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Carphone Warehouse leaks pre-order page for Nexus 4, reveals Gesture Typing, 360 camera, Oct. 30 release


In a move that is sure to upset Google, online retailer Carphone Warehouse has leaked a pre-order page for the often-rumored Nexus 4. It feels like we already know everything about this device, but this new product listing includes a few minor details we’ve never seen before. Best of all, the site says the highly anticipated device will be released on October 30.

Confirmed specs include Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 4.7-inch 1280×768 screen and pixel density of 320ppi, 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chip, 8 megapixel camera, NFC, and 8 GB of internal storage. New details include Gesture Typing (a Swype-like keyboard), “amazing 360-degree camera” and Gorilla Glass 2 screen.

A leaked inventory screen posted at The Verge suggests the Nexus 4 will retail for £389.95 (roughly $629) and it will be available in black and white colors. No 16 GB version of the device was spotted, but we still expect Google to offer some larger storage options.

Nothing is final until Google announces it, so don’t be surprised if some details change before launch. Hit up the source link if you want to browse through the listing.

Via: The Verge

Source: Carphone Warehouse

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  • Nicholas Moline

    Jesus, at $629 I hope this is available on AT&T with carrier subsidies.

    • nmoline

      I always forget to login.

    • http://nickedynick.blogspot.com Nickedynick

      Pretty much all consumer tech over here gets launched with a 1:1 £ to $ ratio on prices. It’ll be closed to $400 for you.

      • kinderdm

        If your right, and I hope you are, then this may be my new phone. If it does launch in the $600 range though I guess I will be trying to get a galaxy nexus or sticking with my iphone for another year to save up even more money :( Here’s hoping.

      • Raveesh

        If you’re right, and I hope you are, I’m selling my One X and getting this. Fortunately, being in India, I should get a really good deal on it too.

      • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

        +1, plus other retail vendors sell it for more. Google play will make it cheaper plus having it sold in the US it’d be cheaper than carphone.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for nex…..carphone warehouse!

      • Bpear96

        Can you not come up with something new to say?

    • vforvortex

      The picture is a fake. That picture of the phone with notifications should be an easy five away

      • vforvortex

        Give away

  • Sid

    8 gigs of storage.. seriously?! Inspite of being a huge nexus fan, until the storage is a minimum of 32 gigs count me out. I’d rather wait for the HTC DLX/DNA until then.

    • MikeG

      I’d say less than 16GB count me out.

      I can’t by a phone that holds half of what is on my 2 year old phone and twice the price. If it’s 16GB for $399 I might buy the first week it’s available, after I read the first couple reviews. I might consider 32GB for $449 too, but it would likely be $499 which is too costly for me.

      • acey_zero

        Yeah, I think I would need at least 32GB without an SD slot, but I’m guessing that if/when there is a 32GB version it will increase the cost too much for me :(

      • Dave

        16GB internal storage is good for me, & that’s where as a Nexus Smartphone, it should start at. 8GB is ridiculous, especially if it has no micro sd card slot storage. I would love 16GB’s @ $400, that I could deal with.

    • Ty

      Abso-freekin-lutely. In terms of storage, 32GB is a minimum requirement for me.

      Wanted vanilla Android but I may pick up an S3. Titanium Grey looks nice.

      • iamXiV92a

        For the love of… what do you all have on your phones that warrant 32GB minimum?! Or is this just personal preference??

        • Shaun

          I have my entire music library, about 20GB, on my Galaxy and a few movies and games. I know I don’t necessarily need all of my music, but I love having it available without a data connection. It’s really about freedom. If they put an SD slot, I wouldn’t even care if it was 8GB. But without the slot, I feel very restricted at 8/16.

        • M0nk
          • M0nk

            I will not be able to use…

        • rauelius

          Ok, I’ll tell you what I have on my Galaxy Nexus with it’s pitiful 13.33 GB of available space and absolutely NO music or movies whats so ever on it.

          Sonic 4 ep1, Sonic 4 ep2, Sonic CD, Cordy, Beans Quest, Jazz, Gunman Clyde, Beyond YNTH, Project 83113 Oscura, Megatroid, Jetpack Joyride, Rayman, Whale Trail, Dragon Fly, Canabalt, Smuggle Truck, Radiant Defense, Jelly Defense, Swords and Sorcery, Great Big WarGame….I have a TON of games basically, and those arent the big ones….Dead Space Mass Effect, ShadowRun Dead Trigger, Horn, Chaos Ring.I’ve been tempted to pick up Wild Blood but I just don’t have the space for it…I play most of my games at one time or another. I have most of my games installed on my Prime and G2x(internal/external swap method) and the Galaxy Nexus’ storage really is tight, and it looks like the new Nexus is going to be absolutely pitiful trash in the storage department. With the Galaxy Nexus we lose 3GB of storage due to the OS…considering that the OS is the same between the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4, it should take up the same 3GB. So that leave the Nexus 4 with 5GB of space to install stuff…This is like putting a lawnmower’s gas tank on a Corvette, if only 8GB is available this is going to be the absolute worst Nexus device ever made….Bards Tale will litterally be uninstallable on this device….that game can be absolutely TITANIC (HD download is 2.5GB+, and I’m not fine with ONLY having Bards Tale on my phone).

        • SGB101

          Games! One of mine is over 5gb a good few over 1gb and a few at at least half a gig. Then a few video pod casts.

          My one x always hovers around 20gb full.

          You also hand to remember that 8gb will be more like 4.5 usable, as my one x I’d only 25gb usable 2gb for apps and god knows where the other 5 went.

          • iamXiV92a

            Ah ha! Here is your “problem” with the SD card…

            “as my one x I’d only 25gb usable 2gb for apps ”

            The 2GB for apps is what hampers your device, just as it does my Skyrocket. I agree, 8GB is just… NO. Never. 16GB w/o and SD is doable, I’d personally feel comfortable with 32 though, but it’s not a dealbreaker

        • setspeed

          Music 12.5GB, movies/TV 10GB, CWM backups 5.6GB, Titanium backups 1.5GB, apps/game data 5GB.
          Yes, I could trim some of that down, but not to fit on 8GB or even 16GB. I need a minimum of 32GB from this Nexus.

          • SGB101

            I’m slowly giving up on the idea and seriously thinking of grabbing a note :@( yet also :@).

    • President “We need more submarines in Afghanistan” Romney

      Poor, poor, poor.
      iPhone 5 has 64 gigs.
      Apple technology is more sophisticated.

      • SGB101

        64gb that is so 1997 my htpc has 4Tb. That iPhone sucks!

      • iamtpb

        Apple Technology ?? which technology ? apple aint got no technology !!
        Nexus 4 is the fastest phone on earth now

  • iamXiV92a

    And they still have the bad AOKP screenshot… :-/

  • Gsizzle

    Man the storage is a killer but I have faith in Google to surprise us come 29th with atleast the option of 16 & 32 gig.

    No way in hell 8 gig model is that much money. Definitely a Price error.

    No matter what, this is my next phone.

    • shadhussain

      this whole debate on storage is getting a bit dull. android’s power is in its move away from the one-size-fits-all philosophy. and the nexus line of devices were built primarily to show off the the latest android software experience as google intends it to be. this includes an obvious shift to a more cloud-centric approach with synced data across ALL your android devices. the cloud approach works very well for some, not for most (yet).

      google is still likely to provide multiple storage options. but if the rumors are true, a $400 unlocked, power horse nexus phone designed for cloud usage with 8 gb on-board, isn’t a bad thing. and it definitely isn’t a backward low-value move as some are suggesting. if on-board storage is a deal-breaker for you, then maybe a nexus phone isn’t for you. maybe a $600+ unlocked & rooted samsung sgsIII will provide you with stock experience you so desire. and that’s fine … google wouldn’t wouldn’t want to run their OEM partners out of business.

      • Max.Steel

        1) Data isn’t available everywhere.
        2) Days isn’t always fast.
        3) Server outage leads to temporary loss of data if not permanently.

        And much more.

        • shadhussain

          i don’t disagree with you. those are all very common and very valid complaints against cloud adoption in the present day but it shouldn’t stop innovation and a push towards lesser reliance on on-board storage. if any phone can justify less storage, it is a nexus with the latest stock android. these are the innovative moves that have actually made android stand-out from the competition and drive down prices.

          i recognize that a lot of folks can’t live without a min 32 gb, which includes my own wife. and like i said, that’s fine. she won’t be getting ANY phone without expandable storage. 16 gb is also too puny for anyone with a large music library. luckily, she has many high-end options.

          i’d rather pay less for a cutting-edge phone with 8 gb for app storage and use the cloud for everything else. i have the option to pin playlists, save offline maps when i don’t have data. this debate on cloud storage is obviously highly dependent on data plans, provider reliability, etc., which open up a pandora’s box of issues. but there are good pragmatic solutions and a 8 gb phone at the right price mark will work many people.

          • M0nk

            The problem is that on the opposite way, some games use more than 2GB of storage. 1 minute of HD video (Filmed from the phone) is like 200MB. There is now way that you can upload a full HD video in real time to the cloud.

            With 8GB of flash, you will get something like 5GB of usable storage. This is good for 2 games and some minutes of video…

      • ken marshall

        If I want storage then maybe nexus not for me?
        I’ve got a gnex with 17gb from Nov 2011 if they don’t offer a model that at least matches that, they’ve lost it.
        8Gb is pathetic no matter how you try to spin it.
        In case you hadn’t noticed, apple and Microsoft also have pretty much identical cloud offerings.
        In fact they both have better media content offerings (which is what most storage is going to go on)
        Where is Google music outside u.s? Nothing for nearly 2 years.
        No they better have 32 and really even 64gb options since that is what the market brings end 2012
        P.s they already shafting their partners coming with loss leaders like the nexus 7. Now people expect quad core phone which is basically optimus g , to sell for $349.. unlocked!

        • shadhussain

          contrary to your response, i did not say “if you want storage then maybe a nexus is not for”. everyone has different deal breakers, so if storage is deemed a priority deal breaker, then ANY 8 gb phone won’t work for you, let alone a nexus. i don’t debate why people need more storage. that’s a personal choice. heck, i’d take a 32 gb nexus too if they kept the price down as well.

          as an android early-adopter and enthusiast and above-all a value-conscious gadget lover, my priorities have always been to test out new unadulterated versions of the OS, pushing the boundaries of cloud and web capabilities, all at a competitive price mark. i’m just saying that, IF this thing is $400 as rumored, then there’s little to complain about.

          • K

            I agree 100% with you Shadhussain, but i also hope they at least provide an OPTION to get the higher storage at a higher price.
            THat way, both you and I are happy :-)

            I think/hope it is more likely going to be $399 – 8GB, $449 – 16GB, $499-32GB, which I can live with…

          • Joshua

            You never responded to the person who mentioned the videos and games. Cloud is nice in theory but what do you say to the guy who talks about games taking up more and more storage space and not being able to shoot video to the cloud. His points are much more stirring then those arguing about their 20gb music collection.

            I don’t think the cloud is a technological breakthrough whatsoever. I think more storage in a tinier size is what manufacturers should be focusing on and NOT cloud storage. Cloud storage really isn’t even that innovative. You show me a 64gb ssd the size of a dime and that will impress me. Buying server space and letting me store my stuff there…actually that’s opposite of innovative it’s more like lazy. Google has all the space, it’s just a cop out for them to not try to be a pioneer on the hardware front as far as storage is concerned.

          • shadhussain

            @Joshua, I’m not the spokesman or defender of Google’s cloud initiative. I don’t feel as strongly about it as those who oppose it. I simply present a point of view where I think there is a market for low-cost, low-memory phones … but I too have started to sound like a broken record. I see the benefits of using the cloud and having multiple devices that sync my data … this could work for 80% of Android users (see: push for chromebook).

            I also recognize its limitations which naturally apply to power users including big gamers and video downloaders, etc. For most ordinary folk, services like Netflix work just fine. .

            To your final point, calling any of the big tech companies (incl. Apple) lazy is just silly. They naturally have a vision of how they want consumers using their their products for a multitude of reasons. For a web-based company like Google, who offer some of the top cloud services, investing in the cloud makes sense.. Some initiatives fail, some don’t. I won’t be crying if the cloud doesn’t make it because there are alternatives, but I see the benefits.

      • tottyrice

        i agree stop bitching… if this phone doesn’t fit your needs there are other phones out there you can get instead, that’s why we all prefer android over others because of the choices!

  • LG Nexus

    YAY 30th OCT RELEASE!!! :D

  • jcsugrue

    If this does start out at $649, I won’t feel so bad about buying another Galaxy Nexus last week.

  • live2ski

    this is probably just a placeholder page.

    • SGB101

      That’s no place holder that is cheap for uk phone.very dam cheap. One x is £500 ($750) and sgs3 £600 ($900).

      So sub £400 is a great deal.

  • grellanl

    I really, really hope it’s not 8GB, though I suspect it might be… they want to keep the price down, to sell it cheap and off-contract. And Google doesn’t like you to use local storage anyway.

    This reminds me of the Nexus One that way – it had the fastest (SnapDragon) CPU available, and piddling storage.

  • DrTom

    If the release date is really October 30th, they already have it in stores. If they have it in stores, why did they use a crappy fake picture?

    • Joshua

      I know plenty of companies that don’t get the merchandise until the day before it’s released. Look at Gamestop. Hell, i’ve been in the store as they have gotten the delivery. Please don’t state your opinion as fact.

  • Ardrid

    If these specs and features are legit, I can’t imagine Google is too pleased right now. It’s no wonder Apple clamps down on leaks with an iron fist.

    I still think something is off if the phone’s only going to have 8GB of storage. It’s not like Google to go backwards.

  • iamtpb

    8GB ..definitely not for ~$600 ….
    hope it’s cheaper. ! will be cheaper on Google Play Store though !

  • Nathan D.

    I want to know what those new features are about.

  • Chris

    If the Gorilla Glass 2 is true. It’s about freaking time! Fortified Glass sucks… I scratched my Gnex the first day I got it…

    • ken marshall

      Really that sucks but I have never managed to scratch either my old nexus s, or my gnex and I have dropped it more than a few times! And I mean big drops! This gnex is like a tank! No chance of that if the back on this is glass..

  • shadhussain

    If google is advertising a new nexus with a cut of screen of google now, i’d say something something is seriously wrong.

    • ken marshall

      The whole release has been handled very poorly whatever happens more leaks than a sieve!

  • ken marshall

    I’m actually surprised how stupid Google been with all the leaks.. sure, leak a couple pics but for example the full specs and 8GB Storage… if someone was on the fence they not going to wait now as it seems all is revealed and they may preorder iPhone or more like lumia 920 which all come with more than 8GB

  • jdog25

    This screen shot of the OS is from a ROM and from back in July:


    • Singhman

      Finally! Someone smart enough to catch it, this is probably a place holder guys. Not mention the phote is exsctly same as the one “released” yesterday. Don’t get ur panties in a knot just yet.

  • Max.Steel

    32GB or no buy for me.

    • Mix

      x2 for me.

      Oct 29 is like Xmas for me! Either I am getting a phone or a 32gb Nexus 7

  • chris

    so, what happend to LTE and wireless charging, didn’t read about them for a while…

    • aranea

      Yeah I’m wondering about LTE too. I’ll buy it regardless but it has to have it!

    • rojo623

      This is a big deal. I can’t get this phone without LTE.

  • donr

    With only 8GB, this phone is a joke. 8GB (which will include the OS) barely leaves enough for two graphics-intensive games and one movie. For example, The Dark Knight Rises requires 2GB and a high quality movie requires about the same. With the Android OS, you wouldn’t have enough room for any apps.

  • mr2324jgf

    Taytay and CPW both share equal guilt in slow news day click bait…

  • MyMilan

    Seriously? 8GB for 630.00? What are they smoking? Anything less than 32GB is a epic fail and a joke these days. This phone is about as appealing as a stripper with Leprosy…

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    UK always have more expensive prices compared to the US. I’m betting on 8gb $400, 16gb $450, and 32gb $500

  • rauelius

    I have $850 ready in case a 64GB version…hell, I’d pay that much for a 32GB version…but if Google doesn’t see fit to respect their customer’s wishes for space, then I’ll hold on to my Galaxy Nexus for another year. The 16GB on it is still extraordinarily tight, and I have virtually NO music on it, and stream with google music(which is freaking awesome). It’s ignorant and counterproductive to sell a product that is meant for downloadable storage and provide little to no storage for the downloads. By this definition an 8GB Nexus 4 is pointless. I could see offering one as a base model for $400, but offer larger capacities for people who actully want to take advantage of the device. I’d be willing to part with $!50+ for each doubling of the storage, $550 for 16GB, $700 for 32GB and $850 for 64GB. This is serious hardware, comparable to the iPhone 5 so paying for that power and storage is worth it for me. Let the pleebs have the 8GB version, but if only an 8GB version, than it just displays the disrespect/ignorance Google has for their customers. Their is virtually no price difference for the manufacturer between offering 8GB and 16GB, and the only reason to offer such a pitiful amount of storage is to get people to buy in and force the customer to justify spending much more for a bit more storage. I’ll deal with this more than having only one storage option. While I dislike Apple, they at least offer larger storage…they charge a lot for it, but at least it’s offered. If only an 8GB version of the Nexus 4 is available, it would seem to me that Google has no interest in selling this device.

  • jenskristian

    This will most likely be my next phone as I’m dead set on a Nexus device. With that said I do need 16GB storage, which I’m sure we’ll see on Monday. If we see this at a lower price than normally for new unlocked flagship devices I’ll be very happy.

    They usually cost about 4700 NOK (815 USD) for those of you curious about the prices in Norway.

  • Scott

    None of this is final.. Theres no way google will come out with their flagship nexus to just have 8GB of storage and thats it… There must be something that they havent told us already. Im not worried

  • Scott

    I dont have this kind of money for an unclocked version sold through google play/online/etc. I am teenager that needs this to come to a carrier.. Im really hoping google mentions something in this manor on monday

  • jamal adam

    Perhaps, the 8GB version is the lowest priced one for those wanting to buy it and they have the 16GB and 32GB for everyone who wants more storage. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

  • Samus

    If they are charging anything over $350 for 8gb, I’d probably just buy a Note 2 off contract.

    • sam adams

      my sentiments exactly. I’d pay double to octuple my storage. The specs are great on the Nex, but the storage is a deal breaker if proven true.

  • Mikes_phone_and_tab

    Thi s is jst a guess, but the reason I think that they Google has made 8GB devices recently is because, I think, they are going to be putting a lot more stress on cloud storage. Remember the Nexsus 7? That initially came in 8 and 16GB variants. Now thwis new Nexus 4. I my idea is correct, I think we might see something interesting regarding cloud computing in the upcoming Android event coming up.

    • veracu

      I don’t understand why your speculation was regarded as negative. I really think Google allowed the lg nexus leaks as a misdirect to really surprise its customer base…. I hope.

  • veracu

    There must be other variants at higher price points coming…I hope. I would be surprised if Google doesn’t have something that’d have all of us feeling a bit silly for thinking that these leaks are the final word. I can accept no micro SD card slot even though I bought a class 10 64g sdxc (which is awesome), which I still use with my retina mbp. But no lte variant and no 32g storage will keep waiting and using my toro, without complaint.

    • veracu

      Hahaha. I just consider myself an informed consumer. I know what I like and what it would take for me give up my current toro device. The band wagon keeps on rolling I suppose.

  • rauelius

    You know what? It’s not so bad that the 8GB(really 5GB) Nexus G is going to basically be a powerful, but ultimately useless device. I get to NOT give Google $700+ this year for a new phone and my Galaxy Nexus is still going strong. Because if Google had a 32/64GB version, I’d be more than happy to spend the $800+ I have saved up for a new phone on another GTX670, or maybe the 64GB iPad4….you know because Apple gives you storage options!?!?! I’d rather be gouged to increase my storage than have no choice whatsoever.

    • veracu

      I agree that more options would be cool. Not really into an iPad when I have a mbp and waiting for surface pro. But even though this is a nexus with great specs and even though from what we’ve seen the design doesn’t bother me, I’m not ready to rely solely on cloud storage either. We’re all consumers, not warriors fighting for either apple or android. Personally I enjoy this site.