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Are these the final specs for the LG Optimus G Nexus?


We have been on the trail for the next Nexus for the last month, and now some more sources are joining the hunt to help us piece together the big puzzle. Today Paul O’Brien from MoDaCo has shared a list of specs for the LG Nexus that we have been reporting on the last couple of days. Check out the full list of specs after the break.

Rumored specs of the LG Nexus include:

  • The device is based on the Optimus G but doesn’t look the same
  • Updated Android release (currently 4.2)
  • Quad Core Snapdragon S4 processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1280×768 True-HD IPS screen
  • On screen soft keys (of course)
  • 8 Megapixel Camera
  • No microSD slot
  • 8GB and 16GB versions only (at least initially)
  • Non-removable battery
  • Wireless charging built in
  • The retail name of the device is yet to be decided

Most of these specs match up with what we previously reported and the details from yesterday’s LG Optimus G Nexus hands-on report. New details include the lack of microSD card (expected for a Nexus), non-removable battery, and wireless charging built in.

We were told the final product name might be “LG Optimus G Nexus”, but that doesn’t really roll off the tongue. Paul says that the retail name has yet to be decided, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this device gets a new name by the time it launches next month.

Paul is a friend of mine, so I trust that the details he has reported are accurate. I find it interesting that he says he doesn’t know if this will be the only Nexus device, because we too have yet to get solid details on anything but this LG Nexus. We were already told that the LG Nexus is the device being handed out to Googlers, and we believe it will be the first phone to go on sale with Android 4.2.

Look for additional details to leak in the coming weeks.

Source: MoDaCo

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  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    It sounds like this device could actually feature a 5-inch display like we reported last week. If they do away with the space for the physical buttons and extend the display, then it would fit in about the same sized chassis.

    • Nate B.

      That edge to edge is what we need

      • Zeratoda1

        hmmmm the “LG OPTIMAL NEXUS”? that sounds pretty good

      • vforvortex

        So LG Nexus will get an S4 chip, and won’t be getting the S4 Pro chip like the Optimus G? They need to sell 16gb, 32gb versions. 8gb is too small as was witnessed in the Nexus 7.

        Lg Optimus G has some cool new features that i liked. I saw the video online where they showed off the Qslide feature for multi tasking, and the quick memo was really neat too. Guess we will be seeing this in the “customization center” in the nexus device.

        • heat361

          I just remembered that Qualcomm released 2 versions of the quad core s4 maybe Google might use the cheaper one on the 8gb model and keep the price low http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snapdragon_(system_on_chip)#section_5

          • Nexus2012

            The s4 prime is cheaper, but lacks any connectivity so no 3G, 4g or wifi. They have two pro chips and they are nearly the same.

    • co.ag.2005

      sounds good to me! let it be.

      • Hom0ncruse

        final nail in the coffin for LG

      • Richard Yarrell

        Gotta say without question the GALAXY NOTE 2 pimp slaps this silly. I hope there will be other options from a Nexus standpoint. Today NOTHING beats the current GALAXY S3 or upcoming GALAXY NOTE 2. I currently have 80gb of storage on my S3 and will be removing that SDcard to my Galaxy Note 2 on day one of launch. Nothing beats available space on your device with options another 50gb to dropbox. Samsung alone IS ANDROID at this point and time no other device coming out in the next 180days will be better than the Galaxy Note 2.

        • Orion78

          No, without question you’re the biggest idiot in the world. Once again you show your insecurities every time a new phone comes out. You can’t afford to get the Note 2 anyway…..so buzz off.

        • squiddy20

          “Samsung alone IS ANDROID at this point and time” How much more wrong could you be? Without Android, Samsung wouldn’t be where it is right now in the smartphone market. Hell without Android, you wouldn’t have a “pimp slapping” Galaxy SIII or Note 2. Android is wayyyyy more than just Samsung you stupid moron. Learn it.
          “no other device coming out in the next 180days will be better than the Galaxy Note 2″
          Please. You said the same exact thing of the Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Nexus, Evo 3D, and Evo 4G when they all came out, and there was always a better phone right around the corner. Heck, you said the Evo 3D would be “Sprint’s flagship device well into 2012″ and it was discontinued not even 2 months into the year. You really have no clue what you’re talking about.

        • Ardrid

          You know, I’ve often wondered why so many ppl give you grief whenever you post. Now I know why: you’re an idiot who switches tunes every chance you get.

        • lilmoe

          Dude, you’re flooding all the blogs on the interwebs with your silly Samsung fanboyism. I like my SGS3 a LOT, but the way you’re going about it is just ridiculous, and silly…..

        • Tim

          LMFAO, “no other device coming out in the next 180days will be better than the Galaxy Note 2″? Try googling HTC One X+.

    • heat361

      Most likely it would be 5 inch because of the software keys which would make it about 4.7 inches in available screen. The only thing I don’t get is the 8gb unless their trying to keep the price low

      • heat361

        Actually according to Paul it will remain at 4.7in

    • SuperAndroidEvo

      8 & 16GB doesn’t cut it. Last years GNex had 32GB. If you are not going to put a MicroSD card slot on a phone these days then you need to offer at LEAST 32GB.

      I love the Nexus name & brand but a 16GB Nexus would be a joke & a 8GB would be even funnier.

      I agree with you about the 5″ screen. Nexus 5 anyone?

      • heeros

        I agree that these days you need at least 32GB if you don’t supply a microSD slot. I’m really itching to buy a Nexus device, I really want to! But they keep not including a microSD slot, and now they took it even further by not even including a user replaceable battery.

        I understand that google is a company focused on cloud services, but I think it’s stupid to leave away a microSD slot just because of that.

        about the 5″ screen, Is that rumor about a nexus device based on the 5″ 1080p HTC phone still a possibility?

        • SuperAndroidEvo

          I have a strong feeling there WILL be multiple Nexi. Yeah I like that term. lol Plus there will also be a Nexus 5 to go along with the Nexus 7 & there might even be something totally unexpected. How about a Nexus 10 in the future?

          I really could see either LG or HTC with a Nexus 5. To me LG’s specs are second to none but only if it has 32GB if it will not include a microSD card slot. With out it & only 16GBs that will not cut it.

          • M0nk

            Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 5 Pro, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. There you have the 5 new versions.

            The current Galaxy Nexus could go to $299 unlocked as a cheap, but still good alternative. The same for the current Nexus 7 8GB going $99 with lower specs (One can dream)

      • M0nk

        32GB or a microSD slot. Current games take up to 2GB each, HD camera included with the phone use 100MB/Minute in 720P. Nandroids take 2.5GB each. Titanium Backups… 8GB with no SD slot is ridicule.

        • RX-78-7

          SD card wouldn’t do you too much good since most apps are transferred to the usb storage, not the sd card itself. From the 100+ apps I’ve bought only a handful transfer part of the data to the sd card.

          I much rather have a phone with 32/64GB of on board storage and not sd card slot, but that’s my preference.

      • ToxMarz

        Googles Gnex has 16 Gb. Maybe Verizon/Sprint had more?

    • NeoJesus

      what product manager said, “guys, we need to make an 8gb model! The public will buy it!”?

      his office should be relocated to a closet in the parking garage.

      • veracu

        so yesterday i expressed how i didn’t understand why anyone would want a 3g device, referencing the 3g nexus 7. a guest from Vietnam by the name foggyflute said he did and that he pays $2 for 3g capped data. he said it would help him to keep from draining his phone which he uses just for calls and sms. so it hit me that google must know they have a global market. now maybe for some this is obvious but many times i get locked in on a narrow field of vision. so as a consumer maybe i just have the tendency to think that i am in a targeted demographic when new tech is released for a different kind of user…

        now 8gb would never meet my needs. before my toro i had two htc phones and i used a class 10 64gb sdxc on top of 32gb on board storage and loved it. how 8gb could meet anyone’s needs is almost unbelievable to me. i’ve heard people express that google wants to focus its users on cloud based storage, but i don’t come close to filling 35gb on dropbox but my retina mbp’s 128 gb is nearly full, my toro’s 32 gb is full, and my sdxc’s 64gb is full. so thats what, 244gb i have fully used across 3 devices.

        maybe old habits just die hard. but without an lte variant for verizon (on whom i would never rely on for updates) and without a solid 86gb cloud storage account i don’t see how google has targeted me and anyone else in my boat with an 8gb or 16gb option… and then we’re talking about a serious battery to get me through the afternoon because i use my device as a mobile downloading device averaging 60gb a month.

        it’ll suit my mom, or one of my sisters, maybe even my dad. but they don’t care about the nexus line. so yea, i know this is long winded but i agree.

  • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

    8GB or 16GB? Are they high?

    • iamXiV92a

      If it’s 8GB, give me what they’re tokin on…

    • J3R3MY_H

      32GB is the sweet spot. I wish I had 32GB on my Nexus7 and I won’t buy another device with less than.

      • Illrigger

        I can live with 16GB (I actually am, on my HOXL), but 8GB? That’s what my OG Droid had 3 years ago.

        • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

          I can’t. On my galaxy nexus I delete things frequently just to get rid of the insufficient space notification.

        • M0nk

          The droid was better, because it was expandable to 32GB changing the microSD card

    • Nate B.

      Ha-ha. 8GB is silly but 16GB is enough for me. I just keep pictures on my phone. A few apps.

    • RX-78-7

      8/16GB!?… what a joke. Why not keep the 32GB of the Optimus G. I’m not bothering with a phone with less than 32GB of on board memory. Let’s see what HTC and Sammy have up their sleeves, otherwise I’m going for the Optimus G.

    • jamal adam

      It’s a Nexus, it’s supposed to be at the pinnacle of Android smartphones and 8GB for a Nexus device is unacceptable and out of the question.

      • kennyidaho

        It’s a developers device, not the pinnacle. Application developers using a phone as a test platform don’t need to have 64+ gigabytes of data.

  • dfromMTC

    No indication of LTE huh?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Doubt it. Unlocked version should be 4G HSPA+.

      • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

        I don’t see how they can sell a phone without LTE in 2012. Even Apple did it. That’s bonkers.

        The reason why the Nexus didn’t have world LTE last year was because the radio chipset didn’t support that many bands. The WTR1605L supposed 7 bands, which should be enough to cover most of the world’s LTE bands. Just don’t expect this phone to end up on Sprint or Verizon without their approval. CDMA carriers can go suck it.

  • ranova

    wow, if those are the final specs, thats a DOWNGRADE to a lot of phones out right now, sans the updated Android OS.

    Quad core would be nice, but not necessary
    extra 48 pixels? ehhh
    No microSD with low storage space?
    No removeable battery?

    From the SGS3, this is a DOWNGRADE…

    • iamXiV92a

      16GB should be a base (i.e. lowest storage offered)
      32GB would be ideal (for me)
      64GB…? Well now the price jumps from a reasonable [speculated] $350 to something that could be outrageous.

      No SD expansion keeps the price down (1), plus you don’t run into issues like: 16GB on board with 2GB [insert whatever number here] for apps (2) — You, in essence, would have the ENTIRE 16GB (or 32GB) to load with as many versions of Angry Birds as you wanted, not to mention pictures, movies, YouTube downloads, etc…

      I have issue #2 with my Skyrocket (16GB + 32GB SD card), but not with my Nexus – I’m good with no expandable SD.

      • Ken Marshall

        It is never in hell coming out at $350 Brand new and off contract with those specs!!!!!

        • iamXiV92a

          That’s true…

      • acey_zero

        1) SD slots are super cheap, adding one would cost way less than increasing internal memory by a single gigabyte
        2) Older devices (whether they had an SD slot or not) used to have to have to have separate partitions for app storage vs media storage, but this is no longer the case. All of your internal memory (minus some for the system) should be accessible for apps or media storage regardless of whether the device has an SD slot or not.

      • MyMilan

        For those that don’t want to use a SD card then simply don’t use one, but don’t punish those of us who truly DO want one.

        In this day and age a SD card slot should be a basic feature. Not having one is an epic fail (one of many for this phone).

        • Mix

          I wholeheartedly agree with you.

          If this phone is released and the highest option is only 16gb with no SD card……I would have to pass on this phone unless it to be offered at a deal, which I doubt it will be with those specs.

        • JS

          Well, seems not likely all the phone without a SD card slot were failed, at least Apple are not. But thats true 8G storage for a smartphone is ridicul.. I’m fine with 16g but 32g is ideal.

    • Tom Peterson

      I’m a lot more interested in the next gen GPU from that “S4 Pro” that supports OpenGL ES 3.0 and OpenCL. The problem is these specs only mention “quad core S4″. I hope that’s just an omission, and it does in fact come with the Adreno 320 GPU.

  • oddball

    Sound like nice specs but I will never buy another LG device. Their build quality on my last device was so bad I couldn’t even get it to stay on much less use it as a communication device. After 21 replacements Verizon told me that “Lg issued a memo today saying they made a mistake on the battery latch which causes a problem exactly like yours” Lg then refused to give me a new phone because it had been more than 30 days since I got the original phone. I went with a Samsung and never looked back

    • co.ag.2005

      this is what I’m scared of after that G2x (right model number?) debacle.

    • uzunoff

      Well, when Samsung released their first Android phone ‘prism’ and their second ‘Galaxy’ there were problems. especially with the GPS. But they have came a long way since then.

      lets hope that LG learned their lesson with the G2X and Optimus and now they really got their act together.

      Besides I am really hoping that Google will be extensively testing this phone so I will be open to getting one of these.

      Providing that Sony, HTC or Asus don’t release a better Nexus.

      I miss my Nexus One and I am ready for another HTC Nexus.

      • co.ag.2005

        good point regarding the original galaxy series… man those GPS issues.

  • theDL

    Non-removable battery bugs me. As does the storage space.

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      I can get buy with the non-removable storage. I get it. I want it, but I get it.

      HOWEVER, that non-removable battery is a 95% deal-breaker for me. I need to know more about this wireless charging system. If it requires sitting on a pad to charge, then I can’t handle that. I need the ability to use it in my hand for hours while it either charges or external batteries charge. Plain and simple.

      • Vance

        I’ve said it before, but… IMO – if it helps manufacturers slim down their phones and/or reduce the cost of making a device I have no problem with a non-removable battery. There are other (and, I think, better) solutions for “mobile juice”, besides carrying around a spare battery. I carry a 1900 mAH battery with built in micro USB cable and it’s no bigger than a spare battery would be, the benefit is, when I’m low on juice, I just plug that in and toss my phone back in my bag. I don’t have to shut down my phone, swap batteries, and reboot every time I need a power pick me-up. My colleague purchased a case for his phone with a built in 2000 mAH battery. It makes his GSII bulkier, but for him the trade-off is worth it (ah the beauty of consumer choice). There is no question this is a total paradigm shift in mobile hardware, and I imagine that’s for good reason. These mobile phone manufacturers are more in tune with the needs and wants of their end users than just about any other business to consumer manufacturing industry there is. Of course I prefer BIGGER non-removable batteries, but I certainly don’t need to pop it out to be happy with it. …. let the down voting commence….. NOW

        • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

          As you said, “ahh, the beauty of consumer choice”!

          Your external charging solution is a poor solution for me. Mighy be great for you and perhaps most people, but not me. I have my phone in my pocket. I don’t want a bulky thing (even the size of a spare battery) dangling off of my phone in my pocket nor do I want to worry about the damage to my USB port while it’s in there or while I pull my phone out of my pocket. Additionally, even if it’s “just-a-bit-larger” than a stock battery, that won’t work for me. I keep my spare battery in that little pocket above your primary pocket on the right side of your jeans. My spare batteries barely fit in there. I can’t imagine something with a cord fitting in there. Lastly, when I REALLY need the extra juice it’s because I’m using my phone a lot. Just like in my pocket, I don’t want a power brick hanging off of my phone while I’m using it. The only times I wouldn’t mind if I have an external power brick hanging off of my phone is when I’m sitting down at my desk at home or work. But I clearly have traditional charging solutions in those two places.

          And yes, I’ve tried the sleek/slim external charger thing. It simply didn’t work well at all for me.

  • YMS123

    Is it illegal for a Nexus to have a SD slot? The current games from gameloft are over a gig, HD movies take up space, the cloud can’t do everything, especially without unlimited data. I really hope we get a Nexus with a SD slot in the future

    • iamXiV92a

      I’m ok with it not happening, long as Google releases a 32GB GSM version (LTE or not)

  • bytewise

    Meh. Looks like have to wait another year for the next Nexus, that is if there is no other Nexus this year.

  • Darkseider

    8 or 16 gig? Come on really? 16 or 32 is more like it. I also remember reading in one of the rumor mills that 32 or 64 gig was to be a set standard on any of the devices going through the Nexus Certification steps.

  • the juiceman

    price??? this is what i am most concerned about vs the lumia 920

  • ottomango

    well ive never been a fan of LG and actually i think they are the worst of smartphones OEMs ,but as part of the Nexus program that could be diffrent and these specs are awesome and of course LTE is on board of S4 pro guys so lets wait to the end of the month to see whats coming ,i hope and i know its gonna be awesome

  • MoSDeeb

    Although storage is low, the specs sound amazing. Although i would prefer a device that doesn’t resemble the Galaxy Nexus. I would much prefer a flat square form factor such as the LG G device.

    • RX-78-7

      I’m on the same boat, I really like the look of the Optimus G.

      • lilmoe

        Get an Optimus G then. Internal hardware should be similar/identical similar to that of the next Nexus, so porting AOSP should be relatively fast and easy, probably a month’s wait. Just pray rooting the device is also easy.

  • Robert Henderson

    Hate on screen buttons, hate non removable battery, hate no sd card (I’ve got gs3 32GB and a 64gb class 10 card). Guess I’ll never buy a nexus device.

    • guillermo

      My complaints exactly. But I won’t say never.

  • seven2k

    I just want to give you A&Me i big shout out. You guys have been at the forefront of the next Nexus rumors GOOD JOB!!! I cant wait.

  • Nate B.


  • kwills88

    Like I’ve said before, they really need to kill off 8GB of storage, you can’t even store 5 hi end games on a phone with that much space some games chew up a good 2gb, and lets not even get started on actually having real HD movies on your phone to take advantage of the screen res. it’s pretty annoying to have to figure out which app you wanna uninstall just so you can download another because you didn’t have enough space to keep them all. if they’re going with no SD slots then make 32 the minimum, but truth is, Google is kinda forcing people to use the cloud which is why they do this..and unless Google is providing everyone with Google fiber, using the cloud isn’t really practical at this point.

    But at the end of the day, the Nexus isn’t a spec driven device, it’s all about the software..but who knows what the other phones will be like if the Nexus 5 rumors do hold up.

  • whosaidwhat

    LOL…you guys need to take a chill pill. Why are you all getting worked up on rumors? Even if these rumors turn out to be true, it’s just a phone get the one that works for you. This is Android we are talking about. Another OEM will surely have what you need.

    I personally think there will be a 32GB version as well. Maybe not on release day but it will come. It could all be a marketing plan to make the next super phone start at $349 (and $449 for the 16GB). Try finding another unsubsidized phone with the rumors specs for under $600, then complain. After all, isn’t that what they did with the Nexus 7 and people loved it? As far as I know, a 32GB version of the Nexus 7 is right around the corner.

    Bottom line, we all need to chill and wait for the official announcement. No need to get upset now then get upset again when the actual announcement is made but that’s just me.

    • Hinds2009

      I agree with you. Let’s get official specs then start complaining after lol. I’m just glad we have some rumours which shows that something nexus is coming. Hopefully more nexus than one:)

  • Chad

    I really hope the 8 gb is not true! i mean it’s ridiculous , 16 gb should be minimum nowadays! wake up google!

  • Brandonb

    Good lord — could they please just opt for a premium device, for ONCE? Get the 13mp camera, make 32GB the standard. Not that difficult, you’d think.

  • Meister_Li

    … I honestly don’t see the point in this. Might as well just get the LG Optimus G Variant that has all the things this is lacking. (Mainly storage)

  • triangle

    They should really call it the Nexus G.

    • uzunoff

      I agree,
      I vote for the LG Nexus G

      Keep it short Google

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      At the very least, don’t call it the Optimus G Nexus. That’ll just get confusing since everyone refers to the Galaxy nexus as the GNex. It’ll be a close enough similarity with GNex vs. Nexus G.

  • Vance

    I’d call it the LG Nexus Optimus… But I’m gonna wait for HTC to announce a nexus device before I consider switching out my One S, so who cares what I think?

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Awesome specs. Seriously Google, 8 and 16gb? -_- this was the gnexus biggest complaint. I’ll still buy it though, but hopefully a 32gb is coming out soon. It should be out from the starting.

  • herbivore83

    Expandable storage is no big deal. Constant wi-fi or HSPA+ access pretty much negates much need for space. And if I’m going somewhere coverage will be low? I regularly have about 3-5 GB free so that could easily be filled with whatever I need in that time.

    Removable battery is, again, no big deal. A built-in battery increases battery life and functions are typically built in to disconnect power if a “battery pull” is needed. But I usually have access to power if I need it.

    The real problem here is the name. I really hope the rumor that they are still settling on a name is true. I hope they don’t go with LG Optimus G Nexus G.

    • MyMilan

      Not sure what kool aid you’re drinking but built-in batteries do NOT increase battery life. They are not magical, just inaccessible.

      One of many deal breakers for this phone.

  • heat361

    I don’t see how they expect you to purchase apps from the play store with limited storage. I understand the no SD card but come on give at least 16gb at entry price and 32gb at a slightly higher price

  • scott


    • herbivore83

      Google Play, most likely. But why are you shouting?

      • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

        Some peoPLE JUST have a difFICULTY CONTROlling the volume of THEIR VOICE!

  • nivekkev

    For me, I have learned that 16GB of storage with no SD slot is not enough so if these specs pan out, I will have to check out something else. still hoping to be able to land a NEXUS device as I am tired of the Carrier Skins, Bloat and delayed or no updates, especially since I do not root. So, just trying to be patient till there is some good news for me, otherwise I may have to fall back to the Note 2 as a last resort for me.

  • n25philly

    another Nexus phone they couldn’t pay me to take, great

  • guillermo

    I really hate the soft keys. What a waste of screen real estate.

    • herbivore83

      Um… what?! You mean, “What a great way to make the screen bigger for video and gaming without having to enlarge the device,” right?

  • MyMilan

    The specs listed for this phone remind me of putting lipstick on a pig. Basic features like no microSD slot, and a NON-removable battery – those are the two things that are deal breakers for this phone. Even the $40.00 Tracphone LG 800G included those things, so it looks like LG is going backwards. And then the frosting on the cake is that it only has 8GB and 16GB versions. What a BIG disappointment! Sounds to me like LG’s competitors are designing this phone. Should at least be 16GB for the base model with a 32GB (or higher) option.

    Sorry but this phone does not meet the specifications of a true Nexus phone in my book, and my money will PASS on this phone. If this is what the final version of the phone has feature wise, then it will be an epic fail and not worthy of the ‘Nexus’ nameplate.

    • RX-78-7

      A true nexus you say, theres only been one nexus device with sd card slot, so to say that makes it any less of a nexus is wrong.

      Why do we always blame the manufacturer, There could be many reasons as to why this rumored device might not go toe to toe with their hero device. Maybe google opted for less memory, and lower res camera in an attempt to keep the price down(wouldn’t be surprised, look at the nexus 7).

      Could be that they’re trying to push cloud, which would be a silly way of doing it, seeing as competitors are offering the 32/64GB and they can still use the cloud.Heck maybe LG doesn’t want this device casting a shadow on the device that more than likely will give them the most profits(optimus g).

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      I remember when a trackball and LED notification light were “must haves” on a Nexus device. Hell, I was in that camp. How times change.

  • jamboree1111

    Thank gawd …not for he gave Me second kidney but he gave me android

  • Joe Mamma

    I just have a hard time buying an LG. My G2X was the worst phone I’ve ever owned, and while I chalk my poor experience up to buying a non-nexus device against my better judgement, I wildly hope HTC puts out a nexus based on the one x +. I’m just iffy on all things LG after getting burned.

  • redraider133

    I just can’t see why they would have an 8gb model with no sd card. I know the nexus does not usually have sd cards but 8gb? That will be gone in no time plus it isn’t that much more expensive for 16/32gb of storage especially with the rate they would buy it.

    • Mix

      I am saddened by the news of 8gb and 16gb as well.

      I have been waiting for a 7″ tablet like the Nexus 7 with more than 16gb of storage as that shit fills up fast if you play games, watch movies and listen to music.

  • yahya lazrak

    as much as i love Nexus devices, i don’t know if i can trust LG again. after my experience with the G2X (which i still own). maybe i should wait and see if HTC will come up with another Nexus.

  • Nathan D.

    I really wanted the 13mp camera but 8mp is good enough. Also I will not buy a 8gb phone with no SD card, I need at least 32gb but if I had no other choice then I’ll settle for 16gb model.

  • Peter

    Im pretty sure this will not be a nexus phone. Nexus should have a microsd slot for sure.

    • Greeny

      Should? For sure?
      The only Nexus that have a SD slot was the really first.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      Google has already stated multiple times that they’ve moved away from SD cards for their Nexus program. It’s for complicated technical reasons having to do with partitioning and filesystems.

  • Ardrid

    If these are the specs, and there’s no compromise in camera performance, consider me sold. The only thing I’m curious about now is the design aesthetic LG desides to go with. The anticipation is killing me at this point. November needs to hurry up and get here!

  • mustybooks

    I want this phone… bu seriously no removable battery and 16gb max?!


    It’s like you’re showing me heaven and then stabbing me in the eyes!

  • heat361
  • Orion78

    Wow non-removable battery? That’s a major fail in my book. Now I just hope that there’s more Nexus devices on the horizon because this LG version is out of the running. Samsung, HTC, and Sony…..let’s go.

    • aranea

      I can live with no sdcard slot though i’d prefer to have one but non-removable battery is a major down turn. How can google not learn from iphone’s mistakes? I hope we hear about the htc or sony nexus phones soon because I’ll probably pass this one due to the battery.

  • Mark

    Wow Quad Core Snapdragon S4 processor , will be lightning fast ! http://techflyover.org

  • OnIn2

    Next Nexus please. To many deal breakers in these specs starting with these 2 letters…LG.

    LG will have to win back my confidence.

  • Sebastian

    Shame…lm a fan of the Nexus program but it sounds like Im gonna have to jump ship this year…I CANT GET ANYTHING DONE WITH 16GB GALAXY NEXUS…I DONT CARE HOW MUCH IT WILL COST GOOGLE SORT IT OUT!!!

  • Raptor

    Guess, LG and Google does not like to pay Microsoft royalties for using its file system on SD cards.

    Of course it’s good to have more storage, but the problem is that all flash cards are shittiest tech ever. I had may be 20-40 of them during last more then a decade and all but 2-3 are dead with the file system not recoverable and flash not reformattable.

    Will be first in line if dumb sheeple moronery (by initial design. Because of they are Christians) finally wakes up and someone will start big fat scandalous lawsuit against all flash crap producers.

  • NT_

    Non-removable battery?!

    I have a saggy diaper that leaks.

  • Mezy

    The storage will be 16 or higher simple as that. You guys think Google will gibe you 8 gigs amd if they do its for a certain fan base. That version will probably be super cheap. 16/32 gigs will definitely be a option. With that said im. Waiting on HTC nexus i know theres is going to be the best looking for sure.

  • Scott

    Please Google do not be stupid and give us 32gb. Plus a MAXX size battery or a removable!

  • AlternNocturn

    8/16GB and no Micro SD slot killed it for me. Those specs are perfect for the Nexus 7, but for a phone, a device which you will carry with you everywhere and download countless files and take countless photos, it’s terrible.

  • creediddy

    It would be wise for Google to launch the Nexus brand to all major manufacturer’s:

    Samsung Nexus
    LG Nexus
    Motorola Nexus
    HTC Nexus

    This will help improve more adaption to the most updated OS. Also this gives a fair share to all manufacturer’s to carry the Nexus branding. Also all specs should be the same on each device from the processing speed, RAM, and screen resolution. There is redundancy with this proposition, but can eliminate the fragmentation that exists on Android. Imagine 10-20% adaption of Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie upon launch of the OS. That would be downright amazing.

  • Noel

    Why just 8GB and 16GB initially…why not just make a 32/64GB from the get go.if it will not have an SD card slot. OR make it 16/32GB int storage with an SD card slot of 64GB. Cloud storage with its draw backs such as security, more data usage and the added cost involved and Network or strong signal availability in some areas is not for everyone. Lets just hope there is a HTC Nexus device with 64GB int storage or 32GB int. storage plus SD card expansion.

  • Cody Lamson

    i think the specs sound very nice, but i am not thrilled with the design, or the fact that its made by LG if it’s really gonna be. It’s gonna have to be quite impressive to get me away from the iPhone 5.