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Top Android phones go head to head in Vellamo 2.0 benchmark


Are benchmarks useful for anything more than bragging rights? It’s a question we could debate for hours, but Qualcomm just released their new Vellamo 2.0 benchmark suite and we decided to take it for a spin with a handful of Android devices to see if we could form any drive-by conclusions. Read on to see seven Android devices go head-to-head and find out who comes out on top.

The Video

The Download

Grab Vellamo Mobile Benchmark 2.0 from the download link below. If you want to compare your results, make sure you go into the Vellamo settings and set Repeat Benchmarks to average five runs.


The Devices

We ran Vellamo 2.0 on a variety of Android smartphones to see what the results could tell us. I chose the latest flagship devices from HTC, LG, and Samsung, and threw in the Nexus 7 tablet just for fun.

  • AT&T HTC One X (Snapdragon S4 Plus, 4.0.3)
  • Unlocked HTC One X (Tegra 3, Android 4.0.4)
  • T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III (Snapdragon S4 Plus, Android )
  • Unlocked LG Optimus 4X HD (Tegra 3, Android 4.0.3)
  • Verizon Galaxy Nexus (OMAP4, Android 4.0.4)
  • Unlocked Galaxy Nexus (OMAP4, Android 4.1.1)
  • Nexus 7 (Tegra 3, Android 4.1.1)

The Results

Each device was rebooted before I started the benchmark and then I let it run five times to get the average score.

HTML5 Chapter Tests: The HTML5 Chapter is a set of system-level web browsing tests. This series of tests evaluates many of the underlying systems within a device  from graphics rendering and JavaScript to pixel blending and network stack performance.

Metal Chapter Tests: The Metal Chapter is  a set of discrete lower-level benchmarks around the CPU. This series of tests evaluates capabilities such as: CPU performance on integer and floating point operations, memory read/write and peak bandwidth performance, and memory branching speed.

Drive-by Conclusions

Verizon Galaxy Nexus vs Unlocked Galaxy Nexus: These two devices feature nearly identical hardware, but one is running Android 4.0.4 and the other has the latest Android 4.1.1. We can clearly see that the upgrade to Jelly Bean has improved the browsing performance. The CPU performance appears to be mostly unchanged.

AT&T HTC One X vs Unlocked HTC One X: Here we have two devices with similar software, but two different processors. Vellamo appears to favor the Snapdragon S4 Plus in the Metal CPU tests, but the One X with Tegra achieved the highest result on the HTML5 browsing test.

Nexus 7 vs smartphones: In day-to-day use, the Nexus 7 feels like it has the fastest overall system performance. But in the Metal CPU test it came in last place. Clearly Google has optimized Jelly Bean to run great on the Nexus 7.

Snapdragon S4 vs Tegra 3: The HTML5 test appears to be pretty even, but the Metal CPU test clearly favors the Snapdragon S4. I don’t think any of the CPU tests are multi-threaded, or else we would see the Nexus 7 get a higher score above the aging Galaxy Nexus. Keep in mind that Qualcomm does produce the Vellamo benchmark, so some things could be optimized in their favor.

Vellamo 2.0: This is definitely one of the nicest looking benchmark suites I have used. I like that it runs a total of 21 tests and gives me a composite score. There are plenty of extra features included for testers like the ability to repeat tests multiple times and email detailed results.

Vellamo appears to be a useful tool for measuring the performance between two software builds on the same device. But when it comes to comparing multiple devices, I’m not sure what to make of it yet. Someone who just looks at the results of the Metal CPU test might think the Nexus 7 is the slowest, but that device actually has some of the fastest performance we have seen.

The benchmark is free for anyone to download, so give it a try and let us know how your device compares in the comments below.

Via: Qualcomm

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  • Dirge

    What happened to the Exynos GS3?

    • Rovex

      Mine was fastest in HTML 5 (1649), in metal (596).

    • Vendetta

      Nothing. HTC finally released the beast with latest update!


    Apple iPhone 5 is the fastest. It blows everything else out of the rotten meandroid water!!!!

    • golfpedaler

      You are right…it certainly “BLOWS”…try being free thinker rather than a sheep following the flock…

    • crix098

      LOL. Obvious troll is obvious. But I think he’s right. I love Android but hardware-wise he’s right: the A6 and whatever GPU the 5 has are crazy fast. Too bad iTunes and proprietary data ports suck so bad.

    • TruFactz

      And then the LG-Nexus arrived. But you guys will get up to speed…….not this time but next time………..right?

  • Meister_Li

    Wow, that is a long test o.o Anyway, I got 1405 points in the HTML5 tesr on my GSM GNex without overclocking, so the kind of Rom you use seems to make quite the difference, at least in the HTML5 test.

    The Metal Test got me 423, which seems about where you guys landed.

  • Konstantinos

    Galaxy S II i9100 @ CyanogenMod 10 vsync-enabled and vsync Siyah 4.1.5

    HTML5: 1519
    METAL: 388
    OCTANE: 1304

    CPU Governor: Pegasusq
    Min: 200MHz
    Max; 1200MHz

    I/O Scheduler: Sio

    zRAM: 18%

    Allow purging of assets: Yes

    Kernel samepage merging: yes

    Surface Improvement: Color banding and blur effect.

    Just saying. :P

  • vforvortex

    I am interested in seeing the Motorola Razr I (new Intel chip) and the Lg Optimus G (Snapdragon S4 Pro) added to the list of devices to see how they stack up.

    My Device : Htc Sensation 4g running CM9 (Android 4.0.4)
    Chipset Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon
    CPU Dual-core 1.2
    GPU Adreno 220

    Score : HTML5 = 1359 Metal = 391

  • katiepea

    wow, my old sensation running JB is beating all these new phones, interesting.

  • Nathan D.

    Cool, might test my phone with this and see how it stacks up with other.

  • Skis03

    Verizon GNex running 4.1.1
    HTML5 = 1345
    Metal = 391

  • 84guy

    Evo 4g lte HTML5 1693 Metal 628

  • Thomas Biard

    For those who wanna know cutting edge technology, my Droid X got

    HTML5- 554
    Metal- 213

    Ya’ll are just jealous

  • brklynmind

    Rezound w/ stock (sense) ICS

    Metal = 380
    HTML5 = 1218

  • Paul

    AT&T Galaxy Note II (Quad Core Exynos):

    HTML5 = 1917 / 1901 / 1788
    Metal = 624 / 611 / 618

  • golfpedaler

    GNex GSM Unlocked…stock Jellybean 4.1.1

    HTML5 – 1333
    Metal – 401

  • Groh

    How come there is no test Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G by T mobile, (release Sept. 19th, 2012)

    My phone tested and result over 1900 for HMTL5 v2.0… I test more than 3 times, the score still lover 1850 to 1940!! Faster than S3, HTC X and Nexus 4!!!

    Shame on you that you guys didn’t put Samsung Galaxy Relay 4G..

    Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G
    ICS 4.0.4

  • Groh

    Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G by T mobile ICS 4.0.4

    HTML5 – 1940 (avg. 1875 to 1940 running test 3x)
    Metal – 574 (avg. 560 to 575 running test 3x)

  • Stefan Luca

    My SGS 3 using CheckROM V6, Siyah Kernel and overclocked to 1.8 GHz(both min and max) got 688 in metal and 1946 in HTML5. I have not the LTE (I9305) SGS 3, I have the normal international one (I9300). In conclusion HTC can suck my dick!

  • Stefan Luca

    EDIT: 692 at metal with sio I/O scheduler

  • tibbs

    Xperia T is top…!!

    1736 and 585

    s3 is where? ha

  • tibbs

    The score table doesn’t lie

  • carlos del Pino

    My Note 2 quad core exynos, Kernel Abyss with custom rom. Overclocked at 1974mhz from Spain:

    HTML5: 2.250

    I love this Smartphone!!! Waiting for Note 3 with exynos Octa-core ARM 15 And Mali T-678………………HTML: 3.200
    and Metal 1.150??? lol Maybe!!!

  • sv8rx

    My xperia T LT30p with JB 4.1.2

    HTML5 1858
    METAL 600

  • Eduyi

    My Motorola Razr HD with ICS 4.0.4

    1618 HTML5
    607 METAL

  • Jessuse Ayar

    Samsung Galaxy S4
    OC cpu 2.3ghz
    OC gpu 627mhz
    1985 html5 and 1056 metal
    Android 4.3

  • Jim Gullberg

    Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505

    ROM: Wicked 5.1

    Kernel: 3.4.59-ChronicKernel-JB4.2-TW-INTL-v1.1

    OC CPU 2.16GHz
    OC GPU 627GHz

    HTML5 – 2158
    METAL – 898

    Will do some more testing, anyone have ideas how to get maximum performance from the little dragons?

  • Adelin Dumitru

    Wow, My XPERIA SP, although it has been relatively cheap (233 EUR), beats most of these phones : HTML 5 : 2093, METAL 760