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Happy Halloween. To celebrate the release of Zombie Driver THD we have teamed up with NVIDIA to give away a couple Tegra 3-powered tablets. Zombie Driver THD is the mobile version of the classic PC game Zombie Driver, which has been designed with touch controls in mind. This bloody racer includes multiple gameplay modes and lets you drive a wide range of vehicles to smash everything and every zombie that is in your way.

The Trailer

Description: Insane mix of cars, speed, explosions, blood and zombies! Fight through an epic narrative campaign or test yourself in the Slaughter and Blood Race modes. Engage huge bosses, save survivors, drive crazy vehicles such as a bulldozer, fire truck or even a tank and smash everything in your way. Take part in the Blood Race tournament – chase other cars and take them down without mercy on brutal racing tracks. Jump into the Slaughter mode and survive as long as possible on specially crafted arenas.


  • Uses NVIDIA PhysX for realtime physics simulations and created specifically for NVDIA Tegra-powered devices.
  • Epic story campaign with 31 diverse missions featuring boss fights, night missions, special vehicles and more…
  • Survive endless zombie waves on 7 twisted slaughter arenas.
  • Drive 13 insane zombie killing machines including a school bus, a fire truck, a bulldozer or even a tank.
  • 9 different upgrades, which can transform an innocent Taxi into a Chariot of Death and mounted weapons including miniguns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers or even dual railguns.

Pawel Lekki, Chief Operating Officer, EXOR Studios said, “Thanks to Tegra 3′s fantastic GPU performance we were able to use the same quality textures in Zombie Driver THD as on the PC. The outstanding quad-core CPU performance makes it possible to support Tegra game development in parallel to other high-end platforms!”

The mobile Android version is a fully featured counterpart of its console and PC fellows. It includes controller, keyboard, touchscreen support and depending on your mobile device you can even plug it into a TV via HDMI cable to use it as a mobile gaming console for Zombie Driver THD.

The Download


The Prize: Win a Nexus 7 (16GB)

We have two Nexus 7 (16GB) tablets to give away.

How to Play: Leave a Comment

We are going to make it super easy for you to enter the giveaway. Just leave a comment below and tell us why you want to play Zombie Driver THD or own the Nexus 7. We normally allow anonymous comments, but for this contest you will need to be a registered user to leave a comment. Not signed up? It only takes seconds to join.

One tablet will go to a random comment, and the other tablet will go to a user with an updated profile. Head over to the Edit Profile page so you can update your primary carrier and favorite manufacturer. We are working on some Leaderboards for a future contest and we need your help.

Contest Rules

This contest is open to residents of the US (excluding Puerto Rico and its other territories and possessions), Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India (excluding the State of Tamil Nadu), and Brazil. Entries will be accepted for one week after the contest goes live. We’ll announce the winner on this page and on our Twitter account as soon as we draw.

The Winner

Congratulations to our two winners – raichleb and rashad360.

Via: NVIDIA Blog

Source: TegraZone

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • zolikaaa666

    I would be the happiest person if i could win a Nexus 7…I would use it for gaming and studying…Gaming is Great on Nexus 7…as i heard it…There isn’t any better processor for gaming then the Tegra 3…I would play Zombie Driver all day…because it looks so Cool and Great and i love Zombieeeees :DDD…Thank you Android And Me an NVIDIA for giving us the chance to get this tablet… :)…

  • Panzerstadt

    Since my laptop died i have been reading news and surfing the net and youtube from my xperia u for god knows how long, and having double the screen real estate and more than twice the processing power would be a real windfall.. a media consuming device. Thats what a nexus 7 excels at being, and thats what i sorely want right now.

  • guyb99

    I would play Zombie Driver on my new Nexus 7 just to show my 5-year-old son that the old man still has some magic in those fingertips… (and that Angry Birds loss was just a fluke)

  • homj

    I love the pure Android experience. And the Nexus 7 would look awesome next to my brothers Galaxy Nexus and (soon) my Nexus 4 =)

  • Jorge Vieira

    ive been playing zombie drive for the day its awsome!

  • tw0hands

    Looking for a dedicated media center/controller — xbmc & foobar would love it

  • iswearimmexican

    I want to wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

  • ttro

    I’d love to read all my journal articles on the go, and maybe do a little gaming in between all the intense learning…

  • hyp3rdr1v3

    My birthday’s in a week! This would make a great gift!

  • Cesar Torres

    Nexus 7 + Zombies = Awesome!!!

  • smeghead68

    let’s have a go at this. Would love a nexus 7.

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    The Nexus 7 is the best android tablet…period. No idea on when this tablet will be available in India …..I’ve been dying to own one …..hopefully I win this contest ….fingers crossed.

  • SnDaa

    Gotta try, if nothing else :>

  • mrdew92

    I would love a nexus 7, in it to win it!

  • JesNuRod

    I want a Nexus 7 because I’ve never had a tablet!

  • MikeTop

    Android and me with Nexus!!! :)

  • gradyjaynes

    I would love to win the Nexus 7 and give it to my wife so she could take it with her to show her portfolio to gallery owners, to surf the web and watch videos while in her studio, and to video chat with our son when she has to travel.

  • vn1gam

    I promise to bring world peace, donate my body for medical research and bring down apple (in no particular order) if I win this contest!!!

    pick me, pick me, pick me :D

  • tokra

    I would love to win the Nexus 7 to play Zombie Driver THD on it! Also, I’ve never had a tablet and would love to own a decent one! My current phone unfortunately isn‘t really allowing me to play awesome games like Zombie Driver…

  • tnicolaou

    Please pick me! This will be a great upgrade to my Nexus One!!!!

  • supermarkert

    I want that Nexus 7 because…I don’t have one. Or any Nexus. And I really want to be part of the club.

  • revwillie

    i want to play zombie driver and/or any other zombie killing game because like the CDC says ” if you are prepared for a zombie apocalypse, you are prepared for anything”

  • hurric

    best of both worlds for me..i like zombies (from resident evil era) and Google products..!! good luck all

  • tsanikgr

    nexus 7 ftw!!!!

  • sawberry

    already have a gnexus, will most likely get a nexus 4, and am looking for a way to get around my wife for a nexus 7 ;)

  • grrrrlacher

    Well, my kids just broke my ASUS Transformer that I loved. So now I’m in a market for a new tablet. I can then take out my frustrations on the zombies!

  • deluxe92

    Nexus 7 the best tablet, pure google experience plus Zombie Driver, this thing will take all my time xD

  • deucezulu22

    My wife has been asking for a tablet for the last few weeks. Let’s hope I can win one for her.

  • sunglint

    The game sounds great, and I’m sure the Nexus would do a brilliant job running it! I look forward to what gaming can be on a fast tablet, and would love to try!

  • kinderdm

    I would love a nexus 7 because i want a tablet that can replace my kindle. I need something with better features and more options for content, apps, and connect-ability.

  • bigdigo

    The game is amazing, i would love to try it on my new Nexus 7. I already enjoy it on my S3. But at a tablet the experience should be much better. ;)

  • hammerbeard

    gimmmeeeee ooooonneeee

  • haonan93

    I would love the Nexus 7 because this site is awesome!!

  • raichleb

    Then I could ask the wife to get me something else for Christmas.

  • andresestrin

    I want to kick some zombie butt and have a sweet tablet.

  • kjsantaularia

    would be a great birthday gift – nov 4th eh eh eh

  • akshaytg145

    I usually travel for atleast 3 hrs a day. Badly needed some source of entertainment during the travel. Hence, a tablet. Nothing can beat the awesomeness of unadulterated android. Hence, the Nexus 7. And nothing can be more entertaining than crushing zombies on a quad core tegra 3 beast :D !! Hence, the Zombie Driver THD.

  • JayDelz

    My whole purpose in life is to kill zombies. With a Nexus 7.

  • kusic

    OH, please, please, I Have never won anything…

  • David Cook

    Yeah! Another giveaway. I would love to play a video game on a bigger screen. My little phone screen just isn’t cutting it anymore.

  • leotorres

    Practice killing Zombies is a very important activity. We’ll know that in the future!

  • brkati

    I need a nexus 7 because i can easily carry it around to work and university. My old macbook (black) is a little bit to heavy for everyday use and the people around me start laughing at me and my 5 year old Notebook.
    So pleaaase giieeev

  • robbyp30

    I’d like to own a Nexus 7 to be able to experience some stock Android goodness!

  • Randy White

    Would love a Nexus 7!

  • Andi92

    I would like to win the nexus 7 and Zombie Driver because i love to play games everywherer.
    The nexus 7 is perfect to take everywhere, and i can have the pure android experinse.

  • impromark

    Need Zombie driver to offset my own murderous road rage – itself multiplied as a result of winter. YEARAAGH!!

  • geiko

    I want the Nexus 7 so that I can watch, play, and listen to my content in style on the way to work, and on the trip back home.

  • Saurabh Shetty

    Loved playing Zombie Driver on my PC…..

  • Sam K

    I’d like to win a Nexus 7 so I can have a small tablet to use on my even longer commute from Queens, NY to Jersey City, NJ now that the PATH trains are flooded thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

  • Aggimeister

    I would use it for as a game tab

  • smartyprabal

    I love Nexus 7 because its small & smart enough to do all the tasks I want. Playing Games, Watching Movies and Reading eBooks is all I want. Thanks!

  • Jaymoon

    The reviews seem very positive, and I’m always up for a new zombie game!

  • geeksta21

    Jelly Bean in my belllyyyy!! After reading so many reviews on the Nexus 7, it has opened my eyes to the functionality and practicality of it for daily use. I can check emails and do so many things on the latest operating system. I dont have to check emails on my tiny phone or wait for my laptop to boot up. Everything from emails to youtube to internet surfing and even writing word docs can all be done right on the Nexus 7.

  • itsjose

    Stoked for this! I want the game and Nexus 7 to see where if it puts tablet gaming on the map!

  • nvoi

    I am stuck with an old galaxy tab wifi and sure would appreciate a smoother browsing and gaming experience – thanks for making this informative and especially pleasingly designed site and giveaway…

  • Luv_android

    Personally, this would really help me alot. I’m a college with lots of pdf’s for all my classes, and its so hard to read books on my ~4.0 in phone and battery doesn’t even last that long that thing. So this tablet would really help me keep up with my college work and also at the same time I’ll be able to have some fun along the way :-)))

  • mdawg924

    I wanna take out some zombies!

  • mnazim

    To Blast some ZOOOMBIES>>>

  • theExplorer

    Two simple reasons: I want to experience, and proof power of Tegra & I want to check pure Google experience of Nexus device – till now I had only personalized devices, and that has downsides.


    I want to win a Nexus 7!

  • Ashish Raj

    Combination of Pure Nexus experience and a Tegra 3 game!!… & you are still wondering why I want to win this tablet??? :O

    Pls pls pls pls… just let me win this one time!!!

  • honourbound68

    i’m dying to get this tablet…. hoping to get lucky this time so i won’t have to buy it lol

  • Blinder

    I’d love to read my morning news on one of these! I’m getting tired of trying to read on my 4.0 inch screen… The game look fun too!

  • rashad360

    I would love to mow down some zombies on a brand new Nexus 7!

  • gecko-gordon

    I want the Nexus 7, because it would perfectly match to the Nexus 4 I will order on Nov, 13th!!!!

  • hideous_strength

    I want the Nexus 7 because the Nexus 7 wants me. That’s what android beam is right? :)

  • AndroidBoy

    I never realized that the Nexus 7 would be ideal for gaming!

    Thanks for opening my eyes ;-)

  • Anne A

    I’m all for playing any game that’ll showcase Nexus 7′s underestimated specs. I love the portability of a 7″ tablet as well!

    Good luck to everyone!

  • originalgringo

    Would love a Nexus 7!

  • onetonofclay

    One word – Zombies! Who doesn’t love smashing zombies!

  • recentlyentered

    Really want a Nexus 7 to help me with app development!

  • Red_wagon

    Been enviable of all the THD games for a while. Plus, a Nexus gets all the cool features first.

  • kodinos

    Running over zombies? In the best tablet?? Say no more!

  • Keys2bonez

    Zombies and cars you just can’t go wrong with!

  • Dirge

    I would want a Nexus 7 because then I’d finally have a tablet! :D

  • inviolable

    Oh hello. I’d like to win a Nexus 7 because it’s a Nexus 7. Thank you for your time.

  • Alberto

    Nexus 7 = Awesome! And I would be really happy to play Zombie games in it!

  • xylexx55

    It would be great to play Zombie Driver on my Nexus 7 while texting on my Nexus 4

  • jakobharteg

    I’ve had my galaxy nexus for while now, google is the way to go!!!! non of that asus or htc shit, the clean google experience is the best man, which is why i would love the nexus 7!!

  • Erojohn

    I would want to own a Nexus 7 for an authentic Google experience.

  • fc1032

    Can I have one please?

    i’m going on work placement at the end of the year. I’d much rather carry this around than a back breaking laptop :)

  • victormg94

    would be awesome to have a nexus 7 and dont have a tablet… two good reasons

  • CJ LaFleur

    i want in

  • vforvortex

    I feel i will be the best candidate to receive a Nexus 7, because I would give my first born to Google and I love to drive but at the same time hate zombies with a passion. :) Thank you.

    • vforvortex

      I wasn’t worthy!!! I wasn’t worthy!!! Whyyyyyyyyy?

  • KujiRA

    I always wanted to own a tablet.
    And nexus series would be perfect for me since I’ve been owning nexus smartphones for past 2 years :)

  • drakofrost

    A great tablet for an awesome and very demanding game. I would love to own one and be a happy Google user. Thank you¡¡¡¡

  • radaan

    The game is great and I want a nexus 7 to play it!

  • thils2

    My laptop is too old and weak for gaming, I need to something to play on! Thanks, Android & Me! :)

  • dwilson6

    The Nexus 7 would be a handy replacement for thick, heavy textbooks.

  • lapdog101

    My wife really wants a Nexus 7. This would be an awesome gift to give Her.

  • dunneldeen

    I want a Nexus 7 so I can play all the cool Tegra games.

  • destinydmm

    I would love to have a Nexus 7. I’m on Verizon Wireless and finally obtained a Nexus device with the Galaxy Nexus. Which ironically received no advertistmenting, all the love went to the Razr line. It was only through Android and Me that fan boys, like myself, were made aware of its release (including VZW employees who knew nothing of the phone).
    I love the phone (minus the battery life) but I always felt left behind from the G1, Nexus One, Nexus S, Galxay SI & II. I also have an Android’d HP Touchpad which is amazing, but its not the same as a full Android/Google experience. I did have the Acer a500 & ASUS Transformwer for a week each but they didn’t cut it for me. The OS, lag, battery, just didn’t do it. But the Nexus 7 is a real beauty. It’d be nice to finally enjoy the Nexus experience to the full. No skins, no OEMs, just pure unadulterated Android!!!

    Winning the Nexus 7 would not only help me to get over Verizon sticking it to their customers again – by passing on another Nexus devices & really the Nexus line altogether -, but also stop my wife from nagging me about getting a “second” tablet. :D

    Love you guys and the work that you do!! Keeping fan boys worldwide in the Google Android loop!!!

  • Aaron_301


  • eliander mendoza

    I have never use a table and why not start with the nexus brand :)

  • Zeratoda1

    Good luck everyone

  • citizenlee

    What do vegetarian zombies eat? Grrraaaiiins! :-)


    I have a Note 2 at the moment so the prize would be given to my girlfriend, who is a fellow Android geek and would absolutely love to own the Nexus 7! As for the game, we’re both huge fans of all things undead so it would definitely be something we would both play. It looks awesome :D

    Best of luck to everyone!

  • classic_hero

    never owned a tablet before i think this would be an awesome win, also I lika da zombies

  • the5thdimension

    I’ve been a lover of the Nexus line since day one. Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, and I will be buying a Nexus 4. I’ve spent hard earned money on each and every one of them. So sure I’d love a Nexus 7!

  • datajosh

    I need a Nexus 7 because my wife won’t let me spend the money on a tablet!

  • hurracayne

    Oh well, wouldn’t mind it replacing my Acer iconia 100

  • swaggg

  • CactusCat

    The odds are definitely better than PowerBall!

  • Orange333

    I want to play the zombie game on the nexus 7 ’cause i’ve never used a Tegra device, and i hate zombies.

  • http://www.grantabraham.com Ulyssys

    I’d like the Nexus 7 because it’d encourage me to play–err, read more ebooks. :)

  • Qrkchrm

    I’d like a nexus 7 because it is the perfect size.

  • pudgypanda3

    I want to own a nexus 7 because it has jelly bean and will hopefully get a few updates. Also I love android

  • svensjo

    I want to see the new Android 4.2 update soon; I’m hoping a Nexus 7 is the quickest route to get there.

  • jaaronb

    Having a fifteen month old that refuses to sleep makes me a literal zombie driver. But I love the game because it’s awesome. And since pressing the keys on my laptop is said daughter’s favorite pastime, the only way I’ll get to play a solid round of Zombie Driver is with a Nexus 7. In the bathroom. And the only way I’ll get a Nexus 7, is by sheer luck, here. Because I’ve discovered having a fifteen month girl means adios disposable income for ~24 years.

  • nevetsg

    Leaving me a comment to win me a nexus.

  • rc213

    Looking for decent replacement for my iPad 2.

  • dcracing00

    The Nexus 7 beats the pants off the iPad mini! Bad I need to replace my galaxy 7

  • theha9

    would love to get the nexus 7, perfect form factor to play some zombie driver

  • kenzington4short

    A Nexus 7 would be a great gift. For me. For meeeeeeeee.

  • Dutchmaan

    The Nexus 7 is the preferred weapon of the 2012/13 Zombie Aplocalypse®!

  • timette

    SIgned up for this website because of this giveaway! Always go here but never made a log in. Want that Nexus 7 because of Nvidia! Love their video cards.

  • zapout

    I would like to have a nexus tablet, i don’t have any android device now, i wanted to buy a android tablet but problems like software support and pricing kept me from getting one.
    I’m really hoping to get the nexus. Software support from Google and an awesome hardware.
    And i would really love to install different OS into it also, like Ubuntu.

    Fingers crossed.

  • yashank

    I just Love Android ,the game graphics looks awsum…And yea Nexus is completly diffrent than other devices.In future Nexus gonna rock..:)

  • nsnsmj

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I would like the Nexus 7 because I would like to own an Android tablet. I currently own a Nexus S, and the N7 would be a great compliment to it. Also, since my phone is showing it’s age, I’d be using the tablet far more than the phone, which struggles to run some apps and games.

  • dv8

    All I want for christmas is a Nexus 7… Also, I keep visiting the Apple Uk site to see their revised Samsung won we lost notice….

  • motag

    Yes please! It’d go perfect with my current Galaxy Nexus.

  • Pravas

    My 3.2″ mobile screen was never enough and I cant be glued to my desktop computer for all my needs. I always longed for a device which is powerful and easier to carry around. Nexus 7 not only fulfills my basic needs but also has way more to offer.


  • Fenetron

    Yeaayy, ah Nexus 7, would be a great add on for my nexus 4 :)

  • Brickerhaus

    I could really use a Nexus 7 for some App Development for people with disabilities that I want to do, but I can’t afford to get one at the moment. It would really be awesome if I could win one. Pick me please. This game looks awesome though. I wonder if it will work with my HTC One S.

  • MOnline

    I would love a Nexus 7. My current device is kind of old (well it’s a Nexus S so it’s not that old) but cool games like Zombie Driver THD don’t work on it so thats something a Nexus 7 could help with :).

    I must say looking at the trailer it keep getting amazed how a small device (being a phone or table) are capable of creating these kind of graphics and high speed gaming experiances

  • mustybooks

    An addictive high quality, hardware optimized game for some of the best quality hardware on the market.

  • LegendOfScotia

    I would like the Nexus 7 as it is far more portable than my laptop and as I am going in to hospital in the new year it would be great to have some quad core game action to keep me occupied!

  • Murphious

    I want to graphically enjoy myself and what better way to do so than to annihilate zombies in car racing splendour.

    Also this would do wonders for my uni lecture notes.

  • Sacknahtlecker

    Give it to me baby! *Rick James*

  • WlfHart

    I would love having a tablet small enough to fit in my pocket that I could play great games like Zombie driver on between classes at university.

  • hptan93

    Cuz iPad mini is the STUPIDEST JOKE EVER.

  • Mark Wilson

    I’d like to try out Zombie Driver. I need something to do at work.

  • MrMrMan

    I’d play Zombie driver because I have nothing else to do. I don’t want a Nexus 7.

    • MrMrMan

      Wait… yes I do!

  • charleen


  • kandlclark

    I would love to have a nexus 7 tablet as my very first tablet. I’ve been watching the tablets for a while now and seems the nexus 7 is the perfect fit for me. As I have never owned a tablet before I also can not wait to try out some of the games especially Zombie Driver THD! It looks like alot of fun!

  • killerbee000

    NO, i dont use it for college.
    NO, i dont use it as an e reader!
    NO, i dont want it becouse it is cool to have a tablet!

    i WANT IT becouse i have a BIG LOVE to GOOGLE!

    YES! i want it for gaming, becouse that is where TEGRA 3 is for!

  • DrFreemanX

    I would love to win the NEXUS 7, because I am a really big fan of Google and their products. I wanted this tablet since it was announced.

  • Sgoldair

    Second Truth: Desire is the root of all suffering….

    • Sgoldair

      Please end my suffering momentarily. :)

  • granatman

    I have an original Galaxy Nexus and desperately want a matching tablet! Plus, I HATE APPLE!

  • DaGiff7

    mmmmm Nexus.

  • c1liu

    hope I’m not too late.. I’d really like to carry a tablet with me rather than my heavy laptop

  • heat361

    Great giveaway hope I win .good luck to all!!!

  • euio

    Every zombie deserves an android.

  • koorsr

    I’m a little late on this one, but I guess it’s still worth a shot.

  • smithmark02

    My Mom has a Nexus 7 and I don’t. I can’t have her be cooler than me :p

  • soul64

    that was a total let down,Ahahahahaaaaaaa

  • mistacab

    I NEED this! The wife and kids stole the kindle i got for fathers day plus everyone knows this is the best tablet on the planet!

  • ycb04

    I would love this, Nexus me up baby!

  • onedude1

    Pleaase… dipping my toes into the android world… This would be an awesome toy to play with.

  • http://facebook.com/ruidonizete Rui Donizete

    I’m waiting for my Nexus 7 at home!:p

  • azswift

    That N7 would make a great
    Christmas gift. My daugher would
    love you, Android and Me.

  • HackNet

    I would definitely enjoy having a digital coaster like the Nexus 7. We usually use iPads as coasters when setting the dinner table. Nexus is bound to be better.

    Send me one so that I can brag to my peers.

  • kickyoface86

    With the nexus 7 I can read books to my newborn son.

  • lafflebat

    i.. want the nexus 7 to play zombie driver :)

  • warren3000

    I want a Nexus 7 because it is an awesome tablet & I want to surprise my 5 year old son with one for his birthday in December.

  • rpras

    7&Me? How sweet that’d be!

  • Ryan McDonald

    It says the contest is open for a week after going live, which should be in four more days, but there are winners already listed at the bottom of the post. I’m confused!

    I’ll give it a shot anyway: I want the Nexus 7 because I have never owned a tablet and I love the Nexus line of products!


    Hmmm well , it wouldn’t hurt to try .. GL all

  • gorillazz

    i loose again!!! :((

  • Zeusmoir

    I loved the game on my PC, would be cool to own it with a N7!

  • honourbound68

    i want a nexus 7 to replace my htc view. as much as i love it, with only 2 chefs developing for it (props to yncconsulting and jmztaylor), it’s gone as far as it can go.

  • junebugg

    I Love zombies

  • motag

    The chances are slim, but finally I might win one!

  • jokob

    To finally get a taste of the nexus experience :)

  • Cotsios

    I am definitely going to play this game if I win the Nexus 7.
    I will be also able to test my Android app for university’s dissertation. =))

  • sjind

    Boom, crush. Night, losers. Winning, duh.
    Nexus! I want this………………………………..

  • sjind

    Boom, crush. Night, losers. Winning, duh.
    Nexus! I want this.

  • falmc

    I would love one as I made the horrible mistake of buying something I want (Nexus 7) for my girlfriend for Christmas. Damn you generosity!

  • russieb

    The nexus experience in a tablet!

  • http://www.theandroidsite.com Ben Marvin

    I played with the N7 when it first came out and I miss it!

  • rbcameron1

    Comment left. Comment too late.