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How does the Apple iPhone 5 compare to Android?


Android and iOS have become the indisputable leaders in the mobile computing revolution that has taken place over the last five years. As such, whenever a high-end flagship Android is announced, or a new iPhone revealed, it’s inevitable that we pit them against each other.

So just how does the new iPhone stack up against the competition? To answer that, we first have to take a look at the new features and hardware introduced with the iPhone 5.

At 7.6 mm thick, 18% thinner than the 4S, and 112 grams, 20% lighter, Apple is touting the iPhone 5 as the thinnest phone in the world (which it’s not).

One of the most popular rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 before release was the screen size, which has indeed seen a bump to 4.0-inches, at 1136 x 640, for a pixel density of 326 PPI. The new display on the iPhone 5 also sees a bump in saturation and clarity, thanks to in-cell technology. Which is already being used by several different Android manufacturers.

The iPhone 5 is the first iPhone to include HSPA+, DC-HSDPA, and LTE. Apple’s LTE chip puts voice and data into one chip, and is paired with a 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz WiFi radio.

The processor in the iPhone 5 has been bumped up from the A5, to the A6. Apple has always been quiet on a lot of the core numbers on their in-house processors. They promise things like 2x faster performance in everything you do with the A6 over the A5. I would imagine chips like the latest Exynos and Snapdragons will have no problem keeping up.

Camera buffs have always bragged about the quality of the iPhone’s camera over other smartphones. Rival manufacturers have definitely caught up at this point, which is why Apple is yet again bumping up the camera in the iPhone 5. Made out of sapphire crystal, the camera on the iPhone 5 is a an 8-megapixel, backside illuminated, hybrid IR filter shooter with advanced processing for better low-light condition and noise filtering. Manufacturers like Sony and LG are really stepping up their cameras this year as well, it’ll be interesting to see how they perform.

Along with the larger display, enhanced camera and faster processor, the iPhone 5 comes with better battery life, three microphones, new speakers and a highly improved (but still proprietary) Lightning connector.

The only thing new software wise, that wasn’t detailed back in June, is, well, nothing actually. Of course there’s Apple’s new Maps app, and Passbook, but that’s it really. No mobile payment systems. No widgets or interactive app icons. But Siri will tell you what your favorite sports team’s scores are. If you ask nicely.

In terms of hardware, and raw specs, the iPhone 5 barely manages to keep up with the latest flagship Android devices, let alone anything that may debut before the end of a year. But specs alone aren’t enough anymore. It’s about the entire user experience. The package of hardware and software. The iPhone 5, paired with iOS 6, will deliver. And so has the Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean, Android 4.1, and so has the Nexus 7, and the next Nexus device will as well.

We’ve finally reached a point where the release cycles of Android hardware and software, and Apple hardware and software, aren’t as revolutionary as they once were, at least not compared to the massive updates that were mere months apart from each other in the past. They’re refinements of what are already good products. And that’s not a bad thing. It finally gives us, as consumers, a chance to catch out breaths. But it still manages to keep pushing the envelope forward.

To answer the question from the title of this post, it stacks up well. The iPhone 5 will continue to break records, continue to be a smash hit with consumers, and continue to maintain its position of power in the market place, just as it will continue to be one of the only non-Android devices on the market to keep Android manufacturers moving forward.

Just don’t be foolish and think for one second that any new device on the market, be it from Apple, Nokia, RIM or whoever else, is going to make Android any less of the powerful, versatile, world leader it is today. Android is here to stay, but there’s room for more than one at the top. The iPhone 5 is certainly capable of more than filling that role.

Via: The Verge

Source: Apple

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  • Taylor Wimberly

    Anandtech says the A6 SoC uses ARM Cortex-A15 CPU cores. This is something that is not expected in Android phones til early 2013.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Yeah, that’s the one part that really surprised me. The Cortex A15 CPU cores should make for a beefy device, and I’d have loved the SGS3 to be Cortex A15 based. That would make for a perfect device, not that the SGS3 isn’t stellar as it is :)

      • Homncruse

        Mmm… Cortex A15s… Dammit, now I can’t stand up for a little while. Thanks a lot you guys.

    • kazahani

      All the iOS optimized apps in the App Store already run smoothly on the A5. Cortex A-15 seems wasted on an iPhone. I can’t wait to see it in something that can really push those cores!

      • ari-free

        Like multitasking?

        • revs


        • macduck

          what’s wrong with multitasking? iOS has it…

          • António Trindade

            WRONG!!! iOS just simulates multi-tasking (just as Android, BTW, but Android has workarounds) by saving the application state on exit and restoring it when you open it again. Android does true multi-tasking by the way of “services” which are software entities that cannot interact with the UI, by themselves but are used for background tasks, such as playing music, retrieving SMSs, scheduling alarms for calendar events, etc…)

          • Tony

            @Antonio, bs! My android web browser has to refresh every time I app switch to it, you call that multitasking? Android web browser cant even run music in the background, something the iPhone has done in a while.

          • kazahani

            I’m sorry, Tony, but I listen to Pandora or Play Music while web-surfing on my Galaxy Nexus every single day.

          • Sam G

            @antonio IPhone can do multitasking for the ‘services’ you mention too?

    • Isabelle *kisses*

      iPhone 5 will sell like hotcakes!!!!
      My whole class is eagerly awaiting the advent of the new smartphone star!!!!
      iPhone 5


      • Galen20K

        I disagree with you but *Hugs*** anyways Isabelle!! – D

      • Irfan

        actually u’re right. it doesn’t need to have the best specs. no matter what, it’ll sell like hot cake. every year this same article is written and every year iPhone surpasses the sales record. lol…

      • Max.Steel

        Ben the troll posting under a different name.

        • Ben Johnson, GA

          Listen, newb.

          I just returned to this website by curiosity (thought it was being shut down already, but webmaster is lucky i guess).
          Didnt know someone remembered me back from the old days where Android was plagued by fragmentation, reboots and tons of issues. Well, seems like times havent changed for still-runner-up! I hope Samesunk have sorted out their dreaded GPS issues.
          Im proud of my name and have no reasons to hide under aliases like you Min.Steel.

          sent from my iPad 3 while calling on iPhone 4S
          (I immediately put down the money for the new iPhone 5 of course)

          Cheers, Ben

          • VasB

            Because you sir have no clue on what a true smart phone is. GPS issue? Not on my SGS3 in Australia. Don’t see why it’d be any different in the US.

            All the iPhone 5 is compared to the 4S that I can visually distinguish is the added feature of an extra row in your launcher so you can display another 4 apps! Woohoo.


          • Max.Steel

            Ben, you’re a pathetic no lifer who constantly trolls this site under various names. You’ve been doing this for close to two years now. Everybody knows who you are. No matter how many times you take advantage of WordPress’s anonymous comment system to post under different names like “isabelle, miss smith, blacks are ****, and all other sorts of offensive names”, we know it’s you, Ben the troll.

      • Samuel Hurd (drug dealer, prisoner, ex-NFL player)

        >iPhone 5 will sell like hotcakes!!!!
        My whole class is eagerly awaiting the advent of the new smartphone star!!!!
        iPhone 5


        Thats what she said.

      • Ray

        go to africa and catch aids.

    • NeoJesus

      I think this sums up the design best:

    • poosh2010

      There is absolutely NO WAY that apple would be first to market with legitimate A15 cores and NOT gloat about it….

      • kazahani

        It wouldn’t be the first time that Anandtech’s info turned out to be less than accurate.

        Anandtech is a good blog, I like them. Not trying to bash. Misinformation happens.

    • tarwin

      This is just speculation and there’s no actual proof. There’s also supposed to be greater power efficiency which would imply a change in process nodes, maybe to 32 or 28nm. It’s widely accepted that the iPhone 4s’ cpu is an underclocked compared to the iPad’s, most likely at around 800mhz. With a change in process nodes they could easily double the CPU power by going quad-core or, more likely, just bumping up max speed to ~1.6ghz. Code optimizations could also account for part of the performance boost because as we all know, Apple’s being in control over the entire OS code and hardware gives them a much greater potential for optimizations than Android manufacturers. We won’t know with any kind of certainty until people get a chance to really dig into the new SoC or until Apple miraculously decides to reveal all the nitty gritty details of its new chip.

    • Joshua

      This is where your wrong about Android. The Qualcomm snapdragon s4 pro is A15, and the processor in at&t’s HTC one x is A dual core snapdragon s4(it to is A15). And LG, Sony and HTC are expected to ship a phone by December that uses the s4 pro(quad core)

      • clocinnorcal

        Actually the S4 chips are not A15. They are similar in many ways to A15 chips, and are manufactured on 28nm scale. But the basic architecture is ARMv7.

      • Ray

        My at&t Galaxy S3 with S4 Snapdragon is ArmV7. NOT A15. That the Quad Core which will probably be released on the next Nexus device.

    • Joshua

      This is where your wrong about Android.
      The Qualcomm snapdragon s4 pro is A15, and the processor in at&t’s HTC one x is A dual core snapdragon s4(it to is A15). And LG, Sony and HTC are expected to ship a phone by December that uses the s4 pro(quad core)

  • oddball

    This isn’t an impressive piece of hardware at all. I’m not an Apple fan by any means but I had hoped they would bring something new to the table. They helped bring us into the age of true smartphones and now they are lagging far behind

    • kazahani

      I was stunned to see that all those leaks were correct. Come on, Apple! IT’S THE SAME PHONE. AGAIN.

      • nivekkev

        I agree

      • Tony

        Yep it sure is, just like the ipad 3 is the same as ipad 2

        I took it back and got a refund.

        By the way Apple has lost me as a fan,

        Because they lack apps, and to access their poor quantity of apps, I needed a credit card.
        I went through the application process to access the apps, but i didn’t notice anywhere about $1 payment required.
        I noticed it on my bank statement a couple of days later.

        Very Shifty

        Sticking to Android :)

        • Dan

          I’m unsure of what the heck you’ve been doing with your iPad. For one, the Apple App Store has over half a million apps, which far exceeds many other application stores offered by other companies.
          Also, when you purchase an app, it says right on the screen that the app costs $0.99, and then you have to click on that before you can actually buy the darn thing. How did you not notice the price tag if it was right in front of your eyes?
          “Poor quantity of apps,” “I didn’t notice anywhere about $1 payment required.”


      • DroidPower

        definitely agreed. also, like people have said, because apple has only very incremental changes, so leaking them out ahead of time dampens the high expectations from the media and consumers.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Very true Same old same old is what apple specializes in best. But the worst part is the same old dumfield heads that are uneducated simpleton’s will gather for this inferior product. I guess when you have no idea of technology what else are to do but follow behind apple and it’s whims…Enjoy video it’s priceless…

        • squiddy20

          1. I’m curious what/who a “dumfield” is. There is no word in the English dictionary even remotely like that word. For one who goes on and on about “uneducated simpletons”, you sure as hell don’t know how to spell.
          2. In the past, you’ve practically preached about how “choice is king”. Under that logic, Apple, and therefore the iPhone is just one more choice among the slew of different smartphones. And here you are saying the iPhone is a piece of shit and “boring”. How sad that you don’t see the hypocrisy of your own words.
          3. You’ve been parroting everything Samsung or HTC or the leading Android blogs say for the past 2 years. When rumors come around of a great new phone, you start acting like it’s the word of God and take it as 100% truth. Not even a year ago you were acting as if HTC was “the greatest thing since sliced bread” (your words), and could do no wrong. You’re even more blind than most of the “iPhone fanboys”, and you don’t even realize it.

          • kazahani

            Gee, squiddy… You’re right! It’s almost as if Richard were an internet troll and not a legitimate poster.

        • VasB

          This post is so true and made me laugh.

          Apple users are in a league of “let’s not give them two buttons it might confuse them!”

          This happened historically with the Mouse where Apple had no “right click”…. Idiots.

      • iamXiV92a

        But if it’s the same, how will people know I upgraded… ha ha (the Galaxy S II commercial still makes me laugh)

      • nameinvalide

        wait until you see iphone 5S

  • Mustin

    Nice wrap-up. Sums up my feelings pretty well. I was hoping for some really cool innovation, which is what Apple was really famous for, but this is nothing but a little upgrade. This could lead to the eventual thinning of the herd. The iSheep may be lost without their Shepherd. RIP Steve.

  • Bpear96

    • Bpear96

      I didnt mean to post this here.. meant to put it in my “iPhone catch up” thread..

    • DroidPower

      haha, nice pic. i’ll bet iphone 6 will be the same… but slightly wider

    • Bpear96

      Oh and you CAN NOT forget about the revolutionary “The New New iPad”

      “It’s the best iPad we have made so far, we added a keyboard to are smartcover, a M**therF*ckin kickstand and made the screen 16:9 and slightly larger!!, this is a first , nothing like this has ever been done before , it truly is groundbreaking “

  • Joe Mamma

    For us guys that are married to having a Nexus device, there’s a lot less options out there for us. I would love to get a Nexus with the build quality of the iphone instead of the plastic everything on my GNex and if this is in fact a Cortex-A15, that’s not to be underestimated. That’s huge. I won’t be switching of anything, but it looks like a great smartphone, which just pushes the envelope for all of us.

    • Roocer

      I agree with your comments about the build quality. Having a phone built from glass and aluminum certainly has a very unique and solid feel. However, even though the Nexus is built out of plastic, I’m sure you’ve never had to deal with a broken/cracked front or back glass like other iPhone owners.

    • Jake

      Glass shatters and aluminum dents. Plastic absorbs impact and bounces back. There’s a reason helmets and sports safety equipment is made of plastic. Take the back plate off of your GNex and fold it in half like a piece of paper. Watch in awe as it returns to its original shape without a crease.

      • MyMilan

        Children’s toys are made out of plastic.

        Adults toys are made out of glass and aluminum.

        It’s a phone, not a hammer. The only thing better would be glass and stainless steel, but that probably would weigh too much.

        • clocinnorcal

          I can think of some adult toys made out of plastic ;)

        • RobBull75

          Most adult toys are made of rubber XD

    • adam

      Get a moto razr hd

    • BigCiX

      That’s why I’m hoping LG makes the next smartphone. They build nice devices.

  • tmihai20

    This new iPhone will sell very well and this is the language Apple knows and prefers. I was just talking to an Apple fan, he asked me for 3 reasons that make Android better and he would not even listen to it: customization. He kept saying that iPhone is better by comparing it to an old Samsung phone from a few years back (among other things). There are still people that have been too well trained to accept anything from Apple. I will keep my Android, thank you very much.

  • jamal adam

    If they are using the A15, I congratulate them but other than that the iPhone 5 is just a taller iPhone 4S. I must also say that the screen resolution numbers, 1136 x 640, makes me cringe.

  • carlisimo

    For those of us who like smaller high-end phones, it compares very damn well. The best we’ve got are the RAZR M and One S, and their hardware just isn’t as good.

    • revs

      my one is is better and its 6 mons old

      • carlisimo

        I’d rather have a One S than an iPhone5 too, but objectively speaking the iPhone seems to have superior processing power, screen quality, battery life, camera performance, and build quality. The hardware is undeniably awesome. It’s just software where our subjective preferences lead us away from it, I’d think.

  • Jonathan Mansel

    It a worthwhile upgrade for iPhone users, but not enough for veteran Android owners. The case is nice, but you are paying a premium for it.

    Another discussion of the iPhone 5 ‘new’ features for Android owners can be found here

  • Nathan D.

    unlike your isheep, I’m sticking to my Android phone because I know that the iphone 5 isn’t revolutionary or the new golden standard.

  • epsilon caprolactama

    Another “absolutely non-revolutionary” product from Apple … Samsung Galaxy S III is better … Many other Android devices are better …

    Why someone would by an iPhone?

    Just to have the same phone as all the other people at the Starbucks … LOL

  • Barack Osama bin Biden

    Finally a nice phone that is NOT larger than 4inches. I hate those t-bone phones.

    Result: im purchasing an iPhone 5, but not right now, when new contract is up

  • John Patrick

    Nicely crafted piece.

  • James

    I keep seeing comments saying “GS3 is better”, “Nexus is better”…but other than ‘Customization’, i don’t see a lot of actual arguments.

    I’ve owned all revs of the iPhone, as well as an Evo3d, Galaxy S Vibrant, GSII, OneX, Palm Pre, HTC Hero, and the original Moto Droid. I have installed ROMs, Jailbroken iPhones, and modded my Pre through Homebrew, etc, so when I speak about phones, I feel like I have a bit of perspective on operating these devices. That being said, it really just boils down to the user. The “isheep” comments are ridiculous, and do not at all represent many iPhone users, myself included. I currently run an iPhone 4s. I purchased the 4s after owning the OneX for about 8 days.

    Customization is great. I enjoy customizing my phones, but at the end of the day, it’s all about being productive with the device. i can play with widgets and move things around all day…load new keyboards, launchers, app sets, etc, but really, is the quality any better than an iPhone? Absolutely not. Dicking with the OS is great for killing time, but at the end of the day, the apps are what drive usage on the phone, and as I’ve seen from using all of these devices, the fit and finish of most Android apps is just not as solid as the iPhone apps.

    it’s all about the choice of the user. However, the comments from people who say that iPhone users are sheep, or that Apple should be quaking in their boots, or that the iPhone 5 is not an amazing piece of kit (have you actually looked at the build on this damn thing?) are just way off base. So much teen-like angst over someone’s choice of platform. Just respect that these companies are all building amazing devices (Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG, etc)

    as Louis CK said discussing perceptions of mobile phones..”YOU GO BUILD ONE!!”

    Side note. I will be getting the 5. Very excited about the new CPU/GPU. i get a lot of business done on my iPhone and will continue to do just that.

    • ari-free

      NFC is all about getting business done. Android phones are able to replace the wallet for easy transactions.

      • James

        I work as an IT Director for a retail franchising chain. NFC is a great technology, but much like Apple v Samsung, Samsung v Apple, etc, there are a lot of patent infringement trolls in the NFC/mobile payment space and this is something that retailers need to be extremely careful about when considering a rollout of this tech.

        My company has experienced this first hand, and have decided that NFC support from most vendors is not worth the risk in the immediate future. Much better to partner with someone for mobile payment through an app vs. tap to pay.

    • revs

      name one thing the iphone 5 does tht the gs3 and onex dont ? ONE THING..IM CURIOUS B.C IVE NEVER EVER EVER GOTTEN AN ANSWER TO THIS ?

      • Lunt Cicka

        App store, facebook app e.g., ios updates instead of fragmentation or no updates at all

        • Marsel

          Lol really you listed the facebook app? First of all the Facebook app is relatively the same on both operating systems. As far as the App store goes, that is an invalid argument because we have Google Play Store, so please don’t put the App Store up there cause that’s just ridiculous. And as for fragmentation, there’s also another word for it, its called CHOICE. Apple is trying to monopolize the mobile industry which to their dismay they cannot do. Android is not a phone, it’s an open source OS that google has given 3rd party manufacterers for FREE to use, that’s why their reach will always be greater than Apple’s(over 60% market share worldwide). You can get a free or 20-50 dollar low end Android smartphone that might not get the latest updates, but you would have known that cause you only spent 20 to 50 dollars and not 199.99-399.99 JACKASS.

        • Alex

          Facebook app is temporary so your argument is invalid there and as far as the app store, it takes weeks for developers to get their updates out to their users versus Android where it’s almost instantaneous.

          • cb2000a

            Ahh yes…a Facebook app…no thanks…if I want to get on FB I will use my browser.

    • Vance

      I appreciate the mature and respectful nature in which you’ve presented your position, but I do disagree with much of it. How can you, in the same paragraph, point out (justly so) that it all comes down to being productive, and then brashly dismiss the sometimes immeasurable performance improvements and benefits of interactive widgets and home screen and launcher customizations?

      • James

        I never dismissed productivity on any device. I didn’t trash talk Android, the manufacturers or the handsets. I think Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia make some excellent devices. I was simply defending the iPhone line against childish attacks with no merit. It all comes down to user choice. I can be productive on all of the devices…but I am most productive (this is me, personally…taking away nothing from others) on the iPhone because of the ease of use, readily available apps with amazing capabilities and the solid build quality….I never have issues where I need to reboot, pop out a battery, etc. I find that a lot of the customer overlays in Android seem to cause issues that stock ICS, Jellybean, etc do not experience.

        Again, just pointing out that bashing the manufacturing or design of the iPhone five is unjustified as it really is, much like the 4 and 4s, a solidly made device, regardless of how far of a technological advance some people see it to be.

    • Roocer

      I think everyone is different when it comes to individual needs for a phone. But as far as why I prefer Android, here are several of my own reasons:

      Screen Material — I agree that Apple iPhone fit and finish is very good. Despite the very nice look and feel of the device, I feel like I have seen more cracked iPhone screens than any other phone.

      Battery — Battery life of an iPhone has always been average never exceptional. If Apple is going to restrict my choice to swap a new battery or use an extended battery, the non-replaceable battery better be so darn good that I’ll forget why I ever wanted a removable battery. Instead, when I run out of battery, I feel like a little dog attached to a leash trying to look for a power outlet with my proprietary charging cable. With an Android phone or almost any other phone, I swap batteries and I’m good to go, no cables, no cords, no expensive mobile USB charger, no dog leash.

      Storage — Everything from pictures, to movies, to music, with an Android phone I just plug in my standard micro-USB cable, drag-drop and I’m done. With Apple I need to go find my Apple cable, log-in, sync with iTunes and sit and wait for the files to convert to a proper Apple format. On Android, if I want to download media to my computer and I don’t have a cable, I move everything over to my SD card, copy over in a card reader and I’m done! With Android I never need to fuss with Log-ins, iTunes, syncing, or finding their wonderful proprietary cable!

      Apps — There are many good apps in the Apple store and it’s really up to the developer to decide which ecosystem they want to spend their time on. So in talking about apps, I’m going to focus on only Google apps. In terms of productivity, (native Google apps vs. native Apple apps), I feel like Google wins. From Gmail to Maps, Goggles, to Voice, to Drive/Docs, to Translate, to Wallet, to Now there really is no good Apple equivalent for all of those apps. Google Voice when submitted to iTunes was under review for nearly a year. Google Maps is unique in that it provides walking, bicycling and public transportation for free. Apple doesn’t have a productivity app remotely close to Google Translate. A lot of user reviewed posts have shown Google Now has shown to be more accurate the Siri. iCloud is similar to Drive, but forces the user to install the software on every single computer! Google Drive has collaborative real-time document sharing and editing across any computer, no monthly fee, no special software download required.

      Exclusivity — if I want to use iCloud I need and iOS5 device or OSX Lion — in other words if I have iOS4 or Snow Leopard I’m out of luck. Google Drive works on any internet connected device — it also has an offline feature! Facetime only for iPad2 and iPhone 4 and only from Mac to Mac – great thanks. Google Talk and Google Hangout is available for everyone for free! I don’t need to ask all my friends to buy an iProduct to be my friend.

  • Ben Jakuben

    Great post!

    “But specs alone aren’t enough anymore. It’s about the entire user experience. The package of hardware and software. The iPhone 5, paired with iOS 6, will deliver. And so has the Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean, Android 4.1, and so has the Nexus 7, and the next Nexus device will as well.”

    Nailed it!

  • spintrex

    What I was really hoping for was for some real innovation and not a iPhone 4S-S. Sure the tweaks are great improvements but not much is really new to the table, except the surprisingly Cortex A15 CPU. I was hoping for some fierce competition to Android but most of the improvements have been on Android devices for some time now. Every new number evolution of the iPhone has shown some drastic change, whether it be size shape or what be it but for some reason this new generation doesn’t seem so fancy.

    The phone is great and still challenges current top end Android models but come early 2013 that may not be the case. Unfortunately I believe that since it is indeed an Apple product the masses are going to storm and buy it because they know what the image of Apple is and will buy whatever comes out afterwards. That’s the average consumer though, they might now be so in the know about the latest technologies and what the specs actually mean and instead really on product name.

    I only hoped that Apple really brought something drastic to the table so that Android can strive to go even higher… but that may be a patent lawsuit waiting to happen.


  • jamal adam

    I think Roger Cheng from CNET said it perfectly when talking about Apple’s new iPhone 5: “Think about it: was there one legitimately new feature that was shown off? That’s the big issue. When a company stops innovating, it becomes vulnerable. It may not happen today or tomorrow, but the lack of breakthrough products sets you on the track for a potential downfall.” —

  • Adryan maldonado

    I have to admit that i want to steal all the sapphire crystals from every iphone 5s camera

    • cb2000a

      Nokia really has the best camera’s with their Pureview tech.

  • Jedediah Sweetser

    Here’s a short story that involves nothing but the outside of the phone:

    Over the last few weeks at work, i’ve noticed many android powered phones. Being a geek of sorts, I always engage people with what hardware they have. “Hey man, is that a GSIII?”, “Oh you got a OneX, how do you like it? Why did you pick it?”

    See, all of our phones are distinct enough to recognize out in the wild, and i enjoy interacting with people about what/why they have that particular phone. Just the other day I saw a guy with a Gnex and we both had the same Jellybean Rom (Liquid beta2). we had a good old conversation about what we liked and didn’t like and genuinely had a good time.

    The last few Iphones all look the same to me – seems odd they wouldn’t change the design even slightly (minus the larger I5)

  • Bryan Stoner

    I called the specs out to my girlfriend a few days before the announcement.
    “Hey Poopie! I bet the iPhone 5 will have a 1GHz dual core cpu with a quad core gpu, you know the powerVR one in their tablet. Maybe not even 1GHz like the 4s, probably 800Mhz. And I bet they will still use an 8mp camera.”
    I was even spot on with the iPhone 4S.

    Being predictable makes them a big bore.

    Regarding the rumors that it’s using the A-15 architecture:
    x2 faster cpu and x2 faster graphics does not mean jack sh*t.

    What about kernel optimizations? What about OS optimizations?
    On the android side, Linaro Optimizations made a huge improvement on cpu performance.

    What about benchmark tests geared towards their own platform. Tweaked to record every single detail in performance. Altered to accommodate every part of their system architecture.

    And can we really trust what they say when they say EXACTLY 2. I mean they use the worlds roughly and about a lot. And when it comes to ads they are completely sure of that hard to track number?

    Why are they hush about it? I’d be telling the whole entire world if it was using the A-15 architecture.

    There are so many dirty tricks in their ads and announcement that I cannot even begin to describe them on one page.

  • Isaac

    Nothing is better but only my Samsung galaxy s2

  • RayFri

    Seriously? We’re going to talk processor speeds as the best excuse for such a resounding anti climax? Come on now people. I’d gladly give credit if it were due but let’s callit what it is; It’s a bad copy of the SG2. It’s got no wow factor and it’s feature set is pretty much what it was before. Apple should be ashamed of trying to feed its users the same device in 5 permutations. Where has that sexy styling cue gone? Sorry Cupertino, you lost me at hello…

  • Rovex

    I was never taken with the styling of any Apple device, but the iPhone is REALLY staring to look old now. The 4 was looking a bit past it, but the 5 really looks out of date and bland. Like all Apple gear its never quite right, and as such isnt a ‘classic’ or ‘enduring’ design. Its just plain old.

    As for the rest, Meh.. No killer features, not even something to brag about that doesnt actually work (like Siri), nothing. Frankly the world has moved on. Android is far better, the latest Windows 8 phones are better, this is just plain poor.

  • ibap

    Now if we could just get the accessory manufacturers to really think about servicing more than just iPhones. I understand that the volume of them out there may make that easily profitable, but with a little thought, they could rake it in from other phone users as well.

  • ExSpyGuy

    how does one handset from Apple compare to Googles mobile operating system?

  • Aditya

    Apple is basically pissing on the consumer and then asking to be paid.

  • amgala

    I like the new design of the back side of the phone, but from the side and front it still looks basically the same, albeit larger. However, it still has the same, boring iOS software look which is no longer innovative or attractive.

  • Daniel Smedegaard Buus

    The real question is: Will it run Android?

  • Bob

    It is the thinnest SMART PHONE. Report more accurately next time.

    • zerosix

      Also, it is the smartest thinphone and the phonest thinsmart.

    • APG


      The award goes to Huawei Asacend P1S with 6.8 mm

      So…search more accurately next time!

  • Me

    Ok Android fans… I run a Asus tablet with ICS, quad core, nice piece of kit… and I love it… and then I hate it…

    What’s that you say? I can’t find a single decent app for video editing, iOS has had them for YEARS. Audio is in the same boat, though its a little better.

    I can’t find a browser that doesn’t hang/crash/glitch.

    In fact many apps do the the same thing.

    On my 3gs, I can count the number of crashes on one hand and I’ve owned since day 1.

    My Android tablet … I lost count in the first month.

    As a power-user… sometimes I just want a device that works out of the box and doesn’t need me to install a custom rom, root, etc. My phone just happens to be one of those devices… and Apple rarely disappoints.

    • zerosix

      >I can’t find a browser that doesn’t hang/crash/glitch.
      >In fact many apps do the the same thing.

      The solution is very easy. Stop searching AppStore and go to Google Play.

    • cb2000a

      Interesting…we have no issues with Dolphin on our Asus Transformer, Nexus 7, or Samsung Notes. As for video editing no tablet or phone is ready yet to really do quality editing (like Sony Vegas on the PC). Next gen cpu’s and gpu’s will get us closer.

  • Cj

    I’m a tech geek as much as anyone in here, BUT I’m also a consumer…. so I’ll comment as such. the purpose for a phone, these days, is functionality. what can your cell phone do that makes it stand out, not neccessarily what it “HAS” my point is if u compare the Iphone 4S and the Iphone 5, what is the iphone 5 bringing to the table, that I can’t live without knowing I have the iPhone 4S.. the answer truly is… nothing. now say I had the Galaxy SII, well what did the Galaxy SIII bring to the table that the SII didn’t have? Facial Reconition, tilt-to-zoom, S-voice, INSTANT Share, SHIT I can watch a video while I text? SIGN ME UP! the iPhone 5, JUST like the new new iPad only boasts of things that are, in most cases, irrelivant. display, weight, size… speed, well we can get ALL that from other phones SO… what do you have that no one else has? and the answer is….. sadly, NOT A DAMN THIN… oh yea sis knows sports now :)

  • Stan

    Apples approach has always been consistent. Keep the UI simple and easy to use. android keeps packing in tons of extra features and this is viewed as innovation. Apple does not though they are sticking with their minimalist design and UI approach and it will be interesting to see how the market reacts. Besides techies, I’m not so sure that the average person cares about some of the lacking features that androids have that the iPhone does not.

    • CJ

      “…not so sure that the average person cares about some of the lacking features that androids have that the iPhone does not?” lol if that isn’t the funniest thin I’ve heard. it’s like U BUYING a phone that cost just as much as the next one, even MORE expensive and saying “I don’t care if the other phone is better, I’ll just pay more for this one, which is JUSt like the older version I had”….. WAIT… that’s EXACTLY what u are saying lol

  • zerosix

    I’m f*ing tired of this iShit. Twice a year I see news about new iSuckD*ck 5GS. I see comments saying “who gives a f*ck?”. I see trolls saying “last nail in Android coffin”. I see people, saying “well, of course it will be sold, but I like my Android”.
    Of course, it’s an important event in the market of smartphones. But if I decide to read about it, I’d better go to
    Ok. I’m calm. Just had to let off steam. Never mind.

    • Rumsfeld

      iPhone 5 is for americans while meandroidOS is for islamists

  • Darkseider

    The use of the Cortex A15 in the A6 is pure speculation right now. Until someone can get their hands on the hardware and ID the SoC architecture it will be a mystery. Granted it sounds like it could be but it could also be a higher clocked A5X built using a smaller process thus giving the power savings and performance gains.

  • Mix

    See how people’s reaction to the iPhone 5…but it’s really a 4s.

    I laughed….I also have no idea how to embed


  • surg3d

    Yeah, this seemed like a pretty minor update for the iPhone. To me, it seems that it is already behind the curve hardware and perhaps software-wise right out of the gate.

    All specs aside though, even if the iPhone was somewhat ahead in innovation here, I’d stick with Android. I like to have more control over my devices than Apple is willing to give to its customers. That’s really what it comes down to for me.

  • Cookie

    Luv my TB, but at least with Apple, I always have the latest software.

  • Cookie

    Luv my TB, but at least with Apple, I always have the latest software. I may have to go back. TB is still on GB.

  • APG


    In 2011 they failed and showed the world a copy of the iphone 4 > 4S
    Present time they failed AGAIN by revealing a stretched out 4S.
    In Apple-term it’s innovative because it is bigger than the 4S –’

    Also why do you want to buy a phone that won’t show its power on a closed platform.
    You can’t rule over the iphone with your thumb.It’s the other way…it will brainwash you into an iSheep


  • Morton of Stavanger

    You dire android sheeps are envious it seems. Android is for bums, iPhone is for real guys!!

    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
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    iPhone 5
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    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 5

  • ihatefanboys

    Sooo lemme see if I understand this correctly. The only thing really new is the screen…..AGAIN !!! Apple fans must be pulling their hair out, but theyll be pulling their hair out on line for the iphone 5 and have no hair by the time the iphone 6 comes out where theyll be hoping yet again for something “NEW” That event for the iphone 5 was hillarious with Cook saying that its stuff never before on a phone from anyone. Hoooooolarious !!!

    • Ben Johnson, GA

      Listen, folks.
      We apple fans still have lots of hair down there, a fact you android (insert ****) dont know, right?


      sent from my iPad 3 while calling on iPhone 4S
      (I immediately put down the money for the new iPhone 5 of course)

      Cheers, Ben

      • Bryan Stoner

        It’s actually called “The New iPad”, not the iPad 3.

  • Jason

    I quite like the look of the new iPhone, and I think I will be getting one.

  • justme

    Have an iphone, first time I wanted to get music from my pc to the phone I needed about 2.5 hours!!! That is NOT “It just works!”. Now I got the Nexus 7 tablet and the same process took me 30 seconds. Plug in- move data, listen to music! That’s how it should be!

    I sell now my Iphone and would love to have a google nexus phone! Think with the jellybean OS that will be an unbeatable combo!

    • Sammy D

      Unless you want to take a decent photo. Then you’re out of luck.

      • cb2000a

        Wrong…my Note takes awesome photos and great 1080n videos. And if you want the best camera you will have to buy a Nokia.

  • romney a$$hole

    you are a retard i guess

  • Azri

    the last “APPLE” anything i bought was an apple 2 c **waiting for the reaction* it was a great pc then. now however, I’m an adult and like adult things. i like hacking/mucking about with my tech. i however do not like being a “sheeple” and that’s exactly the crowd that goes for the “apple” products now. not really cause it’s a truly awesome device but because of the bragging rights :


    to me that’s what apple products are, expensive pretty paperweights. i have a droid 3. i LIKE the D3, i LOVE the Droid OS. i can make that lil piece of tech do some AMAZING things!! the apple co. being greedy SOB’s make that Really difficult if not impossible. I’m not an IT person, I’ve learned over time how to do stuff with tech, mostly in self defense. screw it up? FIX IT!! simple.

    if someone offered me an apple product? I’d take it sure & try and play around with it, but pretty soon I’d get bored. I’ve NEVER gotten bored with droid. y’all can have all the APPLE products you I’m sticking with droid, thank you EVER so much!!

    to me the Iphone buying crowd are the same jokers who will pay $5 for a small cup of coffee @ starschmucks, & are overjoyed to be doing so. silly crap. wasteful. social status symbol’s, the coffee and the iphone/apple products.

    just my ever so humble opinion.

    now go talk amongst y’selves.

    PS: anyone who gets upset cause of what i typed can suffer, I’m not marking the “notify me of follow up comments by email” nore the “notify me of new postes by email” because i really don’t care what anyone else thinks about this subject.

    “Have Fun Storming The Castle”

  • HackNet

    The iDevice will sell in the millions. Mostly because there are more sheep than people in the general public. That is why stupid gimmick devices and lousy cheap cars are being sold in the millions. So, I conclude by stating the facts, this is why the 99% work while the 1% live.

  • HackNet

    I’m sure we’ll see lots of people camping out in front of the Apple stores again.

    I’m just amazed how stupid people can be. That is why 99% of the slave human population work while the 1% get to live like kings. Stupid sheeple, programmed to eat grass and spend money. Every year during tax season, the sheeple go to the tax office, turn in their wool and go back to eating grass and spending money to get ready for the next season.

  • smeghead68

    No matter what the spec or price people will buy the iphone just to be one of the beautiful people! I know so many people who will buy the the next -in-craze thing just because their friend has one. LOL.

  • Chelle

    After reading this article, all that comes to mind, is “Bias”

  • stan

    and how is this not a big update?

    I’ve used both Android and iPhone and I like things about both, though I’m not too sure how some claim this is not a real update….

  • stan
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