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T-Mobile HTC One X+ appears in the wild


The HTC One X+ has been rumored for a long time and today we get our first look at a version of the device with T-Mobile branding. As expected, it looks exactly like the regular HTC One X and there are no noticeable differences. We first reported back in February that the One X would eventually make an appearance on T-Mobile, but there have been mixed reports that the device was cancelled or indefinitely delayed.

Recent leaks have confirmed that the One X+ should be the first smartphone to feature NVIDIA’s Tegra 3+ chip, with speeds up to 1.6 GHz and a faster GPU. It was also reported that the device is slightly thicker, hinting at a larger capacity battery.

We still don’t know if this device will launch on T-Mobile, but at least we have evidence it was in testing. HTC has yet to officially announce the One X+, so maybe there is a chance that it will still appear on T-Mobile.

If you are on T-Mobile and you still want this device, them them know in the comments below.

Via: TmoNews

Source: @evleaks

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I’ll wait to see the next nexus, and hopefully that HTC nexus rumor is true.

    • westy

      i was excited about the HTC Nexus too but 5inches is too big for me

      • Leo209

        A 5 inch screen is a bit too big. I’m sticking with nexus… but if they were to squeeze the 5 inch screen into a phone the size of the galaxy nexus, that would be fine. More screen, less bezel :D

      • yankee-alpha

        Agreed, 5 inches phones are for idiots and posers

    • Homncruse

      Ditto. For me, it’s either this phone or the next Nexus (assuming they’re not one and the same). Screen size (<5") will be a major deciding factor.

  • Jorge Vieira

    Not bad I can’t wait tilon feel e x gets jellybean then it will fee. like a onex+ to me.

  • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

    I’ll never understand HTC’s love affair with physical buttons but on a screen that size they just aren’t needed. With that said I have zero interest in this phone because like everyone else I’m way more interested in the Nexus 5.

  • nivekkev

    I also will be waiting to see what the next crop of NEXUS phones deliver

  • sonicjam

    I’ll them them know alright, I will like to have that phone as my next phone next year!

  • Richard Yarrell

    It would be very nice to see this arrive on Tmobile. But I applaud Tmobile for holding off on this device due to stringent test and poor battery. Tmobile wants bigger battery Htc needs to step up it’s game.

    • squiddy20

      The sad part is, he is “for real”. He honestly believes every word he says, no matter how screwed up, illogical, or downright wrong it is.

  • Dezzy

    I’ve been waiting for this device to come to tmobile. Oh please let it be true :)

  • jamal adam

    I almost forgot about this, especially with all the Nexus(es) rumours that have been circulating recently. Glad to see this beauty in test on T-Mobile. I wonder if they will make this compatible with their 1900MHz band.

    • Homncruse

      They’d be stupid not to…

  • RobBull75

    It would be nice to see this on T-Mobile. It seems like the Galaxy S line was the only crop of top end handsets on T-Mo of late.

    • TruFactz

      Makes sense. They were the forerunners of it dethroning the iPhone as best selling device.

  • Anibal

    What are the differences between the Tegra 3 and Tegra 3+ chip? I actually never heard about Tegra 3+.

    • Devid Backhem

      + means its even more obsolete

    • TruFactz

      Its the processor found in the Transformer Infinity 700 basically, there’s an upgrade in processor speed, the GPU is at 520MHz which is really what the one x is at. And they’ve changed the memory tech, its now a 800MHz DDR3 by itself, instead of the 750MHz DDR3-L found in the standard One X

  • Jaywrayson

    If it runs on HSPA+42, and if it’s a Nexus, then this will be my next phone

  • TruFactz

    HSPA42 Is a T-Mo standard now, as for it being a nexus…….good luck with that.

  • Nathan D.

    I would love to see this come to t-mobile. I hope it also get other small improvement besides the processor.

  • mlynch01

    I need this! T-Mobile make it happen!

  • cbgbs69

    If this phone comes out for T-Mobile before next year I’m getting this beast.

  • Bradleybones

    I’ve been a T-Mo subscriber for a few years now & would love to see them get a top phone for a change instead of getting a “little brother” to someone else’s better phone. T-Mo got the HTC OneS while ATT got the One X, bigger screen, etc. T-mo has great customer service, I rarely have even minor connection or reception problems. It’s time they get a top HTC phone.

    • LilSmurf2009

      ^^^^ i agree

  • LilSmurf2009

    I will take if it has an sd card slot and jellybean if not i will wait for nexus.

  • EL Leo

    When can I see it? I have been waiting for it for more than two months!

  • roland

    now we know that this device is going to AT&T

  • Jonathan Cherry

    Looks just like the sensation I already have. Not that I’d be getting a new phone for looks, but it’d be nice if it had a somewhat different look.

  • Smeagolkity

    My contract is up in december, I want the htc one x +, please don’t make me wait tmobile……

  • Daryl

    I’m impressed with the HTC One X plus. I would like to upgrade to it asap. I’m a current T Mobile customer and would prefer not to have to switch to AT&T to make that happen.

    HTC ONE X Plus-T-Mobile …please.