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Samsung releases another ad spot making fun of Apple fans waiting on iPhone 5


Tonight Samsung will unveil a new 90-second ad spot on national TV during NBC’s “The Voice” and Fox’s “The X-Factor”. The commercial depicts Apple fans waiting in line for the iPhone 5 and taunts them by showing off new features of the Galaxy S III.

Samsung says they have “taken conversations currently happening throughout culture and media and simply reflected them in this spot.” We know that Samsung is not backing down from anti-iPhone advertising, so expect more of these spots to appear over the coming months.

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Source: YouTube

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  • jaxidian

    I wish they would do better. That said, these are sometimes quite entertaining! :-P

    • Nate B.

      I found it very entertaining actually. I mean these are the facts that people are talking about and making it seem like it’s so different then the last one. Like when they said they had to redesign the entire phone from the ground up, but all you did was make it longer. Usually when people hear redesign they think of something completely different. Apple is more technical. So something that is taller and thinner is technically a new design but it isn’t much different then the last. End of the day it will sale like crazy. I like new tech. iPhone 5 will be a nice phone. I just don’t like the misleading and overly hyped stuff about it every year.

      • masdhu

        Really great! I bought a new iphone 5!I first need a nice protective housing!Here ( see a lot of beautiful!I love it!We go and see!

        • geronimo8

          OMG! You could customize your iphone’s casing so that it looks very unique!?

      • veracu

        true true true. touch responsive pixels is dope tho and i would love to see that tech come on over to android devices.

    • shadhussain

      this whole mobile OS mudslinging contest would never have happened if apple and its users could give due credit and respect to other manufacturers and OS developers when android devices were originally coming out. i remember the flippant condescension i used to experience when i started carrying a nexus one a few years back. i was almost pushed into a corner trying to defend my choice of the device and OS. i was tech savvy enough to defend my choice but you really shouldn’t need to.

      anyway the android minority now is a majority and people tend to remember the shit they were dished out. the mudslinging will continue. there is no moral high ground anymore.

      • Jorge Vieira

        O man if you hear the stories of kids comming back to return there android phones because they received such a backlash from there friends that have iPhones that they can’t take and switch because of that reason only. These are HTC incredibles’ and GS3′s. Its a damn shame.

        • Ando

          I personally have dealt with the iPhone people pestering me (I am in highschool). Though it’s cool being one of two that carry a Galaxy Nexus…

    • Nikki H

      Pathetic and embarassing for Scamsung. They must be desperate…

      • Bhaskar Gogoi

        O yeah! then what about the mac v/s pc ads that apple have been doing?

  • droid.manic

    Is that Chris Soyars in the commercial? ZOMG!!!

  • Taylor Wimberly

    The X Factor > The Voice

    • Max.Steel

      You’re high.

    • Tony

      Drying Paint > X Factor/The Voice

  • seven2k

    HAHA Love it!!

  • thekaz

    ha! “maybe not this time… but the next time”

    it really is amazing how many people didn’t notice that this phone was mostly just Apple “catching up”

    • Nate B.

      The sad thing is, they’ve been doing that for a while now.

    • Tangent

      They never will. In fact, most of them will be convinced that Apple is breaking new ground with those same things…

    • Homncruse

      Hey, you guys all remember when Apple made that new original feature unlike anything we’ve ever seen?

      Yeah, me neither.

    • dj

      I don’t understand why all the major media outlets jump on the bandwagon and shamelessly promote the iPhone every year, especially when they’re not giving even remotely the same publicity to similar competitors like the galaxy S series. What do they stand to gain from it? Just more readership? It seems to me that’s the main reason why the iPhone is so successful – because of all the free media it gets.

  • Jorge Vieira

    I like how he was saving a spot it was for his parents LMFAO! I always tell people I only give iPhones to my parents there for old and dumb people.

    • Tangent

      Perfect analogy! It’s the Camry of the phone world just like the Camry is the kitchen appliance of the automotive world.

      • dustin uk

        wtf is a camry? we have real cars here in europe, never heard of a camry

        • inviolable

          Yea those fiats must be chick magnets. See, I can be an off topic d-bag too.

        • dj

          Camry. It’s on Google. see

    • Homncruse

      I don’t use this phrase often, but I LOLed.

    • Erik Hanson

      Aww man, I drive a V6 Camry, and it’s actually a pretty great car to drive with lots of power!

      But I _totally_ see your analogy though *hangs head in shame* Guess it’s time to go trade in my Nexus for an iPhone now ;(

      • Homncruse

        DON’T DO IT! You have so much to live for! Please, back off the edge! Don’t jump! WE LOVE YOU!

  • jmon

    i dont approve of the guy holding the spot for his parents. if he truly loved his parents he would have bought them galaxy s3 instead.

    • kazahani

      I lol’d so hard! That was my favorite part for sure. They got the hipster clothing just right, too.

      • jeff Stiver

        you must live far from human civilization because none of the people in this commercial looked anything like the hipsters we have were I live and our city is filled with them.

    • Nate B.

      He thought it was a waist of money. Joking.

  • Max.Steel


    • K.

      Now they are even shamelessly copycating ads yet alone stealing patents

      • Scott K.

        love how apple fans does not even log in with their actual id. have to hide behind the anonymity? lol

  • TruFactz

    Lmfao my favorite part was “but we’re gonna get that right????? Not this time but…….next time….right?”

  • kazahani

    We could go back and forth about whether or not this is going to win Samsung any favor with the iPhone crowd, but I lol’d till I peed a bit. Nicely done.

  • Mix

    I like how the girls was explaining the new cable being all digital and not knowing what it means. Too many people drop specs or features that they have no clue about just because they sound fancy or want to justify their purchase.

    A buddy was talking about the new iPhone screen and it being larger and better and I had to explain that even though it was bigger it was still not quite 720p….he had no idea.

    • Homncruse

      I prefer my sync cables to be analog. I want to manipulate the waves myself, like a hipster boss.

  • Stella

    Zing! I actually love this one. These are some of the same points that I was telling my relatives and friends when they kept saying how awesome the iPhone 5 is. I wasn’t being negative but truthful. Android phones are leading in the innovation lately. iPhone 5 is nicely design. I’ll give it that.

  • MyMilan

    This is why I won’t buy a samsung phone. Very unprofessional for a company to act this way. Tell me what is good about your product and leave the 3rd grade games for children.

    • Mario

      Apple has been doing that for ages. So you’re saying that they haven’t passed 3rd grade since 1990s?

      • fechhelm

        Exactly. kinda like “If you don’t have an iphone you can’t do this” “If you don’t have an iphone you can’t do that” All the while you’re screaming at the t.v. saying I DON”T have an iphone and I CAN do that.

        • Bpear96

          Don’t forget about the classic “I’m a Mac” ads

    • kazahani

      Actually, this commercial was FILLED with features of the GS3. They just told you about them with snark and wit. Deal with it.

    • Iphone5psychiatrist

      You hyprocrite! Wtf you think all the Im a mac vs Pc commercials did. They mocked Pc users to no end. Do youself a favour and never buy Apple again since you defend honor no doubt. Moron.

    • Nate B.

      They’re just being honest. Every company does this. Some are not just as funny as others. It’s called competition. At the end of the day, Samsung probably respects Apple. They don’t really like them, but they respect them as a competitor. That’s why they’ve got in trouble and used the iPhone as a base to overcome. Personally, I think they should look past it and just innovate. I mean they are, but don’t look at the iPhone as a base. Look to see what you haven’t done yet. Look ahead and pass what you know other companies will be trying to bring to the market, Because you notice every company always brings something similar. They have their differences, but they all move the to same base. Like introducing higher res screens of the same res (but different technologies), LTE, Processors all clocked the same. I mean if you knew dual core was up next after Ghz, then why not already be trying to work on quad. If possible, then push the bar ahead of time.

  • Kindroid

    This the best one yet. These Samsung anti Apple FUD commercials are really starting to click.

  • Bpear96

    “We going to go that, maybe not this time, but next time.. for sure” -Speaks for the isheep

    • Bpear96


  • Nathan D.

    These never get old, hahahah

  • droilfade

    Hahaha….the best thing about a new iphone release is how many gags there are all over the internet. Awesome entertainment everyday!

    This one:

    and then this one:

  • kwills88

    Okay…i wasnt expecting much out of this, but i honestly had a good laugh, best part was when the parents came for their spot in line.

    Funny thing about this is..if Apple made this commercial, a lot of tech blogs would be praising it as how funny and great apple is for making it.

    • kwills88

      and after clicking to watch it on youtube, i had to face palm at all the comments..why is it immature to have a little fun at the expense of apple users? Apple users do it to us all the time..because apparently “the only reason why people buy android phones is because they are cheap”..saying things like that is why Samsung makes videos like these to show just how misinformed iPhone users are…i had no idea that owning a Galaxy SIII for 800 dollars off contract is cheap.

  • McLovin

    I love it. These are becoming the new I’m a Mac I’m a PC commercials. Except that it’s at Apple’s expense this time.

  • Raptor

    Anyone noticed it’s totally fake movie like one with Nokia 920?

    1) The guy who was holding the spot couldn’t use his Galaxy S3 outdoors when sun shines. That’s California! I couldn’t use even much superior screen of SGS1 (40% larger brightness and smaller ambient reflection) outdoors.

    2) So most scenes were shot in cloudy conditions and when sun was there they used fake SGS3 with paper screen.

    • Raptor

      Paper screen shows 12:36 all the time ROTFL MAO, MAO, M-A-O

      • NeedANewGlasses

        “09:05″ @ 0:31

        • Raptor

          with no sun at all!
          With the sun sgs3 is just a black brick.

    • Raptor

      …and besides at 12:36 sun shines exactly from the top and not from the side!

    • Tangent

      Given how much time you spent on this ad, were you also the person that first noticed how Apple photoshopped a scene from Star Trek to make it look like it fit perfectly on the iPod screen?

  • blankit

    haha this is so good

  • Sam

    The girl with blue hoodie at 1:07 is the same chick from the McDonald’s commercial. Well-played Samsung!

  • Ichigo

    Its a great commercial, its actually spot on. Many iphone users don’t even know what android is capable of.

  • Haji S Sillah

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  • DroidPower

    I’m lovin’ it

    Ba da ba ba ba

  • TruFactz

    It has a headphone jack……at the bottom…………….BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!

  • USA


    • Scott K.

      Nice! Way to show those Korean cheaters! lol. *sarcasm*. Can’t even say something intelligent.

  • Alex Pena

    Funny AND true!

  • Joe

    I am a big fan of Android, and whatever tablet I bought and I will buy in future it s gonna boast an Android OS.

    But, guys, Google has to find a way of improving the compatibility among the diffent versions/editions of his OS, cos right now they are just releasing and releasing new versions of Android that are not fully back compatible with the apps developed with the previous one.

    Jellybean does not have support for hdmi output nor usb OTG, there are LOT of apps and games that do not work on it.

    This scenario simply do not exist on Apple devices; it’s frustrating when you buy even a high end Android device, and try to look for a game of an app that you friend use on his phone and discovering that… well it is not available for your device, even if you spent good money on it.

  • Simon Trinity

    I don’t think Samsung need to put out piss taking adds no more!

    Apple Maps is a disaster lol just look at the disappointment on the fan boys faces from these comments lol

  • ngrj93

    the video is really funny. But, samsung seems to be extremely desparate by releasing such commercials…..

  • MitchRapp81

    Hi, I’m a MAC — and I’m a PC.

    Ya think someone started some shit?

    • theviper21

      Indeed. It amazes me how butthurt these Apple fanboys get when someone else plays “their” game.

      • jeff Stiver

        what is butthurt? i assume your male friend destroyed your behind but I see it all over the internet now. what does it mean and how is it cool to say something so well… gay..

  • Kujira

    I liked how back in the old days when Android was the minority, their users understood both OSs and talked really informative points to show how Android phones was beyond the iPhones.
    But now that Android had became the majority, most of them are just bunch of ignorant haters who laughs at Apple and their fans without a point.

  • MoSDeeb

    I think Samsung should try to highlight theirs devices without mainly attacking the competition. Some are amused , but this could have a negative affect on those who may want to try a Galaxy device, but feel insulted.

    • theviper21

      I respectfully disagree – Apple has done this for a while with their “If you don’t have an iPhone” ad series. There are many people who think the iPhone is just the best phone out there because of Apple’s marketing and what Samsung is doing is challenging that notion.

      Apple has gotten away with releasing small updates once a year and making a huge production out of it; Samsung is simply calling them out on it and I think they’ve done it a couple times in a manner that’s funny and witty.

      This ad is not aimed at the die-hard Apple fans – there is no changing their mind. This ad is aimed at the people who might have an iPhone or might not, but aren’t necessarily dedicated to the Apple brand for the sake of it.

  • McLovin

    Haha! This parody is even better:

    …” the iPhone 5, the 6th iPhone”…
    …”like any free app you could have downloaded 3 years ago”…
    …”with iPhone 5 we said ‘f***’ Google maps”, …

  • John

    Funny thing is, in my university:
    Engineers, CSE, some Laws–>android
    Most BA–>apple.

    This is not going to end well.

  • BAzz

    the iPhone 5 is a good phone, ok? iOS is a good OS.

    It’s just Android 4.x is better, ok ?

    It’s ok for people to like iPhones and iPads, really! I run Macs at home because Mac OS is better than Windows. I chose a Galaxy SIII because it’s better than an iPhone.

    Also, if the Apple phone was crap, it wouldn’t push Samsung and Google and HTC and Asus to make better products would it?

    Be grateful for competition.

    Now, all you companies stop with the litigation and stuff, right? Spend that money on R&D.