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French newspaper claims the LG Nexus 4 will launch on October 29th


Nexus leaks and hype is at an all time high, but everything is still just rumors and speculation until Google makes the official announcement. Today French newspaper Le Figaro claims the LG Nexus will launch on October 29th. A trusted source told us the next Nexus would be revealed this month and CNET also published a story that said the LG device was coming at the end of October.

We have no way to verify the French report, but Android chief Andy Rubin is scheduled to speak at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference which kicks off October 29th. Mr. Rubin has used the event to show off new devices and new versions of Android in the past, and we believe he will not disappoint this year.

I still doubt that the LG Nexus will actually launch on October 29th, but something is going down on that date.

Source: Le Figaro

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    See guys. We will have official specs very soon, no need to flip out now ;)

  • Groundhog day

    A trusted source told us……LMAO

    • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

      Yeah from a prototype. The gnex prototype was 8gb and there is no 8gb version.

  • Nate B.

    Taylor, your desk is piles with RUMORS of goodness.

    • Rumorsecode

      The french adds a little more flavor to the rumor cuisine :D
      Menage a trois?

      Did he leave the prototype at a bar?

      A frenchman, an androidandme blogger and an LG engineer walk into a bar…..

  • aranea

    That will be a day of double celebration for me then. It’s the day Turkish Republic is established right after independence war.

  • DM

    Sound like it’s going to be a one Nexus device launch only… what happened to the multiple nexus devices?

    • Justin W

      Not necessarily – they might only launch this one immediately, but I others will come shortly after it. In my view, all manufacturers should be able to partake in the Nexus program, and I think le Goog will make that change – it will help reduce fragmentation in Android versions on the market.

    • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

      That rumor was also rumored last year.

  • awesome sauce

    A French rumor??? HAAAAAAAA!! I dont trust em…..

    • Donnie

      You’re stupid.

  • Glenn

    If there IS multiple Nexus devices launching this year, they had better announce them all simultaneously. I’d hate to buy the LG, only to have other OEM’s announce their devices a few weeks later.

  • Mix

    I sure hope I can throw money at this phone when it comes out, please offer more than 16gb of storage.

    *Fingers crossed*

    Oh well, the 32gb Nexus 7 can keep my shitty Blackberry Bold company.

  • Sandra Mickelson

    Remember what happened the last time we trusted the French?

    • DrTom

      Just because you’re fat after eating too much french fries doesn’t mean French people are not reliable. It just claims you’re a dumbass.
      Also, I like the “we” that you use assuming that everyone reading this site must be [republican] american.

      • NurseTom

        Lighten up Francis.

      • Mitt Romney, your master and commander

        Republicans are the best, smartest, got nerves of steel,charisma, we are invincible. Vote Romney. Leave Hussein behind.

        • DrTom

          OK. Now I understand that it was ironic from the very beginning. Sorry for taking things too seriously.

  • jamal adam

    I’m on cloud 9 with all these Nexus rumours.

    • jamal adam

      I can’t believe I just spelled rumors with a u

      • stenzor

        How else would you spell it? ramours? romours? remours? rimours?

        • KG

          I believe he meant the second ‘u’ in rumours.
          Don’t worry Jamal, Queen’s English spells it like you did: rumours.
          American English: rumors.

        • zymo

          LOL, he meant the second “u” rumoUr :) you can write that either with or without an u.
          Rumor or Rumour – spelling differs between American and British English.

          • Akshay

            Without ‘a’ u, not “without an u” (in both american as well as british english) :P

  • A.Woodbury

    Even though they’re rumors, it’s still very exciting news

  • aakash

    Good job Taylor! We love your rumors. Please keep them coming. Eagerly waiting for the Nexus 4 or whatever it is called. Do keep us posted if you get news about Nexus 4 being made by any other manufacturer.

  • lilmoe

    The thing is, I don’t think it’ll be called the Nexus 4. That’s an internal naming convention at Carphone Warehouse. There was an article about the “Samsung Nexus 2″ a while back where we tought that it was the “Galaxy Nexus 2″, but then it was clarified that it’s an internal naming that indicated the Nexus S.

    Nexus One: HTC Nexus 1
    Nexus S: Samsung Nexus 2
    Galaxy Nexus: Samsung Nexus 3
    “Optimus Nexus”?: LG Nexus 4

    And so on….

  • Nathan D.

    Well everything seems to line up. Also wouldn’t be surprised either if this happens since he show of a tab and honeycomb at that conference before if I remember correctly.

  • RonWeez

    I feel the need to say that a guy posted a comment on one of these post saying he saw a guy on the bus with “the next nexus” and he was dead on with how he said it looks and everyone down voted him. Lol I think he deserves an apology

    • Nexus drives Lexus

      Agreed, Richard Yarrell deserves an apology.

  • zymo

    I doubt that they will announce the LG Nexus at the “D: Dive Into Mobile” conference. Maybe we’ll see glimpse of Android 4.2 running on a 32GB Nexus 7, which will be available immediately through the play store.

  • DrTom

    So appropriate! ^^

    We should probably build a Trojan BugDroid, let in in the front of the GooglePlex, and once it is inside, BetterWithRoot, Taylor, and I, wait until nightfall, and then leap out of the BugDroid, taking the Nexuses, uh, by surprise.

  • zymo

    Review of the LG Nexus is online! (russian)


    • 676

      mmh cant read it- all letters are fukced up i have firefox

  • Matt

    Awesome just what I wanted a iPhone running the latest Android OS..

    It even comes with a non-removable battery so instead of simply carrying around a thin spare battery in my pocket I get to buy a backpack to carry all this new awesome charging stuff I’m gonna need.

  • theandroidmaniac