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Google shows off next version of Google TV v3 in new video


We were starting to wonder if Google had forgotten about Google TV, but a new video previews some upcoming features that are coming soon. Google recently announced that Google Play Movies, TV Shows, and Music were now available on Google TV and it appears some bigger changes are on the horizon. Google hasn’t updated their TV Remote app since 2010, but it looks like a new version could be coming soon with voice search built in. We don’t know when this new version will drop, but the official details should be coming soon.

Update: It appears the video went private right as I hit the big publish button. If we find a copy, we will update this post. An announcement might be coming today, so I’d keep my eye on the official Google TV blog.

Via: Android Community

Source: YouTube

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  • ChrisLH

    Says the video is private. Definitely interested in the changes though. One of the biggest issues with GoogleTV and pretty much any other online TV is the lack of a coherent, well-thought out remote. That’s actually something we’re looking at developing for our next app.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Peel is the leading app that connect with Google TV. They have been adding a lot of features lately.

      • ChrisLH

        I’ll check out Peel…it definitely seems to have some more intuitive controls.

    • ChrisLH

      I should have clarified that this extends to both app remotes and the hardware remotes included with GoogleTV devices. They aren’t particularly intuitive or useful and its creating a pretty substantial barrier to entry. People want something much simpler.

      • LukeT32

        My Revue keyboard works wonderfully…. I can’t say the same for the Revue though. :)

  • Kurt

    I hope they fix their hd content. It’s awful quality at the moment on be Sony Google TV. Worse then standard

    • Daniel Angel

      Agreed, when I pay for ‘HD’ I expect a bit higher than 480p.

  • Az

    The video won’t play. Could you post a video that actually works. This one is private.

  • MoSDeeb

    The video is private as others have stated, but the screenshot is nice. The current Play Store for Google TV is aggravating to use at times.

  • kinderdm

    I agree that it does seem they are bringing attention back to google tv recently. Just the other day I got the first in what appears to be a monthly google tv newsletter. It even had a multitask tip that I didn’t know about. I never tried holding down the home button before :) I look forward to this newsletter because it tells me that maybe they haven’t totally forgotten about this product.

  • Nathan D.

    Looking forward to the new upgrades to Google TV.

  • Eric Rossman

    I have been less than impressed with my Google TV experience purchasing it for the family for christmas. Then it happened…….. My Sony Google TV updated this morning. Finally Google bestows some love.

    Just showed up:
    Play Movies !!
    Play Music !
    Play TV !
    Google speech !
    Play store has been updated.

    The YouTube app now lets me play a specific playlist (in order) instead of deciding that I always want to view the “most popular” videos .

    Yeah, good times. It finally seems to work correctly. I can actually set the Nexus 7 down and just watch my content from Google TV. Happy day friends :)

    • Eric Rossman

      Oh and it says I am Android version 3.2 now. :)