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The iPhone 5 unveiled as the world’s thinnest smartphone – or not

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The new Apple iPhone 5 has been announced, and at 7.6mm thin, it’s said to be “the world’s thinnest smartphone.” We’d like to congratulate Apple on its amazing achievement, but something just doesn’t seem to add up. Earlier this year, I spent some time with the Huawei Ascend P1, which Huawai claimed was the world’s thinnest smartphone, measuring 6.8mm. I know the Ascend P1 was never released in the US and was probably never a popular device in Europe, but in what world is the 7.6mm thin iPhone 5 thinner than the 6.8mm Ascend P1? Was Apple’s mistake intentional? Probably not, but it does show that they didn’t even take the time to do a quick Google search to see what measurements were needed to be classified asĀ “the world’s thinnest smartphone.”

Better luck next time, Apple!

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • oddball

    Let me act surprised that Apple failed to mention something better out there. Oh wait ….

    Basically they have released a prettier version of the HTC Rezound. Not impressed at all

    • kazahani

      Except the Rezound had a larger screen.

      A screen that you could put a weather/clock widget on.

      • jaxidian

        Oh yeah? But the iPhone 5 has a cool name for their power adapter!

    • dcds

      It’s official. The so called fragmentation (aka diversity) has shown once again that the more fierce and open the segment is, the faster the innovation rate. Ultimately, you come on top.

      The best of all is that we can choose between the Nexus (little to no fragmentation) and others if we want. I have a gnex, but I was itching when I saw the RAZR HD Maxx. If the RAZR m had a 720 screen, I’d be tempted to just try it. I like their build quality.

      Anyway, back on topic, AAPL announced 400 million iOS devices. Hugo Barra announced 500 million Androids activated and 1.something million daily, and Android is much younger.

      They couldn’t add NFC (for what I’ve heard, I’m not be interested in watching last years tech). Screen is not even 720p.

      Really! What was that? They should have called it iPhone 4.5. A full version bump for outdated stuff. They just can’t outpace Android innovation’s rate.

      Now, I truly wish Microsoft takes a lesson and follow their trusted PC model instead of the walled garden that brought Apple to this situation, fighting your best partners (Samsung).

      I know one thing. There will be celebration in S Korea tonight.

    • Andrea88


      • dcds

        Please don’t make 10 replies to this.

        An obvious troll is obvious.

    • Chris Hooper

      The Ascend P1 S is not technically the thinnest phone. As the phone is thicker than it is claimed in two different places. The camera extending out the back, and the ‘chin’ on the bottom of the phone both make it a thicker phone than the iPhone. the Razr also has portions of the phone that extend out thicker than what it claims to be.

      • afraaaa

        this is your opinion … razr is 7.1 milimeter , all world say this u came from different planet ?

    • Richard Yarrell

      Apple is GARBAGE and the biggest joke in the tech game..

  • BearDroid

    The Moto Razr was released in the US and it was 7.1 mm so regardless, they are terribly wrong.

    • Wayne Winkler

      So sick of Apple right now, I want to puke all over their products.

    • mikelward

      Was going to say the same, but technically, the DROID RAZR’s is thicker, due to the 11 mm camera section at the top.

  • mike stanton

    Also wasn’t the Razr 7.1mm? Iphone 5 is a disaster, lol. Not even a 720p screen. Its pretty sad that they stopped innovating anything in the last 4 years.

    • thekaz

      yeah, I was quite underwhelmed. This is an iPhone for current iPhone users. Didn’t see enough there for people to “cross over” to Apple for their next phone.

      • SGB101

        true. but i dont anyone with a 4 or 4S would be bothered about upgrading either. i was very let down.

        its a good job, we have *fragmentation* to push innovation. ;o)

  • jaxidian

    Yeah, I totally laughed when they said it was the world’s thinnest smartphone! Razr was 7.1mm and the first to come to mind. Good job finding more!

    • Chevy1981

      7.1mm at it’s thinnest. 11mm at the camera hump. Good looking phone accept for the hump.

      • Homncruse

        Yeah, with Motorola, you get humps for free.

        It’s a feature.

  • Trinhbo

    Whether or not there is any validity to being the “world’s thinnest smartphone”, Apple fanboys will believe it and regurgitate it ad nauseam. It’s purposely misleading but it sells.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    This is a good phone for normal consumers, and those who want an iOS device with current tech. Android has been having these features for a while, and its sad for Apple to call some new I.e panorama or say thinnest phone and etc. Apple has mocked android for large screens, and look now. Its sad, apple will probably sue android for features we’ve been having, and get away with it in the US.

    • Purag

      Apple has stolen the dropdown notifications area, and Google hasn’t sued. Yet Apple feels like they have a right to sue for design patent infringement. It’s just wrong, they’re a greedy, disgusting company now.

  • Steve Heinrich

    Even if it’s not the thinnest, its new thickness will just make the iPhone even easier to drop.

    • Ismael

      True enough. Did they cover it in glass like the last one? ‘Cause that would just bring me more laughs when my brother drops his again.

  • artesea

    The P1 is only just hitting the UK now with the 3G version on Vodafone available now, and 4G version with EE when they finally go live.

  • kazahani

    The truth is but a trifle to Apple. They say it’s the thinnest, so that’s what everyone will believe.

    • AmpSkillz

      Plus the fact that it IS technically the thinnest available smart phone when going by the thickest point.

  • Max.Steel

    Shit phone.

  • skugern

    Apple doesn’t consider other phones to exist, only past iPhones. Makes sense that Apple calls it the world’s thinnest phone.

    • ari-free

      Because they expect their lawyers to successfully ban them

  • Mix

    I am excited to hear about how the iPhone 5 will now be the “new best sized smart phone for me” and people who said, before, that the iPhone was the best size ever dissing all the larger phones will now change their statements to exclaim that they always wanted a larger phone and how amazing Apple is.

    When can we expect Apple to patent 7.6mm as their idea?

    • dcds

      Amem to that. When the Nexus S came, apple fanboys rushed to say that it was a stupid size. They even made jokes holding iPads in their ears saying that was what an android users looked like.

      And then, they said a 7″ tablet was stupid, and that they would never make a 7 tablet. And then they make the iPad mini and will pretend they created something revolutionary.

  • Thorpeland

    Sad thing is… because Apple said it’s the thinnest, many will take their marketing word for it and therefor it’s now the thinnest smartphone. :-/

  • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

    Am I the only one that thinks it’s an epic fail that the iPhone 5 doesn’t have NFC capabilities?

    • theviper21

      Lol, cracks me up that one of their biggest unveils is an EXTRA ROW OF ICONS. You know the Apple fanboys are just going to eat that up. I just can’t imagine wanting a phone where literally the only thing you can customize is the ring tone and the background.

    • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

      I was thinking the same thing. They purposely leave things out to “introduce” them to the world on a new device. ie the camera on a Tablet, iPad to iPad 2.

    • afraaaa

      wooooow man how they do that …. magical

  • triangle

    Yes, apple innovation is all about introducing new features that have been copied from other devices: bigger screen, LTE, panorama mode for camera, facebook integration, maps with directions, etc.

    So what are the new revolutionary features again?

  • revs

    lmao my htc one s is 7.8 and is almost to thin

    everyone has cases anyway

    this phone is a BOMBBBB

  • inviolable

    Guess they’ve got patents on lying too.

  • theviper21

    I can’t believe people have been waiting anxiously for this. If this had been released 6 months ago it might have been news, but what new features did they unveil that haven’t already been released on a smart phone? Reminds me of that South Park episode about the Simpsons:

    4″ screen, Android did it. Panorama camera, Android did it. Facebook integration, Android did it. A connecter interface that isn’t a piece of crap, Android did it.

    Amazon, Samsung, HTC, Google: these are the innovators. I’m also reminded of that time when they hyped up this big announcement that they said was going to be a day everyone remembered and it turned out to be them having the Beatles catalog available on iTunes. Apple is such an embarrassment.

  • theviper21

    Also, if you’re not a kid who can’t sign a cell phone contract, what is the point in having an iPod anymore? I can’t remember the last time I actually wanted to use an MP3 player now that I have a decent smart phone.

    • bentrigg

      I still use my iPod because I want the larger capacity, and I don’t want to drain more power from my phone than I already do. As it is, I have to charge it in the middle of the day with an extended battery.

      • theviper21

        Fair enough – I guess my phone just has enough for the music library I want to carry with me and I always take my phone out when I run, so I was curious why people still used them. I only have to charge my phone every other day, maybe I’m not using mine enough? :)

        • Mix

          I use my iPod touch quite a bit because it docks nicely with my car stereo (Pioneer).

          Though I do have AUX in but that wouldn’t be the same as my Blackberry just sucks for everything but being a phone.

          • theviper21

            I’m sorry about your Blackberry!

            On another note, lol at all those companies who created a ton of products using Apple’s old connector; I’m guessing these will be going on clearance?

  • sdude

    Can’t wait to start a fanboy war with a iPhone user and say what has the iPhone 5 got that many android phones already have?

  • alexanderharri3

    Apple markets it as such, the world shall accept and believe. Wallets believe….whereas those here on Android and Me know…

    • Mike

      Yes, of course, because Android and Me commenters are the only people who know anything in the world. That’s why you’re here commenting (from your LG Optimus, on the toilet perhaps?) and Apple employees are getting filthy rich as their stock options skyrocket. Clearly, you “know”.

  • cthonctic

    So Apple are a bunch of liars. Surprise? I think not.

  • HackNet

    Another failed device. I think this is where the AAPL stocks drop.

    • Mike

      Yes, of course you think that because you haven’t bothered to check. Their stock price has shot up $33.89 a SHARE since the iPhone 5 announcement. What’s that translate into for Apple’s market value? An extra $31.76 BILLION dollars, and the phone isn’t even in a single customer’s hands yet! You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

  • Rovex

    Wow i thought the 4S sucked. This really sucks. I guess Apple now has enough prior art to Patent sucking.

  • Alan Franzoni

    I don’t know if there’re different versions for different markets, but at Huawei claims the Ascend P1 to be 7.69mm thick, so it’s slightly thicker than iPhone 5.

    • theviper21

      I think the problem is that the article references the Ascend P1, which is 7.7mm thick, and not the Ascend P1S, which is 6.8mm thick.

      • AmpSkillz

        First, how silly does it make you sound to challenge Apples claim based on a future/unreleased phone. Why not just claim the 2050 Samsung Galaxy T-1000 is thinner because it is liquid metal and can change thinness. Second, the Ascend is only 6.8mm at it thinness point not thickest point

  • kinderdm

    Not sure if its an outright lie or they just don’t know but it makes me loose faith in them either way. Reinforces my choice to switch to android all the more, just as soon as I can afford to do so.

  • Alan Franzoni

    I now see from the article that the thinnest smartphone should be the p1s, which is a limited special edition of the p1, but it doesn’t seem to have been officially released yet – it was spotted in Huawei events only. If it wasn’t released I suppose Apple can claim the iPhone to be the thinnest smartphone to have been released indeed.

    The Razr is a better opponent, in fact.

  • jamal adam

    I guess it’s not surprising to see false advertising because in the eyes of their fans, whatever Apple says is the truth. Apple is getting too full of itself.

  • Slith

    The adapter to use their old accessories is $29. I’d be pissed if I had an iPhone.

  • cristian cristiandonose

    I really hope their sales go down a liitle because they have become to powerfull, But i might be wrong. Are alot of Apple fanatics who buy it only for the brand.

    • Mike


      *a lot

      Autocorrect on your phone must blow!

  • MyMilan

    Shame on you Nick Gray. You know that the Ascend P1 is NOT sold in the US. Most people here probably never even heard of it. So really Apple didn’t lie, as their new phone is CURRENTLY the thinnest AVAILABLE for sale in the US. Please, next time, don’t be so obviously biased. People come here for the facts, not some stretch of the facts. BTW I don’t own a Apple phone so don’t go there, I just don’t think that spreading biased half-truths help the consumer.

  • Karan O

    they did’t said “World’s Thinnest Mobile Phone”
    they said “APPLE’s thinnest phone ever”

  • carlisimo

    I’m assuming they meant “at its thickest point”.

  • huckabuck1

    Apple sells to the ignorant. No offense.

  • Nathan D.

    This is one of apple tactics, they love to miss lead their costumers and people who aren’t very knowledgeable in this area in tech.

    • KD

      I think its the opposite. Picking the thinnest part of your phone and using that as your published spec for thickness is stupidly misleading. Thats like me measuring my body width at my ankles.

  • Y314K

    I think I figured out how Apple was able to make this claim…

    They where able to patent Huawei Ascend P1S 6.68mm & Droid Razr is 7.1mm > Apple 7.6mm

    I mean that’s the only thing that makes sense… Can wait for a Jury to agree with Apple since they will find they are not interchangeable. /

    • AmpSkillz

      they can make the claim because it is true, and the thickest point of the phone is what matters. Every phone mentioned as a contender is either unreleased or thicker around the base, top or camera, etc.

  • Joey Ofori

    The DROID RAZR phones are thinner than the iphone 5 as well… Apple is full of false hopes nowadays

  • thebigwinner

    I can’t wait to see Apple awarded a patent on a 4″ screen.

  • fc1032

    There’s a point where phones which are TOO thin, that they become uncomfortable or “finnicky” to hold.

    They just don’t have that sturdy feel to them and you treat the thing like glass. I’d gladly stick to some not so thin phones if it means it feels solid and has great battery life

    • awundrin

      I concur! It’s already hard enough to hold the latest iPhone (wife’s got one). Why is being thin such a great thing? A fad, I say, a fad.

  • Filip

    This phone is not thinest because it is not flat, baybe its thines point is thiner than iPhone 5 but not whole phone is that thin, same goes for Samsung Galaxy S2.

  • Mix

    Is it true that the new cable they released does not do audio or video?!

    I may need to buy an old iPod before they become dinosaurs as I rely on the old connector for my tunes……..lame sauce.

    /Car audio enthusiast

  • pilode

    How to make the thinnest phone: have the GOP’s Paul Ryan writes the spes!

  • RFP

    They didn’t claim it was the worlds thinnest, they said it was the thinnest they have ever made

    • AmpSkillz

      Yes they did, watch the video again

  • joe

    I think what Apple meant is that they have patented it as the world’s thinnest smart phone, so thinner ones don’t really count and they’ll be banned soon enough.

  • JaY Srivastava

    Who Cares For Those Cheap Chinese Phones Anyways…. ?

    We Love Our new iPhone !