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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note II shows up for some candids


As always you need to take these kind of images with a grain of salt, but if it’s a hoax it’s a bit odd as the user that posted these images has been a member of the mostly automotive focused forums for 8 years and they don’t seem to have any history of that kind of thing on there anyway.

So if we are to assume they are real the first thing most of you will probably key on is that splashy Verizon logo stamped on the home button. Now before you freak out make sure to also note the less than standard look of the menu and back buttons and remember that this is clearly not final. However the fact that Verizon is even toying with the idea of branding the home button is a little disturbing.

Unfortunately the only other piece of information accompanying the pics was that the tester thought they were looking at an early November launch, which lines up pretty closely with what we’ve been hearing, but that seemed to be just a guess based on past experience with their testing timeline.

With HTC possibly announcing a super sized device of their own next week the Note II might finally have some true competition in it’s somewhat rarefied space. So potentially bizarre branding decisions aside are you Verizon customers going to jump on the next generation of Note when it arrives?

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  • Alec Waddelow

    Dear Lord, don’t let them put the logo on the home button.

    • jamal adam

      Even if it is not the final product, that is truly an abomination.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Plain and simple why should we have to be talking about this instead of something more important?? Verizon always has to be different all the other carriers will follow Samsung’s lead so the device can be shipped faster. That means clean front that say Samsung and back that says Samsung. There won’t be any carrier branding on the Tmobile, Sprint or At&t devices. Verizon is the WORST CARRIER in the business they remind me of Apple they both suck.

      • Sargon

        “Plain and simple why should we have to be talking about this instead of something more important??”
        Why? Maybe because Verizon has roughly 110,000,000 customers, and is the biggest carrier in the United States? Maybe because some of those people might be interested to know about this rumor, and this is an Android blog site/comment board and not Richard’s fantasy phone site? Don’t get salty because you’re too stupid to upgrade a Nexus you never had, and can’t afford Metro PCS much less Verizon.
        I would say it’s obvious that you don’t know how the business works, but it’s obvious that you’re not intelligent enough to get a grasp on even simple things, like how to spell “shove” (I know, Richard, it’s five letters long – tough one), or the difference between “rather” and “whether.”

      • squiddy20

        “Plain and simple why should we have to be talking about this instead of something more important??” Like what? The fact that you’ll supposedly be getting the Note 2 on T-Mobile “day one”? Yeahhhh, you do realize this is an *Android*-centric website, not “Richard’s Wants”, right? Good lord you are stupidly childish and self centered. Just because *you* hate Verizon (for the second time), doesn’t mean the rest of the US does too.
        “There won’t be any carrier branding on the Tmobile, Sprint or At&t devices.” I’d love to see your “evidence” of this one. First you said the Note 2 would be “on all carriers but Verizon” by mid September, based on rumors. Then that got proved completely wrong when (surprise surprise) mid September came around and still no Note 2, in addition to screenshots of a Verizon Note 2, like above. At that point, you started “predicting” it would be out “somewhere between mid September and November 14th”. You have no clue. Just like your faulty “predictions” of the release dates for the Eo 3D and Galaxy Nexus.
        “Verizon is the WORST CARRIER in the business they remind me of Apple they both suck.” Well aren’t you bitter just because you can’t afford their services. If Verizon really was “the worst” carrier, then why does it have about 110 million customers, compared to T-Mobile’s 34 million, which is a little over a third of what Verizon has? Riddle me that, Dick.

      • redraider133

        because there was no branding on the sprint, tmo, or at&t sgs3..Oh wait….

  • redraider133

    I hope that verizon logo on the home button is just a sticker. Why verizon???

  • Dirge

    Eh, it doesn’t bother me. At least it’s better than having it under the ear piece. On the home button, it can at least be covered by your finger(and every time your finger hovers over it).

    • Nate B.

      How long are you planning to keep your finger there?

      • Note Lover


  • Arthur

    That logo on the home button is a complete fake. Even Verizon, the biggest mobile telco in the US wouldn’t go to those lengths promote itself on a phone. I also have never seen a Verizon branded phone with such branding in the past, it has usually been a fairly subtle Verizon logo over the front top ear piece and one in the back like the one in this pic with the 4G LTE branding or one or the other.

    Either way, this is definitely one of the phones I am considering of getting. The 5″ HTC device though around the corner is another enticing device, with the rumored densest screen we have seen thus far on a smartphone.

  • Nate B.

    This is just a butt hole move. I mean why would you do something like that?

  • oddball

    I hope that we aren’t going to see that logo on the home button but knowing big red I wouldn’t be terribly surprised. They want branding that is visible even after we put on a case. That means front branding and the home button is really the only available spot


    This has to be fake.

  • Melanie

    Im rather purchasing a superior iPhone 5 anyway….

    • yankeesusa

      Go ahead, its a great phone, its just a lot of the features that the sgs3 and the note 2 have aren’t even on the phone and some of the features samsung and other htc phones have had for years now. I’m sorry but I don’t only get a phone just because it looks nice. I rate by its overall abilities which the iphone is always a year behind which I think they do on purpose so that the next model seems like its better.

  • lou2cool88

    REALLY hope that’s a removable sticker. I had hoped carriers and OEMs would start to reduce branding on the front of phones. I love the Galaxy Nexus’s clean front with absolutely no branding. I guess I’ll keep dreaming…

  • yankeesusa

    I don’t think its a removable sticker and maybe it will come off with alcohol but then you risk messing up the phone. I think youll just have to deal with it unless verizon takes that out at the last minute. All i know is that I will probably be getting this phone for sprint. Can’t wait.

  • yankeesusa

    Now that I look at the pictue even closer I think its a sticker that will come on the phone as part of the protective cover. Its most likely a sticker that peels off like the temporary screen protectors that come on the phones. Lets hope thats what it is.

    • Mix

      I hope for people’s sake that you are correct because that home button is nasty!

  • Tony

    It’s obviously a sticker..

  • cb2000a

    I love how Samsung is pushing the screen out to the edges (less bezel). It would be foolish to put a name tag on the home button. But then again…it is Verizon.