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Open beta of Shadowgun: Deadzone now available for more Android devices


Madfinger Games needs your help to make the greatest multiplayer game for Android devices. Earlier this month they released the open beta of Shadowgun: Deadzone for Tegra 3-powered devices, and today they have rolled out a new version that supports a much wider selection of devices.

I played the first beta on my ASUS Transformer Prime with a Logitech wireless gamepad, and it was the most enjoyable gaming experience I have had on Android. I’ve always been a huge fan of multiplayer shooters, and Deadzone felt like I was playing on a console or PC.

The new Open Beta version includes:

  • Four playable characters (Soldier, Mutant, Assassin, Dancer)
  • Two Game Modes (DeathMatch and ZoneControl)
  • Two Maps (Core and Invasion)
  • Introducing Research system (you can use a research to make weapons, items and perks) NEW!
  • Introducing Ranks NEW!
  • Protection for the beginners (players with RANKS 1-3). They are connecting to the isolated servers NEW!
  • You can make money by playing the game NEW!
  • You can now collect experience points (XP) and level up NEW!
  • New Weapons available (Atilla, Agony, Warmoger, etc.) NEW!
  • New Gadgets available (Detector, Jammer, FlashBang) NEW!
  • Player Perks NEW!
  • Equip Enhancements NEW!

Grab the latest beta now and let us know what you think. Madfinger Games says they are “very interested to hear [your] concerns, comments and answer any questions [you] may have. As noted before, the intent of the Open Beta is to polish network code and the basic gameplay experience, as well as to resolve bugs.”


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  • R.S

    Yay! It’s finally available for my phone; Galaxy S II (T989)

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    Been meaning to try this, have to make some space…

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    Let try again

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    “You can make money by playing the game NEW!”


  • SGB101

    Now working with Note2.

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    i like phines and games very much

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    Ohh myy, this is fantastic! F2P is the way to go! Hail Madfinger!