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AT&T announces Sony XPERIA TL launch date, price


The XPERIA TL is the latest flagship Android phone from Sony. We’ve know for a while that the device was destined to show up on AT&T’s network this fall, and now we’ve finally received official launch details from the carrier. The Sony XPERIA TL will be available online and in AT&T stores starting on November 2 for $99.99 with a two-year contract. AT&T has not announced the subsidized price of the XPERIA TL, but we can assume it will be somewhere between $400 and $500.

Specs on the Sony XPERIA TL include a 4.55-inch 1280×720 display, 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, microSD card slot, 13 megapixel rear camera with 1080p video capture, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, NFC, LTE, WiFi a/b/g/n and a 1850 mAh battery. Unfortunately, the impressive specs are used to run Android 4.0.4, but we suspect the XPERIA TL will be one of the first Sony devices upgraded to Android 4.1.

Check out AT&T’s Mobile Minute video below for a 60-second overview of the Sony XPERIA TL. It finally feels like Sony’s hardware is on par with its competition, but we feel they may be a little too late to the party.

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  • redraider133

    This seems like a really nice phone for the price. I know many won’t look into it but it is pretty up to date spec wise. Now if it had JB. Wish sony would bring some devices like this to verizon

  • James W.

    Despite only having ICS, I’m still interested in getting this phone unlocked if the Nexus 4 really only has 8gb of memory. Can’t wait to find out on Monday.

  • co.ag.2005

    This might be nice for my wife who doesn’t like screens bigger than ~4.5″.. my HTC One X is a little to big for her tastes (as is the SGSIII).

    Good looking phone, Sony!

  • ionorov

    The placement of the volume and power buttons are a bit weird… I’m guessing a lot of accidental presses depending on how rigid they are.

    But that’s one gorgeous phone though.

  • veracu

    Don’t have any experience with Sony’s build quality but specs look like an early 2012 release. Maybe a good mid-range device. Fingers crossed for a Sony Nexus. :)

  • Droid Sam

    The only thing I don’t like about the new AT&T phones is their logo. The globe on its own looks hideous.

  • kazahani

    This is a real shame. I’ve been waiting for a Sony device on AT&T so that I could switch to them from Verizon, but I can’t go back to ICS now. I use Google Now every single day for all sorts of things. The ability to get my phone out of my pocket, launch Google now from the lock screen, and say “Google, remind me at 8pm to do this or that or the other thing.” is indispensable to me and has become a daily tool. I sell wireless phones at my job, and my favorite thing to do is take my phone out and launch into Google Now and say “Google, how tall is Kareem Abdul-Jabaar?”, and presto-magico, two seconds later a pleasantly non-computer sounding voice answers “Kareem Abdul-Jabaar is 7 feet 4 inches tall.” I then say “Wow. That’s a tall man.”

    Then they buy a phone from me.

    Wait, what was I talking about?

  • Gaurav pawar

    Nice speciality

  • Droidberg

    this guy looks pretty awesome.. i have been waiting all my life (like a decade or so since the very first ericcson devices arrived) to own a sony phone.. the specs are awesome and DEFINITELY perfect to run JB on .. my Gnex runs silky smooth on JB with an old school TI dual core proccessor .. so i might dig into this but FIRST things first.. Monday.. then i wil decide what phone i will be getting :)-

  • Tomsjuxtaposition

    That seems to be a picture of the Xperia T not the TL. The back of the TL isn’t smooth like that, it’s broken up by some odd looking seams.

  • Simon Holland Flarup

    Is it just me or does the camera look a little like HTC One X’s?

  • http://muddypa.ws/blog nportelli

    I like this phone, why does AT&T get all the goodies first? And can we have screen sizes come back down in size? I have the EVO and it’s 4.3 is big enough.

  • SGB101

    anyone used a sony phone of late, ive not since i got give one of the first experias, (just after the launch of the nexus one) the skin was horrific, and crippled the device, iirs 1ghz jobbie.

    i love the looks, and could live with dual core, it seems to tick all the boxes and is smaller than my one x, which i like the sound of.

    ive almost 100% decided im not going for the nexus, not after living with the battery in the X for 6 months. i really need access to swap if needed. also anything under 32gb (25gb) is a no no, if no sd slot.

  • Paul

    We’ve had this unit in house for about a month now, given to us by AT&T for software compatibility testing, and I use it off and on for testing software. It’s nice. You get used to the button placement. I was dismayed at Dual Core until I read about how good the S4 is. The AT&T GSIII has the same CPU. But I hope they fixed the firmware bug I ran into. When the battery drained completely, when you plug it in, it tries to turn the screen on instantly but there’s not enough power to do so, etc. what you end up with is a phone that won’t charge. We had to take the thing apart and charge the battery directly and then it’s good. So when this thing gets to 10% or lower I turn it off completely and plug it in for a few.