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Upcoming Gmail app to feature pinch-to-zoom, swipe gestures


Want a preview of the next version of Gmail for Android? Ron Amadeo of Android Police obtained a leaked copy of Gmail 4.2 and he put it through the paces to discover several surprises. New features include pinch-to-zoom and the ability to archive or delete emails by swiping them off the screen. Hit up the source link for additional details and pictures.

Source: Android Police

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  • halo0

    Holy crap, swipe to archive would be amazing!!! I hit the archive button more than anything, and it’s often a pain because it’s so small, and on the N7, poorly located.

  • jamal adam

    These are some great features that will make the Gmail experience even better, especially the pinch-to-zoom and swipe to delete. I’m excited.

  • peekay5000

    Finally !!!
    Thats awesome !

  • rauelius

    I prefer this on this standard email app

  • Ardrid

    Very nice improvements. I’m glad to see Google is continuing to evolve their products rather than letting them sit stagnant.

  • h0ruza

    Fantastic! if only the stock email client could be exactly the same Christmas sure will have come early… Boom!

  • Alex

    I guess we will still see amazing changes thanks to the adquisition of Sparrow (best Mail app for Mac and iPhone)

  • Nate B.

    I love me some Google but why the hell did they wait so long for this? I mean the normal email client could pinch to zoom I believe.

    • Luis E. Cornejo

      Perhaps because Apple might sue about the pinch-to-zoom inside the E-mail application.

      • ┘

        Yes, this innovative technology was patented by Apple. Cant wait for this gmail app on iOS. It will surely be much better, snappier and doesnt lock up like the android version does.

        • retroblu

          its like watching webOS being stripped for parts and then being integrated into something else and people ooh and aaah…

          only different here is the ability to change what you can do after swiping of the email, so thats the only “clever” part in webOS you could only delete, but the implementation was different since it was using its synergy services to pull in mail from google and it wasnt its on gmail app.

          • retroblu

            and i will enjoy it very much when it comes to my Galaxy Nexus, has been frustrating trying swipe off emails..i miss webOS for simple things like this :)

  • Brian P.

    I just want to be able to filer my inbox like on my desktop. I want all the unread emails to group at the top! If this can be done already please let me know!

    These are nice features too though.

  • Nathan D.

    ooo snap, can’t wait for this to land on one of the Roms I use for my rooted sensation.

  • steve

    Still waiting for the “Select All” button…. The stock email client got it in JB but Google still hasnt added it to the Gmail client.

  • theandroidmaniac

    Gesture based UI is the way to go !! Android should incorporate that in 4.2 !!

  • MoSDeeb

    I have been waiting for these features to be implemented.

  • ba_hamilton

    I’ve got this on my gnex now and it’s nice. I love the ability to swype away individual emails. Not a big fan of the pinch to zoom. It’s cool and all but I question the usefulness of it.

  • Rk

    BTW Google you are LAME. These are features you should have had years ago that Apple already has had for a very long time. What’s your deal? Seems like you guys take forever to get around to fixing anything though so guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  • Axience

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  • Pravas

    Actually this feature was much anticipated by Google and should have been implemented long back in the former android OS update…

  • klcow92

    pinch…swipe….swipe…pinch. android really gets more and more fun!!