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Search for Android 4.1 updated with new Google Now features


Along with the release of Android 4.2 and the Nexus 4, Google announced an update to Google Now that delivered a handful of new features and a dazzling array of new cards. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for the Nexus 4 to get your hands on the latest version of Google Now. Google has just released an update to the app via the Play Store that delivers new voice actions, scheduling or verifying meetings, and even the ability to launch applications.

While those features may be quite useful, the biggest new feature is Google Now’s integration with Gmail, allowing the app to create contextual cards for upcoming flights, dinner and hotel reservations, package tracking and much more. Gmail integration will allow Google Now to be much more personalized to your needs and allow the application to serve up information that is location and time specific without you actually having to search through your inbox.

Naturally, Google is constantly updating the list of cards that Google Now can access through the web. Users will now be able to access cards for local movie listings, concerts, landmarks and popular photo spots.

It’s nice to see Google Now receive such an extensive update only a few months after its launch. With the Android 4.1 updates for the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III starting to roll out, millions of Android users will soon be able to enjoy the best Android feature introduced with Jelly Bean.


Via: The Verge

Source: Google Play

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  • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

    It already pulled up one item from eBay and one from Amazon that I’m waiting on. Before, I would periodically check my mail and pull the tracking numbers manually. This is killer.

  • SGB101

    Got the Now update a couple of hours ago on my note, actually didnt even realise as it was first time I booted up the phone :@)

  • Nathan D.

    Nice, don’t have to wait for it :-)

  • austin H

    Ok I would be so happy to explore the features! IF SAMSUNG WOULD GET 4.1 UP on MY GS3 for Verizon. What the Hell!!!

  • stenzor

    I’m loving Google Now more and more every day

  • ricecakes

    Does it recognize all of your gmail accounts or only the one you use for Google search? If it doesn’t work with multiple gmail accounts, then that part is useless for me…

  • jenskristian

    I haven’t been able to try the new Gmail cards, but I absolutely love the idea. If I can have flight, hotel and packaging info presented to me at the right time and in a beautiful and hassle free way all I can say is “Thank you Google!”

  • adifferent

    Is Apple going to sue them again based on another patent violation.

    “And we quietly pushed out the update crippling Universal Search in the Galaxy S III. Shhh no one will notice.”


  • Jeff

    ^ Well you are the minority! Sucks for you.

    I would love to get a refreshed list of Google Now Commands.

  • friendlyfire

    I love google now. Love how it tells you what time you have to leave by in order to reach your destination in time!

  • samyeh

    im loving google now. it auto updates my favorite sports teams

  • gh0st665

    I love Google Now. I finally got my wife’s GSIII updated to Jelly Bean and she is constantly using it.

  • myvoiceinthewind

    This seems like what the computer that played Jeopardy was doing.

  • Sailorblue

    Wow, how about all those “permissions” the program gets from you on the install. Geez, that’s making me paranoid.


  • sbala

    It will be a siri beater, I can say…….

  • klcow92

    beats siri hands down and even heads down