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Electronic Arts and Gameloft pledge support for new Nexus devices


If you plan on buying a Nexus 4, Nexus 7, or Nexus 10, there will be a bunch of optimized games waiting for you on launch day. Both Electronic Arts and Gameloft have announced they will support the entire Nexus family of devices with their lineup of Android games.

Gameloft says they have optimized 10 of their best sellers to “take advantage of the huge new screen resolution on the Nexus 10 and the Qualcomm quad-core chipset in the Nexus 4.” Droid Gamers reports that Electronic Arts will have 13 titles available, but the individual games list has not been released.

Gameloft games coming to new Nexus devices:

The Nexus 4 will feature the fastest GPU of any Android smartphone and the Nexus 10 will have the fastest GPU of any Android tablet, so we should expect some even newer games to take advantage of this new hardware. The slightly-older Nexus 7 is also still special, since it has access to a big selection of exclusive games from TegraZone.

Overall this is great news for Android games. Just be sure you get a device with more than 8 GB of storage so you can play several of these games at once without having to uninstall them.

Via: DroidGamers

Source: Gameloft

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  • Pleirosei

    Wonderful. One day after they announce this line of devices, they get gaming support. That’s especially special for the Nexus 10, which needs more apps made for tablets. I’m happy for Google. Already reaping benefits of that announcement.

    • Anton

      There is no reason to be happy for Google. 16gb is too little for a Nexus phone… I expected to see at least 32 gb version. I’m very disappointed

      • lol

        Don’t cry

        • Anton

          Okay. But I thought the LG Nexus would become a great device. In spite of all, it had become ugly.

          • stenzor

            It’s actually a really good looking phone and a majority of people agree

  • irishrally

    This is important. People were getting a little testy with the lack of support for the slightly older Nexus 7.

  • Nathan D.

    Now you have a fifth reason to buy the nexus 4

  • Mix

    “Just be sure you get a device with more than 8 GB of storage so you can play several of these games at once without having to uninstall them”

    SD cards……how do they work?

    • heeros

      nice jab at Duarte. I call BS on “… but in reality it’s just confusing for users.”

      If people don’t know how to use microSD cards, and don’t want them, they can just leave the slot empty.

      I’m sure they just want to increase google cloud service usage.

      • Mix


        I work with people who can barley send an email in outlook but I’ll be damned if they don’t know how to plug in an SD card or USB stick into their PC.

        I won’t be using the could unless I am on Wifi because I only get 1GB of data per month on my plan that costs me $67 month (after taxes) with Bell Canada. Transferring a movie I want to watch is not a valid option if I am not at home and who watches movies on their phone at home anyways?

      • The Reverend T

        I call BS too but I’m convinced this has NOTHING to do with increasing cloud service usage.

        It’s much more likely that Google doesn’t want to piss off its partners – it doesn’t want to chop away the higher end of the market where Samsung/HTC/Asus make their margins.

    • stenzor

      Next step: game data (like maps and levels) stored in the cloud?

  • poler166

    Well… they will support the 16 GB version because the 8 will only hold like 3 of those games …

    • rauelius

      Even the 16GB version will be limited. I have a Galaxy Nexus and only about 13GB of usable space is available. I most of those games and play them on my Transformer Prime…because they can actually fit on it. If I wanted to install those games on my GNex I’d have to play a balancing act uninstalling games and other software install the game and pray I could reinstall some of the software I uninstalled to install a game. The 32GB Nexus 10 is the only one with a reasonable amount of storage, I’ll pick that up launch day, but the Nexus 4 is a device with wasted potential due to lack of storage options. Having 8GB of storage with this monsterous hardware is like putting a lawnmower gastank on a Lamborghini…you’ll run out of gas before you can have fun with it..

  • Arthur

    More good news, looks like the Nexus 10 will be the tablet of choice for Android tablet gamers, the two largest game publishers/developers announcing optimized versions for the Nexus 10 is even more reason for people on the fence about getting a Android tablet. It should also give even more incentive for other developers who might gauge their developing desires based on factors such as the amount of top level developers already interested in the platform. Win win for all.

  • Ken Marshall

    Hey Taylor,

    Up top i think you mean “slightly older Nexus 7″ ;)

  • Max.Steel

    What about the Galaxy Nexus and current Nexus 7?? I bought MC3 and still haven’t been able to play it on either device. Pathetic really.

  • yowanvista

    I hope they don’t just scale up their games just like Gameloft did with the majority of their supposedly HD iPad games which aren’t even HD. They should rework their textures with higher resolution imagery instead of doing so.

  • Scott

    Lol @ EA. Does this mean Plants vs Zombies will finally be updated in a proper port and work on the Galaxy Nexus?

  • glennw

    EA sucks. They haven’t even updated Bejeweled to support ICS.

  • Palaver02

    Just by the hair of my chinny chin chin?

  • klcow92

    hope they keep their word and produce great apps!!