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Samsung’s Android 4.1 update plans; Galaxy S III and others


The Verge got some tidbits that we thought were worth sharing on Samsung’s current plans for bringing Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to their rather bountiful collection of devices including the Galaxy S III.

Wouldn’t you know the luck of the Polish (first time those words have ever been together) held strong and they are the first to experience Samsung sanctioned Android 4.1 on their SGS3s. Other markets are set to follow “gradually,” which would be encouraging were it not for their next quote that it will “vary by market and wireless carriers’ requirements.” Or in other words we are all set, but your carriers are screwing it up for you.

Samsung confirmed a few components that will be present in the update. The oft praised Google Now and Project Butter will be there along with a few of Samsung’s own additions. These will include improvements to “pop up play,” something that they are calling “Easy Mode” which will offer widgets for frequently or recently-used apps and finally a “blocking mode” that should allow you to silence certain apps for a specified duration.

For those of you not sporting an SGS3; Samsung hasn’t forgotten about you. Proud owners of the following devices are also confirmed to be receiving the update: Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II LTE, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S Advance, Galaxy Chat, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Ace Plus, Galaxy Beam, Galaxy Mini 2, Galaxy S Duos, Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Galaxy Note 10.1 and/or the “Galaxy Music.”

No idea yet what the Galaxy Music might be, but we’ll look into it. No firm timeline on the updates for the devices above either and of course the same caveats regarding your carrier apply.

That’s a respectable collection of phones from Samsung’s current lineup that are seeing the update, but anyone feeling left out in the cold?

Source: The Verge

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  • jamal adam

    Good job Samsung!!

    • Jon Garrett

      really? what real differences are there between JB and ICS?

      • jamal adam

        Ever heard of Project Butter and Google Now?

        • zerosix

          And refreshed notification bar, of course.

        • vforvortex

          Samsung should just remove their S-Voice function and save some space once they update to 4.1 with google now.

      • inviolable

        You haven’t been on the internet much over the last 6 months, have you?

      • ari-free

        Android Beam. Just like S-beam but this makes it more likely that you’ll be able to use it
        USB audio is a big deal for docks

        more stuff here


      Another round of fragmentation??? Lets hope the error prone android phones dont freeze anymore like they normally do…

      • kazahani

        GTFO of my internets.

  • iamXiV92a

    Moar Jelly Bean!


    kudos, Samsung, kudos.

  • zolika

    GALAXY TAB 7.0 PLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU SAMSUNG!!!!!!!!!

  • renyo

    So is it like optional for the maker to include Project Butter on old phones?

    • zerosix

      Nope. It’s a part of JB and we will see it in every device, running JB.

      • renyo


  • Dominik

    Okayyy and my SGA nothing yea…..

  • Ricardo Montalban

    What did you mean when you wrote:

    „Wouldn’t you know the luck of the Polish (first time those words have ever been together) [...]”

    • inviolable

      The luck of the Irish is a well known phrase. Because of the rollout schedule, the Polish getting first dibs, well you get it now, right?

    • zerosix

      Who gives him minuses?
      People from many countries read this site. You can’t blame them for not knowing idioms.

    • Sean Riley

      Sorry about that, thought “luck of the Irish” was widespread enough. Being of both Irish and Polish descent I probably came to that one a bit easier than most.

  • Bpear96

    Got bestbuy to exchange my Transformer Prime (for wifi, gps, lightbleeding issues etc) for a Galaxy Note 10.1 , getting it on Sunday :D! I would normally run CM10 or similar custom rom on my device, but gonna keep it stock, or stock based rom, because of all the features the Galaxy Note 10.1 has software wise.

  • Macu

    Considering some phones are still getting “upgraded” to ICS it’s all a bit silly how long it all takes.

    The only positive thing to say about Apple is that at least they release an update to all devices. It then depends how old the device is as to whether it will work.

    This should be the Android way rather than waiting for each handset maker/ carrier to add their crapware on top.

    • pjamies

      Agreed, apple does have a good upgrade mechanism, but they also control all of their phones too, so they know what will work and what will not.
      BUT, just ask the iPhone 4 users how they like their ios6 upgrade and you will get an ear full of screaming and unhappiness! This is apples way of telling them to upgrade to iphone5!
      The only thing apple cares about is your money (and people stealing ideas from them, so they can sue the shi? out of them!). We all talk about (and hate) M$ as being money focused, but there is a new kid in town called Appl$, and they will rain hell down on anybody who gets in their way!

  • R.S

    Even though the Galaxy S II is on the list, I won’t expect it come to my model (T989) before I’ve already moved on to a different phone or getting close to it.

    I’m thinking the “Galaxy music” is the 4″ and 5″ Personal Music Player. Those started out with Gingerbread and haven’t received any updates, or have they?

    • Sean Riley

      That was my assumption as well, but they’ve referred to them as the Galaxy Player in the past.

  • Dean

    Great job Samsung! The galaxy s2 is scheduled for jb but my galaxy tab 8.9 4G that I purchased at the beginning of the year is not on the list. Please explain!

    • sudanese zionist

      typical samsuck scam…get a real phone (iphone)

  • kojack

    Too funny Zionist….don’t be jealous

  • XRayA4T

    Why no Tab 7.7? Not much older than the 7 plus and newer than the S2. Also IMHO it is the best 7″ Tab in the market.

  • PekTT

    Has Samsung forgotten about the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is not very old. It is not in the list.

    • chishik

      Same question from me… Anybody knows about GT P7500 update schedule?

  • androidome

    the worst part is that xperia play is not even getting an ICS update. Now I wish I should’ve gone for some samsung device.

  • Nathan D.

    Nice, can’t wait for it to come state side along with other manufacturer. However, I don’t see this happening for a while though.

  • Flyerone

    Very annoyed the tab 7.7 isn’t included. Stuff you Samsung.

  • Esponential See this article to get a just of how Android 4.1 gets an edge over iOS.

  • Dmitriy

    Where is JB for Galaxy W? Galaxy Wonder is much better than mini 2 and ace plus? I don’t understand this=( I will update to Cyanogen

  • dbuck

    Still hoping to see info on the S2 update…like a date. I would just flash a JB ROM but it seems if you didn’t root the i777 earlier, there are major potential bricking issues rooting after the ICS update came out. So for once, I’m completely stock.