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AT&T announces two more exclusives from HTC, One X+ and One VX


Today AT&T announced they would be the exclusive US carriers of the HTC One X+ and HTC One VX, crushing the hopes of T-Mobile customers who were waiting for the device. We spotted the HTC One X+ with T-Mobile branding, but it appears it was cancelled after AT&T made a deal to confine it to their network.

As expected, the HTC One X+ features Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Sense 4+, a faster 1.7 GHz Tegra 3 NVIDIA quad-core processor, 4.7-inch 720p HD screen, increased 64 GB of internal storage, 8 megapixel rear-facing HD camera, and larger 2100 mAh battery. HTC claims the HTC One X+ is up to 67% faster and has up to 50% more talktime than the original One X.

“We are taking the HTC Oneâ„¢ X to a new level with the introduction of the new HTC One  X+,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “Our customers will have super-fast browsing, an even better camera and more immersive entertainment with Beats Audio.”

HTC said the One X+ will also be coming to other countries, including Europe and North Asia from October and South Asia from November 2012.

Also announced was the HTC One VX, an affordable Android phone with a premium experience. The One VX features Android 4.0 (upgrade to Android 4.1 coming soon), HTC Sense 4, 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 (MSM8930), 4.5-inch qHD super LCD2 display (960×540), 8 GB internal storage, 5 megapixel camera, 1810 mAh battery, and support for AT&T’s LTE.

No pricing or availability was announced for either device, but we expect those details will be coming soon.

Via: HTC

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  • Dirge

    What’s that I see flying out the window? Oh, it’s HTC’s promise of quality over quantity. :/

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      It’s just a refresh for the important Q4 holiday cycle. Same device with improved quality.

      • iamXiV92a

        Sounds similar to the rumoured i9260…

    • rics

      What quantity are you talking about? They put out 4 phones this year.. one x, one s, one v and EVO 4G. These just look like a refresh of the one x. As for Windows phones we all knew every OEM was gonna put out one.

      • w00x

        … Desire C, Desire V, Desire X, Desire VT …
        Even more models than last year

        • Kizipotamus

          Don’t forget the new Incredible for Verizon, as well as two different versions of the X (Euro and US).

  • redraider133

    Htc needs to be like Samsung and get this on every carrier and make it exactly the same on each. To bad those on Verizon or other carriers won’t ever get the opportunity to get this phone.

    • Brian

      Rumors are Verizon is getting an even bigger powerhouse from HTC. Rumored the 5″ Droid Incredible X. I don’t know about you, but holding a 5″ DIX to my mouth sounds intimidating ;)

      • thekaz

        Yeah, all these AT&T announcements are making me nervous — c’mon, Verizon, give us some good news!

      • Mark

        Too easy..

        • iamXiV92a


      • vforvortex

        I see what you did there. :)

  • trees247

    Maybe T-mo getting this phone with stock Android…..

    • iamXiV92a

      Um… No. It’s HTC, it’s going to have Sense as this isn’t a nexus device

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    When will HTC understand that if they want massive sales then they need to stop with this exclusive crap…

    • nivekkev

      I totally agree, they making the same mistakes as others did, like Samsung with the first Note. Have to release it to everybody at once to maximize units sold, why limit your sales? Thought when Sammy put their Galaxy line out to everybody and it sold a billion times over, all phone makers saw the light. Guess not… Unless of coarse they have something else planned for the masses that will be better.

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        I think the handset OEMs make exclusive deals because the carrier promises to spend $$$ on marketing the device.

        • kazahani

          Samsung is doing fine marketing the GS3 themselves and selling millions. Ask HTC how many One X’s they sold in the US…

        • nivekkev

          Maybe so but there are still limited to the number of units they can sell being confined to one network. AT&T must really be forking out the cash to make up for those potential sales missed on all of the other networks.

          • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

            AT&T has something like 40% of the market in the US. That means HTC is purposely ignoring 60% of their potential customers. AT&T cannot counter-balance an additional 150% in sales.

            The real reason that HTC (and others) do these exclusives are:
            1) As Taylor mentioned: $$ spent on marketing
            2) A guarantee that a competitor’s handset won’t be tagged as the “flagship model” for a period of time (1-3 months?)
            3) Consider the above two and then this becomes a “safe” proposition. Yeah, you won’t take the entire market by storm but you will take AT&T’s market by storm for a couple months. It’s fairly guaranteed and predictable revenue.

            The problem with this is exactly what we all know. It’s impossible to take the entire industry by storm. And it pisses people off on other carriers. I had so hoped that HTC would have gone universal with the HTC One X but they failed there. They had another chance with the One X+, but again, they failed.

            This really may have been the right decision for HTC. They’re somewhat struggling so a guaranteed revenue stream is a very good thing for them while they figure things out. Passing on exclusives would have been riskier. However, the ignorant me that is a tech enthusiast and analyst thinks that the risk would have paid off. But I could be wrong and they have spent far more time and money than I have analyzing this decision.

          • nivekkev

            I totally get what you are saying, but now with that info, it seems that if HTC is trying to get back on top, that are doing it at AT&T’s exspence, meaning that AT&T will be marketing the HTC brand big time putting it into everyones head, they get devices out the door to circulate so others can see and get that safe income coming in that they in turn use to launch a super phone on all networks with less risk. Or am I assuming too much?

    • jamal adam

      I wholeheartedly agree. There is a reason why Samsung is killing it right now and that’s because they have the Galaxy S III on at least 5 carriers and are marketing it themselves. HTC needs to learn that in order to succeed like Samsung, it is imperative that they bring it to the masses on as many carriers as possible. They make such amazing smartphones and it’s a shame to see them lose out on such great opportunities to expand their user base and brand.

    • marc

      This is only a problem for the US. but outside, what HTC lacks is marketing more than anything.

  • dacatalyst41

    Verizon better come through on this HTC DIx or I will be passed! I prefer the One X and this new refresh to the GS3 personally. I just hope HTC and Verizon do us right and add a BIG battery!

    • kazahani

      I still can’t believe we are really referring to it as the HTC dix…

  • westy

    I hate exclusivity deals. It only hurts the consumer.

  • Orion78

    And HTC wonders why they are losing to Samsung. smh

  • Darkseider

    Screw it. By the time anything that catches my eye comes to T-mobile I will be running a fully supported ICS/JB on my G2X and be happy as hell in doing so. Soon the O2X ICS update will drop and with that the kernel source.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      [citation needed]

      Or was that sarcasm?

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I’m guessing tmobile is getting the htc nexus. It sort of adds up, I mean months ago tmo was rumored to get an HTC phone with stock android. It could be that new rumored HTC nexus, it does add up. T-Mobile rumored to get stock android HTC phone, sharp announces 5″ 1080p display, tmo officially carries the nexus one, and they ditches the note for note2 so its like ditching the Onex+ for the HTC nexus.

  • jamal adam

    HTC is shooting itself in the foot by making this carrier exclusive. I am so disappointed right now.

  • www.phonewbie.com

    “Crushing the hopes of T-Mobile customers”

    That’s cold Taylor…that’s cold.

  • Ricardo

    if i was to get this phone unlocked would it work on t mobiles 4g?

    • JT

      No, T-Mob is on 1700 and ATT is 1900. You might get spotty 3G at best, but mostly Edge, if you live in an urban center of big city.

  • alexanderharri3

    ATT AGAIN?!?!?!?!


    One X for us not on ATT/Sprint? (Evo is basically OneX guts)……

  • Derrick

    Damn. :/

  • Nathan D.

    Why!! Come on, I was looking forward to seeing this phone on t-mobile. Why is att getting these phones? Why isn’t t-mobile getting more flag ship phones, I know they have the GS3 but come on.

  • LilSmurf2009

    That suck!!!! i was really looking foward to this phone being on Tmobile i guess i will just stick with my one s for now. But i got a question so the one x+ its a beef up one x. So my question is now whats the difference exactly between the one x and the one vx ?

  • Raptor

    Tmo…Tmo…: cheaper and cheaper Android phones every year. High end models go somewhere else or come with huge delays. Absurd in purchasing department – remember how hard all laughed when Galaxy Note1 appeared in August and in September Samsung announced Galaxy Note2.? ROTFL

    And this…oh nooooo…the iPhone on Tmo …hahaha….let’s not touch it…it’s just a saga of shame and humiliation for Tmo management. Tmo Germany has iPhone, Tmo UK has iPhone, even Tmo Honduras probably has iPhone… but not Tmo USA.

    • LilSmurf2009

      I agree on the other phones, but when it comes to the iphone Thank You but no Thank You.

  • archboy

    Hasn’t HTC learned anything from Samsung’s model?!? Don’t release one phone on one carrier if you want to sell a lot of phones! Duh!

    I would have loved to get an One X series but again it was only on AT&T and I’m not moving to that Death Star. Come on HTC…and you wonder why you are failing in the market in need of a bail out by the government.

  • Uriel

    Need some advice, I’m up for a new phone. I’ve been using the G1 & G2 since day one but don’t know if I should wait for a solid phone for T-Mobile. I’m not a fan of Samsung OS

  • Richard Yarrell

    It’s actually to bad tmobile folk was looking forward to the Htc One X+. Guess now those folks will be picking up the upcoming Galaxy Note 2. Samsung knows exactly what they are doing that’s why the are android…

    • snowbdr89

      Stfu dick breath

  • Bradleybones

    Irritating that again, ATT will get the upgraded phone and T-Mobile loses out. Sure seems like HTC could put up a better fight against Samsung & Apple if they did what Samsung did with their flagship Galaxy S III.

  • John Patrick

    Hmm… ATT cuts a deal that squeezes out T-Mobile? How is that not engaging in anti-competitive behavior, marketplace manipulation, and plain old consumers getting less choice?
    Just watch ATT slash the specs to 32 or even 16 GB of RAM if T-Mobile can’t compete.
    Because like ATT says: nobody really needs more than 16 GB of RAM…

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

    Do we know yet what bands this will support though? I mean, just because it’s an AT&T exclusive doesn’t mean it won’t support T-Mobile’s current bands. Though I guess that’s a non-issue with T-Mo’s refarming to support all unlocked AT&T devices on their network. Can’t wait for that to complete!

  • Phatcub

    Wow…this article just dashed my hopes and dreams. I was so looking forward to having this on T-mobile network. Even then I was checking to see how they would neuter it, and now you tell me AT&T just chopped it off!!! I cry FOUL!!! Who does T-mo have to sleep with to get a powerhouse HTC device?

  • JT

    This goes to prove why HTC is posting poor handset sales numbers. They decide to lock in their high-end One XPlus to ATT, that already has tons of high end handsets with a smaller pool of clients likely to switch to HTC products, versus T-Mobile, that has less competition from comparable high end handsets and an exponentially larger pool of clients that are more likely to pay to upgrade to a HTC. EPIC FAIL, looks like HTC’s poor market performance is justified after all– another fine example of poor marketing and research analytics. I m not a huge fan of the Samsung interface but I guess I’ll just upgrade all 4 of my HTC Sensations to Samsung Galaxy S3′s and/or Relay’s since Samsung seems to care more for its customers and are more responsive to their needs. Besides, last thing you want to do is buy a phone from a company that may be solvent in a few years due to poor marketing strategies because you may eventually need the product support.

  • imdiane

    I own this beautiful device and I can’t stop wanting to find a reason to use it. It’s super fast and with Android 4.1.2 installed on there the user experience is even more enjoyable.

    Does anyone else feel the same way? :)

  • imdiane

    Does anyone know if and when the One X+ will get the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update?