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Samsung uploads a pair of new ads making fun of iSheep


Last week Samsung released a new add making fun of people waiting to buy an iPhone 5, and it has already been viewed 15 million times on YouTube. The 90 second clip has seen heavy rotation on prime time TV and now Samsung has produced two more 30 second ad spots to add to the mix. Both new ads feature some parts out of the longer spot, but there are a couple new scenes that made me laugh out loud. Watch the ads below and let us know what you think. Do you like Samsung’s continued attack on Apple?

Source: YouTube

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  • Chris Lewis

    I literally had a moment the other day where I thought I was in one of these commercials. I was at work where an iSheep saw my SGS3 and started asking me all sorts of questions like he was super interested in it over his iphone.

    • Mitt R0mney (soon your lovely POTUS)

      He was making fun of you, but you didnt notice.
      Did you tell him about the huge security holes and freeze bugs of the SGS3??

      • Romanovich

        you mean the ones that nobody even knew existed or complained about?

      • BK LM

        He wasn’t making fund of Chris Lewis. He’s lost with Apple Maps
        Did you tell him how to get home??

      • iDrone

        Unfortunately, your idiocy doesn’t work here. Since you have an iPhone, you must be what, 70? go play with your genius.

      • Nate B.

        I’m pretty sure the security issue came from the iPhone trying to rape the SGS III. If you recall, iPhones always had that issue where a random text would come to their phone and it would cause major issues. Or someone was hating on the S III and wanted to give it the same issues as well so iFans can have something to cheer about.


    while I’m not sure how affective these ads are, I can say that I’m glad I don’t live in this type of world where everyone is judged by the type of phone they have, calling each other “fanboys” when they themselves are the biggest fanboys. when can we get over this “my phone is better than yours” mentality?


      Also, I know its just an ad to sell a phone, I just had to have a soapbox moment ;)

      • theviper21

        You make a good point that it’s not appropriate to judge someone simply by what phone they have. It is, however, appropriate to make fun of people who essentially worship Apple and wait in line for hours year after year for a phone that generally has few improvements from the last model; the “sheep” aren’t people that have iPhones, they are these people.

        I don’t like to generalize, but I would say that there are much fewer Android users that find their identity in their phone than iPhone users.


          I would disagree saying that all the iPhone owners I know (and I’m not one of them) don’t find their identity in their phone. They buy iPhone because of the ecosystem, because “it just works”. Plus there are a lot of people out there who have no desire to have a huge “Note-like” phone.

          It just comes down to preference. Why do you have to make fun of them? Are you that insecure?

          • theviper21

            I’m not sure if you read what I wrote, but the only people I said are worthy of making fun of are the people who worship Apple and lap up everything they hear from them.

            If you read what I wrote, you would also see that I was not saying most iPhone users find their identity in their phones, just more than other smart phone users. Reminds me of the Samsung commercial where the guy in line replies “I could never get a Samsung, I’m creative”; you may not know people like that, but I do and based on anecdotal evidence I would say there are quite a few people like that. If you think there aren’t a decent amount of people who get the iPhone because it’s some kind of status symbol, you’re fooling yourself.

            There are plenty of people who prefer iPhones and they are absolutely entitled to. I would certainly not make fun of someone simply because they prefer one phone over another. As I said before, those people are not the ones you should make fun of.

          • thekaz

            I do know a lot of people who buy their iPhones because of the ecosystem, but I also know a lot of people who buy it because it is an iPhone. How can I tell? Because they use their phones primarily for phone calls and playing games. These people really do not need to be spending $200 on a smartphone…

    • James

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. I love being called a Sheep. I’ve used about 8 Android phones over the years, currently have the iPhone 5….don’t consider myself a fanboy or a sheep of any kind…but it’s great to be judged by people for….what reason, again? I love technology, but have had to tell myself not to peruse comments sections on blog sites because the venom for competing platforms is way out of control. Can’t we all just use what we want without somebody else trying to pigeonhole our personalities based on a phone choice? WTF is wrong with everyone these days?

    • Cody

      Totally. I had the Galaxy SII, but now I have an iPhone 5 since it doesn’t randomly reboot (it just works).

      My tablet is still an Android (T-Prime) though, since I can do work on it more easily (I’m a programmer).

      I’m using what I think is best for each option, so how exactly am I a sheep just because I have an Apple product? Judgements like that can alienate your readers… you know?

    • SuperAndroidEvo

      If you live on planet Earth then you DO live in that world you speak of.

      So Sorry! Sad but true. lol


        I do? No one I know ever comes up to me, compares their phone to mine, and then lambastes me or praises me for my choice. I guess I live in a world where there are a lot more important things to worry about then what phone I’m carrying.

    • kazahani

      When can we get over it? How about when Apple stops trying to stamp out Android? I could probably drop it if that ever happens.

  • nandy

    Haha funny

  • jordanfritzsche

    ……. Did one of the Samsung guys chain his bike to the parking meter in the second video?

    • alexanderharri3

      Yes, yes he did….it would appear there are dumb people on both sides of the line queue rope.

  • Paul Ahern

    It’s just refreshing after all the years of condescending “I’m a mac, and I’m a PC” ads, which were basically saying, “we’re the cool people.” For Samsung to subtly hilight that one-dimensional attitude is a clever move.

    “This is the line for apps, right?”

    • calvin kelly

      Couldn’t have said it better,
      “This is the line for apps , right?”

  • RobBull75

    The only problem I have with these ads is the SGIII owners look like hipsters, kinda like iPhone owners. I decided to jog past the Michigan Ave. Apple (Chicago) store last Friday before work and I couldn’t get over how many people were in line. FYI, they don’t take too kindly to people making sheep noises and snide comments :) In an age where you can pre-order online, it boggles the mind that these morons would spend a chilly night outside waiting for the phone. I remember when we had to do that for concert tickets back in the day. I much rather prefer hitting F5 and ordering tix online.

  • mickjen

    Dear god, just stop with these commercials. Heavy rotation is an understatement!!! It played twice during a break the other night, with the reprieve of political ads….

  • USSD

    iSheep are clueless.

    they don’t know the power of being able to factory reset their expensive glass and aluminum $700 phones from a website.

    especially when it’s a surprise USSD dialer from an HTML RPC. they are cluelessz

    their phones don’t even have plastic.

    baaaaaa baaaaa iSheep!

    • CactusCat

      Sorry to say, but your new Apple maps has brought you to an Android site when you were actually looking for an Apple orchard. Move along, little doggie.

  • dave

    The commercials are funny. I know a lot of iPhone fans who feel the same way so, no, I don’t think they’re affective in the least. I think android phone manufacturers should stop comparing themselves to iPhone — the more they do, the more they belittle themselves and their products. It just seems like bad politics to me. for example, motorola and samsung releasing ads slamming apple over maps — they’re comparing their products to the iphone on just 1 point. It’s just not compelling.

    • masterpfa

      I agree, I remember seeing a Samsung advert in the UK for the SII. The advert featured nothing but the awesome features of Android and the Samsung SII and it was a refreshing ad which I am sure would have caught the eyes of many.

  • shadhussain

    i’d say it has way surpassed the 15 million views since it plays every time i go to get my daily dose of gangnam style on youtube! op op op op …

  • Nathan D.

    Lol, apple can do all the lawsuits they want but it not stopping Samsung from making these videos.

  • Joe

    I do like the commericals and am an android fan because of the differences and because im not one to jump on the bandwagon. I dont however Samsung is gaining anything from these commercials not because people are smart but because people are stupid and 80% of people who actually see them have no idea of what is actually being advertised. Anyone over the age of 55 things that any phone with a touch screen is an iPhone and any tablet is an ipad. For that reason I cannot stand apple and their products and like to see them made fun of or to see them fail at something android already does quite well.

    • James

      So…and I’m just trying to figure out your logic here…because a certain demographic is not informed enough to distinguish products from competing companies, THAT is the reason that you hate one of said competing companies? Because a group of people totally unrelated to that company or product simply cannot discern any differences? Sounds reasonable to me.

  • Raptor

    Feel vomit when i see that chip ads even for seconds.

    IN REAL LIFE these videos could not ever be made. iSheeple would hysterically laugh on these morons with SGS3 in Los Angeles where you see LITERALLY NOTHING on its screen in sunlight.

    Last week iPhone5 crapped on SGS3, yesterday Displaymate crapped on SGS3 shitty inefficient screen with 2.5 times less brightness, today Nokia crappen on SGS3 cameras, tomorrow HTC 1080p will bury it completely

    • CactusCat

      Gonna be kinda hard to “bury” that mountain of 20 Million SG3s dude. Get a clue. Here’s the real story, Mr. Bury it. Android almost 70% worldwide domination. IOS, less than 1/2 that. You do the math, Foney boy.

      • gill III.

        Android phones are mostly trash phones that lock up, freeze, get exploited, apps never work, apps are not natively built and are shit compared to ios apps, terrible app store compared to ios store, its just crap.
        Id never switch to android, it feels so clumsy and they horrible designs of android icons turn me off big time.

        • masterpfa

          No doubt the feeling is mutual regarding iPhones. Best in that case stick to the iWebsites rather than spending and wasting your time here.

          The original topic is about the SIII and iPhone 5, not all Android phones.

          PS I have never had to change/replace my Android phones at all, whereas the 3 iPhones in the household have all been changed at least twice (one has been changed three times now) so not as reliable as you would want to make out.

        • Rovex

          iOS is old, ugly and boring for people with no personality or individuality, like you i guess. Im always helping out my iPhone owning friends with their phone issues, they are so unreliable.

      • Raptor

        I even do not like to respond on this shit.
        This site probably designed by Angie is a magnet for mothersuckers. LOL. They will never buy from this site internet store a shit and hence are just a useless waste of traffic. They can not read or comprehend anything till they are at least twice older….

    • Rovex

      How old are you? 10? You act like it.. child.

      • Raptor

        it’s you who are 10 when suckers judge by HOW you look and say completely missing the essence. I am just learning English, moron

  • Dee

    I love the way the lady said galaxy s3.
    “its the galaxy s3…<____>”

  • BigCiX

    HTC, Motorola and LG need to make a commercial showing features the iPhone doesn’t have.

    • gill III.

      yeah they could show the constant freezes and fragmentation that ruin android e.g.
      or what about having to wait for 6 month or more to get an updatefor your phone (which actually never ships – ask LG)

      • masterpfa

        All OS systems have fragmentation including iOS6. Don’t think just because the iPhone 4 and 4s have iOS6 that this isn’t fragmentation, Apple just leave features out, so in effect there are probably 3 different versions of OS running on these phones.

        Delays there maybe on Android, but when the OS is updated, all the features from that OS are available unlike iOS where these are left off, Siri for example.

        Now in my opinion that counts as fragmentation

      • Rovex

        iOS devices are fragmented like mad, missing features and incompatible apps by the thousand.
        I notice the iTrolls (probably all the same sad guy) are now going on about freezing..?? What freezing, ive never had an Android freeze. IPods though, thats what they do best!

  • masterpfa

    I like these adverts but would prefer more positive ads displaying the features of the Samsung galaxy SIII and when released the Note II.

    These adverts are funny, because unfortunately I know people like this, this is aimed at those users the ones who believe only an iPhone can do certain things and refuse to believe that most of the technology existed before and not at all iPhone users.

    My favourite line is still

    “We’re going to get that for sure, maybe not this time, but next time, right?”

    Time Samsung to show what you and Android can do and leave the (can’t even be bothered to say it) to themselves in their ignorance.

  • Rovex

    These ads are attacking a certain type of iPhone buyer, the type that truly deserves it. That type will queue up on day -1 for the phone and put everything else on hold in order to get one the instant its physically possible. That type are insufferable and dont care what the phone is actually able to do, just that its a new Apple device. These are the iSheep, the real idiots that are deluded and frankly mental.

    Making them look stupid puts other buyers off getting the device because they dont want to be associated with such idiots.

  • LilSmurf2009

    LMFAO!! specially the first one.

  • LilSmurf2009

    They should come out with one showing panaroma since the iphone want to show case the feature that we had since last year.

    • LilSmurf2009

      sorry panorama

      • inchhigh

        Its cool android nation knew what u meant.

  • Mike

    Is that even English? Wait until you fully learn and understand it before commenting. iTard

  • John Davis

    Your “de javu” ad is the most annoying piece on the air since Billy May. Look what happened to him! Karma. Also, when you start an ad with a pounding beat you piss off everybody; my neighbors and especially me as I have to fly to the mute button each time. Because of thewse two ads I have sworm off your products. I will spend more ,if necessary, to avoid them.

  • thechad

    Man these are great