does that even mean? You play a video and then have to palm it to mute and pause it? Why not just use the freaking volume button?

        Samsung Galaxy S3. Now with FacePalm!

        • DroidPower

          Why shouldn’t they pad the features? Samsung’s the company behind the ad, the purpose of the ad would be defeated if they didn’t pad their stats or show how great they are. The fundamentals of an ad is not to speak the truth but to bring out the best of the product it’s representing. Have you seen how much apple is “padding” their panorama shot feature? The clip almost makes the feature seem as if you were never able to do that on a phone before. You can’t justify any spending on an ad if you’re not padding your product. The NFC and removable batteries were more aimed at specific user groups. A lot of people don’t like the non-removable batteries because it meant that you had to take it into a shop to get it fixed when the problem is solely in the battery, or if the battery life just doesn’t last long enough for you.

          I agree with you that some of the other features don’t really make sense in the way they sound. But, i think the whole point of the ad was to get consumers thinking and wondering about the GSIII. So, if you’re asking the question “what feature is this?” then they’ve accomplished their mission. Not matter how ridiculous you think it may sound, there will be a part of you that wants to find out exactly what it is and what it does. That’s the beauty of these kinds of ads.

          • ionorov

            Don’t have a degree in marketing … but I’d think people respond better to terms that they can at least understand (however vaguely).

            panorama mode –> derp goes: “Aaah, panorama pictures with my phone!”

            wireless charging –> “Oooh… I don’t have to plug in a charging cable!”
            pureview camera –> “must be a really good camera!”

            water-proof –> “Awesome! I can take this to the pool!”
            13-megapixels –> “Great camera!”

            Palm Touch Mute Pause –> “Uhm… wut? Does this help me watch porno or something?”

  • jmon

    I love my gs3 and android altogether but I am not sure this is the best way to go for Samsung. The ad is going to get misconstrued. There is already a bunch of hater parody ads on the internet. This link shows a couple

  • A Phone Neutral

    You don’t win by trying to bring the other guy down. You have to build cool buzz for your own product. The original Droid campaign did that. Apple always does this. Ads like this always seem like the weaker product trying to say, “I’m cool too!”

    • CactusCat

      Would you be talking like the Mac vs PC ads? “Apple always does this.” I think you’re mistaken, Mr. Neutral.

      • ionorov

        On one hand, I don’t really think this is how should advertise their stuff.

        On the other hand, I wish everyone did this to Apple… for all the lies, half-truths and smugness of those Mac vs PC ads.

  • bri

    yep they have all that because they don’t have to spend money on UI and User Experience. They just steal that. On whole they’re phones aren’t better. just like PC users said for years windows was better because macs were so over priced now well have the same cheap warfare with phones. Everyone knows IPhone is better its just a matter if they pay for it in reduced features and higher price. Still. Better.

    • masterpfa

      Better how?

      Please explain to someone, let’s say me for example, who doesn’t know of iPhones strengths.
      Just saying it’s better doesn’t quantify this. This was the same excuse my young daughter used, I’m still waiting for examples of how.

  • kwills88

    I see no issue here, if apple can go after android and talk down on it, i don’t see big deal with Samsung returning the favor.

  • bri

    Yep they have all that because they don’t have to spend money on UI and User Experience. They just steal that. On whole their phones aren’t better. Just like PC users said for years windows was better because macs were so over priced. Now, we’ll have the same cheap warfare with phones. Everyone knows IPhone is better. It’s just a matter of if they pay for it in reduced features and higher price. Still. Better.

    • ari-free

      Give specifics. How exactly is iPhone ‘better’? Because it’s shinier?

    • DC

      “Everyone know iPhone is better.”

      What’s funny about this comment is the fact that the iPhone contains multiple “Samsung manufactured” components. If Samsung is crap, iPhone must be crap as well.

      Btw, if we’re talking about “stealing”, can I ask
      if the iPhone has a slide down notification bar?

      • Ben

        I don’t usually to people about the whole which is better argument. But I will for this time to see what response I get. I’d like to say I have no bias but I have only owned iPhones (I really tried hard to buy the galaxy nexus but google and the carriers completely failed that launch and I got tired of waiting)

        I think both phones like the s3 and the iPhone have their pros and cons. What you have to ask is not which is better but which is better for you? Many people come to me and ask me about what phone to buy and such. I never blanket say you need this. I say what do you want to do with it.

        To many people I do recommend the iPhone. Because many of the people asking are new to phones and the iPhone has the best interface for those new to phones. It’s intuitive and reuses how you do things across the entire phone so it’s easy to pick up. Sometimes I get some people who are good at picking up technology and are more concerned about watching movies on their phone. For them I may recommend the s3 for the larger screen if they don’t mind having such a large device in their pocket. This isn’t to say that nontechnical people have iPhones and technical people have android. It’s just an example.

        The whole point is how do you want to use your phone. Then once you know that what phone works best for you. NO phone or product for that matter will ever be better than another product in all areas every time. When you buy a car you ask what you need then look for those features no bluntly ask someone what’s the best car on the road….

  • shadhussain

    don’t know what samsung’s goal was here, but whatever samsung’s been doing is obviously working. there was a time not so long ago, when most ppl would think of iphones as the gold standard for smartphones. lots of ppl bought androids simply because they couldn’t afford an iphone. of late, samsung in particular has shown the balls to yell out that they can make phones that match and arguably beat what apple has to offer. that gold standard can be redefined from the apple definition. the masses are starting notice. there’s a definite shift in attitudes when folks now buy smartphones. the question no longer is “can i afford to buy an iphone?”, it’s more “which smartphone should do i get”? and that’s good for everyone.

  • shadhussain

    and modesty in advertising just doesn’t cut it. HTC’s “quietly brilliant” One series devices really should be “screamingly spectacular” in comparison to anyone else in the market … but alas, they linger behind …

    • ionorov

      In fairness though, I think the One X is also failing because it lacks an mSD slot and a removable battery. But yes, the lack of in-your-face advertising doesn’t help either.

      Not just hating on it, I think its a real beauty, which makes it doubly infuriating. The first lick-worthy HTC phone… and few buy it. Sigh.

  • ari-free

    It is good if people start thinking and comparing features instead of just accepting someone’s word that the experience is ‘simply better’ in some vague way.

  • sere83

    Yeah I’m not really sure what Samsung is trying here either to be honest. It looks a bit desperate to me, like an under dog desperately trying to take a swipe at the market leader.

    The main issue for me with Samsung is to put it bluntly their designers are just not as good as apples and everything from their hardware to the actual ad campaigns and most of all touchwiz, does not have the same premium feel you get from apple products. Apple simply pay more attention to detail in their products and they also employ one of the best industrial designers of the 21st century….FACT.

    If Samsungs products and ad campaigns we’re more visually striking and better designed they would speak for themselves and these types of ads would not be nessesary.

    Now before the usual droid trolls pop out the woodwork and say i’m an apple fanboy, i’m not saying android is not as Good as iOS, on the contrary my last 3 phones have been android phones and I own no apple products and intend to keep it that way. But google aren’t making the S3 are they?

    The fact remains that Samsung is a brand with great potential who squander their opportunities to truly innovate and push the envelope by not focusing on their own design aesthetic as much as they should (eg. touch wiz is straight ugly and S voice is an embarrassing rip off). Instead they attempt to subtly plagiarise apple products (how they got away with even releasing the galaxy ace still baffles me) while also including some of their own innovation over an unnecessarily huge product line.

    In the eyes of the un tech saavy masses they are often seen as inferior because of this, and this ad only serves to reinforce this opinion.

    It is also worth noting that these spec sheets are also misleading. Weather people like it or not apple only make 1 phone a year and the optimize the cr*p out of the software and in many ways the Iphone 5 will out perform the S3.

    You wait until the actual benchmarks come out and we will see the A6 completely decimate the quad core Exynos and probably the Snapdragon S4 due to the insane GPU’s apple always use coupled with their own rigourous OS optimizations.

    IMO Samsung need to focus much much more on their design aesthetics, functionality and OS optimization instead of bashing Apple, if they really want to be seen in a more favorable light and start to really take market share away from Apple.

    On a side note they need to cut down their product line drastically and stop tainting their brand with this low end, cheaply made, laggy junk they’re pumping into the smart phone market.

    • ionorov

      Also, Samsung’s phone designs have never been really compelling.

      I got my GS2 because it had the best internals and the best screen (at the time). But now, when I look at the Xperias and the Lumias and the OneXs… I wished my phone looked as good as them.

      Then you look at the GS3… ugh! It’s my opinion (and I’ll probably catch hell for saying this)… but the GS3 design is meh-tastic. It’s like no thought was put into it. Just modify the Galaxy Nexus a wee bit, slap on a bigger screen and “hyper-glaze” the back. Sigh.

      - Look at the Xperias with their sexy curved backs (the new Ts and Vs).
      - Look at the Lumias with their beautiful colors and rounded bezels.
      - Look at the gorgeous One X.
      - Even Motorola came up with a distinct design!

      You are right, they need to hire better designers.

      • ari-free

        A phone should be a useful tool, not your girlfriend.

        • ari-free

          One X may be nice but in the end it comes down to specs. It doesn’t have an SD slot and that is one major reason the GS3 is beating it.

        • ionorov

          Function over form, eh?

          Lemme guess… you’re using a Nokia N-gage with a swiss-army knife and a thumbdrive duct-taped to it?

        • h0ruza

          No a phone should work well and wow your friends and strangers alike

    • ari-free

      What bothers me is that Google gives a nice consistent UI for free and then Samsung goes out of its way to muck it up and delay updates and run into legal issues.

    • masterpfa

      Well said

  • TruFactz

    Hey Apple, just because ya put a little glaze on the back doesn’t make it durable, its still glass. Why don’t we make glass cars too huh? Anyway, I agree with the ad mindset Samsung has, even though there was a point made that while Apple’s campaign methods are about what their phone can do exclusively, bringing back the ads for the first iPhone, I personally think iPhone is to hyped up and that’s what I think Samsung is trying to do, bring it back down to earth, because even the basic smartphone can do things that iPhone can. I think the ad is more targeted to the more tech savvy people, the people like us who were waiting on the verdict of Apple’s courthouse party with Samsung. The general, consumer will look at it though, but more on a visual aspect. “Wow, the GSIII sure does have a lot more than the iPhone does” that’s about it.

  • Romney a$$hole, wannabe wacko president

    Really shows how dirty and evil samsung really is, badmouthing the inventors!
    Now they are even stealing Apples ads. Shame on you, koreans!

    • DC

      Umm…where did apple get the slide down notification bar?

      • Meas

        Odd how a lot of people refer to Samsung as simply “Koreans!” I don’t think I heard anyone say “Wow, those Americans really stole that slide down notification bar!” Apple and Samsung. Keep it real.

  • Raptor

    SGS3 is truly shitty phone with subpar pentile power hungry grayish screen nonexistent outdoors, i wouldn’t touch it as well as iphone which is anothers crap for midgets, simpletons and Asian women.And SGS3 SHOULD BE BANNED — i agree with Apple here. Note2 is partially different story, it has srylus which Apple never had, and is better screen wise not being pentile though still is powerhungry. But all of them will be eclipsed by HTC 5″ 441 ppi superphablet soon

    • ari-free

      HTC’s lack of memory will nullify the 441 ppi advantage.

      • Raptor

        what may kill it is not just the size but memory bandwidth. Will see this week

    • Jaz

      The htc tablet isn’t even out and unless you have tried both phones you can’t say they are power hungry or that they are bad phones. In fact the sales alone states otherwise. Your worse than a 5 year old that just doesn’t like something because it looks different. Your the kind of person that lives a lonley sad life because you have everything around you. Good luck.

    • Meas

      I’m sure there’s many tall, intelligent, non-Asian users.

  • Raptor

    by the way since sgs3 was added by Apple to ban request i consider any ad of sgs3 as insult of shameless thieves.

    • ari-free

      Steve Wozniak, founder of Apple: “I don’t think the decision of California will hold. And I don’t agree with it — very small things I don’t really call that innovative. I wish everybody would just agree to exchange all the patents and everybody can build the best forms they want to use everybody’s technologies.”

      • Raptor

        This is why Jobs left him runnng his scooter.

    • masterpfa

      The decision of an unqualified jury doesn’t make them thieves.

    • Pax

      Everybody is a thief in the eye of Apple.

  • masterpfa

    Go back to the iSheep videos Samsung, even iPhone users laughed at those.

    Sell what your phone can do by featuring these aspects in slickly edited adverts for TV
    Don’t give the iPhone any additionally ad space they got enough of their own, along with The Press doing the rest for them.

  • korean chinkie

    scaresuck is scared

  • Racoon

    I’ve got a nexus S, and I love android. But Samsung lost me at S voice.

    • Jaz

      How did they lose you on svoice? If you don’t like it then don’t use it. Just like siri its not a perfect program.

  • Jaz

    Doesn’t matter to me anyway, I will stick with android due to my personal use of both ios and android. example: was purchasing a home and had both iphone4 and my evo3d and had the same 2 apps on both to help me with home purchase, when trying to use it on both they android version worked better and had easier options and was easier to use and don’t get me started on the non existent navigation on the iphone that still won’t be added till ios6 but only on the 4s. This is just one example of why I stick with android, even if my phone isn’t a half aluminum half glass good looking phone. I myself don’t mind the feel of android phones.

  • h0ruza

    I just wish the money and effort spent on watching Apples every move was focused on making Samsung phones better without question.

    Let the phones sell themselves which is what the GSII did. Wake up Samsung and make phone hysteria not press hysteria!

  • Nollywoodstar

    Well being a user of both platforms I can say these phones are entirely different and it does depend on how you use it. IOS for me is far superior than Android. Let me explain. I’m a DJ, music producer, and actor as well as amateur photographer. I have a recording studio as well as a photo studio. The Capabilities I have with my IOS device and its ecosystem cannot be achieved with an Android device, well let me not say cannot but there’s always a work around, however on the surface it can’t. I like the look and customizations of the Android device and the photo sharing feature on the Galaxy S3 is killer however, in My studio I have Keyboards, Turntables, DJ equipment and I mean pro DJ industry equipment that my Iphone and IPAD plug in to. Example IDJ pro from Numark, Yamaha Keyboards that my iphone plug into, Drum machine boards, Mixers and have you seen the MPC fly, MPC is an industry name in Drum machines every major producer has one, thats right people the MPC fly is made only for the IPAD, here’s a link… When you go to the music store like Chuck Levins, Guitar center or Online to Sweetwater music, There are alot of equipment which utilizes the iphone and ipad and these are industry standard equipment, however non for android. The Equivalent Apps for the Android device are short of features compared to the Equivalent Apps for IOS. For instance I remember when the Xfinity App came out. I was able to stream movies from it, however the equivalent app for android made by the same developer couldn’t not. I’m not sure if it remains the same however that was the case. The IPAD apps look far more superior than the equivalent android apps for the Android Tabs by the same developers and have far more features. People believe it’s all about the apps, Android has always tried to use specs in hardware to elevate its software weakness. I’m not sure if its a language based issue or if programming for IPAD or IOS is more lucrative, so from my perspective, the Android for me would be no more than a smart phone. However, my iphone would be that and more. I’ve made over 30 Grand making beats and doing DJ gigs with my Iphone or IPAD and lots of other DJ’s use the same so its just plug and play. Bring my IPAD, download the App, hop on a friends board and just make money. Again, this is my reason. You also bundle up with the fact that I have an apple tv and use Airplay and its magic. The Android operating system may be able to do that, however its more widespread, convenient, easy, adoptable and present in the IOS ecosystem. Also remember Apples /MACs are the industry leaders in multimedia. Any successful producer or artist uses a MAC over PC and Android is not even in that playing field so if you’re in the Game like I am. Its a no brainer. Your android would be used as no more than how one would use a blackberry, your IOS device is what will get you paid. Hopefully this helps. Oh yeah by the way, as a photographer, the IPADS screen is so perfect for viewing and streaming your proffessional photos on the fly as you take them if you’re a photographer. As in Take a pic, pops up on your ipad, not saying android can’t do it but again, the difference is clear. So to me the Android is just for an entirely difference user. Perhaps for someone with big hands in a totally different game.

  • theviper21

    Apple fans crack me up. When Apple did a ton of these kind of ads against Microsoft, it was funny and cool; when Samsung does it to Apple, it’s bullying. Look up all the mock ads Apple fanboys are creating, it’s embarrassing.

    One of my favorite lines was in that Galaxy SII ad last year:

    “Man, I could never buy a Samsung, I’m creative.”
    “Dude, you’re a barista.”

    I think that’s what sums Apple up for the most part these days. It’s not about how good the hardware or software is, it’s about image and status.

  • Bklm

    I’d say the ad has more virtues than not. Let those were are not die hard Apple fans have a chance to know the extra functions Android and Samsung have. I’d add
    -text reflow
    -ability to move music, video, or anything in and out of your phone
    without extra application
    -clipboard for copy and paste (very useful cause you can select what to paste out of the many texts you have copied)
    - attachments of any type in email can be saved for later access

    I can go on and on

  • Martin Whitlow

    How pathetic and embarassing for Samsung. Initially, they shamelessly steal from Apple and now they are blackmailing and threatening them.

    I will never ever buy a dirty Samsung phone.

    • theviper21

      I cannot decide if you are completely misinformed or just ignorant. Tech companies take ideas from each other all of the time and Apple is certainly one of the best at it. Apple is without a doubt one of the greediest and immoral companies out there. If you have any doubt about this, look at how they intentionally withhold features so that they can implement them in the next iteration in an attempt to siphon more money out of the consumer; look at how they stifle innovation by patent trolling through their own company and their association with Intellectual Ventures; look at how much it costs for them to make a device, how much they pay the people who make it, and how much they sell it for.

      If you defend Apple as being a good, moral company who does no wrong, you must suffer from cognitive dissonance at the highest level. I’m not saying companies like Samsung do not involve themselves in shady business practices too, but to put Apple on a moral pedestal is incomprehensible.

    • theviper21

      Also, blackmailing and threatening them? Are you high? Where are you getting this from?

      This, this folks, is your typical Apple “True Believer”.

  • Efendi

    Android users forgot, that hardware specification and features are not everything that makes a device geat, its also the combination of great and consistent experience of a device… Remember Mac vs PC ?? Does a Mac has more features and better hardware specification than a PC ?? And does a mac cheaper than a pc ? Especially if you compared 2 same spec pc n mac

  • Floppy Flop

    I have use the I Phone 3 – 3 GS- 4 and 4S.and the i have winning a Samsung S2. 3 weeks later i have become the Samung S3. and i can only say: I will not going back to Apple and shure not for the I Phone 5.
    Greetings from germany
    Floppy Flop

  • Yamada

    look at that beauty of a samsung phone. it stills kicks iphones sore butt.