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ASUS confirms Nexus 7 sales hover just under 1 million units per month


While Google has always been willing to release vague numbers regarding Android tablet activations, they have been silent about how popular the Nexus 7 truly is. Fortunately, Asustek’s CFO David Chang let slip that sales of the Nexus 7 have nearly doubled since launch and are now averaging just below 1 million units per month. It’s hard to say how sales of the Nexus 7 will fare with strong competition from Amazon, but we doubt the launch of the iPad Mini (priced at $130 more than the Nexus 7) will play a factor in the success of Google’s tablet.

Do you think Google and ASUS will be able to maintain the sales momentum of the Nexus 7?

Via: Engadget

Source: WSJ

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  • uknowme

    That’s just awesome! Planning on getting the 32 gig version very soon.

    • iSheep

      That roughly puts the sales at 0.5 + 0.6+ 0.6 + 0.9 = 2.5-2.6 million. Not bad.

  • anon

    1 million per month… i wish it was per week instead of month… go Nexus!

  • Ben

    Now that Walmart (and other retailers) will be carrying the Nexus 7, the holidays are just around the corner, and with the new price point ($250 for 32GB), expect this number to leap.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for ASUS

  • RX-78-7

    So glad to see Nexus take off, I’m sure google will try to market the nexus brand moving forward. :)

  • Hinds2009

    Great tablet and with options of high storage and 3g it will be a great seller!

  • Nate B.

    Awesome. I’m excited for Google and ASUS for their success.

  • Dezzy

    Just ordered my 32gb N7 a few minutes ago.

  • jadon

    People who just paid $200 for an 8gb tablet have to be stink in mad right now

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Why? Everything gets cheaper over time and the fact that Google and Asus are selling this many means they can save money on larger bulk orders of components.

    • chris cartet

      I got the 8GB and I’m not angry. I got to try it out and know how much storage I needed. I’m selling this one and getting the 32gb 3G one next.

    • TuhGrr

      That’s kind of a silly thing to get upset about. At the time, they must have felt that $200 for an 8 GB tablet was a fair deal, otherwise they wouldn’t have purchased one. C’est la vie.

  • androidforlife

    Amazing product for an amazing price :)

  • jamal adam

    When you make a great product at such an affordable price, it’s hard to beat. I definitely see this trend continuing for Google and ASUS.

  • alexanderharri3

    The sales stats reflect how people love cheaper tablets with power that are the full Android experience. With the new storage sizes, this will be a great holiday!

  • rr2009

    With the new storage size and cellular option, I’m sure sells will go up.

  • Ardrid

    Very nice sales numbers. Proves that an Android tablet can sell if done right. Keep up the good work, Google! Now lets see what the Nexus 10 can do!

    • Ardrid

      Must’ve upset some more trolls. Poor babies. I’m sure your iPad Mini will do just fine…even if it is a shell of a Nexus 7.

  • sbala

    Sure 32GB 3G Nexus 7 is going to make a giant sweep across the globe.

  • h0ruza

    Am I the only one expecting apple to try some crazy shit.

    Like having a mate with a crazy girlfriend who will burn the house down to be the centre of attention.

  • freddiefan

    Short answer : yep, indeed.

  • klcow92

    this pretty much beats the ipad mini in so many ways