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Could Google still announce the Nexus 10 this month?


Several industry analysts believe Google and Samsung are working on a Nexus 10 tablet, but there have been conflicting reports about when the device will be unveiled. Some think it will come this year and others are pointing at the first half of next year. According to some recently leaked pictures, the device is already in testing, which could be a hint that a release is coming soon.

Keep in mind these things can be easily faked, but a Google employee and Samsung employee have both uploaded pictures to Picassa that were taken by a device called “Nexus 10.” We could totally be getting trolled, but why would employees of both companies involved with this rumored device both upload photos?

The Nexus 10 is rumored to include a 2,560 x 1,600 display and Samsung’s Exynos 5 (ARM Cortex-A15) processor. We speculated that production issues with either of these components might have delayed the release of this tablet, but Samsung just announced a new Chromebook that features their Exynos 5 chip.

High-end Android tablets haven’t exactly sold that well, so Google and Samsung will have to really impress us with something new if they want people to rush out and buy a $500 tablet. Google is expected to release Android 4.2 later this month, so maybe there will be some new featured geared towards tablet users.

If Google were to announce the rumored Nexus 10 this year, they would have to do it at the Android event they have planned for October 29th. We are headed to New York to check out Google’s big press event, so it won’t be long before we find out what they have been up to.

What do you think about the odds of Google announcing the Nexus 10? Are you in the mood to purchase a high-end Android tablet?

Thank you Brandon for the tip.

Source: Picasa

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  • heat361

    They have been testing this device for almost a year now so I believe it should be ready, but maybe they are holding out till android 5.0 at Google io

  • Nate B.

    Oh it’s ready! Believe that.

  • Hinds2009

    They not gonna announce a device that’s not ready for mass consumer consumption! I think the 32gig nexus 7 and the new nexus will be the stars of the show along with android 4.2!

    • iamXiV92a


    • DSaif

      10 inch is a different market. They don’t have a 10 inch device to capture that market yet.
      If they announce this then they have all markets captured: 4-5 inch, 7 inch, 10 inch… epic!

      • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

        I don’t think “captured” is the word you really wanted to use. “Represented” is a lot better.

        • zken.ekho

          Except they are dominating the 4-5″ market worldwide, their late release to the 7″ market is making killer sales and is the best device too, and a high-end 10″ would easily start pushing for 3/3. More people have Androids than iPhones, we’ll just have to wait and see how the 10″ battle goes.

      • Adrien C.

        But they might wanna wait until there’s a better offer of tablet tailored apps.
        If they launch a massive offensive like this, they need firepower to make a difference.

        It must be an object of desire with great design, good specs and great stock apps.

        • David

          It’s not hard at all to make a tablet layout inside your app. totally understood before, when we only had closed sourced honeycomb and unusable arm emulators.

          Today, we have the open sourced OS paired with a very fast x86 emulator.

          The code is there, the tool is there. There is no excuse anymore… more than that you’re really expecting Google to do the design for you… oh wait, they already do… they hold weekly app clinics hangouts on Google+ where they show people how to improve specific apps that they feature.

          Really. I tailored my app to tablets very well as soon as the Intel emulator became available.

          Let me tell again: there is *no excuse* anymore. :-)

  • kwills88

    i just hope that the Nexus 10″ is a high spec device, as we already know, the nexus program isnt big on specs but more so on software, but it would be nice to have the best of both worlds in this tablet, a true hi-end pure android tablet.

    • zken.ekho

      Except the new Nexus phones are pushing the highest benchmarks on the smartphone market, as did the Nexus 7 for the 7″ tablet market.

      I say phones because there’s still rumors of LG, Samsung, HTC, and Sony Nexus devices. The rumored LG Nexus benchmarks killed everyone though.

  • Taylor

    Gonna stick with my Prime for now. Prompt updates and the keyboard dock are enough to keep my in the Asus ecosystem… for now.

    • shadhussain

      tough to beat the transformer prime in terms of functionality (micro/full sd, hdmi, usb, etc.) with just a 10″ nexus slab. asus is doing a great job in innovating in the tablet market (also see: recent padfone) with virtually a stock experience. just a screen spec boost won’t cut it for a 10″ nexus to explode into the market. if google baked in special stylus features into the OS, then the 10″ nexus might offer something new. but *just* a 10″ tablet slab is still heavier, bulkier than the 7″ form factor.

      i don’t mind a combo of nexus 4″ smartphone & nexus 7″ tablet OR a nexus 5″ phablet as personal device choices, which might just become the android torch bearers. personally, i’m more excited about any nexus hardware peripherals (i.e., nexus q) they might come up with!

  • Jim

    What components would drive the price up on this tablet compared to the Chromebook that was just announced for 250. It has the same processor, a bigger screen, and the same internal storage. I assume the nexus 10 will have a few more sensors, a higher resolution, and a touch enabled screen obviously. But could it fall somewhere in the same price range espcially since theres no keyboard and less manufacturing costs im assuming?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I think the higher resolution display on the Nexus 10 would be the most expensive component.

    • atmyside99

      No. Mfg costs would increase, secondly samsung in all their highend devicedes always uses amoled which is always really expensive ~350 for a 10″ panel w/ digitizer. So expect about 400 just to manufacture. (The Chromebook has a real value w/o google drive of about $170)

  • rashad360

    There is never a time like the present. I have been looking forward to the Nexus 10 ever since the Nexus 7 came out, those extra 3 inches make all the difference. (That’s what she said)

    But seriously, I will buy this tablet.

  • txbluesman

    I am still very happy with my 16gb Nexus 7. It is the perfect size for my pocket. It was great on my trip to San Francisco. I am still anxious to see the 10″ version and might even have to give it a try. Love the Nexus devices!

  • matt

    If it doesn’t lack 3G, a micro SD card and a HDMi port I’ll definitely buy it!

    • zken.ekho

      The 10″ might differ as they are looking for an iPad contender with it, or so it seems- but most Nexus devices are sleek, cut-down-to-the-core devices. HDMI? MicroSD? They don’t care. Those can function through the micro USB port anyways with MHL or OTG adapters. But maybe the 10 will be different.

  • dave

    Build it and they will come, at least I will.

  • Max.Steel

    Way too many device rumors. I don’t think a 10 inch will be making an appearance this month. I think the 32GB Nexus 7 and Nexii (spelling?) phones will be announced. The quote “The Playground is Open” kind of hints at multiple Nexus phones.

  • jenskristian

    I’m personally not a fan of the 10″ form factor, and love my Nexus 7. With that said I’d love to see a Nexus 10. A high end 10″ Nexus tablet is missing in the marketplace and that resolution would be sweet!

  • Kizipotamus

    If it comes with a real stylus (N-Trig), I’ll buy one in a heartbeat. That’s the only thing my N7 is missing.

  • GrendelJapan

    They won’t unveil the next Nexus phone and a new Nexus tablet both at the same time.

    That said, I hope a ~10″ Nexus tablet with at least comparable specs to the latest iPad is coming soon at around $349/$399. The 7″ form is unusable for scholarly journal articles, among other things, so a 10″ form would really be great. Sadly, there aren’t any competitive 10″ Android tablets on the market now (the TF700 would be if it were $100 off the current price).

  • kinderdm

    Why does it have to be a $500 tablet just because its a 10″ screen. Give me the exact same specs of a Nexus 7 but at 10″ for under $300-$350 respectively and I’m sold.

    • aranea

      I’d rather pay somewhat extra and get a premium hardware experience with Nexus 10 than having the same innards of Nexus 7. I know it’s my personal preference but they already have a budget tablet and the rumors suggest even a $99 version. Google needs to look at the premium tablet market too. apple is imitating google with a ipad mini so google needs to fight at the premium level and defend its ground at the 7 inch size group.

      • kinderdm

        I have no problem with a premium tablet though I hope if they do go with a premium device they keep in mind the budget conscious as its worked well for the 7 so far. Ideally this would mean maybe two types of 10″ tablets maybe of different grades but both running stock JB. This seems to be what they are maybe heading towards with the nexus phones with multiple ones coming out. And I’m always a fan of more choices, especially if there are multiple choices within stock android. Also I would rather pay more for a premium experience as well but I just simply cannot afford to do so in my current situation, but a budget option would maybe be possible with some saving.

  • aranea

    If google announces Nexii 4 and 10 on 29th and starts selling them quickly I’ll buy both. I need a new phone and have been holding for a Nexus 10 for about 5 months now. I’m burned enough times by companies not bringing the updates on time that I will buy Nexus even if the specs maybe slightly lower. I’m sure optimizations of the stock Android over custom UIs can more than make up for the difference in the hardware (if there is any that is).

  • Nathan D.

    It will be so cool if they still announced it that day but they can still not sell it until beginning of the new year because of whatever problem or reasons.

  • Revalence

    Exynos 5 Dual? Bring it one, baby.

    2560×1600 resolution? Take THAT, iPad.

    One question still remains, however.

    How, in the whole universe, are you going to get half decent battery life?!

  • sbala

    A beast awesome device