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Exynos 5250 appears in new Samsung Android device


One month ago we spotted an unknown Android device with Samsung’s next-generation Exynos 5250 chip. Today another mysterious device appeared on the GLBenchmark site with the same processor, which leads us to believe we could see some kind of announcement sooner rather than later.

We have already covered the Exynos 5 in-depth, but to recap it features two Cortex-A15 CPU cores and a Mali-T604 GPU. No other Android devices have seen these parts, so it would likely be the fastest thing on the market when it launches. Samsung recently announced a Chromebook with the Exynos 5250 chip, so we know this new chip is finally in production and ready to ship.

The model number for this unknown Samsung device is GT-B9150, and SamFirmware notes that the “B” normally indicates a hardware QWERTY keyboard. It’s been awhile since we have seen a high-end Android device with a physical keyboard, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out.

We might see the Exynos 5250 in an Android device this year.

Via: SamMobile

Source: GLBenchmark

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  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    That’s one hell of a chip! Not that my Galaxy S III is slow or anything, but I have chip envy! :-P

    • LG Nexus

      Hey sorry to be a bit of a novice guys
      Just wondering what makes the exynos 5250 better than the s4 pro? Isn’t the s4 pro a15 as well but 4 cores of it? Thanks

      • Devil

        Different architecture. Exynos 5250 should need more power because A15 without use of big.little will be more power-hungry compared to A9/Krait.

        GPU is no comparison. Adreno320 in S4 pro clocks around 25-30GFLOPs. Whereas Mali-T604 is marked at 72GFLOPs. More than that there are other standard and architectural advantages like GPGPU and double memory bandwidth. it’s 12.8GB/s in Exynos 5 compared to 6.4GB/s in S4 Pro.

        Here’s a leaked Antutu benchmark for Exynos 5:


        The important part to note here is 3D value. Now compare this against other S4 SoC. This is like 3x times compared to S4 Pro.

        Here’s a Antutu link for LG OPtimus G:


        Here’s HTC J Butterfly which also runs the same S4 pro:


        This is pure beast, but is more power hungry. So, it will probably be first used in Tablets. When they use big-little architecture with A7 modules, it will be used for mobiles.

        BTW, if you check the latest Chromebook (running same Exynos 5250) benchmark, the SunSpider scores are 620ms. It’s the best score obtained by any mobile SoC. This is just the first release. With more optimization within Android, I am confident it will be around 500ms mark.

        • Wurzel

          The Antutu Graphics score doesn’t say anything, because it’s vsync limited to 60fps on every device that’s on the market, my galaxy s2 has the exact same score the Optimus g has.
          The prototype that ran this test had vsync disabled, which results in a way higher score.
          We have to wait for GlBenchmark results before we can comment on graphics performance of this chip.

    • Meandroid has chlamydia

      Apple’s A6 smokes this chipathetic!! Apple forever, iPhone forever. Meandroid for Richard Yarrell’s….

      • Simon

        Hehe, A6 is from Samsung :D

        • truth

          No duhh! You guys think sheep are mindless, while all of you guys are the ones who barely pay attention to the outside world.

      • 640pYear2006

        No it didn’t and also iphone5 has a 640p screen which is cool for my parents but seriously I need an hd screen lmao

        • truth

          Still same aspect ratio. It has a high PPI. So whats the problem? Its like a QHD screen, it will still play content, and has same ratio.

    • nosense

      That’s not a smartphone…

      IT’S THE NEXUS 10 CHEAP 8GB VERSION for 299$

      The “retina” one for 399$

      My 2 cents

      • nosense

        But the processor speeds (200mhz) means that it is an smartphone.

        The Galaxy Nexus 2 (that one that had a 8Mp can)

        My resting 3 cents…

        I’m saving to buy the TWO of them!!!

  • Dirge

    Man,if multiple Nexus devices were actually being released this year, I would’ve loved a Nexus with this chip.

    • lilmoe

      Amen to that! I’d buy a Nexus with an Exynos 5 over anything with a Snapdragon S4 Pro in a heart beat!

      That said, if that device is a tablet or a QWERTY phone, I’ll go ahead with the LG Nexus. I won’t switch back to Samsung until they release a phone with Exynos and big.LITTLE.

      There’s just something about Exynos that makes their device so freakin’ fast, it’s crazy. But right now, Snapdragon S4 Pro with Adreno 320 is better and more future proof than Exynos 4 Quad IMO.

  • Soylent

    This is the new Samsung Chromebook?! Ever thought of that?

    • Nate B.

      Well, that was already announced the other day, so this info gives reason to believe it may be something else. Could be right. Could be wrong.

  • Soylent

    disregard that, says android 4.1.1. Cant be the chromebook then, unless Google finally combines them.

    • Nate B.

      Sorry, didn’t see your self correct after your post ;-p

  • heat361

    Like I told you Taylor its for the nexus 10 it probably will come with a keyboard to be a competitor with Microsoft surface

    • heat361

      never mind I retract my statement the screen size is an odd 1280×672

      • grimoald

        672 + 96 (height of on screen buttons of galaxy nexus) = 768. Which is not so odd anymore ;)

        • ericl5112

          Unless it’s a tablet, this is still odd. Phones have their virtual buttons taken out of the long dimension in every orientation.

      • Leonardo Alvim Muricy

        It might not be so weird.
        Maybe the nexus 10 could be a 16:9 device with a 720p screen.
        Considering that part of the screen is used with the virtual keys, the real resolution would be close to that.

        • lilmoe

          Aren’t all the rumors suggesting an ultra high definition screen for the Nexus 10?

  • matt

    this would be very exciting news. I would love a flagship samsung phone with physical keyboard and top of the line specs

  • Nate B.

    *cough October 29th. Huh? Oh nothing :-)

  • lilmoe

    Damn you Samsung. Damn you! Why didn’t stick that bad boy inside the Galaxy S3? Why???

    • Simon

      to power consuming

  • jian9007

    The Qualcomm S4 processor is also A15-based. They have a full license from ARM and are able to incorporate any part of it into their chips. It supports VFPv4 extensions as the A15 does. It has slightly less pipeline depth than a straight A15 and different L1 cache (S4 Pro also has a L0 cache but the straight A15 does not) with the A15 having 32kB/32kB and S4 Pro having 16kB/16kB. Not huge differences for users though. Also, the dual-core S4 and the Exynos 5250 both have 1MB of L2 cache (S4 Pro quad-core has 2MB L2 cache).

    The biggest thing here is going to be the Mail T604. While both it and the Adreno 320 support OpenGL ES 3.0 and have DirectX11 support (though they really only support up to DirectX11 version 9_3), the Mali T604 is just a beast of a GPU. I expect it to be better than the Adreno 320 and the PowerVR 543MP4. S4 Pro and Exynos 5 CPU’s are pretty evenly matched, but the Mali T604 is what I wish was paired with everyone’s chip.

  • Hue Three of Five

    This could be a windows device maybe? Why is it assumed to be an Android?

    • Dirge

      Did you even look at the image where it says, oh I don’t know… OS: Android?

      • Guest

        Windows 4.1.1

        Dude, Ballmer is taking Windows Phone retro, no GUI, pure command line

      • Hue Three of Five

        Oops, my bad. Its hard to read on my phone, I need glasses lol.

    • Guest

      “Because you don’t need 4 cores to run windows phone and it runs smoothly with 1 core”…..!………………..wait wtf!

  • old_joe

    Maybe this thing is something entirely different from Samsung, like a gaming phone with a slide out control pad. Such a device would showcase the graphical power of Samsung’s new chip and capitalize on the market created by Sony’s Xperia play. Samsung have released similar things before like the SPH-B5200 dual slider gaming cellphone long ago in 2006. I guess anything is possible, anyone else hoping for a Samsung galaxy phone/gamepad.

  • ericl5112

    I’m hesitant to get a non-Nexus with Exynos after CM announced they would no longer support any phone with an exynos chip. Might well kill the note 2 for me.

    • tottyrice

      they aren’t, why?

  • Nathan D.

    Keyboard? You don’t see those every day.

  • Scott

    Gnexus2???? what if…

  • jamal adam

    One chip to rule them all or at least for a couple of months.

  • pegasso

    Samsung GT-B9150?
    maybe it’s the sequel of Samsung GT-B9120

  • 640pYear2006

    I feel so bad for iphone5 users. Their phone can’t even compete with my Gnex which is one year old roflmgdao let alone all the new devices coming out with 1080p while their little toy 4″ phone has 640p ha ha ha and it’s maps suckered asshole

    • Derek

      Haha, you’re so funny. That’s why the CPU in the iPhone 5 is the fastest on the market. It beats out the international GS3 and smokes the US variants of GS3 and One X. And besides iOS is a real OS, not some power-hungry java virtual machine like Android. iPhone 5 can go 3 days on one charge and it’s battery is 1420 mAH!! SGS3 can’t even go 10 hours on a 2100 mAH battery.

  • mares927

    Please, let it be Samsung’s new Nexus.

  • Louis A

    Wow with all the good stuff coming, the next few months will be like a kid in a candy store for the android fans. This is looking really really promising. Time to upgrade for me. Looking forward to what my options are going to be.

  • masterpfa

    The world of Chips and CPU/GPU is going ballistic

    I love it, whatever platform, whatever device.

    The future’s looking bright, especially open Source.

  • Noel

    Most likely the Nexus 10 Tablet or we might get a surprise on the 29th and see Sammy’s own Nexus phone packing the 5250 chip with Android 4.2…that is to wishing the rumor of abt five Nexus phones comes true. In that case we might as well see an HTC Nexus in the likes of the HTC J Butterfly / HTC DLX

  • Derek

    Cortex A15 was originally designed for server applications. Therefore it is not very power efficient. It is NOT going to be a good mobile phone CPU. It will be powerful and great in tablets and netbooks.

  • sbala

    Exynos is the processor to beat all

  • melan26

    Seems like a good processor to me.