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Deal: Unlocked Galaxy Nexus on sale today only for $319


We are expecting a new Nexus device to drop any week now, which means the current Galaxy Nexus should be seeing a price drop soon. Today Daily Steals has the unlocked GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250) on sale for only $319.99. These deals sites are notorious for slow shipping, but that sale price is still $30 cheaper than buying it from the Google Play Store.

Even though the Galaxy Nexus is now a year old, it still has the latest version of Android and we expect that Google will continue to support it through next year. The unlocked Galaxy Nexus is also special because it has a penta-band radio that works on both AT&T and T-Mobile. This is a great feature if you plan to switch to pre-paid wireless service because it gives you more options.

Via: Droid Dog

Source: Daily Steals

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  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    This is easily the best $319 phone available. That said, I hope it’ll drop to $299 once the Nexus Optimus comes out (hopefully it comes out at $399).

    • iamXiV92a

      That would be AWESOME!

    • nosense

      Well for 150$ you get a Chinese smartphone with a Mediatek dual core and 5.0 QHD screen …

      That’s a fair price (299$) and considering the Nexus 7 is 199$, one can guess that today manufacturers have a wider benefit margin due to reduced costs while mass producing parts, and Samsung is both manufacturer of phones and their parts (ask Apple)…

      So take all this “SuperDeals” always with a grain of salt.

  • redraider133

    This is a great deal for a phone that is going to always get updates fast and will continue to be supported

  • stenzor

    Still a fast, smooth phone even after almost a year on the market

  • fort

    Whatever you do, Do not get a Samsung phone. Just call Samsung and ask if you have to return you phone for repair while under warranty. You will be given 5 to 7 day. That’s total bull SH*$. I’m one day 20 and they still will not send out a replacement unit. Best they are offering is my phone will be expedited when the part comes in. WHEN THE F IS THAT.

  • Pedram

    Google has removed it from Google Play Store today! Also Nexus 7 8GB and 16GB. What we’re expecting from Nexus?
    LG Nexus Phone and Nexus 7 32GB??!!!

    • MikeG

      I still see the Galaxy Nexus listed in the play store…

      • Pedram

        It’s listed but not available to order. It’s showing “COMING SOON” for all Nexus products.
        I’ve checked it again right now!

        • kinderdm

          Checked it right now myself and all three are listed as in stock with 3-5 days shipping. Not sure what your seeing with Coming Soon. I really want a nexus and I’m hoping the price drops after the new ones are announced so I could get one around xmas for a good deal.

          • Pedram

            You are right!
            I don’t know what happened to my laptop but still is showing COMING SOON but I have checked it through my Chromebook and yes it’s listed as in stock with 3-5 days shipping.
            I do apologize for my mistake!

    • UCLAKoolman
    • duzaka

      I can see the Galaxy Nexus and both Nexus 7s in stock.

  • golfpedaler

    Worth Every Penny…best phone I’ve had to date!!!

  • Max.Steel

    Still my daily phone. At this price, it’s a STEAL!!

    • Maximus

      You and i Both

      I bought the GNEX back in April and the phone is buttery smooth thanks to JB

      Im not 100% sold on the LG Nexus just yet and will gladly hold off for the next NEXUS next year if need be

      It will continue to be supported and if you’re rooted like me u can always flash the latest update

  • Raptor

    Look at these morons – jaxidian, stenzor, MaxSteel, redraider133, many and many others … Dumbos just playing the game of pumping their score to 100 These shills are just competing to post first comments and pump whatever good or bad shit is being showcased. “It’s great:, “awesome”, “take my money”, “Worth every penny” , “it’s a steal” about absolutely anything.

    These 12 y.o. just upvote each other as soon as word Nexus or Android is here. They will never buy anything from this site – moms do not give them a penny. Cut them off A&M, their cheerleading is so pathetic that any potential customer will look at other places.

    • dave homeless

      i hoping for a big price drop when the lg nexus is announced. 275 or dare i say 250. it would be so great.

  • fort

    Update on my Samsung repair. After I filed a complaint with Texas Attorney office. Samsung change my ticket from hold waiting for parts to Water damaged. LOL. Never buy a Samsung

    10/16/2012 3:40 PM-Ricky Yun: The unit has left the technician. SOLUTION: BER
    Liquid damaged on PBA components
    1) Inquiry:
    On Hold by Part
    2) Steps Taken:
    Bp was very frustrated sine he was informed that TAT for repair 5-7 busines but un
    til now it On hold by Part
    Aplogized to BP
    Repair Expedite has been submitted and informed that hid device will be prioritized
    would like to know TAT for the Repair Expedite
    Explained that after 48-72 hours if theres no update someone from RSI gonna contac
    t him
    3) Resources used:

    4) Additional comments:

    5) Outcome:
    Bp understood
    1) Inquiry: rma adv cx to cb today

    2) Steps Taken: tx to rma

    3) Resources used:

    4) Additional comments:

    5) Outcome:

    tx to rma
    10/11/2012 5:24 PM-Cecilia Garcia: The unit is repair-pending.
    1) Inquiry:

    - BP called in checking repair status
    - BP claims it should be expedited

    2) Steps Taken:

    - verfied phone mod
    - nformed BP that TAT for repair is 5-7 business days + 2 day air shipping
    - apologized to BP for he was misinformed
    - advised
    BP that he might receive it next week

    3) Resources used:

    - GCIC
    - TL
    - Samsung.com

    4) Additional comments:

    5) Outc

    - BP educated
    10/4/2012 8:53 AM-Rosalba Cruc: Accessory: WALL CHARGER,BATTERY,BATTERY COVER
    10/4/2012 8:53 AM-Rosalba Cruc: The unit has been received. Pack Condition: Fair Packaging (Box & Cushion)

  • Mike

    never knew galaxy nexus was locked :P

  • melan26

    I’ll probably watch this one out. I’m sure they’ll improve over time.