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Samsung to unveil Galaxy S IV in February with 5-inch display, quad-core Exynos and LTE


According to company officials and part suppliers, Samsung is speeding up its work on the Samsung Galaxy S IV which they claim will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February. The design of the handset will maintain the “rectangle shape with rounded corners concept” Samsung used with the Galaxy S III this year, but the size may change a little as Samsung is planning to equip the device with a 5-inch display.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV will be powered by a quad-core Exynos chip with LTE connectivity which would allow Samsung to produce a single global device which would work in North America, Europa and Asia. Samsung plans on launching the Galaxy S IV a month after is it unveiled, resulting in a 9-month turnaround form the launch of this year’s Galaxy S III.

The new details about the Samsung Galaxy S IV aren’t terribly surprising. We wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung tried to pull a Motorola and managed to keep the Galaxy S IV the same size at the S III (or maybe even shrink it down just a little) even with a larger 5-inch display. If the physical design of the handset is not changing much from this year’s device, a nine months turnaround on the Galaxy S IV should be more than feasible and would give Samsung even more time to steal more market share away from Apple.

Do you think Samsung can maintain its lead in the market with an iterative update to the Galaxy S III or will Motorola, HTC, Sony and LG step into the spotlight to stabilize the balance of power within the Android ecosystem?

Via: ZDNet

Source: Korea Times

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  • koorsr

    Not all that surprised about the rumored specs for this phone. It will be a beast when it comes out. I’m starting to think that Samsung is going to have the largest market share of Android phones for a while. They have been very aggressive in their marketing. I know there have been reports that Android users aren’t brand loyal but at least from the people I’ve talked to Android = Samsung.

    • Richard Yarrell

      I look forward to the Galaxy S4 pretty sure it will be great. The upcoming Galaxy Note 2 will have most of what coming in the Galaxy S4

      • Max.Steel

        In your own words, Dick… “Samsuck makes crap phones and should just quit already”. You flip flop more than a fish out of water.

        • Gr8Ray

          Remember when the HTC Evo was the greatest phone of all time? Yeah, me neither ;)

    • USB Buttplug

      Another cheap looking platics phone from the patent stealers???

    • Jon Garrett

      Samsung does not need to release a phone in March to compete with an iPhone released in September. its just dumb.

      Galaxy S III & Galaxy Note 2 sales should be more than enough. besides, Samsung already sells twice as many smart phones as apple so why should they waste resources trying to outsell the iphone.

      If anything, Samsung should release the S4 the same time next year as the S3 this year–lie about the specs then drop a bomb on the mobile world with a killer device and an incredibly awesome design that rivals or beats the iPhone’s tired look.

      • Ben Craft

        That’s what they are going to do. They are rebranding and soon will launch an S4 not saying much but letting us speculate and quash good rumors, build some hype then show it off much better than we expected. Flexible Screen and all :D

  • sere83

    Quad core Exynos is full of fail, unless its A15 based. Prefer dual core A15. Mali 400 GPUS’ are also rubbish next to the new generation pf Power VR SGX GPU’s

    • clocinnorcal

      Most likely this phone will have the next gen Mali 600, since they tapped the 400 out pretty much. Would you still call that rubbish?

      • Fulaman

        It is most likely going to use the Exynos 5450 processor. I’m wondering if I should just keep my original Samsung Galaxy S (Fascinate) until the Galaxy S IV

        • clocinnorcal

          I’m still holding a Vibrant. I am now wondering the same thing.

    • Richard Yarrell

      I applaud Samsung for innovative products. Products that leave other manufacturers scrambling to pick up the pieces. Samsung pushes the boundaries of technology for android and many need to take note based on all it’s products.

      • pjamies

        Not sure why this guy is getting a negative rating, probably apple-fanboys ..
        I don’t mind any company that can push others to innovate product. YES, they have taken a beating from Apple for some so-called patent issues … but so what.. Apple could go after almost all Android manufactures for violations! But Samsung is by far the biggest competition to apple, so they kill the strongest 1st !!
        Sam’s latest phones are some of their best, and besides some lousy pysical packaging, these phones out power most competition, and that is why they are leading the field at the moment.

        • Sargon

          He is being downvoted because he is a hypocritical, trolling, lying, asshole. He used to have an Evo, and blasted every android site on the internet with silly bullshit about how awesome his “legendary, pimp-slapping, granddaddy of 4G” (and other ridiculous, kindergarten-grade terms) was. He insulted, threatened, and ridiculed anyone and everyone who didn’t agree with him. It didn’t matter what the subject was, he would blast comment boards with bullshit about HTC and Sprint. He even said (exact words, but in my case, spelled correctly, and without random caps), “Verizon is the Devil, and their customers should be pissed and shit on.” Then, he goes and claims he signed a contract with Verizon, and got a GNex, at which point he blasted the comment boards with the exact same crap but with Samsung (who he was calling “Samsuck” when he had his Evo) and Verizon (which was Satan a month before that) and said he was “rolling with the big boys.”
          Then, he was too stupid to update his GNex (which he never had, or spell-check would have caught all of his typos), so he claimed to have “kicked Verizon to the curb.” In reality, he couldn’t afford Verizon if he worked 24/7. Then, the SGS3 was released, and he claims to have one on T-Mobile, so now he is blasting the sites he hasn’t been banned from with stupid nonsense about his imaginary SGS3 and T-Mobile. He was banned from alone at least 3 times that I know of for trolling and being an asshole in general.
          His favorite insults are to call people broke, useless, unemployed, losers, living in their Mom’s basements, poor, broke scumbags, bums, etc., when just a few years ago he found his dopey ass on the street and ran to a local homeless shelter, broke, homeless, and scared out of his tiny mind, as shown here:

          Hypocritical, no?
          He sometimes makes guest accounts here pretending that he is a “fan” of himself. Why AaM hasn’t banned him is beyond me. In short, he will never, ever have net positive upvotes, he uses a couple of computers at his job in the soup kitchen to upvote himself, but he is always downvoted because he is the ultimate asshole. He *could* have been likeable, but craves negative attention and abuse because he has more issues than the New York Times. But, Retard Richard chose to spam-fuck every thread on every comment board on every android site, was proud to use his real name while being an asshole, and he had better hold onto his job with a deathgrip, because he’ll never be hired anywhere else. Just do a search on his name, and see how many thousands of hits you get with him telling people that they are broke losers and should be shit on, or have sex with ducks, or whatever else his 53 IQ manages. He also has sickening scat and urine fetishes. The guy is seriously screwed up in the head, he equates HTC with Patek Philippe, or Samsung with Bugatti.
          TL;DR Richard Yarrell is a disgusting, lying, hypocritical troll, and I don’t believe I’ve ever come across someone so universally hated on the internet to the point that it is starting to spill into “the real world.”

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for Samsung

      • domi1k

        are you that retarded?

        • Homncruse

          Yeah, s/he is. This person just takes my name and posts “final nail in the coffin for {x}” on every post.

    • Raptor
      • vawwyakr

        A) at 2.5% for a phone released several months later I would say that’s measly at best. Shitting, really?
        B) Isn’t the dual core S3 faster since it uses the Krait processor? Where is that benchmark, I saw a similar report of an early benchmark showing this processor beating the new iPhone processor.

      • Puppy

        If you know anything about benchmarks, you should know that each trial can vary by 10-30% In fact, the average S3 score on Geekbench has increased overnight.

        When turn off power-savings and run after a reboot, my score shoots up 30%. Also, Benchmarks are pretty meaningless across platforms since the code is different.

        Also, Geekbench is wayyyy down the list for Android benchmarks. Why was it even chosen?

      • kazahani

        You can always find a benchmark to support your point of view. They’re really not that objective.

      • redraider133

        Did you fail to look at the benchmark with the sgs3 on jb and how it outperformed the iphone? But then again I would hope a phone that comes out months later would outperform an older phone.

    • triangle

      Maybe A&M should re-think comments by requiring users to register. I think this site is the target of a lot of trolling because it doesn’t require registration. I would prefer it if the trolls stayed somewhere else.

  • Paul

    No more Massive screens on the phones please, that is what the Note is for, what I want I everone I have spoken to is slightly smaller dimentions by having a smaller bezel. The S3 is just too wide, the next Galaxy S needs to be slightly small in width & height. Please. When will we get a flagship phone that has a maximum width the S2.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      I have the GS# and love it. But I really think if they shipped a GS4 with the demensions of the Galaxy Nexus and the Specs that they’re talking about here it would be the greatest phone ever built. With the new technology they could probably make the phone the same size as the Nexus with a 4.7-4.8″ screen. These phones are getting to be a bit too big.

      • westy

        GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!!!!!!!! JIMMY_JO

      • iamXiV92a

        I would definitely buy the Galaxy S IV if it has Galaxy Nexus dimensions. If it’s another 5″ device they’ll cross into the Galaxy Note/Note II range and create more confusion. Please don’t do that Samsung

        • domi1k

          Not if they remove the bezel – I would buy one for sure! (Galaxy Note user)

  • skyflakes

    So fast? Can’t wait for Samsung Galaxy S V in November 2013!

    • Raptor

      … and Samsung Galaxy MCMLIV by 2015

  • Dee

    this is the kind of thing that makes people hesitant to go android. their phone is invalidated in such a short time its ridiculous.

    • thekaz

      I just keep in mind that, while I may have “phone envy” because I’ll only have been on contract for 1 year at the point this comes out, it just means that there’ll be an even better phone out when I can renew a year later.

    • Bruce

      Compare to what? iPhone? Which also comes out with a new model every year or less. If you follow the flagship Galaxy series, you are updating LESS than iPhone. Also, when a new model comes out does in no way “invalidate” the phone you already have. It does not get any slower, larger, or heavier all of the sudden.

    • CactusCat

      Invalidated? You sir, are a maroon !!

    • kazahani

      You must be an iphone person, since you think that if it’s not the latest version it’s no good. Apple is just upgrading the version number and re-releasing the same shit over and over, but somehow they have you convinced that it’s better.

  • Roast

    Invalidated? If by that you mean they dont have the latest and greatest then yes, aslong as the manuf continue to release a couple of OS updates for the phone for a few years then whats the issue?

  • RX-78-7

    A bit to early if you ask me. What I’m most concerned with is the rumored size of the screen, where will they draw the line, I don’t understand what they’re doing, they already have a 5″+ handset.

    If they keep this up, by next year most andy phones are going to be around 5″+ and the phablets will be 6″+(whats the point of the 7 inch tabs?). Not sure about you, but I want a smaller device and it seems my options are being cut short.

    • poosh2010

      why wouldn’t you want a bigger screen if they can manage to keep the overall size of the phone the same (by shrinking the bezel)???

      • RX-78-7

        Do you honestly believe that to be the case? it’s the same story of the S3, “it will have the same size as the previous phone but with less bezel” and we all know how that one turned out.

        ps: The battery life is likely to take a hit, if they increase the size of the screen while keeping the same dimensions of the s3.

    • DroidRocka

      “I mean I only really talk on my phone when I want to order pizza” lol I like the way you think

  • Irfan

    Samsung try making a power phone with 4-4.3 inch screen size, if you want to beat iPhone. The only phone better than iPhone in fair comparison is Sony Xperia V. I just hope that Xperia V does has a better viewing angle display.


      “the only phone better than iPhone in fair comparion is Sony Xperia V”

      I cant believe you just said that, lol. That of all phones in the world is the only one better? Lol

  • terry paine

    The apple products are updated every year, and all they do is add another letter or number to there name iphone 3, 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s, 5, so I am sure at some point next year we can expect a 5x, as far as specs goes the samsung is now ahead of the game, they released the GS3 months ago and it is still a superior phone the the iphone 5, so I am sure that the GS IV is going to be a slight upgrade, but whatever it will be it will be another level above the IPhone.

    I am not an apple hater, I call it like I see it, Iphone 5, no quad core, no hi-def screen, no 2gb of ram, and still no widgets, even with io6.

    I am sorry but a couple of updates to siri and a slightly faster cpu/gpu is not going to make me jump ship. I am very happy with my hi-def screen, 2gb of ram, DLNA suppot with my TV, and being able to have twitter/facebook/email etc update on my widgets without have to go into an app.
    But there is enough market our there for all, and apple really know how to market, they are the Nike of the 21st century, every kid has to have one.
    Little do they know that he product that sits next to it on the shelves can do the same thing and 1/3 the price, I guess android are the reebok of the 21st century.

    • Derek

      It is not based on A15. Anandtech revised their opinion. It’s A9 based but with lots of customization from Apple’s inhouse CPU divisions that they’ve bought. Cortex A15 is not suitable for phones at all. It was designed for servers and is too power hungry.

  • inviolable

    I remember when phones started breaking 4 inches and there was so much talk about being too big. We quickly got used to them, and after using 4.3 inch screens, they made sense. Even looking at the Galaxy Nexus with its 4.65 screen real estate, it works because the physical size of the phone itself didn’t get huge. I believe the Galaxy SIII is 4.7 inches? The phone is definitely large, but it doesn’t personally feel huge. 5 this is where I have to take a step back. I think these sizes need to be reserved for “specialty” phones like the Note. That’s not even a phone at that point. Its a device that also makes calls, and o have no interest in carrying it around. It seems like we hit the sweet spot, but manufacturers get bored and continue to increase their size. I dunno about this one.

    • Buyer_Girl

      You can EASILY fit a 4.7″ screen into a 4.3″ sized phone.

      It’s called: Remove the totally useless, huge bezels.

      • domi1k

        you’re talking crap a something bigger can never fit something smaller.

        • Homncruse

          Clearly you’ve never heard of the Time Lord Phone.

  • h0ruza

    I think the next GS4 will be very interesting… because the general consumer wont simply buy it because its got a bigger screen and has four cores but faster.

    Will Samsung give us a better S Voice (which isn’t as useful as Google Search) and two picture in picture screens in another shiny plastic case?


    Will they give us a beautiful phone made from more than plastic with edge to edge screen sporting Super Amolead Plus at full HD 1920×1080 in two size flavours (4.5″ and 4.7″) because not everyone wants a phone close to the Note?

    I hope for the later because Androids strength is choice and that’s all we’ve ever wanted.

    • Sim

      “another cheap plastic case?”

  • Buyer_Girl

    Unveiled in Feb 2013. (Will probably be March.)
    Means it will probably be released in April.

    You think I’m going to wait Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr… for a “maybe” good phone????

    No thanks.

    • MyMilan

      Let’s all come back in Feb and see if this is just a marketing trick to pull sales away from perspective iPhone 5 buyers. If I had a galaxy SIII I’d be pissed it was outdated in only a few months.Makes their value even worse. So then why buy a galaxy SIV if it’s just going to be ‘new’ for a few months before the SV comes out? New models shouldn’t be released for at least a year. Reminds me of seeing Christmas displays up in October… Some things shouldn’t be rushed.

      • Prince77

        I agree with you, they should do phones just as they do cars, release them yearly, that way if someone has a phone on a 2 year contract they will know if they want to get rid of it in a year or in two years. All these phones coming out at all times it really costing people who want to have a great phone and be able to enjoy it without worrying about the next phone that’s going to come out in a month or two. Also by doing it year they will have a whole year with the next version of Android or whatever OS to play with without rushing it out, they already take about a year to release the OS’s on some phones now.

    • yankeesusa

      Agreed. Plus my upgrade eligibility is available now and will expire in december if I don’t use it since I’m on sprints old customer program which they took away, so they are letting me renew 1 last time within my 1 year. I will most likely get the note 2, sgs3 or the new nexus if it comes out before end of year.

  • yankeesusa

    I’m looking to buy the note 2 and if the size is too big i will get sgs3 but 5″ on the s4 will be too much at that point. The size on the sgs3 is already at a threshold for most.

  • Himmat

    Not entirely surprised. But I’m hoping they do not Enlargen their Galaxy S X brand anymore – there’s the Note for that. Quad core it will be, but a significant fact is that it will be A15 instead of A9 so expect twice as much power.

  • Juan Gigo

    This phone screams fail all over the place!
    Who wants to have a gigantic 5 inches smartphone, you can barely hold it.
    Samsung made a huge mistake.

    Im not interested in this terrible lemon phone.

    • domi1k

      I have a 5.3″ note and it fits in my pocket without a problem.
      If they bring out a 5″ without bezel this sure will be a winner.

      You are screaming nonsense just like the press when they released the Note..

  • kwills88

    I wouldn’t consider this too soon, that time of the year is usually when Sammy announces their new galaxy s line, and who knows maybe Sammy will put off that date and host their own event again which will mean a later date, plus by time this phone comes out it will already be a year since the s3 been released and it probably won’t be out in the US until months of july-September so it’s right on schedule.

    • kwills88

      Also I think the S3 has a 4.8 inch screen so you can probably keep the S3 body and shave off some bezel and right there is a 5inch screen with a small body, even better is if Sammy uses the on screen button which would make e for a 5inch having a smaller body.

  • Peter L. Zachar

    A 5 inch screen on a handset smaller than than the Galaxy S III would be perfect especially a quad-core phone running Jelly Bean. What would be ideal would be a pure Google Jelly Bean experience without the Samsung “bloatware,” plus 2GHz processor with 2GBthe of RAM!

  • DLX1

    W’al I’ll be danged, you mean I gotta get rid of my pony an get a Clydesdale, oh my, what ever am I to do LOL

  • Derek

    I’m sure it’ll be a great phone, but I’ll never buy one. 5 inch screen is just too darn big. 4.0-4.3″ is the perfect size.

  • Nate B.

    I want to know why people think it’s to early. I’m pretty sure every company is already working on their next device before the initial one is about to launch. It’s also a yearly thing for Samsung. Your just hearing about it now. The same thing was done about the S III when the S II was launched. just because other companies keep it silent when their current flagship is just released doesn’t mean it’s to early. Because yo still have to wait that year before you even hear about it again.

    Anyways, I hear the screen will be OLED.

  • jamal adam

    If the physical design is identical to the Galaxy S III but with a 5 inch screen, that would be impress and awesome. Samsung better just take my money because from these rumours it looks to be a killer smartphone. Imagine if it was released worldwide around the same time.

  • yworld

    Damn ! Everybodys acting like the s3 didnt just come out like the other day!! Lol

  • yworld

    They need to make the same phone with but alternitive sizes for consumers. Theyll dominate iphone hands down. Kinda like the s3 and the note. But they should also have like a 4.3 or some thing. Consumers will appriciate that

  • Lauren87

    Samsung must be desperate, i can feel their fears. Im glad i opted for the safe haven, the iPhone 5 from Apple ( i currently have an iPhone 4). All of my friends have an iPhone and well continue to trust em.
    Korean phones are unreliable and not well crafted, let alone they are too big to hold for women.

    iPhone 5 for me.

  • mustafa al-dimi rahid

    galaxxy is version 4 iphone is version 5 apple ahead 5 better

  • chrisbd1

    I have VOIP on my Nexus 7 so I know what it feels like to make calls on a “large phone”. After holding the Note I started to dig it. After holding the S3 I fell in love and realized that I really liked big screens. I might propose to the S4 if it had the screen of the note and the pure awesomeness of the S3

  • Nate B.

    Samsung denied this. Might want to update it.

  • Nathan D.

    Hopefully, the quad core processor will be a A15 chip and have a shiny new gpu instead of the Mali 400, other then that i dont care about anything else really. Samsung always made the rest of the spec decent if not awesome already.

  • phoenix19861

    samsung galaxy s4
    - Exynos 5450 2.0 Ghz (28nm)
    - Mali T658
    - LPDDR3 2GB Ram
    - eMMC Pro Classe 1500
    - 16 mp 1080p camera
    - 4,5″ display ClorOled (358 ppi)
    - battery 3200 mAh
    Lte/Lte advanced

  • Nicthalon

    I’ll probably hold out with my Inspire 4G until this drops. What I want to know is whether AT&T will unlock the NFC chip so we can use Google Wallet on the S4.